“The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl”

「月の娘と森の娘」 (Tsuki no Musume to Mori no Musume)

Sumika Flashbacks:

I’ve always said that Sumika interests me despite being dead for most of the story, and yet again we have an abundance of flashbacks about her, and this time from all her point of view. But there’s purpose behind them, especially when compared to what’s happening with Kureha in the current storyline. As it turns out the sinister Karou had already targeted Sumika before Kureha, trying to forge the letter to her benefit. The methods these girls are going through to get rid off Kureha are pretty desperate, and yet we still don’t even know why? Even back then it was decided that Kureha was the evil one, but Sumika’s defiance made her a target. Good for her, she stuck up for her love and did everything a lover would do. It’s just a shame she lives in such a screwed up world where death seems destined for those who are different. Now, just remove the fantasy elements and it’s not too far from our own world.

Reia’s Storybook:

In the flashbacks we also get to see a storybook that Kureha’s mother created. The art is lovely and the watercolours provide a nice contrast to what we’re used to. For a few minutes we’re presented with a simple story of two girls from different worlds. Obviously, these two girls are representative of Kureha and Ginko, the Moon and the Forest being symbolic for the Human and Bear worlds, and Reia’s necklace is what ties them together. Although the story was unfinished, it ended with the Moon and Forest Girls confronted with one another and having to make a choice. We don’t know how the rest of the storybook unfolds, but Yuri Kuma Arashi will continue that story for us.

True Friendship:

Kureha’s in a pickle right now. As it turns out, Kaoru has been wanting to get rid of her for a long time, and after pretending to befriend her this is the moment of truth. Thankfully, Kureha’s real friends are there to protect her. It’s a sweet moment, especially when I think back to the first episode when I was mistaken in thinking that Ginko and Lulu had murdered Sumika. How silly I was. There were some worried that Kureha would befriend the girls who took away her love, but now that the light has been shone on who is good and who is evil (human or bear, regardless) it makes for a wonderful moment. The only thing that throw a spanner in the works is the final scene where Ginko doesn’t interfere with Mitsuko attacking Sumika, so I’m keen to see what the story is behind that. However, I do hope now that Kureha, Ginko, and Lulu manage to work together to evoke justice on this screwed up school, starting with Kaoru and her minions.

Overview – What’s Next?

A very enjoyable episode that makes for a strong half way point in the story. At this point Kureha likely won’t turn away from Ginko and Lulu like she has before. Sumika’s flashbacks continue to be helpful to the story and a pleasure to watch. I think those who dropped Yuri Kuma Arashi early on because they thought there was no story behind it (I don’t know why they would think that anyway…) should give it a second chance.



Information Digest:


  • A long time ago, a planet Kumaria exploded and its shards fell onto Earth, causing the bears to attack the humans, resulting in the Severance Wall being built to separate them from the humans.
  • However in the present time, two bears, Yurishiro Ginko and Yurigasaki Lulu have arrived to Tsubaki Kureha’s school, disguised as humans.


  • As Ginko and Lulu move into Kureha’s house, it’s revealed that Ginko has a history with Kureha, who rescued her 11 years ago.
  • Kaoru, Kureha’s other classmate, pretends to befriend her, leading to Ginko and Lulu into a trap, revealing their bear identities.


Details Digest:

A Different Formula:

  • I really appreciated seeing Life Cool, Life Beauty, and Life Sexy outside of their courtroom.
  • Not only does it give a change of scenery and prevent recycled footage, but it gives me hope that we might see them do more in the story now.

Kaoru’s Bed Partner?:


  1. A really good episode. I can’t get over how much this show has improved since episode 1 since now we actually have something resembling a plot. Super excited for the next episode!

    1. What is even more ironic is that how did Kureha managed to finally decipher Sumika’s real intention.

      The letter was read twice, once in front of Kaoru and the second infront of Ginko and Lulu…

      Makise Kuristina
  2. A great story.

    To Bad the David Lynch style in the west opening got rid of too many. But I’m used to it arty works you have to work at are not the common man’s normal form of entertainment.

    Now our favorite criminal bears need to have a fake girl feast.

    It interesting that many including me thought that Sumika’s and Kureha’s love was pure without sex but clearly here they were both naked in bed strongly suggesting their relationship was sexual. It has been my theory with the Japanese trend of believing in two opposing views at the same time that Class S relationships were similar to the in public behavior expected of married people, that is sex only with each other in a moral way but in private both cases actual sex in many ways is done. In factmost married people have lovers often same sex and very kinky sexual practices in private are the norm in Japan.

    I have noted that in manga and anime aimed at males there is no sex in high school but in the female oriented media there is a lot of sex in high school as well. Thus in private I think Class S was a permission to explore same sex sex for females.

    In our story then Sumka was not killed for being a pure virginal in love girl as many thought but was killed simply as a rival for an interest in Kureha. I would hope our love court will deal with the true love killer.

    So the Gay Japanese hate for Class S is basically a hate for the supposed to end in facade marriage part of Class S not that Class S prevents same sex love from developing. But of course I’m not sure the Japanese are hard to understand in many areas because of the public vs private beliefs and tendency to support both sides mutually opposing ideas.

  3. The question right now is how do the pieces fit together and how is Kureha is central to everything?

    Do all these revolve around her or does it revolve around her mother instead? Kuraha being the collateral damage

    Makise Kuristina
    1. Some girls love other girls and of course they hang out with each other in ways not every girls do I assume…(see 4th picture) so you will have some of that but you will also find symbolic story telling, craziness and different and gorgeous art styles that could make you enjoy the show. If you try just make sure you get past episode 2 as it was the weakest episode so far IMO. It’s really worth getting into.

  4. After all the effort this show has put into not directly showing violent scenes, I was kind of disappointed with the way Ginko and the burning lilies was handled.

    Rolling around in fire? Just make her sooty and call it a day.


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