“You Mustn’t Kiss Her, Okay?”

「キスしちゃダメよ?」 (Kisu Shicha Dame yo?)

The Seven Wonders of Suzaku High School:

After five episodes, we’re finally getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the Seven Witches of Suzaku High School. What we’ve seen up until now has mainly been the Supernatural Studies Club having fun with their body-swapping and not really putting much thought into why or how it’s even happening. That couldn’t last forever, and thankfully it won’t, as we step into what I think is the best part of the series. There may not have been much of it until now, but Yamada-kun is undoubtably a mystery, and I’m genuinely excited to see how it’s going to be adapted – quite quickly, I imagine, but if they keep the best and most essential parts then we should have a very solid self-contained story to look back on. I don’t want to be grim about the possibility of a second season never coming along, but it’s best to be doubtful in this case, and just take what we’re given.

Obviously, it’s Shiraishi who deduces what’s going on, and that she must possesses the power to switch bodies with whomever she locks lips with. But it’s not till the end of the episode that we get confirmation of the ‘Seven Wonders of Suzaku High School’. Wonders, Witches, whatever you want to call them. Shiraishi’s a witch, as is Odagiri. Out of those seven magical individuals, we know already three of their abilities:

  • One, the power to charm.
  • Two, the power of telepathy.
  • Three, the power to swap bodies.

What lies ahead now is the Supernatural Studies Club – with help from Odagiri and Ushio – trying to figure out who those witches are, and who possesses which power. Let the show begin!

Yamada’s Past – The Unfortunate Delinquent:

Yamada has been labelled a delinquent since his introduction, but he really didn’t intend to become one. There was clearly some history between him and Ushio, and as it turns out they knew each others before entering high school, and both wanted a fresh start. Yamada even went out of his way to get involved with his fellow students to make some friends, but it never worked out that way. In the end, Ushio was caught in Odagiri’s charm trap and sold Yamada out to the school, resulting in the stigma that he has right now. Both of them hold grudges against each other, but I have to side with Yamada here – that was a dick move on Ushio’s part, even if they were never destined to be best buddies. At least it’s all working out for Yamada now.

Jealous Lover, Easy Kisser:

I’m feeling the need to write about how much I enjoy Yamada and Shiraishi’s relationship every episode. It’s progressing for both of them, but it’s Shiraishi who is the dominant one of the two, who makes decisions and lets her feelings be known. And she isn’t afraid to kiss Yamada at any point, and can’t quite hide her jealousy when it comes to Odagiri. But she’s a genuine girl, convincing Yamada to remove Odagiri from her own curse. Of course, Shiraishi was jealous about having another girl forever be in love with Yamada, but there’s no way that’s her only motive. At the end of the day, these two are practically made for each other. Yamada x Shiraishi is ship of the season, easily.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Things were starting to get a little too easygoing in the recent few episodes, but this one set up the story that was always going to be told. I suspect we’ll get an episode dedicated to each of the remaining witches (if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch the opening – though at least their powers are still a mystery), but then again I don’t know how much they’re planning to adapt in one cour. Either way, I’m excited for what’s to come now: more kisses, more mystery, and more romance between the best couple of this Spring season.

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  1. Ushio and Yamada’s past was really painful to watch, poor Yamada. Honestly, considering what they did, Odagiri and Ushio got off way too easily…
    Yamada being happy now does not excuse in any way what those two did. Ushio sure has some nerve using that “isn’t this what you were looking for” card there. I hope they get what they deserve…

    Other than what lead to the above rant, great episode!

  2. who responds to getting saved from ruffians by ratting one of them out to the school? I mean yeah you should report other students who are fighting outside of school, but usually if you’re a beneficiary of the fighting, most people would not report them, at the very least. Unless it was a setup of course. And also observing that things aren’t so bad afterwards doesn’t really excuse screwing someone over

  3. The only bad thing about this show is that they are going out of order (at least from the manga). I thought I would start reading the manga but It’s impossible to not spoil the anime the way they are ordering it. Otherwise I’m enjoying it and the characters.

  4. This show continues to be a lot of fun. I’ve really been enjoying it.

    Does anyone think it was kind of selfish for Yamada to kiss Odagiri at the end? She was fine being that way, and didn’t want him to take it away from her. But, I guess it’s more like she’s in love with him against her own will. Then again, Ushio was perfectly fine with being under Odagiri’s spell. Hmmm…

    Well, maybe Odagiri will fall in love with Yamada on her own this time.

  5. “Because I’ll absolutely never fall in love with you.”

    Now that’s just harsh… COnsidering Show Spoiler ▼

    Though I’m definitely rooting for Yamada x Shiraishi, and knowing this wouldn’t be a harem, (unless you consider 2-3 girls wanting Yamada to be a harem) seeing Nene show her feelings is still d’awww to see.

    Red HeartGold ZX
  6. A great episode as it finally puts everything in the right perspective before I get fed up with all the kissing-for-convenience flicks here and there.

    And this episode showed why Shiraishi is best girl. She practically declared to Nene that “You can stare at Yamada but do not touch him, he’s mine.”

    I Really love Shiraishi’s character design and personality. She’s now my favorite blonde female lead among all those who have existed used that particular hair color in other animes. She is sweet, determined, tact and true to herself unlike some blonde childhood friend/rival tsunderes out there.

    I hope the anime touches on how did the girls end up acquiring the power of the 7 witches as I think its more of an urban legend in that particular school based on how it was presented.

    What I don’t get is how Nene actually fell in love to Yamada to the point that she does not like her charm curse to be lifted. She practically confessed to Yamada and was absolutely rejected bitterly by him.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      PoWA UP
  7. Odagiri may look like the bt*ch here at first but I’m telling you, you’ll agree with me that she’s the best girl Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, actually, I have Shiraishi and Odagiri as the best girl. still can’t choose. Best GIRLS pls.

    Best-O Grill
  8. OK, Shiraishi was the smartest of them, no wonder she solved the mystery of changing powers of Yamada…
    Speaking of powers, we have incomplete list of them. We know who has the Charm and the Bodyswap, but who has the Telepathy? Also is Yamada’s “Copycat” one of the 7 powers or separate phenomenon? (BTW laughed out hysterically when Ito relegated Yamada to “witch detector” status)


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