「歌っちゃうんだ、恋の歌」 (Utacchaunda, Koi no Uta)
“Singing a Love Song”

If there’s one thing that Tamako Market does well, and perhaps better than any slice of life show in recent memory – though I drink a lot, so my memory isn’t real good – it’s tell heartwarming little stories with its entire cast where things appear to change, but in reality nothing really has. The changes happen inside the characters, and within us. This time we thought we were getting an Anko episode, but nope! Turns out it was time for tsundere dad to take center stage.

Young Love, Gone Before It Began

Okay, so Anko did get her time in the spotlight as well. I must say that it was kind of odd – coming from some of the other shows I cover, the news that Anko’s crush was moving away came without a hint of drama. Blame it on (or give credit to)Tamako Market’s atmosphere. Still, while I wasn’t worried about Anko being crushed into a tear spiral, I did wonder where they were going with this.

Where they were apparently going was to show how dependable the men in Tamako’s life are. Mochizou, Dera, her father…they’re all as dependable as they are silly. This time, Mochizou stepped up to find out what was getting Anko down, and then took the initiative to talk to her to try to help out. As for Dera, not only is he now grocery shopping, but Tamako instantly trusted him to take care of her little sister – and deservedly so! Tamako is a lucky girl. Anko as well.

As for a certain boy in Anko’s life, dependable he certainly is, but silly he is not. Is it just me, or is Yuzuki-kun going to grow up to be either the ultimate ladies man or the world’s best boyfriend? Either way, as a guy myself I almost hate him, if only out of jealousy. Smoothly saying that he’ll come see Anko on New Years Eve…you sly dog, you! It does go to show you, though…while it can hurt when a friend (or love interest) goes away, you shouldn’t hole yourself up to avoid the pain. Go and talk to them – you never know what good things may happen.

Mochizou’s Smile

Speaking of Mochizou, that boy sure does have it tough. It’s tough loving the dense Tamako…and yet, she shows signs of something more. When Mochizou only told her that Anko’s “friend” was moving away, she jumped to the conclusion that it was Yuzuki-kun (unless she was eavesdropping on their conversation, which doesn’t seem like her style). She also actually remembered Mochizou’s birthday, and gave him a mochi cake to celebrate. Just as it’s nice to see Anko crushing on the kind boy, I love seeing the beleaguered nice guy rewarded by his dense crush. Happy birthday, Mochizou!

The Story of a Love Song

A whole family named after mochi, eh? And another family across the street! (Except Tamako. I guess they wanted to branch out with that one). It’s silly, but if only for giving us this sweet scene, I’m okay with it.

So rather than an Anko episode, this was at its core an episode about love, as principally embodied by the tale of Kitashirakawa Mamedai (Fujiwara Keiji) and Kitashirakawa Hinako (Hikasa Yoko), AKA Tamako and Anko’s parents. Personally, I think anime lacks enough good stories about parents and family. Oh, there are a few (CLANNAD comes screaming to mind), but they’re mainly under KyoAni’s oeuvre – almost no one else does them. For them, parental abandonment (trope!) is the norm. Which is fine! Yet when I look at this episode…

The reason I really enjoyed the story of tsundere dad’s love is the mixture of innocence and maturity, of happiness with the bittersweet fact that she is no longer there to be with them. It was an adult love story – sad, yes, but such is life. And yet it was so loving, so beautiful, watching these two young kids that you knew would one day grow older and have two beautiful daughters together. Holy hell, I think writing this is making me more emotional than watching it ever did.

Contemplate their story, dear readers, because though it is bittersweet, it cannot be so without being sweet in part. I loved how Tamako caught her dad singing the song that he wrote for his future wife, I loved that he wrote it and performed it for her, and I even loved the words, as unoriginal as they were (though heartfelt! Screw originality – I’ll take honest emotion every time). And perhaps most of all, I loved how Tamako told him that after seeing that video, she loved him even more. No, scratch that–it was his smile at the end. Even now, he still loves her, as much as he did in those days long ago when he wrote and sang for her. A love that does not fade…oh man, I’m tearing up over here. Blasted writing–why does it have to make me feel?!

