「しみしみ、むぎゅっ。」 (Shimishimi, Mugyu.)
“Soaked Up, Squeeze.”

Most of my impressions will be saved for the Final Impressions down below but here’s what I thought about buri daikon. For one, I’ve never actually had it before – I looked up a recipe shortly after and it reminds me of the same ingredients that I’d make oden with (which I did make one day!). Similar soup base but different flavor because you only put yellowtail (buri) and raddish (daikon) in the broth. Like I said, I’ve never made my own or had it at a restaurant before but it definitely sounds like a warm, home-y dish like oden and ramen. I’m not surprised that it ends up being the same dish that we opened up with during the premiere. We’ve come full circle with Ryou and I’m proud of her and how far she’s come. She’s grown up a lot since her grandmother passed and I imagine that there’s a lot of resemblance between the two.

Speaking of Ryou’s grandmother, I love how the episode brought her back with different photo angles. Ryou’s memories of her were very touching and yet, the scene with the apron was the most heartfelt. From my POV, it seems like Ryou’s grandmother was really the one who raised her and it’s no wonder why Ryou holds her grandmother so highly in her mind. I think her grandmother would be proud to see how Ryou has turned out and I think the ending demonstrates that very well. It also sends the message that all Ryou was missing was some great company. After taking Kirin in, she learned to enjoy, not only her own food but all other meals around her as long as she was surrounded by family and friends. That’s a great lesson to take away from this little slice-of-life and it makes me realize how important it is to take the time to dine with my own family and friends.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Loved all the flashback scenes & the reminder of Ryou’s grandmother. The apron was a nice touch too ~ #koufukug

Final Impressions

I was extremely pumped for Koufuku Graffiti when I had the opportunity to pick it up because not only is it about food, but well, I love watching others eat as well. It’s just one of those small joys in life when you realize that someone likes your cooking or loves what they’re eating. This is what Koufuku Graffiti is all about and of course, being surrounded by your friends and family helps enhance your experience. I did not go into this show expecting so many slice-of-life aspects to it, but in the end, I’m glad that I was proven wrong because there is a line of plot that takes you through a year in Ryou’s shoes. Be aware that this isn’t an anime that is going to teach you how to cook. It’s just going to make you hungry, crave foods you probably never tried before and of course, it has a very feel-good atmosphere.

Koufuku Graffiti is not the perfect show by any means, but I think it has the components of a decent slice-of-life. There’s development between all the characters (even secondary ones) and everything plays out rather slow but realistically. There’s a food item that’s the center of attention every episode, but the focus is not always on what they’re eating but rather the premise behind it. What does this dish mean to Ryou or Kirin? I think Ryou is the most calm and mature cute anime girl I’ve seen in a long while and I loved seeing episodes about her and how she grew up. She’s the sort of person you hope good things happen to because she deserves it. Altogether, I thought Koufuku Graffiti was enjoyable for what it tried to do. It’s has a sweet story with some light comedy and some heavy food orgasmic shots. I would highly recommend it to anyone who calls themselves a “foodie” or anyone who just wants to develop an appetite late at night.

End Card


      1. noooo! dont tell me that!…..i haven’t seen trailers or anything, but I’m kinda hyping myself up for that show, after i recently discovered what it was actually about….COOKING!!

        Maybe the food just looked more tasty on this show because it had that “Moe Shine”?
        ….you know, the same effect that Denki-gai no Honya-san used to make a smelly girl like sensei still seem cute hahaha!

        BROOKLYN otaku
  1. Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did.
    The food obviously looked great, but what really surprised me was how well the characters were handled. Even the secondary characters were given just enough time to make me care about them without taking anything away from the main characters. And the main characters, Ryou and Kirin, were constantly developing, making their story highly enjoyable to watch. Even if Kirin’s development started a bit late, making her somewhat annoying at the start (and that just might have made her development that much more satisfying, actually).

    This show also was a nice introductiong to typical everyday food in Japan; ranging from traditional homecooking to convinience store lunches and pizza delivery, it showed basically everything but eating at restaurants. Anyone who thinks Japanese food is just sushi should watch this.

    It’s just going to make you hungry, crave foods you probably never tried before and of course, it has a very feel-good atmosphere

    Just wanted to add one thing to this list: it also motivates you to cook yourself. If you enjoy cooking, at least.
    For example, as I said in the last episode’s comments, the pizza episode inspired me to make my own pizza. Or how someone of the other commenters tried making omurice after that one episode, etc.

  2. I’m guessing I am not alone when I made the assumption that Kirin and Ryou had agreed to move in together when Kirin mentioned it to Shiina that she was going to do so. It only clicked when they were at the breakfast table that Ryou had no idea about the arrangement. Leave it to our reliable duo of Kirin and Akira! Ryou’s reaction of “even Shiina knew…” was priceless as it was so out of character. One would’ve thought that she would’ve been jumping with joy initially too!

    Shiina and Tsuyoko’s pun of Ebi-day Katsu (win everyday) was so bad it is amazing.

    So my initial suspicions were right that Yuki was in fact a teacher at the high-school that Ryou and Kirin got accepted into. I can’t remember where I read previously that said she was a student herself.

    I think one of the best themes in the series was also how much Kirin has grown. She is no-longer a freeloader and is someone that Ryou not only cares about, but has learnt to depend on.

    Hope for season 2!

  3. I have to admit that when I started this show I didn’t expect the show to be too much of a slice of life… well sure there were parts of the whole show that kinda dragged for me but still I found the show to be good overall. I wish the pizza here were as cheesy as the pizza in this show x_X


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