“Black Demons Contract”

「黒鬼とのケイヤク」 (Kuro-oni tono Keiyaku)

Guren & The Figureheads:

We spent less time in school this week, which means we can finally get on with the story that lies ahead. Though progress was made, this was a slower burner of an episode. First off we have Guren’s meeting with the other high-ranking officers of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, which I wish lasted longer than it did. By rules of shounen, these guys are powerhouses that will likely make their appearances when it matters most, but for now it’s Hiiragi Tenri (Fujiwara Keiji) who makes the biggest impression. He’s Shinoa’s father and the General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and has ‘chaotic good’ written all over him (or maybe chaotic neutral, or chaotic evil? – definitely chaotic something). I’ve heard a little about his character and how he ties in with Guren’s past thas was explored in the LN prequel – but unless that part of the story is adapted, please refrain from spoiling others in the comment section with details of what will happen, even if it seems obvious.

Guren is still a funny one. He’s every bit a brat as Yuu, yet he’s managed to rise in the ranks and understands the importance of working as a team. We’ve still to see him in action (or anyone for that matter) so I hope that time come soon so we have a reason to believe he’s worthy of his spot. This episode didn’t have any fights or conflict, which I think Owari no Seraph is sorely missing, but I did like what we got this week. Yuu failing his test spectacularly is a bit typical, as is Kimizuki acing his, but the good stuff comes when Guren finally accepts Yuu’s challenge and moves the plot forward. All those who can remain conscious as Guren releases his powers are the the ‘chosen ones’, and funnily enough it’s Yoichi who is the least fazed or affected by the demon powers. It felt like great injustice for the others to later tell him he should turn back from the upcoming trials because they see him as weak. I’d argue that the glimpse we’ve seen of Yochi’s past is the most interesting of them all, so it felt good to see him stand up for himself and not give into peer pressure. I hope this kid becomes a powerhouse – he deserves it.

Mika’s Visit to the Orphanage:

The vampire side of things is still the most interesting side of the story, even if we see much less of it. Nor did I expect to like Mika as much as I do. It was great to return to the underground vampire city again – it was like stepping back into a museum of gloomy watercolours. For me, Mika revisiting the orphanage was the standout scene of the week: a quiet moment that needed no dialogue to show how the tables have turned in a painful way. The captive children have been replaced, and it’s now Mika who is the captor. This story is a complete tragedy for everyone involved, but I can’t look away. The more we see of the inner workings of the vampires, the more I’ll become invested. I still have a feeling that they may not end up being the main foe to humanity.

The Fluidity of Yoshinari Kou:

The art and animation in the past few episodes has been on the stiff side, so it was nice to change things up this week. Yoshinari Kou (Dog Days, Bastard!!, White Album) animated most of the first half of the episode – so if you thought it looked different, that’s why. His style is fluid, if a little unfinished. There were parts where the scale of the characters was off, but his character animations were a nice change for what we’ve been getting. It’s hard to capture the bouncy movements of the characters from screenshots, so I’d recommend checking out his key animation in motion.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Another slow episode, but Mika’s side of the story delivered an emotional scene at the orphanage, and it looks like Yuu & Co are going back into their memories to fight off their demons and inherit the weapons that they will use in battle. The OP does spoil who gets what, but the outcome should be fairly obvious regardless. Hopefully we’ll say goodbye to school lessons after next week if we’re lucky.

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    1. that’s intentional; if i remember correctly that’s his style. I instantly recognized him when watching this ep p.s shinoa is very flirty with Yu

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Owari%20no%20Seraph/Owari%20no%20Seraph%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2025.jpg
    Guren’s I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and Shinoa’s teasing are easily the highlights of this episode..

    On slightly off topic, Nakamura Yuichi is good at doing his usual intonations,
    but wow, I wouldn’t recognize Saori Hayami in this episode if I didn’t know beforehand.
    Her teasing this episode and masculine voice in Yamada-kun & 7 Witches is easily the most variable of her voicing career so far?

  2. I don’t know why, but every time the pink-hair guy is on screen, the character dynamics become dead and unrealistic. Back when it was just Yu, Shinoa, and Yoichi, things were more lively and interesting. I don’t know if it’s the voiceacting (yeah I’m def. gonna get haters for saying this) or the fact that his character just wasn’t written well, but I just find Yu and his interactions to be stilted and cliche…Yoichi’s backstory was not all that original, but the way the animators presented it gave it so much more pathos. Pink-hair guy feels like a copy-paste stereotype of the shounen MC rival forced into the story.

    Also not a big fan of Yoshinari Kou, but I guess that’s a case of to each his own.

    Anyway, I complained a lot but I’m still holding onto the hope that these small dips in the story ever since last ep are only temporary.

    1. I don’t think it’s a problem with the voice acting, but I agree that Kimizuki doesn’t really fit in with the group. I thought he would be a side character along with several others yet to be introduced, but that doesn’t seem likely. It’s definitely more enjoyable when the original trio are together, since each was very different but their interactions with each other were always solid. Kimzuki kind of sticks out like a sore thumb (with pink nail polish).

      1. I think the point is that he doesn’t fit in. Yuu is angsty, Shinoa is snarky, and Yoichi is innocent. They all play off each other well, but Kimizuki is a loner, too serious, and unfun. He’s basically the sasuke archetype, but without the brooding and the giant glowing sign that says “will become evil”.
        Kimizuki doesn’t play off of anyone. He simply doesn’t play.