Looking Ahead

Making guesses as to what is coming next is futile. It would appear that next episode involves a lot of Midori, but so what? That might mean it’s a 1/3 Midori episode, who knows. All I know is that they’d better start shoveling some character development on their heroine soon, lest the show end with her exactly as she was at the start. Though maybe that’s exactly what will happen. It’s as her grandfather said – Tamako is the same as always, and she probably always will be. I added that second part myself.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – A bittersweet love story, x2. Tsundere dad is devastating when he turns on the dere. “I’m singing this song just for you…” #tamakomarket

Random thoughts:

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  1. Tamako is the spitting image of her Mom, down to the mole on her right neck. Also, the episode was great as always. Here’s to hoping for some actual romance to develop between Tamako and Mochizou.

    1. Looking at Tamako’s mom and dad in their school years, I feel like Tamako Market takes place several years after Chuunibyou. Especially Tamako’s tsundere dad, who is probably Isshikei.

      This episode sure has strong Tamako/Mochizou vibes going on. Honestly, I want Mochizou to win the Tamako Market.

      Looks like we have another Midori episode. Kanna and Shiori deserve to get another spotlight too. And lol at that last preview pic. That is got to be the happiest moe face that I have ever seen! Midori is just so cute! I wonder what Midori is looking at….

  2. Ugh my god, that ending montage made me explode with feelings. My chest hurts just thinking about it. The song’s usage throughout the ending roll was excellent as well. I’m not the biggest fan of Mochizou and Tamako, but seeing how touched he was that she gave him a mochi birthday cake was very well-done. I would’ve reacted the same way. Bravo, KyoAni!

    Next week looks like another Midori episode. Looking forward to it!

  3. Mochizou got sidelined by moments with Anko and Tamako’s dad, but he still went through a roller-coaster of emotions! He seemed very happy with the mochi birthday cake though!

    “I love you even more, Dad!” O . O Tamako! You are TOO SWEET! More daughters should be like you!

      1. I dunno, Mochizou may be too much like Tamako-papa. That’s exactly the kind of boy that fathers hate to see going after their daughters. After all, they know exactly what they’re thinking.

        The pervy bastards…

  4. lol, Mochizou is such an otome =D But you have to admit he does make a good brother-in-law (hopefully) heh.

    Yuzuki is a total player; did you see what he did? He gave Anko bandages, BANDAGES! That’s like a proposal in Anime-childhood! He has to marry her now!

      1. bookkid900 as it’s stands it’s just a Corporate CM by KyoAni like what they did during K-ON!! and Hyouka.

        Also if you followed link in ANN saying this as a new project, this could be the project itself. This very CM. So don’t expect this to be an anime.

        Anyway this is getting way too off topic. This is a Tamako thread.

    1. Making teenage girls moe is child’s play. KyoAni is way past that. Now that they’ve conquered teenage boys and middle-aged men, I only have to ask…what’s next?

  5. This episode was really good. Kudos to Kigami for realizing the feelings in this ep and of course for Naito’s splendid touch this ep’s animation. It was very fluid at times.

    Another that stood out for me was the BGM used. All the piano pieces playing were fitting the mood well. I really liked the one used in the early part of the episode and the one where Anko was rushing to her friend. The piano ver of the OP was really nice.

    Also thank god Yamada embraces Takemoto’s approach of omitting EDs when needed. I’m glad she realized this and didn’t follow her mentor’s bad habit. Most of the time Ishihara screwed up Chuunibyou in this aspect. Even though the message was relating, the over all instrumental feel was ruining the build up of the ep. Here in Tamako, they followed Takemoto’s approach on Hyouka and made a really bitter sweet touching moment.

    On the story side, Tamako’s humming was trollishly hilarious. It was different in the tone, but learning the reason behind it was gold. Who would’ve thunk her mom was tone deaf!

