“Festival Triangle”

「おまつりトライアングル」 (Omatsuri Toraianguru)

KyoAni’s Finest:

Perfect. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think about this episode. I’ve been open and honest on how I feel about Kyoto Animation: I love them. They are my favourite studio, even if some of their works in the past few years haven’t been their best, I always watch them and always get some degree of enjoyment out of them. I have massive appreciation for their artistic ability and attention to detail, and I think no other studio compares to them in that regard. Some may dislike their aesthetic, and that’s entirely fair – your own taste is subjective, after all. But when you have an episode with scenes like these, drawn by the hands of only seven key animators (and several inbetweeners, of course), then I think it’s impossible to say this wasn’t one of Kyoto Animation’s finest works to date.

Even if you have immense dislike for the studio – as some pride themselves for having – I honestly cannot see how you could possibly hate this episode. I’ll admit that I tend to give KyoAni the benefit of the doubt, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is their best TV episode to date. Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I have no qualms in admitting how perfect I thought this was. There were a few episodes of Clannad that are distinctively memorable, and the first season of Suzumiya Haruhi is immensely popular for very good reasons. I would also argue that the episode of Tamako Market focusing on Tamako’s dad was one of their best as well. This one, however, was Kyoto Animation’s finest; from the backgrounds to the closeups, the long pauses that kept you on the edge to quick cuts that flashed by, and the immersive music to the love confessions, to top it all off.

Confessions & Relationships:

Up until last week, we hadn’t focused too heavily on the romantic relationships between the characters, even if it always seemed like that time would eventually come around. Hazuki really has kicked off a chain of events that tie several characters together – who likes who, who wants to go to the festival with who, and who is already in a relationship. First off, I’m over the moon that Gotou and Riko are already dating. It was obvious that they had a connection since their introduction together, with all those side glances and awkward silences, but I never expected them to already be together at this point. It’s a cute little moment when Riko comes up to Gotou with her golden yukata. It’s good to know that even the side characters in Hibike! Euphonium get their fair share of development and screentime. It’s also nice to see two characters together who aren’t the epitome of bishounen/bishoujo. Riko is short and doesn’t have a perfect size 0 figure, whereas Gotou is a towering guy with muscles and specs. I’m just very happy that these two are together already, and I hope to see more of them. Maybe we’ll even get some handholding before we’re finished with them.

I expected the focus on the love triangle to be much more dramatic that it ended up being. Of course, it’s not necessarily over yet. Kumiko didn’t accept Shuuichi’s offer to go to festival with him, and likewise, he rejected Hazuki’s confession. Maybe I’m so used to dramatics in anime, but I expected some screaming and shouting, and maybe some tears and a tantrum or two to keep us going into next week. What we got instead was much more grounded, a little sudden, but felt very real. Both Hazuki and Shuuichi’s nerves in their respective moments made me feel for them. It seems they’re not destined for one another, but it was cute while it lasted – short as it may have been.

What I am interested in now is where Shuuichi goes from here. Out of the main cast I find myself less invested in his side of things, and I just can’t see him and Kumiko together. It seems like it they should be destined for each other in the end, but there has never been any sign that Kumiko gives him a second thought when it comes to romance. Heck, she hardly notices him when they walk past one another in the street. Kumiko just doesn’t seem interested in him, and I don’t know if I would believe that changing any time soon, especially after what happened this episode.

Several Dozen at the Festival:

There wasn’t much band practice this week, but I think a break from the classroom drama was much needed. Last week’s episode was dark and gloomy in both its atmosphere and its visuals, so having something that had more vibrant colours and bright lights was much appreciated. Midori’s doppelgänger little sister was cute, even if I’ve never been too keen on Midori herself. The cutaways to the many side characters were also well-handed. It’s a hard act to balance the screentime of several dozen bandmates, but so far it has been very well done. We’re getting less Asuka as of late, but I never found her to be the “best girl” like many others think. She’s an easy one to like and laugh at, but there are so many more interesting characters that deserve the increased focus they are getting.

Reina & Kumiko:

And Reina is one of those characters; I’m calling her Reina from now on – since so much of the series is through Kumiko’s point of view, it never felt right to call her anything but Kousaka. But she is Kousaka no longer, not to us, and certainly not to Kumiko. What can I say about their scenes this episode? Well, they were fantastic. Truly beautiful, poetic, and their compatibility is through the roof. Who would have thought a few episodes ago these two couldn’t even say a single word to one another without it ending in an awkward silence? How things have changed.

