“More Than Human”

「間以上」 (Ningen Ijou)

Tamura’s Final Moments:

God, the first half of this episode was something special. I’d even call it beautiful. This episode was actually a very simple one, with two long important scenes at the start and end. As someone who has enjoyed Tamura’s character throughout the series, seeing her meet her end was both satisfying and saddening. It was becoming all too real that she was going to die and she wasn’t going to stop that. As I said before, Tamura has got just as much (if not more) character development than Shinichi – her journey has been bizarre to say the least, but there was always something real and human about her, even in her early days. Looking at the woman presented here, it’s astounding. Kana may have been my favourite character on a personal level, but Tamura is unequivocally the best written character of the entire series. Seeing her leave now is disheartening, but it was such a beautiful sendoff of which I could never complain.

Weirdly enough, Kiseijuu seems more and more like a well-done TV drama as opposed to an anime. That’s how it makes me feel anyway, whether you read that as a positive or a negative. Everything just fits, nothing is rushed or stretched even if the coverage of the source material may suggest one way or another. This is a stellar adaptation and when at its best, every minute is a treat to watch. Delving into humanity in the way it has with Tamura’s character arc is one of the best parts of the series. We’ve always seen it with Shinichi and Migi as they try and find their own balance, but to see a parasite adapt into this – dare I say – compassionate, sympathetic woman is something I’m grateful to have watched. Not many anime are doing things this right now and not many will; Kiseijuu comes from a different era, but that shouldn’t be a limiter to quality, because truthfully it isn’t. I just think we are seeing storytelling that seems less and less common these days – stories about characters that aren’t made purely for promotion, titillation, or self-projection. I want to thank Iwaaki Hitoshi for writing such a story, and Madhouse for adapting it so well in this current age. These past few episodes focusing on Tamura have been a treat to anime fans everywhere. May such a fantastic character rest in peace.

Family Flashbacks:

That’s not all that’s related to Tamura this episode that I wanted to touch on. Shinichi reflecting on his own mother after seeing Tamura with her child was incredibly moving. And then it just had to get painful. Did anyone else feel like crying when Shinichi’s parents returned from their trip, as if none of this tragedy had ever happened? Because I sure did. That one hit me in the gut. Also: Shinichi can cry again! As sad as it may be, that’s definitely a good thing.

Uragami’s Introduction:

I don’t think there’s much to say about the latter part of the episode. We got the introduction of Uragami, a serial killer who apparently appeared in the first episode (though my memory fails me on that one). I don’t know what to make of him but he’s an odd one. Nose picking, masturbation, and creepy glares certainly makes him hard to forget.

Overview – What’s Next?

I’m going to miss Tamura, like I did with Kana, but we’re now heading into what may end up being the final arc of the series, so there might not be time to mourn for long. With Tamura’s focus gone we might get the spotlight shone on Shinichi again. I don’t know how Gorou or Uragami are going to be involved exactly, but I feel like I’m past the point of prediction when it comes to Kiseijuu. I just want to continue enjoying the ride.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Tamura faces off in a brilliantly intelligent battle against the three parasites who are after her.
  • But after dealing with one threat she is confront with another, as the investigator threatens to harm her child, causing Tamura to kill him and develop new emotions.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 47 p.19 – 49

Tamura’s Baby:

  • She mentioned giving Shinichi something last week, so I was pretty sure she was going to give away her child this time around.
  • I hope we get to see him again by the end of the series, maybe grown up and safe from all the danger. That would be nice.

Goodbye Tamura:

  • Character death is common in Kiseijuu, but when one of the best developed characters has one of the most satisfying death scenes, it’s like morbid magic.



    1. Damn those invisible ninjas cutting onions. ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ Shinichi can finally cry again.

      LMAO at the prisoner who f*pped during the investigation then fell asleep. What an alpha.

      ”You have a cute face, baby boy. If you dressed up as a woman, you might make good spank material”
      Is Shinichi the new… best girl? (O_o)

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2018%20-%2017.jpg
    R.I.P. Tamura Reiko – Anime Mother of the Year
    Yes, Shinichi you are still human. Manly tears have been shed.
    He seriously spanked the monkey that with Cream Soda track playing in the background. LOL

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    1. A parasyte opened the hole in Shinichi’s heart and another closed it. I thought his Dad or Murano would help him gain back his lost emotions, not Tamura, but I’m glad she did. It was unexpected and nicely done.

