「祈りの空 -The Unvanquished-」 (Inori no Sora -The Unvanquished- )
“Prayer of the Skies -The Unvanquished-“

Aldnoah.Zero is certainly true to itself, right to the end.

From the very beginning this has been one of the more perplexing series of the year, seemingly countering every spark of brilliance with a complete headdesk moment. This season has definitely been the better of the two in my opinion – certainly it’s been the more coherent and logical – but in the last stages we’re still getting some stuff that just makes me sigh and shake my head. But I guess it wouldn’t be right for Aldnoah.Zero to end any other way.

This started out this week in pretty straightforward fashion, with a focus on Inaho and his uncertain status after last week’s cliffhanger. Rather than a coup d’etat, it seems what we have here is a coalition government – with Inaho having ceded control of part of his brain to his prosthetic eye. I still can’t think this is going to end well – though the fact is that Inaho joking about death flags (ironically) makes it less likely he’s going to die next week. He’s certainly not going to sit out what looks to be the final battle – he knows full well this war would already be long over if he hadn’t been going into God-mode battle after battle.

As to all the stuff with Yuki and Inko the truth is I feel nothing – I don’ think Aldnoah has done an especially good job developing those characters or their relationship with Inaho. Aside from the story itself the appeal of this show for me is the triumvirate of main characters, and that’s one reason why it’s awfully nice to see the normally passive Asseylum finally seizing the narrative. She’s much more interesting as a driver of events than when she’s simply being impacted by them, even if her decisions aren’t always (let’s be honest – hardly ever, up to now) good ones. She does a much better job this week than last, that’s for sure – though it’s only thanks to Klancain’s help that she’s able to have a chance to make amends for bumbling right into Slaine’s clutches after learning the truth.

The real Aldnoah moment – in a bad way – this week was Edelruitto’s tearful defense of Slaine. Eddie has been responsible for several groaners but not so much this season, so this was a disappointingly silly and unbelievable development – after what she’s seen Slaine do (both to her mistress and her world) that breakdown played more as unintentional comedy than anything else. My fear, frankly, was that Asseylum was going to be swayed by it, which would have been pretty much a deal-breaker for me, but happily that didn’t happen (and it didn’t hurt that Klancain hit the disconnect button with Slaine before anything really bad could happen).

We have our answer with Klancain – he’s working with Mazuurek, and he walked into Slaine’s base knowing he’d likely have to leave with Asseylum in tow. Happily I think Asseylum did everything pretty much right this time around. She went and saw for herself just how far gone the Emperor was – both in terms of hatred for Earth and senility – and then took bold action on her own. Seizing the throne and declaring Klancain her betrothed was a courageous and clever stroke, one that I didn’t see coming (Slaine, either). And coming as it does just as Slaine is about to try and assuage his hurt feelings by laying waste to the entire Earth, it’ll be interesting to see the impact – will the other Orbital Knights defer to her authority, or will they continue to follow their despot of convenience and go ahead with the attack?

I’m sure Asseylum will take some heat for the marriage thing (I’ve seen plenty already, in fact), but I think it was a hard-headed, practical concession to reality. Imperial princesses don’t get to choose who they marry, and in order to have any chance for her power play to stick, Asseylum has to do everything possible to give herself legitimacy. I would have liked to have seen Inaho’s consistent focus on helping Asseylum and achieving her dream rewarded with a chance to be together, at least for a little while, but that always seemed like an extreme long-shot anyway.

Final note – be sure to stay tuned for the ED, which was drawn by Takako Shimura.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

As the finale of ALDNOAH.ZERO approaches, it’s all about the here and now and what can be done with the remaining time our cast has left to them. All the tragic stories, the developments that never came to be, the irrevocable choices—all have all led to this final showdown. The cycle of hatred and revenge that started over a decade prior has reached its peak and all the cards are out now. Slaine’s readying his all-out final offensive, Inaho’s bracing himself for what could be his final fight, and Asseylum herself has taken the stage as the Empress of Vers in an attempt to make peace with Earth one last time.

Needless to say, there’s no way that Asseylum’s hopes will come to fruition without a battle being fought, but her announcement does come in as an interesting source of influence in regards to the Vers’ Orbital Knights. Those at the head of the UFE likely won’t care either way, but the fact that the Knights are seeing Asseylum stand up under her own power is bound to cause some hesitation in some. The question is how much this impact will be, and it’ll be interesting to see just how many Knights will choose to not engage in hostilities. After all, many of the Knights who have already died were the ones who only fought for revenge or purely for the planet’s resources. Just by pure probability, there should be a decent amount of Knights left who don’t feel as strongly as their past comrades did, and it could very well open up the chance for that one-on-one fight they’ve been hinting at between Inaho and Slaine for a while now. Slaine’s defeat would subsequently cripple the Orbital Knights’ momentum, and it could very well lead to a temporary peace that gives Asseylum her chance, whether or not Inaho escapes unscathed (which I doubt will happen).

Thus, a happy ending for Earth and Mars! Or will it be? I wonder. It’s times like this where the big twists and turns come, and I’m actually quite excited to see how ALDNOAH.ZERO finishes off. Considering how tentative I was coming into the second season, that just says a lot about how well this cour’s been done generally—even if it’s still far from a masterpiece—and it makes you wonder how things could’ve been if they carried this through consistently through both seasons. That said, it can be argued that the first season played an integral part in setting up the second season, so in the end it might be a bit of a moot point.

