“Please, Audition”

「おねがいオーディション」 (Onegai Odishon)

Character Relationships:

Well, it was no episode 8, but I doubt there ever will be again (and that’s completely fair – very few Kyoani episodes get such unanimous praise). I just want to say one thing: please do not spoil what happens in the novels. If it’s yet to be adapted in the anime, then don’t use that as ammunition against those who don’t ship your ships. Last week’s episode embraced all the pairings, and even though the Kumiko/Reina moments were the highlight, some were adamant on trying to bring everyone down from their high. All I can say on the matter is that I don’t think they will actually get together – KyoAni aren’t quite ready to go there, I’d say. Is it yuri-baiting, then? You could call it that if you want, but I think the compatibility between the two is sky-high. Their moments together are fantastic, and clearly those behind the anime are aware of that. I don’t blame them for wanting to write extra scenes with Kumiko and Reina together – they’ve been fantastic, and done what any good couple should: bringing the best out of each other.

Regardless of whatever does happen in the long run – if it ever gets adapted, because I believe we’re still on the material from the first novel, so we’d need a second or third season before we get caught up to the current source material – in this moment, I just cannot see Kumiko and Shuuichi together. No matter how many characters tell her she’s hiding her true feelings, I just can’t see it. Her behaviour isn’t typical of someone with a hidden crush, even if things seem to be pointing in that direction. I’m sorry, but Kumiko and Reina together (in a relationship or not) is much more interesting to watch than Kumiko and Shuuichi. Maybe I’m just going against the obvious outcome, but the simple fact is that I (and many others – clearly) love the Kumiko and Reina scenes most of all. The more we see of them together, the better.

Audition Tension:

Ever since the auditions were announced, it’s felt like a countdown to the culling of the band. I love seeing the once nonchalant members doing everything they can to practice and prepare for their nerve-wracking audition. Natsuki in particular has been one who has intrigued me from the very first episode. Her growth as a player has made her incredibly easy to root for – but she’s competition, and Kumiko finding herself struggling in her most important time had me worried.

I have to say, the tension in that room was horrible. Auditions or interviews or anything of that sort are never fun, and I was biting my nails throughout the last few minutes of the episode. When Kumiko was playing, I wasn’t sure if she was doing good or not, and when she started to panic over the part she hadn’t practiced enough, I was prepared for the worst. But of course, she thinks of Reina in her time of need, and delivers the goods. They made that promise to each other, that both of them would make the cut. Poor Shuuichi feels like an afterthought to her (not that I’m complaining).

Some Win, Some Lose:

A handful of side characters got the cut, and seeing them burst into tears was difficult… but when Natsuki’s name wasn’t called out, I actually gasped. It made me angry that this girl who had found her muse again hadn’t made it – she was practicing at every opportunity after a terrible first year, and seeing her return to form with a smile on her face was so very satisfying. Unfortunately, Kumiko was her competition, and she couldn’t beat her. Hazuki also failed, adding another misfortune to her already short-lived high school life, yet her acceptance of it lessens the blow. I hope we don’t see less of these two characters, because I’ve come to appreciate what both of them bring. Damn you, Taki-sensei…

Overview – What’s Next?:

We did get some good news at the end (unless you’re Kaori), that Reina is the one to play the trumpet solos. It’s not a surprise in the slightest, but it’s satisfying to have it confirmed. Her playing is superb, and Kumiko is there with her, so I’m excited to see how things will go down in future competitions. Overall, it was another great episode of Hibike! Euphonium, even if it didn’t reach the perfection of last week’s. Another tuesday gone by, another episode of the best show this season.


    1. I would like to point out my exact words:

      Is it yuri-baiting, then? You could call it that if you want

      Call it whatever you want. If that’s your opinion, then have at it. What I don’t want is people saying: “This is yuri-baiting because [spoils what happens in the novel]. If you really want to discuss spoilers with others who are aware of them, please use the spoiler tags.

      1. While people will call last episode Yuri baiting, it’s obvious that it wasn’t a thing. What the episode shown is that Kumiko admired Reina and that was them breaking the ice. Reina is an awkward person. She’s distant in a way that she’s like Kumiko hence the banter about the attraction and confession.

