「静かなる丼、雄弁な丼」 (Shizukanaru Donburi, Yuubenna Donburi)
“A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don”

The results of this shokugeki were inevitable. Clearly from the get-go, Souma was set to win (because what kind of anime would it be if he were kicked out of the school immediately); but watching Ikumi cook was the real treat. And if some suggestive full-lengths are your thing too then just scroll to the bottom my friend. I don’t know that much about meat personally – I don’t cook it that often and if I do, it’s very simple and usually with cheap cuts. This episode had so much focus on high quality A5 meat that it was completely out of my realm of expertise, but it does give me ideas of how to treat beef properly in the future. The techniques and flavors are not in my regular cooking repertoire, so I can’t even begin to imagine how Ikumi and Souma dishes would taste in real life. I imagine that the garlic and onions would probably fill the aroma of the stadium though.

As for the actual shokugeki challenge, the episode went by fairly quickly with everything going on. The whole battle reminded me of a wrestling match or UFC fight because of the televisions and crowds. There’s a host as well that surprised me… Kawashima Urara (Hidaka Rina) is not the type of character that I enjoy watching; simply because her cute act is overly forced. The commentary is a nice-to-have though because a food competition is not right without some smack talk and interviews between the players. Souma and Ikumi didn’t converse much during their battle, but I thought it would’ve been part of the challenge to talk down to one another and deal with the crowds at the same time. Although not similar to the Food Network shows that I’m used to watching, I feel that the anxiousness to know the judges’ decision is still the same. I hope that future shokugeki will have a less clear cut winner and that way, we’d have a battle more worthwhile watching.

I’ll admit that I think Shokugeki no Souma is still in its introductory phase where Souma is invincible and everything comes as a breeze to him. I didn’t mind it so much in the first 5 episodes or so, but the series is now beginning to be too predictable with Souma finishing at the top of each confrontation. And his growing harem. Rather than introducing new characters that hate or like Souma, I’d prefer if it started going into arcs of the story and presenting some real character development. What I also have an issue with so far is how Souma doesn’t have a clear path to get to his goal. He wants to be the top student at the academy but is he going to battle his way up there? Or is he actually going to prove himself by going to class and getting good grades? The next few episodes should build up a new challenge for Souma and this time, I hope it’s not just going to be a quick shokugeki followed by another pat on the back. I’m not saying that Souma needs to lose or be kicked out of school, but it makes for much more interesting series when the protagonist actually struggles.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: This is what I’m talking about! I watch cooking competitions on Food Network and now on #shokugeki_anime too

Author’s Note: Sorry guys, but I will be going on vacation in the upcoming two weeks and my posts will be late (I don’t even say may be, because that’d be lying T_T). I’ll try and be as timely as possible but no promises. Thanks for understanding and enjoy the summer weather!

Full-length images: Her boobs are so unproportionate to her head o_o.



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    1. Then all you need to do is to learn to cook well. There is a bit of talent involved, but it’s not that hard to make good food with cheap products. I’m a (poor) university student myself and I didn’t cook for myself half a year ago, but now I can make things like this:

      The salmon was half-priced by the way. Normally it would be way over my budget.

  1. Oh don’t worry Cherrie.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Food
  3. This episode was a treat to watch. Ikumi trash talking Soma for maybe almost half the episode was getting on my nerves though. It’s obvious almost the entire student body hates him, but it was also more irritating that even the judges were quick to brand Ikumi the winner that they almost didn’t bother to sample Soma’s don. From their descriptions, these judges seem to be big shots in the food business and I’d think they’d be a bit more open minded to judge fairly. I’m guessing in Food Wars’ world everyone is so used to cooking being done in only the “right” way that cooks like Soma, who usually think out of the box or does things their own way, are an anomaly. That’s why despite Soma’s arrogance sometimes, it was really satisfying how he shut up all his haters in this win. I especially liked his trash talking Ikumi when he said chefs who talk too much usually have no skills.

  4. The results of this shokugeki were inevitable.

    How could they have a character this BOIN

    …and not strip her…

    I love how the little omake parts of the manga were included in the animation such as Nikumi’s bra choosing and announcer girl’s (fake) favorites.
    Next week, I hope Hinako steals the show.

    1. Sadly still nothing as hilariously over-the-top as what we got in the 1st ep though 🙁 If there were a moment to have such a foodgasm again it should’ve been here.

  5. I love the chibi’s on this show 😀
    This show needs more Chibi Erina

    They should do a 5 minute short series spinoff of this where the chibi versions of the characters show how to make their recipes ^^

  6. It’s funny you complain about the easy-wins here Cherrie, because this is where they stop. Introductions are over, now it’s on to the hard stuff!

    Team Souma x Ikumi! Supporting the real tsundere of the show!

  7. Don’t worry Souma will not always win, he is a prodigy sure but there are a lot of people who are currently better then he is. He will be challenged and be forced to grow or lose soon in the future. Just be patient with the anime.

  8. Souma sounds like a Gary Stu of cooking, but don’t forget, he always loses to his dad. The author does a healthy balance of his victories and losses, especially against people around his age. It also makes sense considering his cooking background since young.


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