      2. Perhaps his purpose was to somehow provide some comedy relief by having Yu & him argue & beat each other up every now & then, perhaps allowing Shinoa to make a couple of snarky comments while Yoichi would try to calm things down.

        Too bad it’s not working though…at least not so far.

  3. This show has potential be epic its just that we have to get through the school setting. Its so damn slow I hate it, but this ep had great character building especially with Mika and Yoichi. Lets hope they get out in the next 2 eps and on to the war cause they need to stop bullshittin and get to the fighting already

  4. Yu is really the worst thing about this anime. His constant bickering with people and always complaining he isn’t getting what he thinks he deserves is so annoying. And of course he gets away with it because he’s the main character. Heaven forbid he actually learn his lesson and do what people ask him to do. Heck he only made a his new recent friend due to the convince of the plot (gee what the freaking odds mister shin’s sister would be in trouble during the exam?).

    It’s like the writers think his attitude is supposed to be endearing or something (though I do admit to saying he was a few episodes ago). Why don’t they attempt to at least make him funny? Like the moments where he declared he wouldn’t make friends with anyone. Why not make him an over the top dickhead about? That would have been hilarious in my opinion. That’s basically what they did with Shinoa and I absolutely love her character because of it. She’s constantly trolling all the characters in the show (even Guren) and is hardly ever serious. That’s what this anime needs. Sure you can have your heavy moments when they are warranted but this anime definitely needs to lighten up a bit with it’s already pretty simplistic plot. The main characters all have practically the same motivation so needless to say I’m going to need some decent grow from them by the next episode to stay interested.

    Also the animation is….quite frankly balls at some points. That classroom scene where Yu chases Shinoa being the biggest offender.

    1. Hmm, I think Yu’s a bit over-the-top already tbh, though more wouldn’t hurt. I find it hard to take him 100% seriously, at least not until he gets his ass handed to him and his development actually kick’s in, which is a given.

    2. I agree. It seemed that there were more content and themes in the scene where Mika entered his old home than the rest of the episode put together.

      Frankly speaking I see reflections of Aldnoah in this to the extent that the human side as boring beyond belief.

    3. He’s supposed to be a brat who thinks he’s self sufficient and always in the right and then learns that he needs the support of others and comes to terms with operating as a group.

  5. Ohh yay OnS post! I enjoyed the link to the key animation Samu. Ty for the explanation. I definitely noticed that it was different this week and wasn’t aware that it was a signature style/intentional. I liked the bouny key animation after seeing it replayed a bit.

    Mich’s revisit to the old home was sad.. almost more so because it had no narration, just pure “show” vs. tell.

  6. After watching the first 5 episodes here are my thoughts (note that I am an anime only viewer):

    Why do I have the feeling that the vampires are actually the good guys and the Demon Army are the bad guys. PedoVamp said to Mika that it was the humans’ fault that there was a virus outbreak in episode one. I have a reason to believe that what Pedovamp is saying is true. I think he already knew that it’s futile to deceive Mika so he must actually be telling the truth, a fact, that the humans themselves caused the virus outbreak. And because of such, the vampires who I think was still in the shadows before the outbreak were forced out of the open to save their ‘livestock’.

    I’m speculating that there’s this secret war already going on between the Demon Army and the vampires prior to the end of the world as we know it. And I think those large creatures similar to the Aragamis in God Eater are also caused by humans. Probably a by-product of the Demon Army’s dealings with demons. As shown, both the Demon Army and the vampires are fighting those creatures on separate fronts to save civilians. Even the Mika’s group said that they are taking the humans under their wing and protect them in exchange for voluntary blood donation.

    I’m not saying this coz the commander was screaming Chaotic whatever in his whole persona as well as the whole committee meeting itself, but I am basing this speculation on the subtle hints that are being provided here and there. And maybe that’s why Guren is so unmotivated to support the main branch and simply just goofs around because he knew how rotten the Demon Army is. He better off sending Yu and the co. to battle than be taken in by the main branch.

    Also, I just want to know how Yu became adept in swordsmanship. Who trained him during the time skip? Where does his arrogance and confidence coming from? And damn, Yu is one annoying prick. It’ll be glorious to see his ass being handed down to him in his very first sortie. I like Eren better than Yu is this regard. At least Eren mellowed out quickly but Yu is such an arrogant bastard in most of his screen time that its already irritating.

    There is also that one liner by Guren in episode one that they were expecting someone (Yu) escaping from the vampire’s grasp on that exact day. IIRC, he even called Yu the ‘Chosen One’. While I only think that Yu’s knowledge of the inner workings and layout of the vampire’s city is the only beneficial thing that he brought in the table in case the Demon Army finally decided to attack the vampires head on.

    5 episodes already passed and there are still so many unanswered questions than answers.

    Shinoa is the only thing that is keeping hooked in this series. I hope she does not become a damsel in distress that needs to be saved by Yu later on, after all the badassery and cunningness that she displayed in the first 5 episodes.

    1. I’m a manga reader so I’ll say this much. It was Guren who trained Yuu in sword skills and etc over the 4 years after his escape from the vampire city. And after Guren’s attitude in the military meeting, you can see some of that rubbed off on Yuu.

  7. I don’t want to spoil anything but honestly speaking, I highly advice to reqad the LNs first before reading this manga, because they explain A LOT of stuff. Moreover, I honestly think that the light novels are a lot darker and a lot more interesting than the anime/manga.


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