「発想と創造の協奏曲」 (Hassou to Souzou no Kyousoukyoku)
“The Concerto of Inspiration and Imagination”

Toutsuki Culinary Academy is such a cut-throat impossible school. Most schools would want their students to graduate and make a living for themselves… but Toutsuki is seriously intense. Not only does it want their students to be successful, but it wants to ensure that 100% of the students that pass are top tier chefs; even if that means that only 10% of the students actually make it to graduation. On top of all that, what happens to the students that fail? Will you forever be labeled as the person that couldn’t make it as a “great chef”? Or do you still land decent jobs because you’ve trained with the best? I would assume that even if you can’t be the top 10%, you’re still a good enough chef to own your own restaurant. Just being surrounded by these professionals and other great students should teach you a lot and even if you don’t graduate, at least you’ve improved. That’s what I’d like to think. A lot of contestants competing on cooking shows might not win, but they still come out being successful individuals so to me, the same should apply for Toutsuki.

Asides from my complaints of how the school treats its students, I do like seeing the different hoops that the anime has been throwing at Souma. I actually prefer seeing Souma try and think outside the box to impress teachers compared to seeing him compete against other students. This episode featured both which was great because it kills two birds with one stone, but if I had to pick one or the other, it’d be the former. The tasks given by the teachers during this “camp” seems to involve much more creativity and innovative thinking compared to the former episodes. I hope each of the former alumni also have their own specialities and they test different attributes of the students. That would really prove how well-rounded each of the students are; especially Souma since he seems to be the most resourceful so far. But resourcefulness can only get you so far if you’re not creative as well. I think Souma will eventually have to start learning how to use skills outside the ones he got from working in the kitchen. There’s a lot he can learn from top Michelin-star chefs like plating, using high quality ingredients and combining different flavor profiles. I’m excited to see what Inui Hinako (Noto Mamiko) will say about Souma’s dish next week and what kind of wisdom she has to impart. I spoiled myself a bit, but she’s quite intimidating when you hear about her history.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t too amused with Souma’s new rivals – the Aldini brothers. Both Aldini Takumi (Hanae Natsuki) and Aldini Isami (Ono Yuuki) were impressive chefs, but other than being Italian restauranteurs, they didn’t really blow my mind. Perhaps it’s because their personalities aren’t distinctive enough since I’m sure there’s got to be a stereotype for both of them in typical shounen manga. I wasn’t blown away by their characters, but they are also quite the smart team to find duck! Seriously, where did they even get that? From an interest perspective, I think Isami is by far more intriguing than his brother. There’s something about him being the “younger brother” that makes him seem like an underdog in this duo and I always cheer for the underdog. However, both of them seem to hold up on their own very well so I don’t doubt we’ll see more from them soon. Now I’m curious to see how Souma beats their duck dish…

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    1. That bit with Erina is actually more than the manga had, if I recall. The manga is very Souma-centric; if he’s not directly involved, it’s usually not covered with more than a panel or two. You just have to assume that Erina is in the Elite Ten for good reason, and that she can pass her exams just as easily as Souma can. She’s essentially a second year in all but name, so Souma’s got some coursework to go through before he can start competing at her level.

  1. This episode marks Souma’s

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  2. So happy to see Noto Mamiko in a major role again. As a big fan, I’m a little ashamed I did’nt recognize her voice the first time. And it can’t be a coincidence they got Takehito Koyasu to voice another top tier cooking judge for another cooking anime/manga. On the episode itself, I’m also liking Hinako already. Brilliant move to test the students’ resourcefulness and ability to adapt to pressure. After her vague instructions and the way the other students panicked, I won’t be surprised if Souma/Megumi and the Aldini Brothers will be the only pairs left standing in their group. Really wondering now how Hinako was back in her days as a student. Hoping to see more of this judge.

      1. Wow thanks for the pic and warning. I’ll stick to the main storyline first then. After reading her personality and the kind of student she was back then, now it makes sense why she gave that kind of challenge to her students.

    1. This may be right to the very top of the culinary world. But there’s still a whole world of casual cooking that doesn’t give a crap about the name of the school you finished, as long as you do your job properly in the kitchen and don’t expect too high wages.

      Just like there’s this 95% of the restaurant customers who don’t chose the restaurant because of the best possible taste experience, but because of the price, the localization and atmosphere of the place, as long as the dishes taste good.

      1. This is very true that there are more casual cooking out there. However, these are the type of folks who will take such a hit to their prestige by failing that it’ll be hard to work back up. I’d probably guess half of the people who fail will move onto other jobs, the other half will work in the culinary world but never find enjoyment in it. The fall few that don’t fall into either category will be those that rise back up the ranks.

  3. @Cherrie, I’m not sure if people who fail out of Totsuki would still have good jobs. Remember at the transfer exam? Everyone was scared because simply disappointing Nakiri Erina meant disaster for their careers. Failing out of Totsuki has got to be worse!

    1. I think those are actually 2 different things.

      1) With Erina – She is a known and respective critic and her evaluation is with regard to the person specifically. What was said was that if she labels you without talent then that can spell the end of your career as a chef. Incidentally, I think this means as a top tier chef.

      2) With regard the school – Well you can look at it 2 ways. First of all in that world it would be common knowledge that 90% or more drop out of Tootski at some point in time. So I don’t think it would spell the end for them, rather being accepted into Tootski or Surviving until X Year might actually be a selling point for those who don’t make it. What is clear though is that all of them will be 2nd Tier chefs at best. The cream of the crop will be those who survive

    1. i know what you mean. to try these kind of things out you need be teach in the simplest basic things. No not cooking. Peeling and cutting the ingredients. Do they teach that at school? In this time and age, where there is nearly a machine that do the work, Manual preparing is forgotten with time
      example cut an Onion without crying, or peeling a potato without over 50% mass losing. For the most this part is troublesome and a frontier of cooking

      1. @brajt

        True, i only say Fish stick from the Freezer. Lately i saw an documentation of preparing a Fish for eating, where Kids looking at that was crying for killing the Fish but loved Fish sticks


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