        It’s been dropped by Natsuki that Kumiko was distant herself. Whether she wasn’t very into camaraderie or that she lacks a little in apathy. That difference between them and Reina is that Reina strives more for herself and actually isn’t that much cynical compared to Kumiko. Looking back Reina never gave up, what she hoped for was that more would feel the same way and strive more. Some would say I’m just interpreting in a way that without any basis. To me I think the switching instruments was an important scene. IT shows that she wants to be connected the person she’s interested in.

        You can view her the same as Asuka, though Asuka on the other hand is more self-centered compared to her. Asuka completely dropped the conversation and went on to practice on her own. Reina would possibly have done the same thing but I feel that she’s more about speaking through her music and performance. Like that time in SunFes where she played when the band was shaken up. I guess you could say that she wants to inspire. Asuka on the other hand, would help someone who wishes to learn but she doesn’t want to do anything extra as much as possible that would cut her from practicing.

        Both of them are self-centered. They have different personalities. They have different methods to help people. One possibly hides her nature much better than the other.

        Anyway, a great episode. Sad to see Natsuki out. I’m really hoping for more but I’m not gonna expect that much. They can’t pull a movie out of this one given how much material there is. It would be extremely rushed. All we can do is see it to the end and support it if we can.

  1. Apparently, the opening theme is in fact a spoiler for this episode (and Episode 7). If you pay attention, neither Hazuki nor Natsuki (nor Aoi) is performing in the ensemble.

    Jack da Bomb
    1. So true. It was actually more painful for me seeing Natsuki practice so hard. When her audition took a little longer, it practically confirmed it. The announcement of the results wasn’t as impactful after that.

  2. This is an adaptation. Its supposed to stand on its own, and from what we’ve been seeing kyoani hasn’t shown the same sort of romantic build up that we know they can do in the Shuuichi “romance”. I mean the Oreki/Chitanda one was great, the Yutta/Rikka one was adorable, hell even the Kanata one was fine. So to see them use all of their blushes, Shifty eyes and soft palettes on the scenes with Reina, while until last episode just using Shuuichi as exposition fairy, its kind of impossible for me to support that realtionship. Especially since, in my opinion, the scene last episode was at least the most romantic scene kyoani has made since the last scene of hyouka and the confession in chuunibyou.

    1. So to see them use all of their blushes, Shifty eyes and soft palettes on the scenes with Reina, while until last episode just using Shuuichi as exposition fairy, its kind of impossible for me to support that realtionship.

      Pretty much. To be blunt, on the large cast we have Shuuchi is the least interesting character. Even Gotou is more interesting despite less screentime, because his few scenes are about his love for the tuba and his relationship with his cute, chubby girlfriend. Shuuchi has only served as exposition dump and be the generic childhood friend trope that has been done to death. Even in this episode, his only relevance is to explore the friendship dynamics between the main trio as they talk about how they can emotionally support Hazuki.

      Maybe that can change and I might actually think Shuuchi is worthwhile. But between the far more interesting audition plot and the fact that there is only 3-4 episodes left, I doubt it. If the anime itself doesn’t care about Shuuchi’s character development then neither do I.

      1. That would be a very bad thing to do. All this potential outta having Reina and Kumiko being a couple, while just using dumb generic tropes instead…
        I have no understanding for whoever wrote the plot of the show, if they will do this and make many people of their audience unhappy that way.

    2. You mentioned last scene of Hyouka; have to rewatch that straight away! Anime gods give me another season of Hyouka please. Also a second season of Hibike, I need it already, even though the first hasn’t even finished yet

    1. I almost spat my coffee across the room at that! Very good!

      Personally I see that their relationship is just friends and will stay that way as with their worldview with the limited acceptance of actual lesbian relationships in Japan rather than the Class S relationships I think they simply don’t see the possibility of what they have as a romantic attachment.

      If they lived in a time where same sex relationships were not considered ‘different’ then they would 100% become a couple. The romantic and sexual tension is strong in this one!! Even that face grabbing scene felt it, plus Kumiko always has Reina on her mind.

      1. First of all, I agree with Samu 110 %.
        Also, I would rather have an anime original ending at this point, if that would be the only way of having Reina and Kumiko together as a couple.

        Kumiko x Shuuichi = not even a lame breeze…

        Kumiko x Reina = A Hurricane !

        Nuff said

  3. Natsumi being redshirted was especially blatant from the start of this episode. That Hazuki was culled is only realistic: someone who has only played an instrument for a couple of months and no other music experience shouldn’t be able to compete at any serious level.

    Kumiko is above all seriously confused at the moment as she realised herself. Before any relationship development can happen, she needs to clear her head first.