      1. I think Migi is the 2nd most smart Parasyte after Reiko, and i think she kinda (intentionally or not) taught him a lesson with her death, he really seemed genuinely surprised by her actions that i think he might end up changing his ideas about survival.

        So her death could have even more profound effects than it first seems .. not only did she help Shinichi get back his emotions and accept his mother’s death but she could have also helped Migi understand both Parasytes and humans better.

      1. I think the defining fact of these parasytes is the fact that they have no choice other than to consume if they wish to survive upon initial touch down to earth.
        Look at Tokyo Ghoul, do you find yourself wishing ill-will on these ghouls that simply work to exist because it is their only means of survival (eating humans)? Hardly I’d assume.
        Then let’s take an entirely foreign species with no level of intelligence beyond sponging information from the society they’re placed in. They have no ability to perceive emotions and only are aware of survival instincts. Add the fact that they need humans to survive (aka, eating them)….what’s wrong with that?
        That’s like dropping a pack of wolves inside a zone full of nothing but sheep and expecting the wolves to peacefully coexist and immediately find some other means of sustenance.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2018%20-%20Large%2036.jpg

      When a stupid perverted homicidal monkey like Uragami makes a face like that we can all be sure shit will hit the fan very soon.

      The 38 ones she killed were killed by the Parasyte monster Reiko, the one who was closer to an animal or a monster, the Reiko that died this episode was light-years ahead of that Reiko, not only did she admit it was wrong to kill those 38 humans because normal food works just fine in supplying parasyts with their nutritional needs (the fact she actually cared enough to discover this is something in her favor), but she also shielded Reiko’s real son with her own body and never really did anything truly harmful to him, sure she killed the original Reiko and her mother but she was a heartless monster acting by instinct back then (and it seems parasyts have a natural inclination/instinct to hunt humans and feed on them).

      To overcome such inclination and achieve what she achieved is something profound and amazing, i’m not the least bit happy about her death but rather sad as she died after becoming so close to understanding humanity even more than some humans do .. to me the Reiko that died this episode is far more human than say Uragami the serial killer from the 2nd half of the episode.

  2. Dafuq
  3. That song by Daichi Miura really put my feels over the edge with Tamura.
    It was beautiful, saddening, and just so damned right.
    Everything came together so well for both her and Shinichi.
    Shinichi is back to himself for the most part and that’s great. His badass time was cool, but it just wasn’t right no matter how you looked at it..

    That masturbating dude….oh…he’s creeeepy

      1. They Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Don’t know if this counts as a spoiler but just to be safe.

  4. That song by Daichi Miura really put my feels over the edge with Tamura.
    It was beautiful, saddening, and just so damned right.
    Everything came together so well for both her and Shinichi.
    Shinichi is back to himself for the most part and that’s great. His badass time was cool, but it just wasn’t right no matter how you looked at it..

    That masturbating dude….oh…he’s creeeepy

  5. @ Samu, I’m glad it’s not only me who is disheartened by Tamura’s departure. Ever since Kana died, my interest in the show dipped. Sure, she wasn’t really an integral main character, but you can help deny the presence she had whenever been cast on screen.

    Then Tamura also dies, I’m totally shocked. There is no reason whatsoever for her to die, I loved her character’s slow development of feelings, emotions and actions all the way through the series even right after she kills Kuramori to protect her baby, but then it took a nose dive, I assumed there was going to be more.

    As soon or even before Hirama shot, she should have retreated. What’s more disconcerting was that she stayed to die. Heck, she took on 2-3 Parasytes at once the previous episode, who are very much more deadly than a pack of cops with hand guns. Personally, I really have nothing else to look forward in the show now, even with the recent police screening investigation, I assume Izumi would probably come out cleared.

    Let’s not forget our forgettable Satomi. Oh, poor Satomi. Clearly she has genuine feelings for Izumi, with no other rival fighting for Izumi’s affection, I’m pretty sure she and he will eventually be a couple, instead of this cat and mouse thing going on, and I personally don’t feel like waiting till that eventually happens. Though I’m not sure if Izumi will come out about Migi, hoping not wanting to repeat what happened with Kana again. Yes! Kana was different, but its like Migi alway tries to drill into Izumi, that sometimes just simply knowing puts the individual in mortal danger.

