「再会」 (Saikai)

Izana, your mission is to infiltrate the Shadow Moses Sidonia wearing this dress.
Izana: “@#$%!
Izana: Phew* I made it.”

This week on Metal Gear Izana, Snake becomes a photosynthetic human trying to infiltrate the last basti—wait, what do you mean this isn’t Metal Gear? You mean to tell me that despite all the sneaking and the prosthetic arm Izana has, she ain’t Snake? Could’ve fooled me. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me this isn’t a romcom/harem series. (It isn’t, but it sure can go for one!)

Game references aside (if you haven’t played Metal Gear yet, you should probably get on that), it’s another week in the life of Tanikaze Nagate, and things are just fine and dandy for our ace pilot. He’s now living with three of the more desirable females on the ship, making them fall even harder for him by using suave lines without even realizing it, and even getting people to set him up on epic dates to locales he wouldn’t be able to go to otherwise. Indeed, he’s living the life of a man on cloud nine—it’s just too bad he doesn’t realize it, but that’s probably just because he didn’t get any rice balls this week (or maybe it’s due to the supposed explosive in his neck…)

Either way, color me impressed. I figured they maxed out on the amount of comedy they could fit in a single episode in the previous few weeks’ episodes, but they found a way to sneak in even more. There were more priceless reaction faces than we could ever want, multiple instances of Tsumugi just being Tsumugi, and it was just a laugh-fest through and through. At the same time, they moved the story along in regards to Shinatose’s attempt to build a proper Gravitational Beam Emitter, snuck in a few references to how some of the crew members aren’t what they seem, and even included a cameo of the TV series our crew loves so much. If that isn’t multi-tasking from a developmental standpoint, I don’t know what is, and I for one am glad that they’re not just churning through the calm before the storm without boring us in the meanwhile.

Aside from that though, there’s honestly not much to say aside from the fact that the fun times are almost over, and the real show’s about to start. Maybe. Probably. I wouldn’t mind a little more shenanigans for another episode though…




  1. Ginobi47
      1. Well, use
        “I smell a special Perfume” for Picture 1
        “Izana, your not thinking of spending the night THAT special, are you not?” for Picture 2

        “Tanikaze, your baka!” for Picture 2

      2. I honestly dont think that there is any balls on Izana’s side now. Perhaps they have already turned into the ovaries. Actually quite interesting what kind of the genitals have Sidonian hermaphrodites, until the sex differentiation. And where other hermaphrodites, besides Izana?

      3. perhaps this 3rd gender, are leftovers from the time where Sidonia need Human Birth-machines, so the balance one side out and another. And i think she really advance in medical science that they grow their sexual parts. hey, we are talking about Humanity that can transfer Brains to an Clone body…

      4. @Eraser
        I was imagining Izana uke side manifesting breasts and the seme side wanting to dominate Nagate thus manifesting balls.

        We were discussing the lack of 3rd gender characters in the first season too. The best response was that the other 3rd types found a partner and have now settled on a gender. Yure did mention this episode that Izana was a late bloomer.

  2. info600
    1. Why would Kili need any other weapon, that thing has the size of a revolver, the recoil of a cannon and the fire power of the Death Star! Sounds perfect to me!. XD

  3. Yes, yes. I love the mix now. all are in good balance. could be more, but i do not complain. A “slower” Episode of forming bonds between the them. And nice idea to add some Sakura Tree colors in this grey gloomy world. a fine and powerful contrast. A hidden pearl in this World. It is convenient that Tsumugi can create arms on free will. So that she could spy them both from the window 🙂

    Ah, a little offscreen. When Izana was walking the stairs down with her Grandmother, the sound was to fast for the feet moving. that the only off sync my ears catch up.

    funny moments with Izana an Tanikaze. i loved that, they deepen also Izana’s role of supporting. She can now use more fine controls on a Guardian. So she is become some special pilot. But i bet she is not that Strong in Combat. So that why i see Izana here more on the Supporter side

    Well, Tanikaze now really understand that Izana is now more then just a Comrade. He is also a Female with feelings. Tanikaze’s heart accepted it. Well the forceful way

    i also enjoy in seeing in how the MC thread Tsumugi like an Human entity. That build up and force her Human Soul. i like that, so her Love for Humanity is thanks to them
    (Like in Ghostbusters, where they even took the evil slime into bed to get the Liberty statue in New York moving. If my brain do not fails me)

    i also notices your “Gamma” lightning playing has improved, looks like Ronja was a nice training ground for that. Please continue to learn New things. Remember, standing still is getting rusting

    and to end slowly this reply. i also just happy with the Voice actors. They really trying to blew Soul into these sketches.

    The self-commercial of his first Manga in motion. I feel like the Face of the Biy/Men needs more Upgrade”, as if he is wearing a mask

    Do not Open the Spoiler, until you know the Manga:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, this time i tried to pack all my thought right now, in 1 post

  4. This week on Metal Gear Izana, Snake becomes a photosynthetic human trying to infiltrate the last basti—wait, what do you mean this isn’t Metal Gear?

    –Off-topic rant–
    Sadly, I doubt there’ll be any more Metal Gears after the next one…
    What’s with Konami anyway? First they cancel Silent Hills, then they give Hideo Kojima a hard time..
    Well, at least Koji Igarashi can laugh at Konami now for neglecting the Castlevania series…
    (Iga’s Bloodstained game on Kickstarter has gotten a lot of support)

  5. Ep 09:

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    1. Show Spoiler ▼


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