  4. I’m still wondering if this series will be one-cour or not.

    We did get some good news at the end (unless you’re Kaori), that Reina is the one to play the trumpet solos.

    Yuuko (the girl with the yellow ribbon) is another person you can add to taking the announcement as bad news.

  5. This show has one of the worst “fanbases” if you can even call it that. I literally saw some people who said that they’d drop the show if it decides to focus on Shuuichi. What the hell.

    1. That is probably because there is a dearth of shows that take lesbian relationships seriously rather than using just teasing with subtext. Aoi Hana would be one of the best and of course Aoi Hana bombed massively which is a great crime! Yuri fans just tend to get a little desperate 🙁

      1. I would think that it depends on the viewer.

        Both sides of the ship can be guilty of needlessly bashing the other. It would be wrong to generalize it to the entire fanbase. It’s just that the more violently harsh ones are the most vocal.

        Personally, I’m more neutral, and I’m fine with either direction they take the relationship.

    2. yea that’s kind of stupid if i am to be blunt. Who cares what relationships the show focuses on (any possibility is a-ok). i thought last week’s ep was a great ep but was slightly nitpicky with the kumiko/reina scenes being overt about the romantic subtext between them. The show had been subtle about it so far; it was subtle and smart about everything in regards to its storytelling so when i saw those scenes, a part of me couldnt help but think that kyo ani was milking it a little bit more than it necessarily needed to be not to enhance their bonds, but for fanservice. i love the romantic subtext between reina and kumiko. I think it enhances the fact that these two girls have an attraction towards each other that while not romantic, it’s being used as a metaphor to illustrate how inspiring both of them are to each other. Yes, kumiko and reina have a more meaningful relationship in regards to the plot; there shouldnt be a problem with that at all. It makes kumiko’s growth that much more interesting to watch.

      What i have appreciated most from kyo ani’s approach to Hibike is how understated yet telling the character interactions have been. Characters dont even need to say anything sometimes and yet you understand a good deal about them already. That type of understated storytelling is severely missing in most anime today, heck in most anime for the past couple years; it’s part of what makes hibike a different beast frpm other kyo ani works. That’s why i personally was off-put by how stated the kumikoxreina scenes were last ep. I dint want the show to so blatantly make obvious what i already knew was obvious. But with time, i figured “perhaps in that moment it was necessary”. Still i think it could have been handled a bit better.

      And as for shuuichi and Kumiko, sure most ppl dont outwardly see the chemistry between them, but that’s because it’s a lot more understated than kumiko and Reina. people talk about seeing the childhood friend convention be broken, and it absolutely is, because kumiko and shuuichi’s relationship isnt being played to be overtly romantic; It’s handled with care. Kumiko and shuuichi are a duo who are comfortable in their skin around each other, so comfortable that when it’s just them, no one else matters at the moment. The show has built that up so nicely for quite a couple eps that it actually shocks me that more ppl havent seen those subtleties. Whatever it is between them is not your usual crush (that’s why her friends have picked up on it). That’s why kumiko is not fully aware of it. In her mind, all she knows is that she doesnt want someone to take him away from her; it’s the basic core of a love that has always been there. She doesnt understand that it’s love and it’s ok if she doesnt understand it at the moment. See, the show isnt being all doki-doki about their bond the way it is with Reina. Kumiko and shuuichi are friends on the way to realizing that perhaps they are people they cannot do without and that way of portraying their bond completely shits on any childhood romance convention in anime.

      1. “so comfortable that when it’s just them, no one else matters at the moment”

        Please. You probably should rewatch the show. Sometimes Shuuichi had to bait Kumiko to get a conversation going (like using Reina as a topic of conversation in episode 4). There is familiarity in their interaction, which makes sense because they’ve known each other for a long time. But Kumiko has never been shown to enjoy spending time with him. She’s neutral about it for the most part.

      2. @lin

        of course Kumiko doesnt show she is enjoying her time with shuuichi; that’s her character, her true self; that’s the point. That’s why her friends have noted that she’s changed because while she never showed them that side of her ambivalent personality leaks out; it;s now that she been warming up to her new friends and her interactions with reina that are making her change how she approaches ppl. And example of kumiko and shuuichi being in their own world is when they are talking about asuka on the train without realizing that reina was sitting right next to them, which would almost be impossible if they werent focused on just themselves. Like i said, their interactions are understated so it’s not spelled out for all to see

      3. ” And example of kumiko and shuuichi being in their own world is when they are talking about asuka on the train without realizing that reina was sitting right next to them”

        That was for comedy effects. Do you have a better example.

