“The Adventure of the Dying Detective”

「瀕死の探偵」 (Hinshi no Tantei)

Parasite vs Parasite Deathmatch:

This is easily my favourite episode since Kana’s death, possibly even the best of the entire series so far. It had everything you’d want and expect from a Kiseijuu episode, but not only did it deliver expectations, it took it that extra mile in its action and emotions, and continued setting this story down a deadly, fascinating path.

The fight between Tamura and the three parasites that was set up at the end of the last episode was everything I could have hoped. Not only did we get some killer moves from Tamura, we also saw her split apart and apply some of her intellect into how she approached her fights – she didn’t even have to be there half the time to kill two of them. The third and final battle was quick and easy, showing that she is not a parasite to be messed with or underestimated (though if they paid attention they would know that already). A deathmatch between parasites without Shinichi involved was refreshing to see – it was wonderfully choreographed as usual, the animation was sharp yet dynamic at the same time – and it helps burrow a notion in my head that I’ve been having the past few episodes: Tamura could very well be the main character at this point. I’m not saying she is, but neither do I think “in another world” or any alteration of what we have here, I think plain and simply if Shinichi was not the central character of the series it may have been Tamura.

The Sheer Brilliance of Tamura Reiko:

I’ve spoken about how much I appreciate Tamura already, but damn it, she’s a brilliant character. Shinichi’s development has been fascinating to watch, but I feel like Tamura may have just outdone him. Going back to how we first saw her and seeing her progressing into who she is now has been a thrill ride and I’m so glad we’ve got to watch that. This episode didn’t only show off how powerful a threat she is a parasite, but how incredibly human she is becoming, quite literally unlocking new emotions. She studies human, understands them, has tried to imitate them, and now she’s almost becoming one. It’s brilliant and scary, because even after seeing her decimate the three parasites at the first half of the episode, I almost forgot she was a parasite at all in the second half. Her looking at pictures of Shinichi and his family was a weirdly touching moment, and I think she almost there and then knew what it meant to love your child. Thankfully the investigator took that to the next level, provoking her to save her child and kill him in the process. Again, fascinating stuff from Tamura as we see her slowly change despite her near-constant blank expression.

Murano Entering the Scene:

Murano is back on the scene and her interaction with Tamura was one I wasn’t ever expecting, but was glad happened. Tamura never came across like a killing parasite to either Murano or the viewer, but for that reason Murano is only getting pulled deeper into this current storyline. I highly doubt it will end well for her, but I’m excited by the prospect of her finally being part of the bigger picture. At this stage I don’t think she’d even be that surprised by any of the revelations.

Overview – What’s Next?

With only 7 episodes left it looks like we’re entering the last leg of Kiseijuu’s story, especially after that final scene. It does present itself as a ‘moment’ that could change everything, whether it each up being peaceful or violent (I’d predict peaceful). Things are going to get crazy though, that’s for sure. The Kiseijuu thrill ride just keeps on going and I don’t want it to stop anytime soon.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Shinichi and Miki fight on the run, using the forest terrain to their advantage, until Shinichi escapes and makes it out safe.
  • The investigator’s family were brutally murdered by parasites, so he and the other parasites are turning against the ever-intelligent Tamura.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 45 – 47 p.18

Runaway Tamura:

  • I liked seeing Tamura’s ability to split up her body in a fight, but I found her form of lesser intelligence to be pretty fun.
  • Kiseijuu may updated to the current era, but there’s still a fair share of 90s dumb horror couples to go around.

His Last Words:



  1. Watching Murano chasing after Tamura was ALMOST as infuriating as when Tachikawa confronted Shimada… Granted, I don’t think Murano will have to jump out of any windows but would it kill her to just wait for Shinichi to come to her?

    1. I think curiosity got the better of Murano but I wasn’t worried about her well-being. It was obvious from their conversation at Izumi’s house that Tamura had no plans of killing her.

    2. Murano’s actions there felt a little forced. I mean would a real person go to those lengths? Maybe a stalker would…

      It sort of seems like the writer was pushing for her character involvement a little too much, since she ran after Tamura, a stranger pretty much, TWICE (albeit, after seeing Shinichi the second time before seeing Tamura)! And I can see how her character comes off as sort of annoying, and sadly I think it’s intentional, so hopefully they’ll flesh her out a little more so it’s more than just she’s in trouble or she’s running after/away from Shinichi.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. That’s my big problem with Murano, she’s not given much to do except look sad and run after or away from Shinichi, sure teenagers can be like that, but it feels like the writer didn’t really know what to do with her other than that, especially this late in the series, and it’s disappointing in an otherwise really great anime.

        Having said that, it doesn’t take away anything from the show, it’s just I wish they did more with her character is all, especially since almost every other character has underwent some sort of growth/development.