I’ve already watched their scenes several times over, and it’s only been a few hours since I watched the episode. I can’t get over how gorgeous they look and how easily their conversation flows, even when Reina starts to get poetic with her words. The first thing worth talking about is that this is romantic territory we’re getting into. There have been hints of their attraction to one another, but there are too many moments in this episode for it to feel like nothing. Reina, with her snow-white one piece and her blistered heels proves how dedicated she is in whatever she strives for (though we knew that already when it came to playing the trumpet). I wasn’t sold on her character in the very beginning, but she’s fascinating to watch now. I can’t keep my eyes off her every motion.

But Kumiko saying ‘that’s kinda hot’ when Reina doesn’t flinch from the pain in her heels… well… there’s certainly some sexual tension between these girls. It may just be jokes, like when Reina refers to their previous conversation as a ‘love confession’. But for Reina to insist Kumiko use her first name, and then run her fingers down her lips, it is simply too much to brush off. Maybe it’s baiting; maybe nothing will come of it, but I think denying the attraction these characters have for each other is redundant. Kumiko simply didn’t understand why Shuuichi would ask her out, but when she’s with Reina she is constantly attentive and absorbed by her words. And her words were powerful. So much so that when Reina declares that she doesn’t want to be like anyone else, and instead strive to be special, Kumiko says:

I was about to get sucked in. At that moment, I felt like I wouldn’t mind losing my life.

Those are some strong words. No matter what happens from here on out, the fact shall remain that what Reina said had such a drastic effect on Kumiko, and no one else could make her feel the way she did in that moment.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I could write even more about this episode and how much I loved every inch of it, but I’ll stop myself from rambling before it’s too late. However, I’ll reiterate: There’s no doubt that this was my favourite KyoAni episode to date. I’ll probably re-watch it at some later date to experience it all over again, but for now I’m still floored by everything that happened, and by how stunning it was. Kumiko and Reina playing their junior high band song as the credits rolled was a lovely note to end on. It was also hard to see Hazuki finally break down, but I hope she manages to move on from this. This could very well become one of Kyoto Animation’s best series, so long as this quality is sustained – and I’m very hopefull it will. Next week the auditions are coming, so I expect the drama to be high, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Taki-sensei makes some controversial cuts to shake things up. Next Tuesday can’t come any sooner.

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      1. @Nitro,

        Something wrong about that? No, nothing is wrong; in fact I think she’s cute!


        Yes, ample meats on the body is better than anorexic types! That’s why I said “a little bit”; her character is designed ‘a tiny bit fatter’ than main casts. 🙂

        Lone Wanderer
  1. There is no doubt in mind that Reina will have a place at center stage next episode as well…I’ve noticed that this series does a splendid job at juggling several “red threads” at once as they stretch from episode to episode, and I think the one involving Reina’s conflict with Kaori and Ribbon-san is going to be tugged at and strummed in episode 9.

  2. The little nuances that Kyoani does really makes this episode amazing; from Goto blushing to Reina and her blistered heels. It makes the characters feel very real.


    1. Watching her walk at the heel level made me think of Senjōgahara as she led Araragi down the garden path to the stars.

      While not in the same league as her, Kousaka’s restrained intensity and mostly bottled passions make for some rivetting moments.

    1. and that’s my one of my nitpicks to what is quite a good series; it’s the yuribaiting. It would be perfect if it was beneath the surface and left to viewer interpretation (like good writing would allow one to do), but it’s kinda blatant and that’s the one thing that distracted me from the pretty good storytelling and kick ass presentation of this episode. It’s kinda there for commercial sake rather than being a vehicle of the narrative. And if it was suppose to be part of the narrative, then like i mentioned before, it would be beneath the surface of the storytelling and act as a catalyst to illustrate how kumiko and reina inspire each other

    2. The most painful kind of love is a love unloved. The “it could have been”s. It lives all up in your head. Once you have loved and have received love, it all becomes quite dull.

      Petit Orenji
  3. Love is relentless, unbound, cares for no bonds. Love doesn’t follow rules. Love will crush you or make you, in an instant.

    I don’t know many KioAni series, but this is in the top of the top so far. It was just glorious to watch.

    I loved how genuine the interaction between Kumiko and Reina played out. Reina sure wants to be special in her own right. Hard work and dedication. Maybe because she knows Kumiko facade she understands she’s also not wiling to be part of the herd.