    9 episodes in and still nothing about the prince and the whole shock Choi had. Well in any case, I’ll enjoy this for the ride. Looking forward to the next episode.

    PS: Have some flamboyant dudes courtesy of KyoAni’s sister studio(Animation DO).

    1. What is up with that youtube video?

      The men *are* too moe here. Anko and Choi are good competition though.

      I actually am hoping master will get fleshed out a little since he’s such an interesting character. Also, Ono Daisuke…..

  6. I’m really curious as to where it’s going now that it seems there will be another Midori episode…I’m also wondering if anyone is going to make any headway with Tamako. Well, I’m still hoping for my yuri end.

  7. She also actually remembered Mochizou’s birthday, and gave him a mochi cake to celebrate.

    That puts her one up on him so far. He’s never succeeded in giving her anything for her birthday.

    I don’t even support Tamako x Mochizou, and I still think that was a great moment. Forget romance, that was just a wonderful friendship moment, and a sign that perhaps our little Tamako isn’t quite as clueless as we sometimes take her for.

    Looking forward to more Midori next time. Anything that makes her smile like that must be worth seeing.

  8. Anhhnnngko-chan + Tsun-daddy = >w<

    Whew, this episode was almost too much, but in a good way. Rotating seamlessly between An and Mamedai's story, we experienced the tale of two loves, one still budding, the other pressed and kept between the memories of the heart.

    Shyness, sadness, hopes and happiness of now and then – KyoAni managed to perfectly balance it all without the episode dropping to deep in potential melancholy. Heck, even Mochizou got to experience some happiness for once that was as full of emotion as Mame-dere's, though he's I'm sure, so full of win, probably claimed several more victims (like myself, who had to spend a night in the hospital's Hnnng! Victim Wing ^^)

    Next week we get some Midori action, with the title "Love Blooms On Her Baton"… Yuri senses tingling! ^^

    Lastly – Choi Dancing + Kanna's Hammer Time… what I wouldn't give for a gif of those two events happening at the same time XD

    Also, I want some snake mochi!

  9. I think what this episode showed more than any before it is how much a family our little core group has become. Dera and Choi were both acting like they really belinged there. The way Choi sent Dera to make tea and the way he didn’t even hesitate to make it, it made me smile, I love that bird.

    Then there’s Dera running errands, calling down Anko, escorting Anko and just generally being a great guy(bird).

    Choi meannwhile; seems to have taken the role of housekeeper. Making meals, helping with chores, and so on. Also judging her sudden burst of gluttony, I wonder if she will be the next one on a diet. Also it seems she can’t criticize Dera anymore of slacking in his mission since it’s apparent that she has too.

    Now for my usual photo interpretations:

    Lady and the Bird? Say aaaahhhhnnnn!


    Invisible Box

    “It’s only a bruised ankle Ms. Anko”

    I better leave it at that for now so I don’t have to have my comment reviewed again.

  10. HOT! HOT! HOT! Washboard abs check! Angelic smile check! Million-dollar ass check!
    It’s about time KyoAni makes an anime about cute guys doing cute things. The second guy who was literally stripping on his first appearance could be Mochizou if he quits mochi and joins the Swimming Club. AND OH MY GOD, that last guy who’s a total tsundere looks like a hunkier version of Houtarou <3 <3 <3
    The joke’s on KyoAni if they don’t make this happen because I’m so gonna be shelling out the big bucks to buy all ten seasons of it and I assure you I won’t be only one.

    Frau Kojiro
  11. Tsundere dad awesome. Tsundere dad in rock band, even more awesome. Master in his youth (keyboard) was also quite a hunk.

    Mochizou cries manly tears, knowing all his efforts had not been in vain.

    Anko gets a little help from her family and friends (and a bird) to have the courage to strengthen her friendship with the person she loves.

