「常蛾の眠り」 (Tsune ga no Nemuri)
“Sleep of the Eternal Moth”

Was this anime original?

How Convenient

One of my biggest pet peeves is convenient storytelling, and this episode was rife with it. Just when they start talking about contacting the moon, something threatens to destroy their best chance; the newbies are in the raid group because they “didn’t fall asleep”—and this is despite them being far under-leveled for the encounters—even though we all know the reason is so they would be there to help snap Shiroe out of his funk; even the fact that Shiroe was so rattled was convenient, because it opened up a chance for the others to exposit on Touno-sensei’s chosen themes, when in reality, Shiroe has enough experience to operate at 90+% no matter what.

All of this smacks of lazy writing, of shoehorning events so they go where the author wants them to go rather than where they naturally would. I get it, I really do; it’s hard to tell a long story like Log Horizon without stumbling a few times, and I fully expect for someone to eventually levy this same criticism against me on my own series. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to call it out, though. This episode was weak, enough that it felt anime original (Note: I don’t think it was), which is a shame when the overall story feels like it’s so far from over.

Don’t Waste My Time

The epiphany Shiroe has at the end of this episode is that, rather than choose between the world and their chance of going home, they should choose both. I don’t know about you, but here was my reaction:

“Uh, no shit?”

Taking the third option (trope!) is one of the most well-known tropes, so spending a full episode to make Shiroe realize that they should try to save both felt like a waste of our time. I know they were trying to raise the tension, and I actually thought Shiroe being rattled was done fairly well, but I can’t help but think that the story of this episode didn’t need to be told. Or rather, it was far inferior to the story that could have been told. Why give us a mediocre story that’s largely thanks to Shiroe holding the idiot ball (trope!) when they could have done so much more? One of the cardinal rules of storytelling is to never waste your readers’ time, and I feel like that rule was violated today.

Henietta Best Girl

Most of my criticisms of this episode are for storytelling reasons that might not annoy others. There were good things, though. One of my favorites was finally getting to see Henrietta in combat mode. I had heard she used a bow, but getting to see her finally mix it up was cool!

As for her slapping Shiroe, it honestly felt off. Yes, he needed to be snapped out of it, but a good ‘ol “Get your head out of your ass and focus!” would have been fine. The slap seemed out of proportion for his sin. What it did make clear is that, for all the strides Akatsuki has made in better understanding and becoming an equal with Shiroe, it’s still Henrietta who understands him the best. I don’t know who to ship any more, ahhhh!

Looking Ahead – The Moth Boss

It looks like this son of a gun is the boss of this new dungeon, and killing him might just despawn all of the moths. Which would be super convenient again but heeeeeey. What’s one more? Either way, next episode will be the last one of the second season, and considering how they’re already adapting material that hasn’t been officially published yet, I’d settle in for a long wait until a potential season three.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Convenient storytelling & weak drama, but Henrietta is finally in combat mode. Those kind of even out #loghora s2e24

Random thoughts:

  • “Einz-san. I’ll believe that you’re a member of the Round Table, too.” That was a very odd comment by Shiroe. I feel it should have had more backing it up. It does have some, but it felt like it came out of nowhere, and even Einz was confused.
  • I’m okay with Kurinon going after Minori.
  • People used to suspect Regan so much, but look at him now! He’s one of the team.

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    1. Yeah, it feel like Off…

      Because he got the “Pantsu” word out of his mouth without insider Joke of the Ninja-girl

      That one of many Details, that let feel this Episode strange for me… something out of the Box. they forgotten or trow some of their own build Rules, as if another Studio done the work
      Or they need to remake the Episode in a Hurry, and oversaw this things

    1. Perhaps with not enough material for Season 3, i think we will see more OVA’s in the Future. it is more plausible or we have to wait 1-2 Years for 3rd Season to let the Manga catch up for material

      1. “not enough material for Season 3” is nice method to say “they cached up to even web novel chapters so don’t expect new season for 2 or 3 years”. Actually, they are ahead of web novel.. Mamare probably is not releasing new chapters for some time because he is waiting for anime ending – I think they earlier adapted some part of web novel chapter that was released month later(?) so we most probably will not get a anime only ending.

      2. Personally I think if Season 3 happens it’ll be Fall 2016 at the latest. I think a 13 episode third season is possible for the Spring 2016 anime season. All depends on what the studio decides naturally. I don’t believe for a second we’ll be waiting until 2017 for something.