        “of course Kumiko doesnt show she is enjoying her time with shuuichi; that’s her character, her true self; that’s the point.”

        Kumiko’s not a tsundere that hides her feelings. What she hides is her distant self, which often takes the form of cynical comments and apathetic behavior. But that’s her true self, and that’s how she behaves with Shuuchi. Her disinterest in him is the real thing.

      4. @lin

        the fact that it came off as comical doesnt mean that was it’s only purpose; that’s like saying someone’s awkward confession in a comedy movie is done for comedy sake. Sure it comes off funny but it still moves the character interactions along so that i find that argument to be weak. And me stating that kumiko doesnt show she enjoys her time with shuuichi is not indicative of her being a tsundere. I never implied she secretly enjoys her time with shuuichi but that she is cynical as hell and that shows greatly in the way she is with shuuichi. Kumiko has always had that as part of her personality (which shows more when she is around him because she can be more of herself with him like she is with her sister), and her supposed disdain of his presence comes from the fact that he made that stupid comment about her in middle school.

      5. It’s always interesting to read some form of criticism or somebody that’s willing to look at things from a different angle instead of just joining the echo chamber. Just something different to read about this show, always interesting.

      6. It almost makes you half wonder if this shows popularity in the community wouldn’t have blown up as much if it weren’t for the shipping angle people saw an opportunity for. Like if there was no shipping angle would this many people even be talking about it and praising it? It’s really something I have wondered about a bit.

      7. Nice to know that there’s another one who also saw the subtleties concerning Kumiko and Shuuichi’s relationship.

        I’ll feel really bad if the show is bashed when Kumiko and Shuuichi finally gets together or scenes involving their relationship is finally ‘spelled out for everyone to see’. There are subtle developments right off the bat. Or rather, KyoAni is showing ‘hints’ of how deep Kumiko and Shuuichi’s relationship already are and its becoming very apparent as the show continues. It’s too bad, KyoAni had to pull-off that outrageous scene in episode 8 that my line of thought was almost derailed. In fact, by episode 8, Reina already figured out the score between Kumiko and Shuuichi that’s why she even asked Kumiko about it and was still suspicious when Kumiko adamantly denied it.

        This show is about Kumiko’s growth as an individual, as a sister, as a student, as a classmate, as a friend, as a musician and finally as a lover; depicting how she slowly realize what she wants in every aspect of her life. Entering high school, she was presented with so many crossroads that she was overwhelmed by it. From simply choosing her hair style, followed by which club activities will she pick, then her instrument of choice for the band, then her willingness to compete or not on the nationals. All leading to how will she fix her relationship with Reina and how will she make it up with her. It’s all slowly coming into her now. Kumiko is simply busy in sorting out other matters in her life that she’s unknowingly putting Shuuichi in the back seat for now. Yet one can see how she can be her true self when she’s around the guy. Her goodie-good self is peeled off when she’s with Shuuichi and Reina was able to figure that one out when they were on the train and Kumiko didn’t noticed Reina while she was being herself talking to Shuuichi with so much abandon and bluntness.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Please, you act as if the other side is any better. They literally invade other threads to crap on any discussion of KumikoxReina even when there are no shipping wars present and go so far as to point out spoilers. Which turns out may be moot anyway because the anime has already deviated from the source material.

      1. that’s really a shame; again the show should stand on the merits of its storytelling not whose ship is better; that’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things

      2. Exactly. I watch this anime every week for Kumiko’s development and the band politics. It’s quite irritating how so much time is wasted on discussion on the least relevant subplots like shipping.

      3. i agree although my problem has to do with people berating others over their couple of choice. If you want to talk about how the character dynamics of certain cast members enhance the storytelling or bring out the best in them then by all means i think it should be discussed because it is relevant. but starting wars on what couples you prefer, while fun should be a side thing, not something worth flaming others for or going out your way to make try to ruin the show for others

      4. Not to turn this into an off-topic flame war by bringing this up, but too much focus on shipping and pairings when it’s NOT supposed to be the main focus of the story is one of, if not the biggest reason why “Naruto” ended so poorly and the franchise has been sinking bit by bit (of course, jumbled story, unanswered questions, biased editors/assistants/studios, etc. also played roles).

