“In Cold Blood”

「冷血」 (Reiketsu)

Morality in Question:

Whilst still fascinating, this episode of Kiseijuu was a very simple one, so talking about it should be fairly short. But what we did get this week was compelling – it seems like now we’re truly diving into what is right and wrong between the humans and parasites in Kiseijuu. After Tamura’s glorious departure things have slowed down and we’re allowed a look at what’s going on behind the scenes on both sides. The humans are taking action against the parasites and the parasites are ready to defend themselves, whilst quickly deciphering who amongst their group is dead based on what has gone down recently.

One thing is for certain: Uragami is a disgusting fellow, though intriguing to watch. Even when we get a look at his past, showing off his murderous ways and sick inner thoughts, it still feels like we’re watching him through a window and never quite getting near him. He’s easily the scariest human in Kiseijuu, and could give a few parasites a run for their money. I thought last week that he may have finally found out Shinichi’s secret, but turns out he didn’t, for which I’m happy. I didn’t want this to be the end of Shinichi’s secrecy just yet; I’m sure by the climax of the series there will be a time for Shinichi to reveal himself, but that time isn’t now. Right now, Tamura is still lingering Shinichi’s conscious, and interestingly enough he is sympathising with her and thankful for closing the whole in his heart. She may have killed 38 people in her time on Earth, but somehow that doesn’t make her despicable. Even I’m surprised at myself for not being too critical of Tamura’s crimes against humanity. It’s not like there was some justified motive behind it, she just killed people like all other parasites do. It’s tricky to think about, but Kiseijuu is balancing it nicely.

Parasite Extermination:

What’s going down by the end of episode is not so balanced. After weeks of me wondering when it was going to happen, it’s happening – the humans are finally going after the parasites. Are they ready? Who knows. From the very beginning we’ve seen so many examples of parasites showing how deadly they are, yet right now it feels like there’s a chance for victory. There’s something very Tokyo Ghoul about all of this – except this is way more grounded than Tokyo Ghoul ever manages to be (at least the anime, the manga is great, but that’s another story altogether).

Overview – What’s Next?

I was expecting to really focus on Shinichi now that Tamura’s arc is complete, but our main character still feels like a pawn in the middle of the madness – actually he’s not quite in the middle yet, but give it time and I’m sure he’ll be running around doing something crazy. I enjoyed this episode for what it was. It provided good setup for humans against parasites and showed us the thoughts and feelings of various characters, likeable and unlikable. But part of me still wants this to be more about Shinichi right now.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Tamura confronts Shinichi in her final moments, showing new sides to the parasite mind as she allows herself to die after handing her child to him.
  • Shinichi and Murano are questioned and Shinichi is brought in to meet Uragami, a man who can identify parasites.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 50 – 52


  • I liked the flamethrower flashback and the dialogue that Shinichi was having. It was a nice balance of teenage silliness as well as being a serious answer..
  • Yamagishi (Koyama Rikiya) seemed less into the idea. I don’t know how trustworthy he is at this point, but I’m intrigued by his introduction.



  1. MOTHER FUCKER this show is getting crazy! As much as I’m tempted to see what happens next by reading the manga I really don’t wanna ruin the suspense in the anime.


    1. The murder that Uragami doesn’t commit is the one that lands him in jail. Poetic justice at it’s finest.

      No one heard Shinichi speaking to Migi at close quarters?

      Seems like the military will literally, ”kill it with fire” next week.

  2. Can’t wait for next week’s ep. Things look like they’re approaching a grand climax. The Parasites have been exposed and they can no longer stay undercover in their secret community no longer. Unless there are other powerful parasites in that building, I can only see Gotou escaping from this alive. Looks like an inevitable Shinichi vs Gotou fight incoming.

    Also, still wondering about those dreams Shinichi’s been having and how it’s showing its effect through his eyes. Could Migi be slowly and silently taking over his body? At least the small percent of Migi that migrated to his bloodstream.

  3. Who does Uragami think he is ? Dexter ?

    cops : Freeze !

    Uragami : I didn’t do it ! I just found the body.

    cops : Oh ok. Walk away then

    Uragami : Besides, I’m very thorough with my kills. Wait… I shouldn’t have said that…. 😐

    1. From what I heard, the machine is like an X-Ray. It shows the skeletal structure beneath human flesh. Parasites are only made up of muscles so when they take over the brain there is no skull/bone. So I don’t think this will affect Shinichi.

    1. Migi does research properly. Flamethrower was effective against The Thing…

      I wonder if Joe watches The Thing too…they certainly watched Terminator.

      Okay, The SWAT are mostly carrying Atchisson AA12 Auto Shotgun with Extended Magazine, most likely loaded with slugs. Any bet on how effective they would be?

      In the previous episode, Reiko’s thin hair protects her baby like a Kevlar against Pistol rounds…How effective would Parasites morphing into that kind of tough padding under an hardened shell-substance similar to their blades?

      Sure, shoot the heart, even rocks can kill if used properly. But Uda and Joe are smart enough and survived a direct stab through the heart…they might have some tricks under their chest…

    1. The guy must be desperate, he knows what´s coming and they´re not ready to face it. He wants all tha back up he could muster because their enemy is not some dumb animal, it´s a nightmare in the shape of humans.

  4. I see two problems with this reckless plan:

    1.-They´re hunting parasytes right in the middle of a crowd, unless those guys are crazy badass it´s going to be massive colateral damage=blood bath worse than the massacre in Shinichi´s shool.

    2.-The guy in charge understamates the parasytes, the poor bastard thinks he´s exterminating vermin when in fact he´s facing an enemy that can go toe to toe with the very best of our race.


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