OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「自力本願レボリューション」 (Jiriki Hongan Revolution) by 3年E組うた担 (3-nen E-gumi Utatan)

「球技大会の時間」 (Kyuugi Taikai no Jikan)
“Ball Game Tournament Time”

After the brutal and rage baiting affair of midterm exams, I was fully bracing myself in for a whole lot of hurt during the beginning of the episode. Being rage baited isn’t very pleasant, especially when the odds are so stacked against them that they don’t have a chance. Thankfully, those smug smiles that oppose them lost today, marking a fitting turning point for the second cour to begin on. All hail baseball!

Though the tactics of today’s match could hardly be called a baseball game, the event is representative of the broader picture. In an oppressive regime, Class 3-E must do everything within a framework to succeed, stacked against the odds. Though dirty, their actions merely represented a proper response to what was already a sham, a self-defense in a shaming environment. We want Class 3-E to stand up for themselves, but most of all we want them to succeed and validate themselves. For all the reasons that many of the main characters have for seeing others succeed, we share the same sentiment: the underdog gets the cheers, especially when they’ve put so much effort into trying. So, if your school is being an asshole, pitting normal students against baseball students, the students have every right to respond with bunts, blocks, and smack talk. Seriously, screw that.

Not everything was all about revenge and reciprocation though, as a glimmer of hope for some mutual respect comes forward towards the end of today’s episode. The baseball captain, thoroughly defeated, meets Sugino with respect if not recognizing him as an equal. The lack of resentment or clinging to one’s status was very refreshing to see when compared to the rest of Kunugigaoka’s heartless elitist (and ugly) asshats. Perhaps then, there is hope to see other students at the main campus sympathetic towards 3-E, who will openly rebel against the manipulative and exploitative tactics of their principal. Class 3-E has had its share of failures already–it’s time for the second cour to pave the way to more deserved victories and allies for the assassination classroom.

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  1. Really looked forward to the baseball match as it was full of wits and humour, but my only gripe is I wish the production team would work on the soundtrack, because it tends to ruin the mood. That aside, I give full marks to Karma-kun. He’s definitely a fun dare-devil. Can’t wait for next week’s episode as it’s one of my favourite arcs.

  2. Yes, i like this new Kaze in this Anime, and the New OP. But it would be better to let them Jump to the Music Beat. But o well, i am happy

    Yes, i love Koros sensei Adventures with his E-Class. At last Koro-sensei has manners


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