        Rather than focusing on the story, the character development, and closing out the story on a high(er) note, it became completely about making a “popular” fan pairing canon that even required a movie to be made to “explain” (even though the pairing is claimed to have been “planned from the start”) that retcons key moments of Naruto’s life while also completely dismantling and rearranging the (main) characters as we had come to know them from when we were first introduced. Another popular character (Neji) was even admitted to having been killed off solely to “play cupid” for a pairing; no other purpose.

        Unless it truly IS planned from the start, then focusing on pairings when it’s not the main focus of the story, especially near the end of the story after so much else was already developed, will only end up leading to the downfall and ruination of the story, and franchise if it has one. Unfortunately, people who are ONLY capable of looking at things based on ships and pairings will make ANY excuse and accept ANY cost so long as their pairing becomes canon.

  6. It must be so hard to be in an audition where you’re explicitly competing against the peers you know best, and if you do better someone you will do worse.

    It’s a lot easier for like regional or all-state orchestras and bands where 99% of everyone else is a stranger.

  7. Wait ther’s more then one novel? I thought there was only one novel

    As for the Kumiko and Reina relationship, even with the yuri teasing I just see them as friends or maybe my yuri goggles are not on tight as other peoples. Right now Kumiko doesn’t where her feelings stand concerning Shuuichi and Reina. The relationship between Kumiko and Shuuichi was barely developed on so far and that might change in the next couple of episodes

  8. Crazy pissed Asuka is still Best Girl.

    But can two girls be Best Girl at the same time? Because Hazuki was a damn sport about not making it. She just cared so much about her friends and was so happy they got in! Hell it took her a few minutes to realize HER OWN name wasn’t picked! So mature.

    Aww it pains me to see students break down after not getting in. 🙁 Maybe it’s also because I hate competition.

    1. Well, if you’re a complete amateur who’s only been playing a couple months or so, it’s unrealistic to expect to make the cut.

      While I hate to admit it, the same goes for Natsuki who slacked off for the whole of her first year and only started getting serious about practice recently. I hope this doesn’t discourage her and make her go back to slacking again though…

  9. Poor Natsuki. She finally gets out of her lazy streak, find her inspiration, puts 110% effort to get better only for the rug to be pulled from under her when she doesn’t make the coveted 55 spots. Talk about a swift kick on the nuts (or whatever the female equivalent is). I actually wanted to hug her there. As for Kumiko she may want to avoid Natsuki now, as much as I like her her last encounter with Haruka shows she isn’t very good with pep talks and might make things worse.

    I’m impressed with Reina as well. She seems to have no trouble invading Kumiko’s personal space now that they are officially friends. I personally never find that comfortable with my close friends but for Kumikio it was a much needed boost in her motivation.

    1. I also feel bad for Natsuki, but in the end you reap what you sow, and having been lazy of two whole years is something that cannot be surpassed with two months of practice, unless you are a real genius. However, I have the feeling that she wasn’t expecting too much, but let’s see the next chapter first.

    2. Yeah. And only in anime is it acceptable for a girl to touch another girl’s breasts. This happened in my high school to an acquaintance. She was touched, sued for sexual harassment, and won.

      Petit Orenji
  10. While I felt bad for Natsuki, that was kinda what I expected to happen. These auditions are just like trying out for a sports team (or getting into college); if you’ve been slacking while others haven’t, you probably won’t make the cut unless you’re truly exceptional. Even then, those with talent and work hard will do better than those who don’t; I’d assume Reina has some natural talent for the trumpet, and she probably could earn a spot without working as hard, but she definitely wouldn’t be the solo player if she just coasted on talent alone.

    I feel that Hazuki didn’t really expect to make the cut, so she took it in stride as it wasn’t a shock. As others noted, she has no experience with instruments, and I really don’t think someone with only a few months of practice would cut it on a national level.

    As far as the Shuuichi thing, the way Kumiko acts towards him reminds me far more of him being in the friend-zone than her secret crush. Sure, she’s comfortable enough to not put up her facade when they’re alone, but that means nothing with respect to whether her feelings are romantic, and I just don’t see it. While Kumiko’s relationship to Reina may not be romantic either, they’ve had better chemistry than Shuuichi and Kumiko do.