  4. This is happening!! KyoAni actually did it. The author and screenwriters wrote an incredible confession of girl love without any head-desks, face palms, laughs, awkwardness, lewdness, fanservice, or cheesiness! We have achieved maximum yuri perfection! And Kousaka is totally boss. She owned this date 98% (I have to give points off because she bruised her ankles from watching up a hill in high heels), but she looks like she can handle anything.

    A tale of love found, love lost, and after it all, we lie down with music.

  5. The only thing about Reina and Komiko’s relationship that surprised me was that Reina confessed to Kumiko and not vice versa. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. The only thing missing was Komiko admitting to having erotic dreams about Reina doing perverted things to her with a trumpet. 😛 Of course we had the ED with the “red string of fate” so this is what I was expecting, just not the role reversal. I thought Kumiko was going to be the pursuer and not the prey. The other thing was that Reina saw right through Kumiko’s facade and was not shy about pointing it out to her. It will be interesting to see how that relationship affects Kumiko.

    It was iron clad confirmed that Hazuki was going to get rejected as soon as he asked Komiko to go to the festival (along with the “let’s practice together”). The scene where she breaks down with Midori worked perfectly and what made it special was Midori’s adorable little sister joining in with the hug. Oh god was that cute. Close behind was Riko and her yukata for cuteness.

    Now unfortunately, for me at least, is that Asuka has mostly faded into the background with just a few bits. I suppose with a large cast that’s inevitable.

    As too whether this was Kyoani’s finest, I’d still say that the last scene of Hyouka tops it. If not for animation quality, just for the sheer poetry and emotion that Eru’s “confession” conveys. Still brings tears to my eyes.

  6. “she hardly notices him when they walk past one another in the street”

    No, Kumiko definitely noticed him. Notice how her eyes shifted to her right (in his direction) as she passed him? And he knew she spotted him too, since he followed up with a “don’t ignore me”.

    1. If anything, this episode actually solidifies the KumikoXShuuichi ship. ReinaXKumiko is just a big yuri bait that was made over the top by the stunning visuals and teasing narrative. If anything, Reina is a very sensitive girl and knows or can read Kumiko perfectly. And she already pointed out her preference when she chose the “old and classy” shrine.

      1. Really? If you mean “solidify” as in thrust this uninteresting ship infront more then halfway through this series sure. I still don’t see anything happening especially when Kumiko still hasn’t reciprocated any interest. If they want to sell me on this, there better be some come actual development.

        Also I’m sure dismissing the character development that has been built since the first episode as yuribaiting doesn’t raise any unfortunate implications at all.

      2. @ fragb85

        There’s no need for anything to happen. There will always be an unresolved sexual tension between Kumiko and Shuuichi as Kumiko tries to maintain the status quo while Shuuichi tries to bring it to the next level. It will be just a little subplot that will remain on the background to tickle us from time to time but with no foreseeable resolution at the end. This is not Ore Monogatari and KyoAni made it sure that it wasn’t based on how they handled Hazuki’s rejection. It wasn’t given that much of attention at all and simply became a part of the background. The thing that was (re)established here was Kumiko and Reina’s friendship. Heck, I think Reina even used that date as an opportunity to indirectly force Kumiko to do better and strive harder this time around.

        “I’m special, and since I chose you to be my friend, I expect that you try your damn hardest as well to follow my lead and catch up.”

        That’s what I saw on that whole over the top sequence.

      3. @reikaku; agreed kumiko and shuuichi’s relationship has gotten attention; it’s just very low-key because the writers expect the viewers to read between the lines (and i wish the gave the same treatment to reina and kumiko’s scenes). This ep was to solidify the friendship and sense of admiration between the girls; i just wish they did that in a less yuri-baiting way

  7. Dammit, now I want to watch this episode, but that means I’ll have to start the series from the beginning for it to have maximum effect. I don’t have time for that!

  8. I’ve read the original novel of Hibike! Euphonium. there are several points to dramatize and arrange to the anime. Those points worked well, I think.
    Especially in this episode. Kimono and Reina played ensemble on the top of Daikichi mountain, that was in effective. In the novel, they didn’t even bring instruments.
    The music title”the place where I found love” was covering everyone in the show. That scene is a magnificent.

    1. One small thing I forgot to write, in the novel Natsuki went to the cram school
      instead of the Agata-Matsuri. That is the good arrangement to describe the releationship
      between Natsuki and Yuko(Deka-ribbon).

