「きになるあの子」 (Kininaru Aonoko)
“The Girl On My Mind”

I can’t seem to put my finger on what it was, but this week’s episode just felt so good. I mean, the previous episodes were good but this one was good.

Youko’s Appetite

This appeals to me solely on a personal level but I’ve always wanted to participate in an eating contest. Be it eating a giant bowl of pho or trying to stuff my face with a 5lb burger, I’ve never had to stomach (haha what a pun) to go through with it. Besides the obvious downside of having to pay for my meal if I couldn’t finish it, I don’t think my pride as a big eater could take such a hit. (Mind you, I consider myself pretty capable at eating a lot of food quickly — you learn how to cram it all in living in a city that’s known for its buffets and All You Can Eat Sushi.)

Which is probably why I felt such a huge sense of satisfaction watching Youko try to take down such an insane parfait. Literally bigger than her head and stuffed with enough calories to feed a hippo, I was rooting for her the entire time. Not only did I genuinely want her to finish the damn thing but I couldn’t help but feel bad as I watched her face transition from carefree and lighthearted to extra serious with a hint of despair.

That said, I think I nearly died after holding in my laughter when Youko said her body was rejecting the parfait. Because I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where we took too much food and just dreaded thinking about how to finish it all once we were halfway through.


After her quick introduction last week, Honoka has been on a rampage as she’s quickly integrated within the group. Forming the Blonde Hair Alliance with Shino and improving her relationship with Karen, she’s managed to leap from being an unknown side character to someone with an actual presence! While it’s a shame she’s trying to fight Shino for the award for being the biggest airhead, I can’t complain about how fun it’s been watching her.

Also, Karen finally has a partner :3

Karasuma, Kuzehashi, and Looking Ahead

I never would have thought our two senseis would have known each other during their high school days. With Kuzehashi-sensei showing off more of her deredere side and Karasuma being the embodiment of embarrassing awkwardness, it was rather interesting watching the two interact. What was kind of cool though was seeing that Karasuma-sensei’s respect for Kuzehashi actually stems from something more than how envious she is of her senpai’s ability to mingle with her students.

As I said in the beginning of the post, this episode managed to hit all the right notes. From the humor to the topics, everything was completely on point to the point where I nearly lost track of time while watching — hopefully they can keep it up!

Catch you guys next week \o



  1. Honoka is a combination of the cuteness and funniest parts of the other characters.


    Shino’s obsession with blonde hair.


    Aya level shyness and klutziness.

    Along with Alice’s wild daydreams and Yoko’s…ummm…inclination towards food? Anyway, she is very adorable in her own way. I hope we see more of her, together with Karen. ^^

  2. I loved the flashback to the sensei’s school days, although it seemed to me that Kusshi didn’t realize her ditzy sempai was Kuzehashi until that conversation in the present. Honoka is a great addition to the cast, I enjoy watching her.

  3. For a second there, I almost expected the girls of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka to show up in that cafe… But meido Karen–as well as meido Honoka and meido(temp) Alice–more than make up for that missed opportunity.

    And even though I’m mostly watching this for Karen, Aya and Kusshi-chanKuzehashi-sensei, Honoka is just as HNNNGGG-worthy.

    Speaking of Kuzehashi-sensei, while she certainly looks fantastic with her hair down and in her weekend clothes, she’s definitely at her best in her normal element as a teacher (bonus points for appealing to the “office lady” fans with that outfit of hers). *squees*

    Finally, Karasuma-sensei can’t be this cute!

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Kiniro%20Mosaic/Hello%20Kiniro%20Mosaic%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

    ever since season 1, i already felt that honoka had a unusual high level of kawaii-ness even though she is just in the “corner” this episode proves it. specially that scene where she removed her cat head and do a “ehe~<3" which i ranked among the "fcking A" kawaii scene in my list


    my "cheat" in eating huge amount of foods is (specially in an eat all you can resto),
    1. an absolutely empty stomach to the point it keeps on growling for food and deprived of water (not dangerously dehydrated. just a thirst a bit higher than normal thirst)
    2. knowledge on which one will be digested the slowest and foods that will make you feel full quick. (water is the slowest (neutralizes stomach acid. which is why ice (solid h20) parfait would be hard LOL and fiber rich foods that will make you feel full quick (the reason it was among the best for diet))
    3. eating it quick before the body realize it's full… how? well it would take at least 20 minutes before the body will realize that it is eating. this is also why we still feel empty after eating our food quick. as a proof try eating using chop sticks and eat slowly. you will realize that you will feel full but the food you're eating is not consumed completely 😛

    The Last Idiot
  5. Most episodes are full of cuteness and amusing things that happen but this week seemed to have more LOL moments then usual. Sight gags like the plastic sushi.

  6. This is probably the best episode to date. Honoka is a great addition to the cast. The only person left to know more about is Honoka’s friend who’s also shown in the opening animation. I believe her name is Higurashi Kana.


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