With that said, I’d like to clarify my statement from last week by saying that there’s a difference between believing Slaine’s a tragic victim of circumstances versus believing Slaine’s justified in doing what he’s doing now. Believing in the former does not automatically mean the latter, but rather what it means, which is that there were clear chances for things to have turned out differently (especially for Slaine), and it’s tragic that it didn’t end up that way. It doesn’t absolve Slaine’s responsibility in regards to some of the terrible choices he’s made since/after the fact, nor is it meant to be a statement to support him. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that he’s unsupportable as a character, as some may argue that his attempt to tear down the Vers hierarchy in and of itself is a noble goal. Seems like some people may have taken my comments (and others) in manners they were not intended to be, so hopefully this addresses that.

In the meanwhile… where’s my final episode equipment model kit version of this? Get on it, Kotobukiya.


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「Harmonious」 by 雨宮 天 (Amamiya Sora)


  1. “The real Aldnoah moment – in a bad way – this week was Edelruitto’s tearful defense of Slaine. Eddie has been responsible for several groaners but not so much this season, so this was a disappointingly silly and unbelievable development – after what she’s seen Slaine do (both to her mistress and her world) that breakdown played more as unintentional comedy than anything else.”

    I kind of liked that part, maybe because I want to believe that some part of Slaine can still be saved.

      1. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
        Klancain is best marriage material amongst the three anyway; the most emotionally balanced, from what I’ve seen so far.
        Plus, the Empress will receive some beautiful genes from him for her future offsprings. Not minding her choice at all.

        Never understood why there was a melodramatic Inkoho scene at the beginning of the episode. Now I do.

        Slain’s clawlike facepalm is not even… he’s becoming a joke.

        Petit Orenji
  2. Very honestly, this week’s episode is more politically entertaining than majority of the previous weeks, as we finally have the real princess (yet again in another castle) finally stood up for herself (for sure this time).

    -I just cannot see how can Inaho survive the battle next week intact.
    –And I cannot see how Yuki-nee and Inko were underused, they (and others onboard the Deucalion) have been supporting characters from the start and they were developed in par course. They were, in essence, became a bit more than supporting our resident cyborg. (and I won’t have it any other way in this war drama).
    -Edelruitto’s plea felt more like trying to lessen the punishing blow for Slaine afterwards than anything else (still, Why…)
    -Yet another political marriage…why do I have a feeling that THIS one’s not going to last long either? (Judging by the fact that Inaho still has her necklace with him)
    -4 death flags waved, with one of them being lampshaded, should be funny if NONE of them are true in the end.
    Well, the die has been cast, and next week’s going to be quite a crash, with a lot of military power shuffling around.

    ps. Deucalion’s catapult doubled as an arresting cables arm, neato.

  3. [img]https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2006.jpg[/img]

    My Master slain no matter how difficult your path is, we will still honor you.

  4. That hijacking of channel is a very glorious cosmogonal cockblock for the war speech and buildup which has been dialed up to eleven. Poor Slaine, imagine how hard he trained for that speech and yet Asseylum cut it right before the end of last sentence.

    About her declaration: Considering that both Inaho and Asseylum kind of confessed to each other (with the help of Ina-bot) the episode before, it’s not only a single NTR in one sentence. It’s NTR-ing both Slaine and Inaho at once, trully a magnificent planetary two way NTR. Good job, Empress Asseylum.

  5. Slaine is my favorite character and as such I know he is not going to win, but I am still rooting for him. Inoho and the Princess are so annoying. Slaine has sacrificed so much and is being the most realistic. Hopefully Inaho dies for real this time and takes the Princess and her husband with him. The perfect ending would be with Slaine ending up with the imposter princess and ruling over the empire.

    1. I’m with you on this one and I stick by my opinion that Slaine has always been the more interesting one out of the three protagonists. I’m still impacted by Harklight’s words to Slaine “Why don’t you tell them the truth…” and Eddie’s words about Slaine, “He hasn’t changed…” and believe there’s still more to Slaine’s ambition than what is revealed.

    2. Well that’s your opinion and no one has the right to change it. If you can acknowledge that you support the character most guilty of war mongering and mass murder, then I can certainly respect that.

      Afterall, I like Macbeth too but I do understand he was a douchebag that deserved everything coming to him.

      1. “If you can acknowledge that you support the character most guilty of war mongering and mass murder, then I can certainly respect that.”

        I don’t believe what Slaine’s doing is correct and he will pay for his crimes but, I won’t deny that I am biased towards him and I still think he has another ulterior motive than just downright murder everyone.

      2. The problem is that a lot of people only root for him because they don’t like Inaho or Asseylum and just conveniently plug their ears for his many, many crimes. They seem to lock themselves on the tunnel vision that this was the same Slaine from Season 1. The whole position of “The perfect ending is Slaine will win” is just appalling especially after all he has done.

      3. Well, it’s not really a ‘problem’ since they are just fictional characters in a fictional world. In Code Geass, Lelouch was incredibly popular and he also mass murdered a lot of people.

      4. You missed my point entirely. It’s not what Slaine does it’s that his defenders either whitewash what he does or ignore his horrible acts. “The perfect ending would be that he committs genocide to make his utopia.” I mean really?

  6. It’s absurd that there still are people whe defend this hypocrite, lying and manipulating, megalomaniec genocide warmonger.
    After all that crap he did, they still wish him a happy ending with him being the king of everything.

    I know that Fanglasses can be pretty strong, but there are cases like this one where I’m still surprised how strong those glasses can be.