      Probably this season will go to the end of volume1. Natsuki and Asuka is much bigger
      role in the novel Volume2, 3.
      I hope KyoAni to make a second season.

  9. Always with the yuri baiting…

    You know Reina is going to have the hots for the teacher, she even drops a hint about how she “likes” the “classy and grown up” shrine.

    One of these days you’re going to have to pay your dues and give us some actual yuri Kyoani.

  10. Reina and kimiko romantic love? I don’t think so. More like a well connected friendship.

    Not that I would mind it at all if a love relationship developes between then as poeticaly as this.
    Yuri glasses don’t have to be on very tight to see that possable.

    1. Not really friendship, as the two hardly spoke before.
      You know, forget about “yuri goggles”, if one of them was male, the sexual tension between them would be so obvious and much more easily recognised.

  11. This episode was frankly stunning. Character details, animation, backgrounds.

    Someone drawing the backgrounds is sooooo close to getting it absolutely perfect. The bokeh (background blur of specular highlights) looks exactly like one of my lenses, which is sliiightly decentered. The only mistake is that they’re not all the same size (which doesn’t happen in that situation) but it was so close to perfect that I couldn’t help but forgive them.

  12. I’m in love. This series is incredible. The dialogue is incredible. The cinematography and animated fingers are incredible.

    I don’t think Kumiko is the one with the “negative” personality. I find Reina’s personality a lot more jarring, because she’s poker faced, manipulative, and, apparently, just “wants to be special”.

    Lots of young girls become jaded at a very early age, usually due to their worldliness and insightfulness, and then lose themselves in a kind of corn-maze because of their confusion as to what gives them enjoy and fear. It is very human. Kumiko is very human.

    Petit Orenji
    1. Oh, yes, Kousaka Reina’s no saint… but that’s probably kind of the point – she recognizes some of the same qualities in Kumiko, which is part of why she’s fascinated with her. It also told me exactly why I like Kumiko so much – it’s precisely because she does, in fact, have what would be called a ‘bad personality’. Under that normal-seeming exterior is a cynical core which, for whatever reason, is rarely excited to particularly strong emotion, and mostly just doesn’t want to get involved in anything troublesome. Even in this very episode, when she’s contemplating the curveball Shuuichi just threw at her, her reaction is not ‘wait, he likes me?’ or ‘I don’t really want to hurt Hazuki’… it’s ‘this is really troublesome’. This is the real social face of Oumae Kumiko the person, and her reactions to Reina later spell out further the dark and impulsive urges that lurk under that outward mildness. She’s very human, definitely – and most definitely a rather more negative and layered example of one. And I love that kind of personality, myself.

      In that context, then, it’s a large clue as to Kumiko’s personal priority list that she’s displayed a strong emotional response to exactly three people – Aoi, Reina, and Shuuichi – and she only shows her cynicism and/or self-depreciation to the latter two.

      1. I don’t understand why being cynical is considered bad. Especially when said person is trying her very hardest to be friendly to everyone. That means that she’s self-aware of her cynicism and does something about it. Also, instead of being self-absorbed when being told by a boy that he wants to go out with her like how all other girls would, Kumiko thinks of others. She knows of the baggage and the implications of going out with Shuichi. That’s the best possible personality I could find in a person.

        Petit Orenji
      2. I don’t understand why being cynical is considered bad

        Perhaps there’s a cultural difference here between Japan and the (majority) of the posters here? With my American upbringing, Kumiko seems to be the most natural, realistic high school girl I can remember seeing in anime for many years, whereas I get the feeling that the writers expect Hazuki’s upbeat personality seems more conventional to Japanese viewers.

  13. By the time they were almost finishing the mountain hike the only thing I could think of was ‘Oh no, the episode is probably coming to an end, please, I don’t want it to end, I want this to go on forever’.

    This episode was undeserving of being watched on a hot Tuesday evening after a busy day. It was indeed perfect, and I’ll re-watch it a couple times more.

  14. I’ll admit it, that was something special. Really, really special. I just hope there is a payoff at the end, otherwise I fear a lot of the great work put into the show is going to get forgotten.