  1. Convenient storytelling

    It may be convenient, but please have some more faith in Touno-sensei. Shiroe said it himself in the episode (around 12:15), while the party was approaching the dungeon:

    This is just so strange.
    This happens right when we start thinking about communicating with the moon ?

    So this whole situation is probably part of a bigger picture, afterall, as it seems convenient to the characters too.
    I agree anyway that some other things may have done better (e.g. all of the main characters don’t fall asleep), but it was not that bad (also, the animation is up a notch, finally).
    See you in the next episodes 🙂

    1. Yes, he may be planning to justify that one. In fact, I expect he will. But the other stuff I pointed out? Having Lv 60’s in the raid group when they had other fully geared, more experienced Lv 90’s available? That was flagrantly so they could tie together the lessons of the previous arc. That was still forced, and I don’t see how he’ll be able to justify that one.

      1. I’m not touno but for low level joining the raid it’s probably because
        1. Like Shiroe explain they are pretty much “immune” on the ability of that moth
        2. Using a full high level group on a raid will leave an opening on their defenses on Akiba(They still need to protect a lot of people like NPC and other low level player)

        3. They are part of LH guild (aside from that serara!! >.>) and have experience doing a raid twice(?)

      2. #1 is convenient & arbitrary, #2 is almost certainly untrue (there are thousands of adventurers in Akiba, and plenty will be 90+), and #3 doesn’t work because there are plenty of adventurers with far MORE raid experience than the … well, zero that the newbies have been on. I don’t think they’ve ever done a full raid before this.

  2. I’ve been confused with all the LH episodes lately, but they still how to make a MMO raid scene look good and that makes up for it. It’s obvious that they won’t be able to finish all the stories completely, since next week is the season finale. Will they be making more LH seasons?

    1. well, i havent read the LN but seeing how the previous episodes goes, they are yet to resolve that “MINAMI ARC” and serve some common sense to that plant blah blah guild which i dont know if it was done already in the LNs… so more likely, there’s more LH season incoming.

      The Last Idiot
      1. Because I personally don’t mind they do, unlike some series where it drags on unnecessarily, LH actually has arcs to fill. And yeah they have been simultaenously doing many arcs which is hard to keep track upon, and we still have the main plot of how they got here and whether can they go home.

        It’s a wonder if viewers don’t end up like Shiroe in this episode hue.

    2. I think they will, and this reason may sound a bit stupid, but why would NHK Educational TV order 50 episodes over two seasons and end it now? I think they’ll keep DEEN too.

  3. Bright Noa approves that slap and I think this is not anime original.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Blahto Blahtoto
  4. [i]“Einz-san. I’ll believe that you’re a member of the Round Table, too.” That was a very odd comment by Shiroe. I feel it should have had more backing it up. It does have some, but it felt like it came out of nowhere, and even Einz was confused.[/i]

    — i believe this is more likely can be answered/related with a scene from an earlier episode cant recall what but its a scene where, einz is talking with his seemingly dissatisfied higher ranking members discussing the DDD’s lost of leader and its current downfall, their growth in number (probably former DDDs joining their guild), about the round table, balance of power and blah blah blah… <<<< get the drift?

    The Last Idiot
    1. Rising Sun?

      Sounds like a Wizard Spell for me, and Shiroe is only an Enchanter (crowed control and Support)
      So they must have an Wizard with them. And Rudy is to low for this kind of spell or?

  5. Lazy writing, you say. Well, maybe but it’s so weird. It looks like scriptwriting went berserk sometime after the Gold of the Kunie arc. And as a mater of fact that’s the last well organized material they had ready for animation. So, more than the lazy script writing I’d still I blame the haste decision to go for the second serie when there wasn’t enough material. And given how this is ending, I doubt they can recover easily from this mess. Maybe it will be over with this and bye.

  6. “Was this anime original?”

    I don’t think it’s an anime original considering the title for next episode
    But it’s really hard to say since volume 10 is not even out yet

  7. The slap did feel a little off, but if Krusty were there, he probably would have just punched him. And yelled at him for endangering his guild members. My problem with the slap was it didn’t accomplish anything besides a little shock on Shiro’s part. He’d already known he’d messed up. We know this because Henrietta slapped him after he apologized for his behavior, and the encouragement he got from his teammates helped him way more than the slap to the face did.

    It does make me laugh a little, though, because this is the second series I’ve seen where the guy gets slapped and just looks kind of confused for a few seconds. It’s so cool and not “OW! WHY DID YOU HIT ME?!” that would happen in real life.