    Random question: The episode with the first introduction of Kana, the scene when she approaches Izumi and sees the inner eye. The score/track playing during that scene, anyone care to tell me?

    1. As much as i’m sad to see her die i think this makes her character even more beautiful and touching, she knew she can’t really raise the baby to have a normal life, and in fact the very fact she stood there and took all those bullets to deliver the baby to Shinichi not only showed how much she cared about him but also that she felt guilt for the humans she killed.

      We could say that’s also a new human emotion that she discovered, she never said it explicitly but the way she talked clearly expressed the guilt she felt specially when talking about how parasytes could feed on normal food just fine instead of humans, she meant that those deaths could have been avoided and that she somewhat feels bad about it .. also saying things like “I sought the end”, “If i’m to stop my journey, that’s fine too”, “even if i were informed that everything has reached its end, i’d just accept it”.

      In her death she made gave the series more depth and development than if she just stayed alive, she didn’t die in vain.

    2. @Cugslhey: Whilst I’m disheartened by the fact that she died, I think it was a brilliant death and totally fitting to complete her character arc (which imo has been the best in the whole series). I wouldn’t say that I’m disappointed by her dying at all – lots of characters die in Kiseijuu, mainly the most likeable ones (Shinichi’s mother, Kana, Tamura, etc.) but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Since Kana died the episodes have mainly been around Shinichi and his survival, the Investigator, and Tamura. I’m pretty sure we’re now moving into the final act now so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the characters remaining.

  6. That cliffhanger-ish ending really made me excited for the next episode.
    *dat stare*

    Ok, I hope I don’t get too much hate for this. This is just my opinion so please don’t get too offended, because some people do.

    Anyways, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s really annoying almost every non-parasyte related character is really damn stupid. The clueless and unnatural reactions bystanders have towards parasytes have become so tiring….

    *sees mutilated head* “Hey, nice mask.” (or something like that. Forgot the exact dialogue)

    *Girl thinks she knows someone who is a killer monster, and then goes to meet him in a secluded room to confront him, subsequently causing a massacre.* That’s like the equivalent of going into some psychopath murderer’s home just to confirm with him whether or not he’s a murderer instead of notifying the police.

    etc etc etc

    The anime logic feels really dated, especially for a seinen, but I guess it’s probably due to the source material.

    I’ve also seen someone argue in an earlier thread, that almost all anime have dumb humans in it, and is also common in real life. But the problem here is, that #1 This is a seinen. It’s supposed to be serious at points, and it’s hard to take something serious when it’s stupid. #2 The characters are extra stupid. #3 They’re shown almost excessively #4 Some of the “best” animes don’t have stupid characters, maybe ignorant, but not stupid. And this is being hailed by some as the best anime of 2014-2015.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying this series very much, but these things have been bothering me for quite a while.

    1. Stupid is as stupid does. Irrationality is the crux of great storytelling, because it leads to conflict.

      If you had everyone perfectly sane, intelligent, communicative, calm and collected everyone you might not have any drama at all.

      People have weaknesses, and that’s part of great storytelling, especially in overcoming those weaknesses. Sure some characters are going to be less developed and just serve as a counterpoint to what our developed characters do. Not enough time to develop everyone, and even then some people are unable to move forward.

      Bystanders are such for a reason. You wouldn’t see the smart & collected ones, because there’s no story to tell, and no drama there. If they were better, they’d probably wouldn’t be a bystander and be a main or supporting character. If they behave irrationally, there’s a story because there’s actual conflict to be explored. What would happen if in every scenario you point out where someone behaves irrationally, they did the logical move instead? No story left. Nothing to tell. The Shining never happens, because cellphones.

      Shinichi definitely behaves irrationally by Migi’s standards, and that’s pointed out every episode. This episode, it was Tamura’s turn to be irrational, and we saw how that turned to great effect.

      I really like how they explore the depths of weaknesses, because there’s no triumph without challenge to weakness, and irrational behavior that results. Without challenge, it truly is shounen rather than seinen.