    1. Edelritto was defending him, because she knows how he was in the begining. But because of Slaine’s despair in she never wake up. Even if he was saying she would, deep inside of him something cracking and he devoted himself now to the Dark Side. A world what HE (Slaine) is thinking it would be for the good for her (Asseylum). But on his Way, he know that he is wrong. But since starting he was unable to Stop anymore. So he devoted himself full to Darkness. In the end he used Asseylum as an excused for all of this. With Lemrina he began to use Asseylum for himself. Not more fighting for Hime-sama Dream, no for his own now

      Slaine is beyond hope in a Dark Pit

      but, i must Admit. these slowly driving to the Dark Side was reasonable for me. the hurting of an unfulfilled Love was the beginning, what he have now? Only Darkness

      1. But please, there Writer. Do not play an Sasuke and Naruto Ending. Sasuke and Naruto was friends before it all started. here Slaine and Inaho was Enemy’s.. it would not be reasonable

      2. in Short:

        Asseylum want Peace, and she has more Power then Slaine. Because she is the Princess and now the Empress. The Knights would follow her, because of her Status

        Slaine wanted to create Asseylum’s World. The Knights would not hear to an Earth Worm.
        He will need Power and put himself on the same Step or above of these Knights, so that they cannot look away of this “Earth Worm”. Slaine took the Peace through Bloodshed path

    2. @Aeon

      It’s not really absurd, some people just like antagonists and they will be biased about that character if they like them that much. There are shows where I like the villains because they are intriguing.

  7. We have here a Logical Problems for the Knights. It is now the 2nd Husband the Princess is taken. They know of the Broadcasting, while the Princess was in the Tank. (Well it was Lemrina, but they only saw Asseylum. And even Earth)

    Now we have Asseylum again, taken another Count as Husband.

    The Knights and Earth is confused. Double Husband? Are she growing a Men Harm?

    It would be nice to display some of this thoughts in the Knights and Earth Forces. Deucalion knows that this time it is the Real Princess decision, but not the rest of the World (RPG Thinking activate!!)

    Or, the Writer could use this confusion for the intern Power Struggles in both sides.

  8. I have to say for all the talk about A/Z taking the strangest twists and turns, the 2nd cour really feels solid especially when viewing the episodes from the perspective of hindsight. I’ll admit that Emperess Asseylum’s declaration of marriage to the new Count Curoheto came somewhat as a surprise (this could easily have been done with out the actual declaration of marriage) but it ties in perfectly to the whole “political power play” in Vers as well as the massive foreshadowing done over the past 2 episodes. Most particularly with the talk between the 2 princesses and how Lermina consistently said that she felt sorry for Asseylum.

    In the end, Asseylum has to fulfill the “Royal Route” mandated to her by her grandfather in all his delusion but yet his last words seemed quite genuine despite how hatred for the loss of his child and “loss of his granddaughter” have obviously twisted things. In the end, Asseylum can’t help but follow what she has been taught till now. To be the princess and surrender yourself to what needs to be done rather than what you really want. I think last weeks episode was the refelection of her true feelings and her own desires but this episode is duty coming along. A duty that despite it contradicting her own will, she will gladly fulfill.

    1. The reason for the marriage was to undermine Slaine’s authority. Her sister did the speech which said “consider Slaine’s words as my own.” By taking someone else as her husband when she rises to Empress, she de-legitimizes that previous speech, as Klankein is now the Empress’ husband and not Slaine.

  9. I’m sure Inaho and Slaine are going to kick the bucket while Asseylum happily marries Klancain, because he won’t die for sure. Whether you’re a fan of Inaho or Slaine, you cannot disagree that Asseylum and Klancain suit each other A LOT, a lot more than Inaho or Slaine, honestly speaking (maybe because of Klancain’s maturity?)
    I wonder what’s going to happen to Mazuurek but it’s most likely he’s not gonna die.
    And also Marito. I thought they were going to focus on him more this season? I’m a bit dssappointed.
    Anyway, I tend not to notice all the ups and downs in the series, I just enjoy it as it goes. I absolutely love Aldnoah Zero and it’s the only mecha apart from Gundam 00 that I enjoy watching quite a bit.

    1. Asseylum sacrifces her Love Heart for the sake of the VERS and EARTH Populotion. She is fulfilling her Duties as Empress. No as Leader of Mars. She must play this Role, to have the Trust of their Knights or in Power. So even Earth must respect her. She is not anymore a Princess, She is the Ruler of Entire VERS Empire now. A even higher Place

      And everybody (us Watchers) know, that this is not a Marriage out of Love. it is because of Political Power

      Perhaps Asseylum helping hand here, could be her half-Sister. Lemrina could take over all Duties that come as Empress, and Asseylum can be herself. Just that She never can marriage Inaho or Slaine again… Or someone will make it possible in killing the Husband and force her to marriage again (Slaine Darkness Vibes). What would you say, when Heaven’s Fall was a Sabotage action to get Rid of the Current King?

    2. I knew Asseylum was going to take a ton of abuse for the Klancain marriage thing, but to me it’s simple: do you want a character to behave like an anime fan, or like a person in their position should behave? Because Asseylum isn’t in a position to have the luxury of believing shipping is the most important thing in the world. She’s trying to wrest power away from a despot in the middle of a war she’d like to stop. She has a very sound practical reason for doing what she did, and I actually thought it was refreshing to have her depicted as if her priorities were in order.

      1. Agreed. A common issue that tends to appear with characters in Asseylum’s position is they either a) throw away all their responsibilities in the face of dokidoking, even if it may cost lives b) they end up shoved into contrived situations of lolarrangedmarriage with no say in the matter.

        Considering her lack of agency in previous episodes this has been a HUGE step for her and one I found myself getting behind.

