「今度こそ」 (Kondo Koso)
“This Time, For Sure”

Wouldn’t it be funny if next week’s episode didn’t end this arc?

Sports Aesthetics

As much as I want to go on and on about how long this arc seems, I have to admit that this week’s episode did a great job at highlighting some of the other huge elements that can affect any competitive game. Specifically, the power of the crowd and its effects on the players. Sure we may forget that they’re even there for a player-centric show like Kurobasu but they did a great job at emphasizing just how difficult it is to play when the crowd is rooting against you. Toss in the added stress of trying to make sure every move is perfect against a beast like Kise and I started to truly feel the pressure that Seirin was facing.

Don’t Give Up Seirin!

As disappointing as it was to see Seirin lose the lead that they painstakingly built up in Kise’s absence, watching them finally rally together while getting their heads in the game felt like a gush of fresh air. Sure, it might have taken a rather rash move and a pretty corny line from Kagami to knock some sense into everyone but something about those few minutes just felt perfect. “This is our drama!”

Betting It All

I don’t know about you but I was elated to see Kuroko thrust back into the spotlight as the only person with some sort of solution to the Kise-problem. Going off of his abilities to analyze and understand how people work on the highest and lowest levels, I can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to do once he manages to get a handle on how Kise works. Be it through prediction or inducing Kise to do something, I’m totally ready to cheer my heart out for Seirin’s shadow.

Looking Ahead

See you next week!

P.S. Sorry for the late post guys! I was really busy last weekend in California and just managed to watch the episode today after work. ><




  1. Have you guys noticed how Kuroko always plays the last card in defeating the Generations of Miracles despite Kagami pushing them to their limits?
    Aomine – defeated with Kuroko’s pass at the end, without it, Kagami wouldn’t have been able to deal the final blow
    Murasakibara – knocked the last ball
    Midorima – knocked the last ball in the first round
    Kise – ???
    Akashi – ???

    So hyped !!

    1. Well, this is called Kuroko no Basket after all, so it’s not surprising. =)

      One of the things I find unique about this anime is how a ”shadow” and a support takes the center stage. That’s rare in the world of shounen, or anime in general, where most heroes desire to be in the spotlight. Kagami represents the typical MC, while Kuroko is a subversion of it.

  2. I know, right?

    I say Kuroko is Seirin’s savior in winning the match at the very last second.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    But, I must admit this is the episode I’m least fond of. Maybe because I wanna see Teiko & Finals Match Arc to begin that I want the coming episode to end this Kaijou vs Seirin match.

    What’s more unsatisfying is that I expect the title “It’s According To PLan” in the next one, but it’s “He’s An Amazing Player” instead.

    A really common title you might find in another anime’s episode title, but I’ve got no complaints since KnB is saving the best for last. 😉

    1. This 24 minute episode covered about 3 minutes of the game but that’s Kuroko no Basket for you. Over-dramatizing events and game plays is one of the many things I love about this series. Some gifs from this episode:

      Kuroko’s pass

      Kise vs Kagami

      Slaine the Best Shooter (Captain of the Kuroko hype train)
  3. Has anyone considered that the Studio that’s running Kuroko might be thinking about a 4th Season that could potentially just be the Rakuzan game?
    I’m an anime-only fan, so I’m not sure how that would pan out, or if it even has enough material to do that, but I don’t like the idea of cramming two more arcs into this series, so I’m kind of hoping that there is a next season just on that game. Akashi feels underdeveloped, and the Seirin team still has a lot of potential for a lot of coolness, not to mention the fact that a 4th season would probably still continue to rake in disc sales.

    Either way – go Seirin!

    1. I doubt there will be a Season 4. The studio is faithful to the manga and they are not dragging it. Assuming that Kaijo match ends next week, the flashback/Teiko arc is not long enough for the remaining 14 episodes left.

      To the people complaining about the pacing, 275 chapters will be adapted in 76 episodes (by the end of S3), thats more than 3.5 chapters per episode. That’s a pretty fast pacing for one of the bestselling manga in the past years. Be thankful it’s not One Piece pacing with 1 chapter a week. There was even that one episode where they animated half a chapter.

  4. “Heel? Whatever, I don’t care. The only time we could be fated to lose are in fictional stories. This is our drama! We decide what the plot will be!”
    “Kagami…That line…is so corny!”

    I LOL’d at them making fun of Kagami when he was so serious. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

    What a fickle crowd. No loyalty whatsoever. It was frustrating seeing them being booed by the audience. (ò_ó)

    So happy to see Kuroko take the spotlight. 八(^□^*)

  5. I am always excited about Kuroko’s plays even if they weren’t about getting points. Next week’s episode is going to be awesome. Stay tuned! GOOOOO KUROKO!!!!!

    1. It’s boring if Kagami has to rely on the zone each time. He should learn to develop his skills without the use of zone, just like Aomine. Although, zone matches are still the best to watch.

      Aomine the Ace
    1. He has the other GoM skills at his disposal so it wasn’t necessary for him to copy Kuroko’s abilities. I mentioned a few weeks back that Kuroko developed his abilities to overcome some of the weaknesses he had since the start of the series. It’s odd why Kise needs to copy the ability to shoot when he can score fine already. And it was getting tiresome.

    1. Since Kuroko used to be in the same team as the GoM, he has a better knowledge of their abilities compared to other people and has a better shot at coming up with countermeasures against them.

    1. It’s when Kagami said “We’ll decide the plot”, that made Kuroko realise that as well as predicting the abilities that Kise will use, they can also manipulate him into executing certain plays.

  6. What Akashi said about Kuroko and his misdirection is important to keep in mind:

    “To use misdirection, you need skill, but you also must be able to read their gestures and habits. Thus, Tetsuya has some chance, as he routinely trains by observing people in everyday life.”

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke%203%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    On one hand, I don’t want the climax to be dragged on too long because the epic conclusion awaits. And on the other hand, I don’t want it to end just yet because I know I won’t be seeing Kise anytime too soon after he had so much screen time this season. Argh my goodness.
    I believe in Kuroko’s ability to be the ace for the team and bring victory too. But I would be ok with a tied game if it does happen.

    random viewer

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