        Impel Down Hippo
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2017%20-%2008.jpg

    Man, what a great episode. Sayanora Mr. Detective man, and Reiko’s really cementing her role as the most entertaining character. I wonder what new emotion she started experiencing near the end, my guess was that she awakened her reproductive drive and wanted a child of her own. Parasites need to reproduce somehow, and I have some very uncomfortable ideas about the baby’s potential role in any parasite reproduction…

    Everything’s coming together beautifully; I can’t wait to see what happens between Shinichi, Murano, and Reiko next episode!

  3. kittyraider
  4. I’ve spoken about how much I appreciate Tamura already, but damn it, she’s a brilliant character. Shinichi’s development has been fascinating to watch, but I feel like Tamura may have just outdone him. Going back to how we first saw her and seeing her progressing into who she is now has been a thrill ride and I’m so glad we’ve got to watch that.

    Now if only there was a spinoff series about Tamura…..one can only hope.

  5. Silke
      1. I think the detective just wanted to die and be with his family again. He didn’t have anything else to live for. The last thing he wanted to do was test Reiko and see if she actually cared about her kid. 

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2005.jpg


    This is how most of Parasitic fight should look like…Flailing Tentacles with the body just standing put are boooring…

    Parasites should do what parasites do: devouring from within, under the skin, and turning your own body against you – Imagine how much more the body horror aspect would be if more Parasytes use independent-parts of their body as infiltrator projectiles in ambushes.

    Reiko Tamura knows what I mean…She’s savvy at that…

  7. Homegirl was whoopin aaaaaasssssss
    What is with these couples and humans running toward the freaky mysterious shit?
    If I saw a woman running around with half a head (ESPECIALLY during the time where everyone’s lightly suspicious about parasytes) I’d turn my ass the other way and go enjoy some taiyaki. Shit, curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it killed anime bitches.

    1. In the manga, there were a lot more people around, and they ran screaming and some of them went to a police station. It was just two guys that approached her for the head-splitting scene. They were still pretty stupid, but it was a bit more realistic.

    1. The point of the detective? He was just a poor sucker who was employed by the wrong people at the wrong time. HOWEVER he has revealed to the police investigating team everything that Shinichi told him (apart from his name) which should have a pretty big impact.

    2. Without him and his information, the still-human authorities would probably still be stuck trying to guess “who’s the parasyte” while innocent people go missing (eaten) or get assimilated.

      1. Dude, I was being sarcastic. => But of course, Shinichi’s Mom is the true best Mom. I was impressed when she burned her hand to save him.

        Slaine the Best Shooter (Captain of the Kuroko hype train)
    1. She split her upper head and sent it towards the other parasites and let it deal with them. She lost most of her intelligence from separating herself, so you could say it goes to show that even without her brain she’s still smart enough to run away (yet silly enough to have a laugh).

  8. I feel like Tamura is going to give Shinichi her kid, or that’s the impression I got.

    And is that government guy with the glasses working with the parasytes or a parasyte? He mentioned Hirokawa, and isn’t he the head of the group that went after Tamura? Unless I got the name confused (lemme know) or the context of why he brought it up, as he said something about Hirokawa not knowing and to get rid of Tamura, no?

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. The detective told the police everything he knew on the notepad besides Shinichi’s name, and that includes what Shinichi told him, which is all about the paraystes getting into politics and stuff. So now he knows about the Hirokawa group but hasn’t taken any action about it yet as far as we can see besides hoping to avoid conflicting with them so soon.

      1. I highly doubt that. Tamura is being chased by the police and I don’t think Izumi would team up with her after all the people she’s killed. I’m expecting another death match between them next episode.

  9. I hate those cliffhangers. Anyway, I can’t wait to see if Murano will find out about Shinichi and I wonder what Reiko will do. Give the baby to Shinichi? Form an alliance with him?

    1. I’m glad Murano didn’t make any wild assumptions about Tamura being at Izumi’s house. Hopefully she won’t think anything too extreme if she sees those two and the baby together. I also really hope Tamura doesn’t die protecting her child, but she might be giving him to Izumi for safekeeping.

    1. I read thr the whole manga. The anime is a very faithful adaptation with some small updates to make the show look modern rather than from the 80s so I don’t think there would be any fillers.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Anyhow, the writing of the story in the manga seems to go downhill after what happened in the park tho. I can’t wait to see how they adapt the rest of the story in the anime.

  10. I think Reiko is one of the most compelling characters of this season right now. She’s had so much development and so many layers of her character. Furthermore her fighting style is utterly insane. I’m worried about how the park encounter will turn out because Reiko, Shinichi, Murano, and a team of police seem to be on a collision course.


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