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Tamako Love Story

「たまこラブストーリー」 (Tamako Rabusutourii)
“Tamako Love Story”

I once said that what Tamako Market lacked was romance, and that it didn’t make good on its potential by bringing real change to its characters’ lives. Now, with Tamako Love Story, they’ve done that. So the question becomes—did they succeed?

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Tamako Market – 12 (END)

「今年もまた暮れてった」 (Kotoshi mo Mata Kure Tetta)
“Another Year Ends”

Another KyoAni slice of life comes to a close. Tears were shed and conclusions were had – or not, as was the case. There were some though, and some smiles as well, which is probably fitting for this show.

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Tamako Market – 11

「まさかあの娘がプリンセス」 (Masaka Ano Musume ga Purinsesu)
“Who Knew She’d Be a Princess?”

Finally, after 10 whole episodes, we have the one thing we’ve never seen before – a Tamako episode! With the “Tamako-sama” bomb dropped, all eyes are on her, and she doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with the attention.

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Tamako Market – 10

「あの子のバトンに花が咲く」 (Ano ko no Baton ni Hanagasaku)
“A Flower Blooms on Her Baton”

“How pathetic! What a worthless worry!” Right you are, Dera.

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Tamako Market – 09

「歌っちゃうんだ、恋の歌」 (Utacchaunda, Koi no Uta)
“Singing a Love Song”

It’s time for tsundere dad to take center stage.

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Tamako Market – 08

「ニワトリだとは言わせねぇ」 (Niwatorida to wa Iwa Senee)
“Can’t Call Me A Chicken Anymore”

Comedy is a subjective thing, but I think it’s safe to say this was one of, and probably the funniest episode of Tamako Market so far. As long as you don’t hate Dera. Let’s discuss why.

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Tamako Market – 07

「あの子がお嫁に行っちゃった」 (Anoko ga Oyome ni Itsu Chatta)
“She Went to Be a Bride”

At first it was just happy tsuntsun fun with Choi-chan, when suddenly her story with her prince is colliding with that of Sayuri and Afro-kun. And Tamako is–!?

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Tamako Market – 06

「俺の背筋も凍ったぜ」 (Ore no Sesuji mo Koutta ze)
“I Felt Chills Down My Spine Too”

Kanna confirmed for best girl. No objections.

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Tamako Market – 05

「一夜を共に過ごしたぜ」 (Ichiya o Tomoni Sugoshita ze)
“We Spent the Night Together”

Did Tamako Market just turn into a romcom? The subtext around Midori, Tamako, and Mochizou gets louder as Midori and Mochizou go head-to-head in a thinly veiled competition for Tamako’s affection. Come on you two, you’re not fooling anybody!

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Tamako Market – 04

「小さな恋、咲いちゃった」 (Chisana Koi, Sai Chatta)
“A Small Love Blooms”

The Tamako Market team is really getting into it, with the fuwa fuwa and humour still spot on, but the character development and plot progression getting even more subtle and adroit. Also, Anko-hime, hng~

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Tamako Market – 03

「クールなあの子にあっちっち」 (Kuuruna Ano Ko ni Acchicchi)
“Hot for a Cool Girl”

Ahhh, to be young and bashful again. This was only partially a Shiori episode though, as Dera once again went about stealing the show.

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Tamako Market – 02

「恋の花咲くバレンタイン」 (Koi no Hanasaki ku Barentain)
“A Valentine’s Day Blooming with Love”

Valentine’s Day comes to the shopping district, bringing with it love, celebration, and sage words from a gentlemanly bird to a confused young maiden. Already this show is going in another direction I did not expect, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Tamako Market – 01

「あの娘はかわいいもち屋の娘」 (Ano Ko wa Kawaii Mochiya no Musume)
“That Girl is the Cute Daughter of a Mochi Shop Owner”

Okay, this is cute, pretty KyoAni alrigh–woah did that bird just WHAT!? Welcome to Tamako Market, where no one knows what’ll happen next.

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