  10. I think Inaho and Slaine are going to kick the bucket while Asseylum happily marries Klancain. Yep that’s what my intuition is telling me as well. Although I don’t understand what point is there in wanting to have peace at this stage. Both sides have suffered LOTS(Especially on the earth’s side) of casualty. According to Saazbaum all of America had been conquered. The ones who did the deed won’t just give back the land just because they were told to and the earthlings won’t just accept peace either not unless they are presented the heads of all 37 knights(the surviving ones anyways) + the spoiled little princess who started the war as I see it. To me Asseylum is as immature as always. And Klankain is no better. Doesn’t he know how many loyal vers solders died for the cause of war? If they give back all that territory for Free now then what did they die for? The people back home and their families would want their Especially his blood now. This is why They are really immature! Though on that note they do fit each other. The best ending in my opinion would be the Vers and Earth forces feed up with the princess’s repeated fuck ups go after her together and finally find some common ground in Everyone hates spoiled little princesses!!!

  11. I think understanding would be inadequate to reconcile Earth and Mars.

    Earth may not be in a forgiving mood.

    On Vers side there would be always fanatics.

    Aldnoah tech would not solve food and water problems Vers has.

    Asseylum may have to pull a real politik by giving Earth Aldonoah rights and technology. This whole conflict started because her grandfather kept the tech for himself and wanted dominion over humanity as he doesn’t trust anybody with it.

    Like Zeon Vers would have anti-Earth holdouts post war.

    Earth will definitely ask for the heads of nobles that committed genocide.

    1. An Technology that is bounded on some Bloodline. How do you think how long it will go good? No, they must start to became Independence of this cursed Technology or not use it for Weapons. Because right now there are 2 Persons inside VERS and EARTH. that can activate (War Emperor) or Shut down (Peace Guardian) these Power Drives

      The ones that have Power of these 2 Persons, controls 2 Planets
      so perhaps it is a wise decision to put the Empress above all, so no on can exploit her Power

  12. Should have known that Inaho and Seylum were star crossed lovers right from the very start… Royalty and a commoner.

    And it doesn’t help that Seylum’s memento on Inaho was a pendant of a ‘moon’ and ‘star’. Yep! Star crossed lovers indeed.

    Though I don’t think Slaine have lost everything with Seylum’s speech. He still have Lemrina who’s devoted to him. Maybe they’ll cockblock Seylum’s broadcast telling that she is an impostor trying to disrupt the Orbital Knights from within.

    Lemrina is still a wild card here.

  13. Edelruitto’s defense of Slaine was just sickening. Here’s a tip for future writers you don’t write your antagonist to be culpable for manipulation, warmongering and mass murder and then suddenly backpedal with a “He’s not so bad” moment. Slaine has escalated a bloody war. He has validated the slaughter of civilians, including women and children. He has not even tried to negotiate a surrender against his enemies. All indications show that he has done all this by his own choice. That scene accomplishes nothing but undermine everything that’s being built up. That’s just cheap writing because Slaine’s tragedy and his loss of humanity is what makes him interesting in the first place. If you write yourself into that corner its best to go through with it all the way. To be blunt, while I do think Slaine is the most interesting character of A/Z, if he does not get what he deserves by the end, my opinion of this show will be severely diminished.

  14. Wait a minute. If you remember a little, you must know that Slaine did not have a relevant position in the gestation of the war until few weeks ago. The forces under his command are in the moon and everybody in Mars is in war for the order of the king, hate or the search of resources.

    In case of one armistice the only people beneficiated will be the Orbital knights, because, you remember, this a society where only the nobility have priviledges, that in Vers case means eat chicken as a delicacy. The problems is that in Mars they don´t have anything except Aldnoah and the only that can negociate with the resource is “the Queen”.

    What will happen with all the commoners of Mars? A massive migration with an upgrade of rights equivalent to the citizens of some countries in the world? You serously believe that Earths government will allow the relolcation of millions of Vers habitants?

    In AZ we know that exist hate, bad administration and poverty at both ends, in Mars and in the Earth. Remember that Inaho is japanese and he had a relative good life. You can´t asseverate that in other parts of the world the people had a good life, in particular if you have in account that Heavens Fall was an economical blow for a lot of countries.

    The peace of the princess was a peace for the elite, and the peace of the Queen will be an opportunity for the elite and a few entrepreneurs. Rights, land, forgiveness and reconciliation is what is needed and neither Slaine nor the Queen can grant these to his people. One little kingdom in the Earth is the bet. One armistice now is another bomb of time.

    And maybe you don´t believe this, but in a lot a cases if you change a monarchy for a democratic government, the first people that die is the royalty. The sin of Slaine is that he always played a role that he never wanted to play.

    1. They would be more inclined to listen to the strongest Count if he declares all out war. It makes me wonder what would have happened had Asseylum not interupted his broadcast, I think they would have done what he asked personally.

  15. Oh my, Asseylum has gotten quite adept at powerpolitics of Vers. All it now takes to ruin the house of cards Slayne has soe painstakingly created is second princess rebelling too…
    I can feel one cataclysmic ending possible would be Asseylum turning off ALL Aldnoah drives (if such thing is possible). Once again parable of too powerful technology leading mankind to ruin is being played off…

    1. Yes, She is capable to Shut Down Drives. Like we saw in Season 1, with Count Saazbaums castle. The only hard part is, she need to have Skin Contact with the Power source
      They needed her to bring into the Drives power room for that, remember?