  15. It’s all only platonic, Samu. Platonic yet very teasing of Reina. Not gonna bite that Yuri bait. I feel that that scene just reestablished their connection and made their bonds as “friends” deeper. Not love, I think what Kumiko felt was extreme admiration and fascination of how strong of a person Reina was. She’ll probably use it as an inspiration not to fall behind of Reina going into the audition. And I think that’s also Reina’s goal. Removing that awkwardness between the two of them so that Kumiko can focus more on the band and audition. One less hassle to think about.

    What I do realized on all the scenes that I’ve watched involving Kumiko and Shuuichi is that Kumiko still has some feelings for Shuuichi. Kyoani was really great on providing subtle real life hints about that. Kumiko is a subtle tsundere character towards Shuuichi.

    It’s probably part of her goal to start fresh that she’s trying her best to pretend to ignore the guy, reject him and even bash him at some instances just for Shuuichi to be turned off of her. Those are typical tendencies of teenagers wanting to get rid of their puppy loves and move on. And I actually think that Reina knows what’s going on between Kumiko and Shuuichi. They were classmates in middle school. She probably caught wind of Kumiko and Shuuichi’s little puppy love as well.

    It’s a good thing that Shuuichi is a persistent one and he didn’t use Hazuki as an escape goat for Kumiko’s rejection of him.

    1. Apologies for the double post but…

      This week was a great week for anime. Starting off with Hachiman seeking help and mending his relationship with Yui and Yukinon, Bell’s epic one-on-one battle in Danamachi that puts Kirito to shame and makes GARcher really proud, FSN’s Unlimited Blade Work scene leading to the Answer and Lancer’s Bro-assery, Kuroko’s and Seirin’s comeback in KnB, to this beautifully crafted scene by KyoAni. DAYM! its good to be alive and watching anime today.

  16. https://randomc.net/image/Hibike!%20Euphonium/Hibike!%20Euphonium%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2019.jpg



    Reina was so beautiful this episode; both straight hair AND a pony in the same episode! <3<3<3


    …does anyone know how to turn a human into a euphonium? (Also more show that Asuka is very serious about playing.)

    And while it's sad that Hazuki got rejected, at the same time, I'm glad that it got resolved quickly and cleanly, and didn't spend the whole rest of the series trying to create melodrama between her, Kumiko, and Shuichi; Hazuki even proving what a good friend she is by not blaming Kumiko for the rejection and even supporting her and Shuichi now.

    On a random note, the seasonal uniform change was nice too.

  17. This episode was a masterpiece. Perfect is definitely the word.

    Reina and Kumiko have such good chemisty. It may be KyoAni’s baiting, but it sure would be nice if they got together.

  18. “I want to become special. I don’t want to be like the others. That’s why I play the trumpet.”

    Yeah, her and everyone else I’ve known who has played it. There is nothing like being the one to play the trumpet solo. It’s that wonderful mix of stress, fear, anticipation, and the desire to be the center of attention. Adrenaline pumping to the max. Yep, it’s a drug.

    Oh sure, other instruments get solos, too, but in concert band/marching band, it’s usually the trumpet solo that’s the big deal. So yeah, attention-whores are drawn to the instrument like flies to honey.

    And that’s perfectly fine by me. 😀

    I wasn’t too surprised at either the love triangle (seen worse IRL bands) or the yuri (seen that too). Take a large number of creative/performer types with strong feels and hormones, and you get all kinds of fun stuff happening in those little tiny rehearsal rooms. ^^;;

    I’ll be disappointed if they chicken out of it, tho. They gained many points this week, but they could just as easily lose them next week with a bad follow-up. Still, it was a pretty episode with some incredible scenes in it.

    1. Yeah, during that scene I pretty much thought “sounds like a trumpet player to me.”

      As someone who played the eupho, it’s an interesting time watching this show. Certainly the eupho has some good moments, but it isn’t the standout star of the band like the trumpet. That instrument gets all the attention and the people playing it will have their performances scrutinized all the more because of it.

  19. kyoani really outdid themselves this episode, they really nailed the character interactions here. With so many character interactions happening, i was worrying that it would become a big mess but they handled it pretty well, juggling from one group of characters to the next without making it feel unnatural.

    Also i feel bad for hazuki

    Hazuki, you should try to lose the hair clip, you look prettier without it. “He” might give you a second look

  20. Looks like my fears were unfounded. I dreaded this watching when it mentioned “triangle” on the episode as some over dramatic episode. Instead everything was grounded, quiet and understated. Even Hazuki’s rejection was devoid of any theatrics. Thank you KyoAni, you’ve proven that you can be subtle when you actually care.