  11. I remember people pulling bullshit like this in middle school, high school, and uni. Whether it was testing or competing, everyone acts like they don’t care or say that they’re “going to fail” because they want to protect themselves. But in actuality everyone knows about everyone else’s lies, and all of this creates a lot of passive aggressiveness. So much bullshit. This series almost reminds of Honey and Clover, where our personalities and how we’re viewed as a person depends so much on our skill sets. Think Hagu. Think Morita. ‘Tis the way of the world, really. That’s why youth is so favored in media: youth means a high-energy workforce with high intellectual endurance and capability without the power struggle for already-adults.

    But I do hope we see more growth in Kumiko. And not in the I’m-going-to-hook-up-with-Shuichi way. Her realizations of “i don’t know why it took me so long. Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to be an ensemble,” almost sent tears to my ears. It was really touching seeing her touch base with the “real world”, and with the true unspoken intentions of those around her. That’s what differentiates an adult from a child.

    Anyway. I do hope that the “Midori desu” joke will come to an end. We get it. She’s cute. But it has been used for far too long.

    Petit Orenji
  12. I’m glad you pointed out that people should stop posting novel spoilers in order to refute what we actually see in the anime. Especially now that the anime is quite different from the novel. The main plot is the same (until now) but things involving Kumiko are pretty different. She has another personality. I wonder if people know that all the Kumiko and Reina interactions and thoughts about each other we have seen in the anime aren’t part of the novel. So please, stop.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode. I felt the tension. I knew Kumiko had to pass the audition, but I was still worried for her. I felt bad for Natsuki… It’s sad because she actually worked hard, she was inspired again. Reina got the solo part, I can sense drama coming now because of that. This show is pretty good, I like it a lot.

    On the Kumiko-ships stuff, I must say that I’m with you Samu. I just can’t see chemistry between Kumiko and Shuichi. It’s been 9 episodes and until now she doesn’t show interest in him in a romantic way, so I can’t see it happen. If it happens it could be bad writting and I don’t want that for this anime, it’s pretty good and realistic so far so that could kind of ruin it. At least I don’t see it happening now.

    Kumiko and Reina though… their dynamic is so different and special, and their chemistry is over 9000. I totally agree that their moments together are way more interesting to watch and people can’t really question why others want them together. I hope KyoAni continues to deliver with this relationship, romantic or not. I prefer romantic though, because episode 8 was too romantic for me to ignore. But who knows.

    Until next week~

  13. I’ll save myself from discussing about the ships and just enjoy how this show feels so real for me. This and Oregairu.

    I love the fact that Hazuki didn’t make it. A newbie has no room in a competition unless she’s a natural talent. It showed that she doesn’t have any plot armor of sorts being a part of the main 4 leads. Nice move KyoAni.

    And Reina made the right move of inspiring Kumiko during the festival. It could have been Natsuki who got the Euph spot if Reina didn’t tell Kumiko not to fail her this time around unlike when they were in middle school. Kinda a bit manipulative of her using Kumiko’s guilt before to inspire her to do better this time.

    Is this 12 episode only? Hopefully its 24. Seeing the Summer line-up, there’s only a few interesting anime in it.

  14. I just have to say while I would like Kumiko and Reina to end up together, and i agree that whether intentional or not KyoAni has concentrated more on this relationship than the alternative, I can see it isn’t happening. I think I would much rather Kumiko winds up with no one. There is no rule that says a highschooler has to be in a relationship. Hell, given how confused she is right now, not to mention busy, it would be the mature and responsible thing to do.

    If Shuuichi had actually had some development and wasn’t similar to a piece of cardboard, if that piece of cardboard had had a childhood friend it had hurt and embarrassed back in middle school, I probably would be a bit more supportive of him and Kumiko getting together. But, between his little to no characterization and my hatred of the childhood friend trope in general I really would rather Kumiko remain single.

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. I also want to bring up it kind of rubs the wrong way with Shuuichi too because kind of like at the beginning of the anime she was set to be independent and make all these changes but ended up forcibly pushed back into the situation she was in. This feels like everyone is telling her, “you secretly have feeling for this boy,” and she is again being pushed into a situation. That’s at least what it looks like.

      Gouka Ryuu
  15. I think Kumiko has a big girl crush on Reina – that’s normal, very normal in their kind of relationship for me. I had a girl crush on my best girl friend and I get along very great with her. It’s nice to see this kind of connection between girl friends in animes, they always focus on bromance and not on the connection girls have.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Seeing that Natsuki failed was quite devastating( she’s one of my favourite side characters), and seeing what sort of drama ensues from Reina having been picked for the solo parts will be sure to be interesting. But most of all, I’m intrigued by the flashbacks of this person:
    She keeps coming up whenever something heavy relating to music occurs to/around Kumiko, so she must have had some impact on her attitudes etc. I hope it gets cleared up soon….or maybe the novel readers know about it?