      Also Lemrina has this Power, she shutdown Slaine’s Mecha and restarted the Castle after Slaine’s Duel Victory

      So all with this Bloodline are capable to Start or Shutdown the Drives. Bat late one, need Skin Contact for doing it so

      1. and for the Empress part, looked like this was an Ritual. Where the King gave his rights on free will to Asseylum, so here she did not need this

        Perhaps it is a mix of DNA Code and Willpower inside the same Bloodline. I dunno, but perhaps their Children of the Princess are capable too. As long there are still some DNA intact that recognize them as their Master….

        What will happen, if someone take the Hand of the King with Blood sample ans fake the Drive to start? Like Inaho done it? So there must be a Secret Way, that the Writer do not reveal it yet

  16. NTR, NTR everywhere.
    Dorito needs to shut her damned mouth about Slaine, he’s an ass, nothing more or less.
    OVerall…this was a really good and compelling episode. I can’t wait to see how this ends…
    Please don’t get your head stuck up your ass Aldnoah.

  17. I know this would never happen as it would perhaps be a bit too dark, but what if Slaine killed Asseylum and Count Cruhteos son and then claimed absolute authority over Vers? He all but had it prior to Asseylums declaration. The Inaho vs Slaine fight could end with Inaho being injured severely again at the hands of Slaine and Season three could start on a darker note with a despot Slaine making gains against the Earth.

    But that would drag the story out a bit too long..

    1. I shall answer that if you don’t mind lol. XD

      FIRST OF ALL, the term “good” is HIGHLY debatable and subjective especially in times of war. Unless you are a religious person and has a fixed code of morality, you cannot argue whether his actions in war are good or bad. So, I’m not gonna even touch that.

      So, let’s talk about his personality instead since that’s the reason of why I think Slaine Troyard is such an awesome character. Over the past 2 seasons, Slaine had changed so much from being a wimpy, naive little boy to a strong and manipulative Count that fears no one. His drastic development just overwhelmed me and it’s hard to believe that he was once a little boy that had no power nor respect from those around him. Once he became a Count, Slaine would do ANYTHING to achieve his ideal peace even if he has to dirty his own hands. Cause to him, the end justifies the mean. Basically, Slaine had one those “dark” side that Lelouch also had (omg i’m gonna get so much hate on this lol).

      Furthermore, Slaine is one of the many anime characters I knew that had an unshakable and undying loyalty. You may argue that he’s no loyal at all cause he betrayed the Princess and whatever. But that alone is HIGHLY debatable. There are many kinds of loyalty not just one type of loyalty. So, in my opinion, Slaine Troyard is still loyal towards the Princess and perhaps towards the Vers Empire.

      Oh, and also Slaine Troyard is soooooooooo hot~~~~ 😀

      However, please note that, this is just my PERSONAL OPINION so other Slaine’s fan might think differently.

    2. I think @Huitzi in a comment above also made some good points about Slain’s position that should be considered but XXmakeitrainXXX comment applies quite well.

      A few comments here point out how they are impressed with Asseylum’s development for her very realistic and political reason to drive her agenda.

      But honestly I think her reasons are more of a romantic idealists (religious and even maybe dogmatic if pushed heavily enough) point of view vs Slaine’s. Both have their flaws, but to those who think what Slain has done during war is unacceptable just don’t really grasp the many wars that have taken place in our own history. And the very real and very questionable moral decisions that had to be made during them that have put food on our tables, and time judge and even think about such moral subjects today. War doesn’t end with what always should be done, but what needs to be or more importantly can be done.

      This ties back to Huitzi comment. I feel many overlook the situation that Earth, Mars, and the Orbital Knights are in when judging Slaine. You have three factions that are, for most practical purposes, in a situation that can not be reconciled “realistically” by a sense of morality that a lot are judging him on without the removal of one or more of the three.

      – Mars has a very real lack of resources that cause a demand for Earth

      – Mars has a very corrupted hierarchical system which it’s people are trying to free themselves of (including orbital knights)

      – For Earth, similar to countries (and I would assume Planets) have a tendency not to just openly share resource. From personal agenda’s of governments, corporations, and just the individual saying why should I have to give something of mine for them? It takes a lot for two countries to work together and that can be without any deeply held animosity like Earth and Mars have here. Remember to Earth, the people of Mars split when they discovered and obtained a power that dwarfed that of Earth’s. Then proceeded to take the Earth by force because of resources and Mars’ people needed to be distracted from looking at their hierarchy. Also why would any government on Earth wish to supply Mars with anything to help them have more power? They already have Aldnoah and now your asking the people of earth to share their land, their food?

      – The Oribital Knights have been caught in limbo since the first war and stuck sitting in the asteroid belt and moon. They have lost comrades in the first war to Earth like Saazbaum wife. Commanded and used as tools for Mars’ agenda in the past, with no real power other than what the Emperor allows and left sitting for years looking at a planet who’s inhabitants destroy their own planet with rich resources on their own, resources that they and their planet need.

      With just those reason’s alone Asseylum’s plan becomes a bit too idealistic for the circumstance. Her plan doesn’t resolve one of the biggest issue that is a cause for the war in the first place. The freedom of her people from it’s rule. Expecting to pacify the Orbital Knights after being forced into a war, losing loved ones, and after seeing a planet they need being destroyed by the inhabitants they were sent to destroy for years. Resentment is high lets just say. Hence why factions like Saazbaum were after her.

      But now if you remove one of the three, options start opening up.