    Kousaka, or should I say Reina now, is pretty as usual. Kyoani is really focusing alot of giving her some nice shots and motion. I do also like how this is shown on Kumiko’s perspective in both her fascinated looks as well as her narrations to highlight what kind of person she is.

    What I am interested in now is where Shuuichi goes from here. Out of the main cast I find myself less invested in his side of things, and I just can’t see him and Kumiko together.

    Honestly I’m not interested in this subplot. This is actually the first KyoAni work I’ve seen in a while where I have no interest in the shipping. I’m actually annoyed, I like how the Kumiko and Shuuichi act like close friends before rather than cliche ship teasing. But now its gone the Lowest Common Denominator route by showing the Shuuichu is interested in her.

    Still its hardly relevant a this point. As long as we can have more focus on the band dynamics and Kumiko’s development as a character throughout I I’ll be fine with it.

  21. Well, I’ll let KyoAni to play their game and let us know sooner or later the true meaning behind this masterful episode. Probabbly we’ll get some answers next week.

    Syaoran LI
  22. This was a great episode for relationships, both romantic and platonic. I was really proud of how Hazuki put herself out there and confessed. It didn’t work out, but she tried and that’s enough. Her efforts leave you wishing nothing but success and happiness for her.

    I do think the Kumiko and Shuichi situation is interesting. You could really see the shock and surprise when he basically asked her out. I’m not sure what her feelings are right now. While I think there might be something there, I also think she’d much rather keep things as they are and never really considered moving beyond this relationship.

    On the other hand….yeah that Kumiko and Reina scene overlooking the city was pretty amazing. Really their whole date, really felt like a date. Reina going all out in dressing for it, Kumiko a bit in awe, and just some nice conversation. Really tackled some issues, got a good understanding of Reina as a person, and made me think anything could happen there. That was some legitimately solid romance going on. The whole finger running down Kumiko’s face was something. And all finished up with a duet on basically a mountain top.

    I’m sorry to Shuichi (decent enough guy), but damn I’d much rather just see more moments with Kumiko and Reina.

  23. I’m interested at what Reina meant when she asked Kumiko – “What temples do you prefer? Old or new?”

    Reina said “I prefer aged ones, they’re more classy and __”. That sounds like an indirect reference to Taki-sensei. I used to think her feelings towards taki-sensei was purely admiration, but after this ep I have a feeling it goes beyond that.

    This show too fun. Until next week!

    1. I hope that’s the case. Not because I want Taki-sensei and Reina to be a couple or anything, that’s kind of weird. No…I like it because seeing a character like Reina pining away for teacher even though she can’t have him is just the right kind of scandalous for a show like this with the themes that it’s already been exploring. It would make things more interesting…

  24. The text was translated from the fourth chapter of the first novel titled “Goodbye Competition”.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    source: http://www.kitakubu.co/2015/05/the-hibike-euphonium-novels-were-also-yurilicious/

  25. “I was about to get sucked in. At that moment, I felt like I wouldn’t mind losing my life.”

    Although you’re right with the strong feelings in this one, I’d like to point out that Kumiko compared Kousaka in her snow white dress to the legend of the snow maiden who sucks people in and lets them die.

    I think it’s more of a continuation of that thought than a stand alone one. Kumiko feels like those people in the legend. Seeing something really beautiful and although she knows she’s gonna be “sucked in and die” she wouldn’t mind.

    So this statement says more about how Kumiko views Reina than about the feelings she’s getting from her. She views her as someone special with power to make people (to a certain degree) do what she wants them to and at the same time Kumiko feels like she herself isn’t the same as Reina but on of those that get easily swept away by such powerful people.

    Reina however thinks clearly that her and Kumiko have a lot in common. Maybe even the same sort of “power” that likely leads to them being such great musicians.

  26. KyoAni needs to bust out no EDs more. I know that this makes them pour more time to the episode but the payback is huge if handled correctly. At least, Takemoto is not the only one willing to push for such things. It’s one of the factors why Hyouka had such a strong first episode despite being low key. Bravo Ishihara. You’re really redeeming yourself in my eyes.

  27. so the real triangle has been revield from the episode you could see shuichi looking at reina then at kumiko. I was like what does that mean? not until the confetion on top of the mountain did i realize that did he had that gut feeling that something was up between those two?

  28. The Last Idiot
  29. anyway, has anyone found out if this show will run for 24 eps? because i dont feel 13 eps would be enough to cover the prefectural and then the national tournament.

