「起動」 (Kido)

It’s the middle of the night. You’re settling in for a relaxing bath, hoping for a well deserved breather. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s the one you harbor romantic feelings for. They demand to stay at your house. And so you say yes and get up to make their favorite food: rice balls. Never mind that they have a weird obsession with rice, because everyone has their quirks. It’s easy to make anyway and it’s your chance to score! Everything is working out well until you realize you’re not alone. It’s in the pipes. It’s in the floor. You start fearing the worst. That is, until you realize there’s nothing to fear. After all, it’s only your multi-species friend burrowing through the plumbing to visit. Yup. Nothing to see here.

Okay, so that dramatic recollection wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be, but it doesn’t change the fact that we expected comedic gold and we got it. The first few minutes of this episode made me laugh/chuckle as hard as almost any other series this season, and it’s even more hilarious when you think about how the episode’s essentially about someone getting lost, having plumbing issues, and then dealing with it by moving half way across the country and getting a house with even more plumbing issues. Add in some plumbing puns along the way, and I would’ve believed you if you said I was actually watching another show. The thing is, there’s no other show that could’ve pulled off an episode like this in the manner it did, and it’s a testament to just how unique Sidonia no Kishi is. It mixes in these moments like it’s nothing, and it’s just a joy to watch week in week out.

Indeed, even the more serious moments of this episode—including the test run of a new propulsion system and a new weapon of mass destruction—were comedic in some sense of the word, and I’m still chuckling at the line: “THIS WEAPON CAN PENETRATE ANYTHING.” Putting that in after all the plumbing stuff just makes my night, and I just hope that the guys on the Sidonia didn’t have too much fun this week, because it looks like their ULTIMATE WEAPON could very well back-fire on them sooner than they think. Then they’d really have plumbing issues.

Either way, I’ll have to say there’s honestly not much else to discuss this week aside from epic rice ball slow-mos and the usual touching moments between Tanikaze and Tsumugi. The screen caps this week really tell the whole story—there’s never a dull moment—and I’m just looking forward to seeing if the Sidonia’s Graviton Beam Emitter manages to see any actual, meaningful action. For Tanikaze’s sake though, I sure hope it does, because every battle he survives means another chance for comedy gold… and more rice. Oh yeah, more of this (or this) ain’t too bad either.




    1. It’s interesting that the captain seems a bit unsure at that point, but Ochiai and his minions, whether enslaved or manipulated into his service, are like. “Oh it’ll be fine. See? it completely obliterated that dwarf planet. Pay no attention to the tentacles coming out the back taking over the system. Nothing to see here.”

      1. I’m starting to wonder if Ochiai himself knows what he’s getting into. Too busy trying to cultivate Gauna tech/use it to obliterate them that he’s starting to get overconfident.

      2. At this stage I’m taking the body snatched Orochi to be the typical rabid scientist, no matter how much mistakes may cost or how many people will die, seeing his babies in action is all that matters for him in the end.

        Some of us in the science fields have a nasty habit of getting too wound up and interested in our work 😛

      3. Also not really impressed with this GBE. Killy’s GBE can achieve nearly the same thing at higher power setting and that one is a tiny handgun (granted, that would had ripped his arms off its shoulders but eh…).

      4. Considering the Armbreaker 9000’s tendency to kick a little I’m surprised this GBE didn’t nudge the back of Sidonia around a bit. Then again, Sanakan’s arm GBE didn’t seem to recoil too much.

      5. Ochiai strikes me as the kind of person qith a huge god complex, he thinks he´s so smart that it doesn´t matter if his new toy destroys Sidonia he still thinks he could pull thruogh that mess. I´m going to enjoy seeing that smirk being wipe off his face.

    2. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Killy is cracking a twisted grin as he slips his Graviton Beam Emitter into his pocket.
      This is an early debut for Nihei’s iconic weapon.

    1. Funny, I thought there was one other person on the list…

      In case you guys can’t see this coming: SPOILER MANGA ALERT

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Anyway,the order (I think) would now be:
      1. Chimera (Tsumugi)
      2. Hermaphrodite (Izana)
      3. My Nomination…
      4. Commander’s Aide (Yuhata)
      5. Twin genetic girl (En / Ren) (sometimes you just can’t tell the difference unless one of them starts to tsuntsun…)

      Of course we can’t even rank Placental Hoshijiro because WE too haven’t see her in a while too…

      feel free to dispute this…

      1. I thought Tanikaze grabbed something when his hands landed on Izana’s chest. She’s going to morph into a girl pretty soon I think. Her hermaphrodite status will cease but they already replaced that weirdness by giving Izana a robotic arm and leg.