      -Remove the orbital knights and Asseylum ideals have more influence to push her people towards peace. Since the people of mars didn’t fight the first war themselves they didn’t lose people close to them, and haven’t personally been watching Earth inhabitants destroy precious resources that they need that would develop jealousy and anger towards Earth. Still a long shot though because the people of Mars are treated similar to orbital knights and they have been brainwashed by the Emperor that earth has been the cause for all their problems. Similar to how Jews were viewed in WWII. Turning that around usually takes a generation or removal of that system… which leads to the second option…

      -Remove Mars. Like in WWII removing the Ferrer/Emperor and it’s establishments open lots of room for the people of Earth and Mars to communicate and share resources. No longer would Mars have it’s overwhelming military might (similar to the Nazi lol) that would give Earth a reason to support them. But in the world of Aldnoah this isn’t really an option at the time Slaine has to take action. The distance and power of Vers are still to strong. Though it is one of his long term plans by creating another powerful society on Earth that can stand against Mars.

      -Remove Earth. If done by the Emperor would of course be the end of the war but also kept in place the hierarchy. If done by Slain however with the Orbital Knights it creates a path for a society to flourish with the defense of Aldnoah but in search of a way to become just as powerful through methods that don’t give the power to just one man or family but the people.

      Slaine’s choice, other than genocide of earth (if that’s even really what he’s planning), is one of the few choices I really would see as an option if we were considering this “realistic”. And almost only option coming from where he is at. Genocide is really the only questionable thing about his plan from what I can remember at the moment. And I really don’t think what he’s claimed in that philosophical debate that was intended for La Maria is quite true. The claim of being a warmonger to me is just again those who don’t understand war and his position. He doesn’t chose to do this just for war.

      Also remember when he made these decisions Asseylum was unconscious with the prospect that she would never wake up. His options were left to rallying the Orbital Knights, giving them a future, and trying to free humanity of Aldnoah. There was no Asseylum there and even if she was, her decisions have been horrible when it comes to creating resolutions to this problem.

      With what has been said above, Slaine “realistically” didn’t have an option to change Vers without the help of the Orbital Knights, he also couldn’t pacify the Orbital Knights from taking Earth while unifying them at the same time (not even Asseylum could do that hence why she’s in the sitituation she’s in, and again she was leaning toward never waking up when he made the decisions). He couldn’t very well work with Earth, the Orbital Knights and Inaho saw to that. So he gave the Orbital Knights what they want to create a better future for humanity in it’s entirety as a species.

      As for genocide, again I don’t really think that’s what he is planning and two for the circumstance there’s more behind it than him just wanting to kill everyone on the planet. It’s more like removing a way of life or thinking that would otherwise cause harm to future generations. Even if that way of life didn’t have outright intention of harm toward another, their practices can still equal the same. And unless taught or removed completely it will always be liability.

      What really annoys me about this whole situation though is that Inaho caused all this for no reason lol. If he hadn’t shot Slain down they could have all been working together with the princess. And there would have been more options for everyone to get what they want.

      Anyway it’s 4am and there are probably many issues with what I have just said lol, but that’s my initial take on it. I don’t think everything Slaine has done should have been done by any means but I think most of what he has done had to be done if he was going to do anything at all. And very “reasonable” for what took place in his life to cause him to take such action.

      And since this is just a “story” he was the best written character so that of course makes people have more empathy in general whether right or wrong. That’s just another fact of life, the more you know someone one the more you relate. Just like war XD

    3. How much the character fights, dreams, falls, evolves, takes part into and influence the story/lives of others. Is what makes a good/bad character for me. Those who don’t evolve in two years time aren’t ones I can relate to. End of the story.

      Slaine is foolish, nasty, hateful and he is misguided. But he is the most developed character. I look at him from ep.1 up to now and I can actually see differences! What he has and much of the story happened due to his very own actions. You may hate him for that but he actually put his beliefs into acts. And he did all the legwork by himself, dirtying his own hands instead of others’. He understands he will be held accountable for his crimes, there’s no way back, nothing’s free.

      That’s what wins it for me. The rest of the cast are people who didn’t change much (if at all) in 2 years!!!! They don’t try to change things, they sit around doing nothing with their acquired powers and authority. They are either mindless drones who go with the flow like cattle or cowards who leave the dirty work to others/subordinates!

      If any terran had the same character progression has Slaine on Earth’s side by now he would be at the head of Earth’s fighting forces (climbing up from being a nobody/orphan/prisoner to being a top military executive uniting generals and low-rank soldiers alike from every countries by going to the frontlines himself to change the tide of battle. Giving hope for the people that the war and their suffering could end. And yes he would be a tyrant and he would have done terrible things. But he would still have more merit than most (despite me not liking his beliefs/choices).

      On the other side, if any martian would have evolved like Inaho he would be a martian trainee who’s gifted who wins every battle but doesn’t care about making his entire people feel any better, only being motivated by his love interest for a terran top-representative girl and only focusing on winning whatever battle his ship crew encounters but never involving himself on the grander scheme of things when his camp would desperately need it most.

      Trully it’s sad because the only worthwhile “earthlings” are an ex-martian girl and a boy who’s closer to being an NPC with hacks than an actual human! What the hell is that?! This is a sick joke… the power struggle on Vers side is more interesting to follow because it’s where we actually have characters willing to change the game rules and take risks! Earth? Well… no need for brains, leave it all to Jesus!

      Overall this story amounts to the fight between Inaho and Slaine surrounded by a bunch of zombies on either side. Sad, but oh well! I can haz pew pew lasers, explosions and wind in space! Oh yeah!