    The Last Idiot
    1. Do you have a source for actual translations that spoil this?

      Yes, it seems quite a bit like standard yuri-baiting, but I also have a hard time seeing anything happen between Shuuichi and Kumiko.

      1. I think the spoiler tag is enough. You don’t have to call him for that just because he burst the bubble of all the yuri fanatics out there and invalidated most of your observations about the episode.

        If anything, KyoAni wants us to always read between the lines which what I really love about this series. There’s so much nuances akin to real life that KyoAni have shown in every episode. That includes Kumiko trying to brush off her feeling for Shuuichi just for the sole reason that she wanted a fresh start in high school. As to where this ship goes, it will bank on Shuuichi’s persistence and effort.

      2. That may have been a valid argument if angiri (and Melissa, which I believe is an alternate account, since they have the same site link) ever say anything else other than that.

        The only comments that I have seen from them is complaining about possible yuri relationship and being generally condescending towards people who like series that have yuri tones, regardless of whether that is integral to the story or not.

        Some examples of their post: Hibike episode 5, Nanoha episode 1 and episode 2 (which had a whole chain of complaints from them).

      3. angiri and Melissa have stated that the only reason guys watch anime is because of yuri.

        Beyond that, I have not seen any other subject they comment on. The only comments are them trying to debunk yuri relationships, mocking series and viewers of yuri series, and condemning yuri in general.

  30. “Heck, she hardly notices him when they walk past one another in the street.”
    Actually, she noticed and ignored him lmao
    Best subtle animation.
    And pigs be saying this show yuribaiting and assume Reina is confessing her love when she’s actually joking.
    But this episode showed a lot of what is Reina’s thoughts about Kumiko.
    Can’t wait to see the two of them as best buds.

    Sound Hyouka Market
  31. I’m not into yuri, I like Shuuichi and generally enjoy heterosexual romance, but if they’re just make yuri bait here and nothing more, or even worse if Kumiko will end with the guy she even doesn’t want to talk much, then I’d be seriously pissed. Sometimes giving hints for fans is not bad, like it was with Free!!, but they’re making watchers believe that there is something more, not only ‘imagine’ it, so if that theory with teacher is true, then Kyoani you could just give us beautiful friendship between girls, not making us fools. Okay, that’s all. Just wanted to say in advance, because recently many anime/manga ends with ridiculous pairings ( like Naruto ), so I might be slightly biased here.

  32. For all that Natsuki and Ribbon-chan seem to fight all the time, they stay together for the festival (shooting gallery and a later shot).

    I do wonder about one of those shots at the end, where Asuka/pres/other girl were watching another pair of girls run past, where the lead one was holding up her skirt by the waistband, and it looks partly undone. Haven’t gone back to see if I recognize them, though.

    That was some pretty blatant flirting on the mountain trail.

    Random nothing bit of animation that just struck me as fantastic: Kumiko riding the train near the start of the episode, and a sudden jolt causes her to bounce and her head sways to the side before bringing it back. Just one of those things to say, “This isn’t a piece of cardboard we stuck on a train background.” Every moment feeling as real as possible.

    1. “I do wonder about one of those shots at the end, where Asuka/pres/other girl were watching another pair of girls run past, where the lead one was holding up her skirt by the waistband, and it looks partly undone. Haven’t gone back to see if I recognize them, though.”


      There needs to be a special episode for them.

  33. Midori’s little sister has got to be the cutest thing since maybe Non Non Biyori’s Renge. Hazuki was also cute in this episode so it was a little sad Shuichi rejected her. So it was only in this episode that Shuichi gave actual hints that he liked Kumiko, huh? On the main highlight of the episode itself, I’m still actually figuring out Reina’s whole mindset from that hiking trip with Kumiko. So all this time since middle school, she wasn’t completely angry at Kumiko for saying they didn’t have a chance at the Nationals? I didn’t say fully angry since we find out here that Reina does like to stand out and Kumiko saying they don’t have a chance at the Nationals would be a big blow to her. She wouldn’t get the chance to be the center of attention. I assume then that Reina was in a way fascinated by Kumiko’s bluntness and no matter how much she tried putting on a smiling face, her cynicism would just seep out. So would that mean Reina is the type that prefers brutal honesty than sugar coating anytime? That’s what I got when Reina said Kumiko having a terrible personality was a compliment. Perhaps for a while now, she did want to get friendly with Kumiko, but never bothered since she felt they were both awkward. She didn’t refuse Kumiko’s invitation to the Agata Festival after all.