  8. I was right last two episodes, they were giving Shiro the idiot ball and that they were using Shiro’s actual young age to try to excuse it. Just because they made is believable to me with the comments that it seams like someone is pulling the strings on the other side it still does seam off.

    I greatly enjoyed the episode but my suspension of disbelief has grown strong dealing with the major military errors most stories make me live with as former Infantry Officer and amateur military historian. In short the most major one is from WW I forward the big guns fired indirectly do 75% plus of the killing but vary rarely this is actually used in the story. And I could go on and on, in example any robot show where they don’t have energy shields the robots would be torn apart by the infantries light anti tank weapons or proper tank tactics let alone the Artilleries advanced conventional munitions, aka cluster bombs.

    There is sort of enough material out there especially with all the cannon fan fiction to do all the side arcs for at least a single cour. I would like that but for those who like their major world building stories more concise that could be a problem in that they don’t move the main plot forward.

    Well the show is on children oriented channel so major involvement of the kids when they are not quite ready is to be expected. I am sure Log Horizon is made because of the younger part of the cast. Even if the teens being in the group is canon from the novels I would find it hard to not assume the author of pandering a bit to his younger fans here. Of course here the kids might be here as who ever created this attack and raid in the first place is manipulating the players actions and who can be in the raid. Sort of feels cheap but could be recovered with the explanation I strongly got the idea that things feeling cheap is deliberate part of this situation.

    Henietta is using a fancy Compound Bow that I’m sure did not exist when this was just a game. I love it.

    1. You realize the majority of the cast is in their 20’s. The “kids” are mostly teenagers but Shiroe is a 23 post grad engineering student, Naotsuga is 25, and Akatsuki is 20. By anime standards they’re pretty ancient for leads.

      1. Yes I watch tons of anime. And by anime standard Shiro is ancient but I’ll let the author actually remember the age. Other types of fiction sometimes forgets how impressive and adult teens can be. After all for 99% of history teens were young adults not children. We extended childhood once we could so modern teens not a mature as the past unless the situation makes them. (not to mention biology they juvenile adults)
        But as you age you do gain experience so way older folks like me 52 gain in wisdom if we try to. In short anime characters are portrayed both way older and sometimes younger than they should be.

  9. For the record, it’s been established (might not have happened in the anime though) that Shiroe can only shine when he has enough information to know what’s going on. It’s supposedly Krusty who can deal with unknown situations.
    It doesn’t make all things right, but somewhat justifies his strategy being all over the place at least.

    Henrietta’s slap reeks of cut dialogue to me.

    And if anyone was wondering, the Flip Gate spell Shiroe used teleports everyone to the entrance of a dungeon/raid zone. Or as was the case this time, to the resurrection spot.

  10. Shiroe’s comment to Eins plays into the speculation about where Eins allegiances lie.

    +1 for Henrietta actually wearing her Adventurer gear and letting her hair down.

    The character art and animation were better than normal this episode, particularly animation wise when the plants came out of the ground.

  11. I really hope that by the end of this series as a whole, the characters have a two way line of returning and leaving the world. They all acknowledge how special it is. I can’t imagine any of them wanting to give up on seeing the People of the land and what becomes of the world forever.

  12. Well, just seen the finale and we didn’t get a season three announcement at the end, we did get a ‘the end’ but that could just mean that DEEN are done with it, or its just there way of saying that’s the end of the season perhaps.

    Its set up well for a third season anyways.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      The Final Episode made up for the weak pre episode 24. You should watch it. It’s the Log Horizon we love and knew

      1. @Lyfe

        Then i hope for the Future, that the Manga-ka and the Anime Director do not forget in how to cook their Anime soup. The mixture was perfect in my eyes, right salt, right flavor and enough meat. in short the Perfect Ramen

        If i have to use Food as Mind Pictures

      2. I guess we’ll just have to see what he does next. I mean, Log Horizon does sell fairly well in book format in Japan, and most authors usually announce upfront that they’re ending something popular. You know, If this is the end, I would like one final season, perhaps 25 episodes(Or less..) for the author to wrap everything up.

        At this point though I genuinely don’t know, I’m guessing here lol.

      1. Here inside the Spoiler i hide some inspiration for our Manga-ka and Director

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I’m a bit confused by those comments but regardless, we have a long wait on our hands now which sucks. The cast of characters are so likable, why can’t they just continue it next week LOL.


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