      1. Irrationality does not equate to stupidity. Shinichi may have acted irrationally. His dad may have too. Heck even Reiko did, to protect her child. But that Mirano friend (forgot her name because I can care less about it) who almost get herself killed by following that student parasyte was just plain stupid.

        Petit Orenji
    2. Real life has a lot of stupid people who won’t even recognize a non-disguised parasyte even if they were playing poker with it, i’m fine with stupid characters in anime or any story as long as they aren’t the focus of the story and not among the main characters, thankfully this is the case here.

    3. I feel the only one guilty of stupid behavior in your examples is the bespectacled girl going after Shimada on her own. I wouldn’t classify the teacher and two rugby students confronting Shimada’s exposed parasyte form as stupid. Remember the general public isn’t aware of paraystes then. All the teacher and students are seeing is a grotesque-looking shape on a student’s body standing around and that some kind of disturbance has taken place.

  7. i think i’m not the only one that wonders why kiseijuu didn’t get an anime all those years back. but i do feel lucky it was made into anime today, so i could watch and appreciate it.

    1. Just hope it’s success will convince Madhouse to adapt other classic manga in such a fantastic way .. what they did here is so amazing for many reasons, they they modernized the story while respecting the source material and the viewers and fans of the original manga is unheard of, hope they pick up other classic manga and give it the same treatment.

  8. When Shinichi started crying…T_T

    I think Kiseijuu feels more like a “well-done TV drama” because it deals with a lot of human drama 9such as loss and motherhood) in comparison to a lot of anime today which are centered on stuff like fantastical universes, powers, action, etc. The psychological portrayals of Shinichi and Reiko are also definitely some of the most complex and thorough I’ve seen in recent years (though I can’t say the same about the majority of the characters).

    1. Although Parasyte is constantly compared to Tokyo Ghoul because of the gore and violence, it’s not really an action series. Even the fight scenes tend to be short. It is more focused on character development, drama and philosophy.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2018%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

    “…now, with both Kana and that MILF are dead, he’ll stop putting distance, then back to my loving embrace once again…just as planned.

    Ahh…Shinichi-kun, you are mine, body, heart and soul…always…”

    Dang it, Murano, why is THAT sentence is the first thing coming out of her mouth, witnessing Shinichi crying , holding a baby of a deceased Mother killed directly in front in him by countless bullets?

    1. That scene is powerful as it displayed that Shinichi is reclaiming his humanity and how not all parasites are not evil as they can change. But that convict spanking that monkey? Damn that was awkward shit. 

  10. Really awesome episode. Tamura Reiko was a great character and will be missed.

    Murano is useless and annoying right now, though. She needs more to do to back her character up. Her role as a moral compass isn’t even solid anymore considering she had NOTHING to do with Shinichi’s first tears. Learning about Shinichi will be a good start :v

      1. That’s not my point. Who cares if Shinichi doesn’t open up to her? Does this mean the only purpose of her character was to show Shinichi’s inner struggle which was clearly shown anyways? Murano needs more of a role and she needs more substance right now. Otherwise she’s just a super generic love interest.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2018%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    If anybody is interested, I recall seeing a doujin where Tamura Reiko has a happy ending with a certain other character instead of this one where she dies…There are some h-parts to the doujin, but the story non-h parts are drawn rather well until you might think the original mangaka could have done 2-versions of the story instead…

    1. Well, time to go Uragami and reread Tamurabon once again…

      Surely hair that can help doing household chores, and face which skin can be tightened with no wrinkle; is very useful indeed for a mother with two child…

  12. Ok. Fuck. This episode hit WAY close to home for me.





    It wasn’t just Tamura’s death. It was the fact that it was about Shinichi actually coming to terms and accepting the loss of his mother and Kana and finally being able to shed tears again. It’s the idea of being able to come to terms and receive closure over the death of a loved one that got to me. My dog just died last week and I’ve still been trying to come to terms with it and accept that she’s gone. This episode REALLY hit it out of the park for me and I was in tears at the end.

    This show man. This fucking show.

  13. Quality writing is timeless, it doesn’t matter what era it was written in, that’s why i’d be really glad if Madhouse pick another classic manga that never got adapted into anime and continue with their masterful adaptions.