    1. A “hint” and “speculation” is not proof. Trying to pass it of as such is just plain lying.

      With your extremely biased views on relationships, there is very little that can be trusted in what you say about future events.

  34. This ep was so awesome because of the subtle gestures that Kyoani brought to the stage. Loved it to bits!

    A few subtle hints that show Kumiko is still interested in Shunichi IMO (also, as mentioned by some of you guys already)

    1. Kumiko actually did notice Shunichi when she walked past him
    2. The way Kumiko held on to Reina’s arm after sorta rejecting Shunichi’s invitation
    3. Her reaction to Reina asking her about Shunichi (and Reina knows what’s up)

    Also, the reference to the old temple is almost definitely a hint of her interest in Taki-sensei. I’m guessing this is just yuri-baiting.

    Thanks Samu for covering this! I agree with you, it was perfect in the subtlest way. Makes the Hyouka fan in me shout with glee.

  35. Soren@ let me explain my reasoning why I think reina and kumiko’s “relationship” is fan service so to speak, I have nothing against yuri or yaoi as long as said relationship has plot relevance like chikane and himeko’s from kannazuki no miko or toya and yukito’s from ccs and Uranus and Neptune’s from sailor moon; these relationships despite all being the same sex I find utterly adorable because the relationship help furthers the plot of the story. Reina and kumiko on the other hand just seem to be there just for the sake of it and nothing more. there are other commenters here who also think that their “love” is fan service but I don’t see anyone bashing them for their opinion.

    1. First of all, learn to use the reply button to make a single discussion thread.

      There is a world of difference between fact and opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, but there is only one fact. You tried to present your opinion as fact, and even lied to people about it. That is my problem with you.

      For the record, I do not believe anything will come out of the relationship between Kumiko and Reina. KyoAni is not the type of studio to do that, since they usually focus more on friendship. But unlike you, I do not shove that in everyone’s face. As I stated above, you have done nothing except complain about yuri in all your posts, not just here but even in other series, despite being told off multiple times. That gets really annoying, really fast.

  36. This episode was spectacular! Although im not sure if yuri will be shown later or is being applied (even though Kyo Animation is known for that to a sense) I cant help to but overall appreciate the fact that these characters speak to one another that I hope gets stronger as the series goes on further. Whether its platonically or romantically

    Side note: Is there a description of how long they wanted the series to run for? (just out of curiosity)

  37. This episode straight blew my mind.

    They just…let it all out and there was no way of seeing it coming. I almost felt like Kyoto Animation played the long con for 2 years on me because I haven’t been remotely moved like this since Tamako Market.

    I’ve been pretty disappointed with how “just ok” or even “kinda bad” KyoAni’s work has been with Free, KnK, Chu2-2, Amagi.

  38. Well damn, its going to be a shame if one of the best scenes ive seen in anime for quite awhile turns out to be just bait. The chemistry between kumiko and reina was just perfect, overall that entire scene was so wonderfully written and executed

  39. Samu, you managed to write my exact thoughts down on this episode! Perfect! (Except about the Asuka thing, but I’ll forgive you). The intense moments between Kumiko and Reina came completely out of the blue for me, but I loved every moment of it. Give me more KyoAni!

  40. Feel free to use spoiler tags to answer this one people who’ve read the light novels. This scene of Kumiko and Reina in the Agata Festival happened the same way on the novels?


    Syaoran LI
    1. Best episode 10, bad episode 8 yuribayt fact
      Anime ecqual LN facto

      The anime won’t have Kumiko/Shuuichi set in stone, but it will end the scene that basically confirms them as a couple when Kumiko is frustrated Shuuchi has been avoiding her and just being with him calms him down and there is some super-cheesy narration before Asuka cockblocks them because their turn in the contest is next. Can’t wait for the tears. You can charge me after I guarantee.

  41. This is to shut the mouths of yuri fans, and this modero because if acontecese ugly scene between two women or between two men such comments would never posted

    BEST FRIEND (ie osananajimi) route is confirmed.

    Sensei (shimatta i.e) route is confirmed.

    1. I see, so a relationship between two persons of the same sex is disgusting whereas it’s okay if a 34 year old teacher can be in a relationship with a student half their age so as long as they are the opposite sex, right? I see. Thank you for enlightening us all, Androide18.


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