      PS: I will give a cookie to Asseylum, because she’s leveled-up from puppy-doll to “half-brain-dead” but I’m not impressed! She really should have married a terran (Inaho) as proof of her willingness to end hostilities and start a peaceful cohabitation process. It would have immediately sorted out who’s foe and who’s ally without any doubts for the grand finale. Because unless she had a change of heart, she’s now a lying princess, engaging in a political wedding, pretending to be on martians’ side when she’s really already sided with the terrans! (way to have double standards on treason for her supporters)

  18. The stage is set. Potential Civil War, who will the Orbital Knights take side on? Their own lust for conquest, following their war leader, or the upstart Empress?

    Will Lemrina impersonate her sister anymore? Probably not, but there’s a chance.

    Power could swing in any direction. This is an awesome penultimate episode!

  19. What was the lie that Inaho’s eye told Asseylum to let her escape? About Inaho considering her as a part of himself?
    And we still don’t know what kind of favor Asseylum asked his eye for.

    1. I think that scene existed to show that the eye had judgemental abilities of its own. The eye was making inferences from Inaho’s behaviour and made the decision to tell the princess to leave. I think the major note to take home from this is that the eye is a separate entity and that Inaho and the eye don’t have a master-servant relationship, but a co-existing partnership. The scene where the doctor said part of Inaho’s brain was taken over serves to emphasize the eye’s autonomy.

    1. Vers have landing castles in orbit, and could retreat to their landing castles and climb into orbit before impacting. Such a suggestion would only hurt the earth more. Vers also want the resources so doing that would be a bit stupid.

      I would also assume that those landing castles are more than capable of making the journey from Earth to Mars if they’re forced too.

      1. It’s Char, that’s what he does.

        On another note, if Char was to be introduced, it’ll break the series. I can only imagine him one-manning all those slow reacting Kataphracts and ending the war by himself in 5 minutes.

      2. Pretty much, no one besides Inaho on the Earth(And arguably Vers(Besides Slaine..) too) seems capable in battle anyway. The Counts, with their superior tech do kill a lot of people, but when they’re up against Inaho and that cool music that has been repeated dozens of times now for battles, they fold quite fast lol.

  20. When asseylum announced her marriage she only said it was to Count Cruhteo. That’s not a name but a title. It’s like how Klancain was refered to by that title after his father died. My wild theory is that Asseylum gave that title to Inaho and that is how they intend to pull put the surprise happy ending. They kind of put a bit of focus on the title/name thing in the last few episodes so I figure it has to be for some reason.

      1. and it is Political, because Count Klancain Cruhteo is from the VERS/Mars Faction. Not the Orbital Knights

        So he is an Outsider around Earth from Motherland MARS. And the Empress take him as Husband to take the Crown of MARS and “official” the Power over the Orbital Knights. But not all will follow her lead, Slaine’s Ally and Moonbase rebelled against the old MARS and surly will do it again. But the remaining other Knights on Earth Orbit on already on Eart Surface, can hold their Attacks, and follow her lead

        But i bet, the EDF will do something Stupid, and attack the Loyal Knights of the Empress, forcing them to defend themselves

        So, it is not that Easy. Just say “Stop the Attacks! because i Empress Asseylum command ye!”. Will not do the wonder. Perhaps even the EDF want to an Full Attack on this Castle where she is right now. To end this all… But i want to see their Face, if they found out that Slaine’s Drives are still functional because of Lemrina or the opposite with Asseylum. Empress Asseylum is the Stronger Power now, She can call the Count’s station on Mars for help or backup. Sure they will need time. But she hold this Power. i just pray, that EDF Intelligence is not so Stupid to send and Assassination team again

  21. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2023%20-%2004.jpg “Hime, I’m trying to give a speech here.”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2023%20-%2005.jpg “Yo Slaine, I’m happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Klancain was the greatest fuck of all time! The greatest fuck of all time!”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2023%20-%20Large%2006.jpg “NTR only works when there’s one other guy, threesomes or gangbangs makes it boring and doesn’t get the audience involved emotionally. You’re doing it wrong Hime.”

  22. How many times Slaine visited Mars after joined Saazbaum?
    How many time Slaine sought to hear the views of people living in low clases mars?
    Slaine because after the death of Saazbaum, not divided some of their their riches to people of lower class mars?
    Because Slaine does not send supplies to the lower class Martians?
    Slaine know nothing of the lower classes Martians, Because he did not live with them, he did not visit them, he did not talk to them.
    What he knows is what he learned from Saazbaum, more Saazbaum has always been loyal and supported the emperor, so he changed following the death of his wife, started acting out of revenge.
    Usually happens when you put a character that focuses on a romantic drama shoujo, in a anime mecha/action.
    in 9 hours anime Tharsis was piloted by Slaine 12 minutes.
    Never involved in battle, he spends his time reading, book of birds and flowers, do not care about tactics and strategies, planning, strategies studies, new plans. No technical scene about his plans for revolution and battles, como estrategias, taticas, planejamento, analize da situação, was shown in the anime.
    Slaine is the character that has less features within the action / mecha genre, your character has nothing to do with the genre.
    It would be a good character to manga shoujo, fairytale and stuff.
    Sim Char, for example, made a lot of shit, and was often a villain, the more your character is not tied to only that, he starred in several epic battles, and spent much time on the battlefield, he participates. directly from the action and battles.
    He never was limited to being confined in a castle, and have little direct involvement in the war and in battle.

      1. You got a valid point here, kabayongtao. However, we are just audiences. If this ‘Slaine Saazbum’ is what this show delivered to us, then that’s all the ‘substance’ Slaine got, and it’s fair to judge him base on what he’s done rather than what he might be.