  17. “Well, it was no episode 8, but I doubt there ever will be again (and that’s completely fair – very few Kyoani episodes get such unanimous praise).”

    Yeah….right…you keep telling yourself that. Kyoani shows get unanimous praises from the peanut gallery all the time. It almost seems like it’s half of what they exist to do, just to be praised for anything and everything the online community can find. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it happens again with this one, but it’s virtually guaranteed the next one at some point or another.


  18. Relationship wise. This will have a Yuri end. KyoAni doesn’t plan on animating the entire novel series, and are adapting it the way they see fit.

    It’s kind of obvious with their ending red-string of fate thing.

    As I said before, this is KyoAni trying to do something like K-On but making the Yuri/Shoujo-Ai more in-your-face and basically just listening to fan-input.

    They’ve hinted at the fact that Kumiko isn’t interested in men quite a bit. Like a lot.

    Romance aside, the drama’s interesting. I’m just glad that the dynamic between the friends aren’t changing too much.

  19. sonicsenryaku I totally agree with you! if reina and kumiko do become a couple they would have to revamp most of the novels in order to make that plausible. why do reina and kumiko have to a romantic couple specifically anyway? look at the past kyoani works they had heterosexual couples and no one complained so why start now if it ends with kumikoxshuichi.

    1. Well, for me is that Reina and Kumiko are long known Friends at School. So there are deeper bonds between them. Must not be Yuri love, but more then as if they are strangers. You saw the first minutes of Episode 1? Yes, perhaps they know each other very long. That explains their bond. Like Kumiko with this Boy, perhaps she knows him since kindergarten or so. But love? perhaps both did not think themselves this way.

      So Yuri baiting us? perhaps it is what you expect, but reality it is not

  20. I don’t think a show can show intimacy between two same-sex people without people just jumping straight to yuri or yaoi, so content creators are wary of when they do it so people don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

    Take Tiger&Bunny for instance. Kotetsu and Barnaby are intimate friends, and even though Kotetsu is the straightest man alive, the Yaoi fans still pair the two up like crazy.

    At the end of the day, I like how comfortable Kumiko is around Shuuichi, and I personally really feel like that can turn into something. I feel this way because the Kumiko around Shuuichi is a complete different character from what I’ve noticed when she’s around LITERALLY everyone else, however; the show has hinted quite a bit that it’s most likely going to have a yuri end. I won’t say they’re caving in to fan expectations though, but that’s a plausible reason in my opinion now that I think about it. Some people like their all girls shows because they can wear yuri goggles and the goggles wont break, while others just like slice-of-life and would rather see cute girls than guys. I really feel like at the end of the day they’re going to show to which fans they want to cater to.

      1. Rewatching.

        You’re right. Holy shit I never noticed. I guess, I was looking for there to be something different. There goes my faith in my objective outlook.

  21. Reina is the female version of Inaho.
    Now the same fans who criticize such characteristics and personaldidade present in the male character are the same that now defend and extol such characteristics because personagem in question is a cute girl with bait scenes yuri.
    One fact cannot be denied.
    Last season we had a male character with the same characteristic and personality Reina.
    And most of those who criticize this characteristic present in the male character, as too perfect, anti-social, never err, it stands out more than others at it, it does not relate, among others, are the same that now praise such characteristics and personality in the feminine character.
    The fact is that there are two weights and two measures, when it comes to a male personage in relation to a Femino character, which is a pretty girl, has some yuri scene, in the minds of some and supposedly through the rave finding she has a love interest, in female Mc.
    This proves that people judge the character by its cover, not the content.
    Such characteristics and a male character is called developed.
    But just be a beautiful woman with some scenes yuri they call development.

  22. I’m enjoying everything about the anime except the baiting Show Spoiler ▼

    . It is just too inflammatory–especially for those that are understandably desperate for the portrayal of this kind of relationship. But my personal frustration is unrelated to whether Reina is a female or not, because giving people such expectations and tossing them out the window is, in general, low and detracts from the quality of the rest of this great anime (yuri or otherwise). That scene overlooking the town and festival could have been just as moving without the baiting (unless, of course, you only find the yuri aspect of it moving–e.g. the taboo of it).