    As for the episode itself, true Reiko is pretty much the single most developed character in the entire series, we saw her grow from a cold calculating parasyte into a loving caring one that understands humanity and in a sense have reached an enlightenment of some sort, one that even Migi (with all his internet researching and book reading antics) seemed baffled by, the part that resonated with me the most is when she talked about thinking why she was born into the world, whenever solving a question another one show up, that’s a sign of a truth seeker, someone who wants to understand and learn so earnestly it changes them in profound ways, i never thought i’d feel sad to see a parasyte die (maybe Migi a little bit), but Reiko’s character was so well written i couldn’t help feel really sad when she was gone (and the insert song was really well timed, great job Madhouse).

    And while we lost Reiko we got Shinichi back, he finally came to terms with his mother’s death, ironically like that fortuneteller told him … i do hope now that we are back full force to focusing on Shinichi that his relation with Murano gets some development before the series ends .. and i’m kinda surprised we didn’t hear much of Migi after Reiko’s death .. it seems he was so shocked by her actions and probably is contemplating something (like he always does), i think sooner or later he will have a big change of mind .. specially since he admitted that he and Shinichi can’t kill/defeat Gotou on their own .. so it would be beneficial for his own survivor to cooperate with others (i.e the government) to defeat him specially since Gotou will be out to hunt down both Migi and Shinichi.

    From what i have seen so far it’s pretty clear Parasyte is a series that excels at both drama and action equally so when nearing the climax (which usually has a lot of both) i think we are in for a real treat that will leave us breathless .. i pray they don’t botch this amazing series with a crappy ending .. please don’t do that XD

  14. Tamura’s part in the opening now makes sense, her past self on the left has her hair in an offensive state, when she still believes humanity has to be exterminated, then on the right we have her using that same hair as a shield for a human. Brilliant.

    1. She a parasyte to them not a woman, that’s why Hirama aimed for Reiko’s head first to make sure, when they realized she is really a parasyte they panicked and opened fire (and judging from their experience with other parasyts there was no way the baby would have survived if she was really a parasyte, any other parasyte would have used the baby as a shield and then proceeded to kill everyone around).

      Hirama realizes she isn’t fighting back and is in fact trying to protect the baby, he snaps out of his panic telling everyone to stop shooting, i think it was how anyone would act when dealing with something as dangerous and mysterious as parasytes.

  15. I can say this is the most beautiful episode of Kiseijuu so far! Quite the rollercoaster of emotions in one episode.
    From drama (Umm, no sweat, I can handle this…)

    More drama (What’s this, sweat in my eyes? Damn you, feels BGM!)…

    To comedy (It had me utter a loud “Pffft” in the middle of the night)…

    To serious business (Scary Kubrick Stare is scary)…

    And with that, 23 minutes just passed in the blink of an eye. And I just sat there, dazed and amazed at the same time.

  16. Kana, Ryoko, these were the ones whom Shinichi could’ve shared some of his burden with. In the case of Ryoko in particular, I’m not talking about her being a love interest for him but an ally. Kana would’ve been a + as just friend as well if nothing else. That’s not the case with Murano – she constantly needs to be protected from the truth like she’s been for most of the series. She put’s pressure on him instead of helping him relieve some stress. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her or anything but it’s just how things are.

    So yea, on one hand, I was really hoping Ryoko would’ve fled and stayed alive but on the other, her death was so powerful that I’m not sure I’d have it any other way.

  17. Serie keeps delivering.

    I’m really impressed in the way they are adapting this.

    Really high hopes for the last few episodes. Seems they are going to wrap things up nice and clean according to the source material as well

  18. Minor observation of mine: The Ending sequence has been slightly updated through this episode.

    The original ED one had Shinichi’s house door being opened from the outside with the former Shinichi (with glasses) to greet the viewer from within.

    The updated ED again has Shinichi’s house door being opened from the outside, but this time its the current Shinichi who has obviously come home.

  19. Been a while since I had the feels train hit me this hard. Tamura Reiko was a memorable character and I almost lost it when Shinichi found his tears. This is one of the best episodes. It not only delivered on the emotions but the reappearance of the serial killer and the scenes with him was tense and entertaining.

    I’m so glad about how well this adaptation is going.

  20. Whoa, I heard from previous episode comments that this is one of the most dramatic villians Shinchi and Migi will have to face. A human serial killer beats out even the Penta-syte!


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