    This episode also features other memorable highlights

    Kanna-chan thumping the mochi <3

    Choi-chan imitating the thumping with a dance <33

    Choi-chan cuddled by Midori HNNG x3

    Dera getting hit by an origami shuriken, repeated in the eyecatch with hilarious effect

  12. Off-topic: Aired along with yesterday’s episode was Kyo-Ani’s teaser trailer for their subsidiary studio Animation Do’s yet unnamed new series focusing on swimming guys with awesome abs, no doubt aimed for a female audience, a Kyo-Ani first. (Then again K-ON, Hyouka and Chuunibyou had many female fans. )


  13. The opening hilariously sweet misunderstanding between young dad and mom could easily fit into one of sweet Love-Teki sketches in Nichijou.

    (Moral: This is what happens when you name your kids after the products of your store. An unexpected romance blossoms as a result. )

    1. It’s a good job I didn’t name my kids Application and Component then (pace Filippo Tommaso Marinetti).

      Seriously, though, if ever anyone has experienced the loss of a loved one then I hope you found this episode beautiful beyond words, just as I did.

  14. story of tsundere dad’s love is the mixture of innocence and maturity, of happiness…

    Also, the thing that I got too was that he was rejected several  times by her — but he didn’t give up. Kind of a
    message to Mochizou to not give up on Tamako (has hasn’t actually confessed for the 1st time, but you know).

    But more importantly, I want a Dera. I wonder if he can play 8-tracks from my collection, too.

    I can’t see everything being answered in the remaining episodes, which is cool as I hope there will be a 2nd season.

  15. OK so my comment wasn’t accepted to I guess I’ll have to post a smaller one.

    I love how this episode showed just how much our core group has become a family. The way Dera was helping with errands, escorting Anko, making tea etc. The way Choi has somehow become the cook and house keeper. I had no idea a dinner requiring forks and knives was considered a fancy meal in Japan.

    Also you’ll notice Here She puts her hair behind her ear. A sure sign of romantic interest.

  16. So Dera has blown his diet (Hmmm, soy sauce, mirin, garlic, a shake of ginger…).

    I didn’t get that the girl and boy were Tamako’s mom and dad at first (didn’t remember his name), I did notice that the market didn’t have a glass roof when he was young. Must have been put up to compete with the malls and department stores.

    This episode was cuteness overload. Even dad was cute. He’s so tsundere. Anko was just adorable and the gang (Midori, Kana, Shiori and Choi) were great to watch. Mochi pounding looks dangerous. I want more Shiori! Too many characters and not enough episodes!

  17. I keep rewinding the episode back to about 20 mins in and just listening to the song over and over again, I’m in love with this song, this anime and Papa Tamako! And Mochizou crying over the cake, and yet the small look of happiness you could just tell was in his anime moe eyes was just perfect. I will admit the first 3 times I rewatched that scene, I cried every time it got to Mochizou’s bit >3<

    1. Also, can I just express how much I adore Dera, and that moment when he flies past Anko after she trips. He’s so caring and lovable at times, but in his own way! His little “life lessons” at the end of each episode are just too perfect, and one of the many reasons this anime, despite hearing that lots of people don’t like it, is probably squeezing into my top 10, maybe 5!

  18. …Even now, he still loves her, as much as he did in those days long ago when he wrote and sang for her. A love that does not fade…oh man, I’m tearing up over here. Blasted writing–why does it have to make me feel?!

    – For some reason, Stilts, I got a little teary-eyed too as I read this part. You nailed it right on the head what Mamedai was feeling. Coolest dad right there, and very deserving of the two loving kids he has.
    – Dose of cuteness this week definitely came from Kanna and Choi dancing, the Anko-Yuzuki story, and these 2 scenes of face rubbing:
    – I really thought Kanna was saying “pettanko.”
    – Mochizou’s mom is pretty too, like the cool beauty kind of pretty.

    1. Isshiki transferred shortly after the events in Chuunibyou, started that rock band he always wanted, opened a mochi shop with his family, met and girl, got married, and here we are!!! THEY ARE IN THE SAAAAAAAME U-NI-VERSE!!!


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