  23. Instead of talking about Slaine as planned, there are some big points about this episode that I would like to talk about:

    1. ASSEYLUM IS STILL THE KEY: I just couldn’t imagine this show without her. Now, with HIME-SAMA back in play, things are definitely shaken up. Her ‘marriage’ with Cruteo Junior looks kind of strange at the moment but so far, I don’t see anything serious enough to warrant a criticism…yet. What’s sure is now the powerplay is totally different as ASSEYLUM IS NOT A HIME-SAMA ANYMORE! She’s an emperess now. Will power change her, too?

    2. AT LAST, SOMEONE TOLD INAHO TO STAND DOWN AND LET OTHERS TAKE CARE OF THE REST: and that person is none other than Inko, with Calm adding a few lines that perfectly protraited the bond between the trio. NICE! That’s what I have always wanted this season to do.

    3. ONEE-SAMA ACTS MORE NORMALLY, FINALLY: I still remember a few episodes ago, when ONEE-SAMA was trying to persuade TERMINATOR INAHO to stop being a terminator, those camera angles and ONEE-SAMA’s body languages were just too…’suggestive’. Her performance in this episode looks more like an elder sister who is worrying about her younger brother. Just one thing: HEY, TERMINATOR INAHO, WHY DID YOU BLUSH WHEN YOUR ELDER SISTER EMBRACES YOU? YOU DON’T EVEN BLUSH WHEN YOU TALK WITH ASSEYLUM. SO, WHAT ARE YOU BLUSHING FOR?
    Looks like this anime’s production team just can’t stop being naughty.

    and that’s touched upon the ‘Slaine issue’ of this anime. What’s happened between slaine and the Maid? What’s exactly happened in those 11 monthes between the two seasons? What’s exactly prompted ELDERITTO’s change in attitudes? I DEMAND ANSWERS!
    Without answers, that scene looks more like a sorry excuse in attempts of arguing that Slaine Villain is ‘not a bad guy, but actually a good guy’, BUI ULTIMATELY IT JUST MAKE SLAINE LOOKS EVEN WORSE.

    5. FOR A VILLAIN, SLAINE HAS DONE PRETTY GOOD, PRETTY BAD AND BECOME PRETTY FUCKED NOW: the good part is NONE OTHER THAN HOW DID SLAINE MADE A FACE PALM AND QUIETLY ORDERED HIS TROOPS TO TAKE BACK ASSEYLUM BY FORCE; for how much he’s fucked, just take one look at the situation he’s in, anyone can tell SLAINE’S SITUATION IS DIRE, THUS, FUBAR; and for the bad part, I JUST DON’T THINK IT’S WISE FOR SLAINE TO ORDER AN ALL-OUT ATTACK ON ALL FRONTS WHEN HE IS HAVING TROUBLES ON HIS HOMEFRONT. Looks like this anime has just made the mistake I pointed out earlier–they really think the always disorganized O.K. can suddenly work together in perfect coordination simply because of this ‘SLAINE COMMAND’. If we put this aside issue and only consider it as Slaine’s action, I could say Slaine has lost his cool when Asseylum decided to leave him. For a dictator or a villain, that’s a bad move.

    6. MY GOD, THEY DIDN’T FORGET MAZUREK: just in case someone didn’t notice about this.

    That’s what I felt for this episode, and I am not sure how will this story ends anymore

    1. Well, at some point the Studio do not wanted Asseylum taken back to Mars, and remembers of Mazurek and use his Castle now. They us his Device to visit the old Emperor, they use his Castle to overwrite Slaine’s Videofeet and such.

      But then, Empress Asseylum is not out of Danger. With the decision not to bring her into Save heaven, they surly think about something to let her Stay around Earth. In Rage of Slaine and EDF forces.. I just do hope anyone of them want to Raid this Castle or Destroy it, with the Empress inside…

    2. To WorldwideDepp and Lyfe:
      Both of your arguments sounds great to me. However, just like I said, I am not sure how will this story ends anymore. Look, if they can throw out a character like Cruteo Junior so suddenly, I just couldn’t tell how many more characters with unknow authorities could pop up from here and there. Not to mention the story never tell us how many O.K. are still alive and what the current big picture of the war exactly is.

      So, Asseylum could, of course, stay around Earth, but she could also ‘suddenly’ head back to Mars for whatever reason; UEF, Slaine and other O.K. may or may not raid the Mazurek Castle, but personally I wish this story will not kill Asseylum, at least not casualy. Like I said before, a story that keeps killing its own characters is usually not using them properly.

      As for Asseylum’s position on Mars, somehow, I felt that she might be able to gather more loyalist forces if she go back there and claim her throne immediately. After all, there is not much she can do on the Earth’s Orbit.

  24. Because after the death of Saazbaum, Slaine did not seek to go to mars visit the lower-class people, hear their views, It could also divide the goods he inherited from Saazbaum, among the lower classes of mars, he has Asseylum (Lemrina disguised) which has the right to transmit the aldnoah power to others.
    Because Slaine, does not distribute the aldnoah factor for the lower classes of mars, since the aldnoah factor is what differentiates people on Mars.
    So he would win the support of the people, that would have strengths and motivation to rebel against royalty.
    Counts that has the thinking of Mazuurek, could sympathize and adhere their cause as well.

  25. EP 24 (Final):

    Only peek inside when you watched Ep 24

    my final Thoughts…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Please refrain from these comments until the episode post is out.

      If you must discuss the episode prior to the post coming out, all comments and reply to these comments, should be put in spoilers regardless of the content.



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