  1. The slo-mo part was hilarious. If you pay attention to his eyes in that scene, Tanikaze spends most of his time staring at the rice ball before finally deciding it would be a better idea to catch Izana instead 🙂

  2. I’ll just add a couple of thoughts since you did a nice quick review !

    Yes there were so many moments like the model shop !

    Izana with WTH look at Nagate

    Then the residental agent saying you have a nice pipe ! That ladder shot!

    Even though there wasnt much Tech / Sci-Fi / Action it was well done!

    The Tsugumi / Nagate formation was intense!

    When The Beam Emitter fired up the SFX was amazing / it had that eerie yet what is that SFX. One of the best I’ve ever heard!

    1. The model kit part was nice, but I don’t know… I kinda found it tad odd. Figured plastics and the like would be a rare material, but I guess there’s no underestimating the power of having a hobby/something to distract from the Gauna.

    2. Considering most modelling plastic is styrene in one form or another it wouldn’t be too hard to synthesize from organic material considering the tech Sidonia is working with (oil comes from organics after all, and plastics come from oil byproducts). Not to mention the ship periodically harvests resources from passing planets and asteroids.

  3. For a second I thought we may have another recurring character coming soon:


    But then the preview alleviated my thoughts before it started:



    …and it’s even more hilarious when you think about how the episode’s essentially about someone getting lost, having plumbing issues, and then dealing with it by moving half way across the country and getting a house with even more plumbing issues. Add in some plumbing puns along the way,…

    Animated Mario? I may watch the first three episodes…


    Wait a minute, Did I see something that we shouldn’t be seeing in an animated show? :

    Since those shots are usually HEAVILY censured or obscured.

    Much more important than the continued TMI nature of the control room’s big screens (they were just as great this week, BTW)

    1. That aside, looks like they used her Face to gain experiments to show us Human Faces emotion. First she had a Neutral emotion, until She sound out the Letter. She chanced to Surprised.. and even the Voice matched this Situation. Yes, go. it was good

  4. The Captain is blind of Power. Looks like she take all things take came to make Sidonia gain Military Power, without looking for the Price she has to pay. I hope someone or, from the Preview something, open her Eyes, what Price Sidonia has to play to gain this Powers

    1. Sidonia‘s captain is obsessed with making the galaxy/universe free of the Gauna threat, not power. She sees this as a war of extermination, simply because the Gauna are too powerful. This is a race that has destroyed Earth, hounded Humanity to near-extinction, and you call Captain Kobayashi obsessed with power? Dr. Ochiai would have qualified, because he was ready to throw away all the lives on Sidonia to prove a theory of his. Captain Kobayashi has proof that no colony ship from Sidonia is going to survive because the Gauna will absorb them as soon as possible. The only thing Captain Kobayashi can do is find a way to one-shot-kill any and all Gauna she can, and hope she gets them all before Humanity fails.

      1. and yet, she still close her eyes, where others see if freely, she takes all in what can kill the Gauna, even if they have to use Gauna technology. She is so obsesses to get rid of them, that she take to much risks that can get out of control. Do not tell me, no one notice this Cannon became alive after feeding with this Energy, after the first Shoot

        Well, the last Picture in the Preview tell us, that no one noticed it, and the Weapon turns against them

        Tsumugi is an exception it seems. Because the interaction with Tanikaze and friends, grown her Human side. Imagine if all Humans on Sidona threat her cold and as enemy as an Tool

  5. The Magic about Rice Balls.. Well in a World where Food is not important anymore, thanks to Sunbaths, every Meal that taste our tongue is Divine. But then, where they get the Water Supply? a Human Body is build around 80% of Water. Ice? and Recycled Water and Urine? Do they let Clouds raining inside their Seed Ship?

  6. For once in Sidonia a fan service Scene
    doubled with the purpose of showing us that not all the
    people wear space suit all the time like the CGI make us believe
    they have regular clothes too ( now the space suit/skirt make sense

    1. Other sci-fi authors (Celia S. Friedman, This Alien Shore, 1998, the more recent Enterprise TV series) have spacefaring Humans differ between “high-gravity” (i.e., traditional) clothing and “low-gee” gender-neutral jumpsuits for clothing.

      Obviously “traditional” clothing allows the viewers/readers to more easily relate to the characters, and the Japanese are just as nostalgic for traditional male/female clothing that wouldn’t fit in a low-gee or zero-gee environment. Sidonia is a hodge-podge of stereotypical Japanese “traditional” houses and space station.

  7. If the Graviton Beam Emitter can really destroy all the Gauna manking might finally have a chance to find a new home planet in the Lem System but it´s a bit worrying, that thing just destroy a small planet, no matter how good the intentions of Captain Kobayashi are that kind of power is too much fo humans to handle.

  8. Ep 07:

    Show Spoiler ▼



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