    On the other hand, I have always found Shuichi and Kumiko’s relationship fun to watch and thought there were some romantic undertones. But I think Kumiko is hurt as a result of how cruel Shuichi was to her (which sounds like a simple case of Shuichi saying something mean after getting embarrassed, not to belittle Kumiko’s resulting trauma) and thus restrained/withdrawn. I think this is part of the reason why she has such an attitude with him–an attitude that reeks of bitterness, but without genuine indifference (e.g. intentionally ignoring him). Romantic interest does not always manifest itself in such an obvious way as typically portrayed in anime.

  23. Show Spoiler ▼

  24. Does the scenes que redbourn place in episode 8, would have such repercussion and people would think the same if BOTH Reina and Kumiko Were men.
    I doubt que scene would have the same repercussion if ocorrese from two men, the treatment would be completely different.

  25. This is to shut the mouths of yuri fans, and this modero because if acontecese ugly scene between two women or between two men such comments would never posted

    BEST FRIEND (ie osananajimi) route is confirmed.

    Sensei (shimatta i.e) route is confirmed.

  26. do u even need 2 ask that? Kyoani is like the crown prince of queerbaiting. Subtle yuri/yaoi sells. Think K-On, think Free. The studio literally survives on money they get from desperate queers, fujoshi, and dirty neckbeards masturbating to small squishy looking girls; moe shit with queer undertones is the way to the big bucks man.

  27. The most ridiculous is people criticizing heterosexual relations and attacking men.
    They must have atirficialmente-born, through delirium yuri.
    And those man who put his seed in her mother, who call Father.
    It is regrettable discrimination that these fans of yuri do, when they were born of a sexual relationship between man and woman.

  28. hauhahuahuaahuahuauhauhhuauhahu.
    Take fan of yuri, Reina loves Taki-Sensei.
    It was not for lack of warning.
    Now again withstands his delusions were denied.
    Yuri bait always the same bundles fall

    Moderated before posting nonsense, look for the material, and what the anime question, do not feed the fans of yuri, when the anime is not the genre yuri / Shujo-ai

  29. People don’t ruin this cool anime with “ship wars” for the love of God. This is not Naruto.

    kyoani teases people but they aren’t going to give real homosexual pairings. Come on, remember “Free!”? The novels are the source, ORIGINAL SOURCE, if in the novels they are heterosexual, there is nothing you can’t do to change that, and if you asks the studio to change the fatcs, then it’s basically fanfiction. I’m sad while reading things like “KYOANI SHOULD CHANGE THE ROUTE”. I want the original story to be animated! I don’t care about ships! A story isn’ just about romance! I loved kuikoxreina episode, was beautiful, but I respect the AUTHOR, the person who wrote the novel.

    The conflicts on the club, the relationship btw senpais-kouhais, this is a good anime! And you spent your time figthing about “my ship its better than yours”? Fangirls have ruined HUGE ANIMES byt the freaking shipping war. Stop this, watch the anime, want a different ending? WRITE A FIC, DRAW SOMETHING, do your part as a fan but DON’T ASK THE STUDIO TO CHANGE WHAT THE AUTHOR MADE.

    I don’t see Kumiko and Shuichi toguether, srsly I can’t picture them toguether, but the author wrote that, she INVENTED the characters, come on, you know more than the creator? Jeez.

    1. If the Peoples has these Yuri Baits in their Minds, that’s just an proof in hy H-Mangas poison their Minds

      We had something similar in Log Horizon. The Sister from the Warrior love his “Sensei”. Same Base here

      1. Kyoani, the same director who created Tamako Tamako Love Story, played a lot of bait yuri in anime.
        Here it is normal they are sigindo the history canon the LN.
        The canon pairing of the series is Shu and Kumiko.
        All aviasamos that history it was heteroxesuais relationships, and that both girls love to man, several yuri bait were thrown into the LN.
        The fact that all anime mc woman has it, the yuri fans making ships, and attacking the male character like the protagonist.
        It was very easy was just searching on the LN and you find the answer.

      2. I’m a Anime watcher. Well for this Anime here. if i go there an read the Mangas, then i spoil my fun. But i want not knowing as a bliss, to enjoy the Anime to the fullest.

  30. The anime won’t have Kumiko/Shuuichi set in stone, but it will end the scene that basically confirms them as a couple when Kumiko is frustrated Shuuchi has been avoiding her and just being with him calms him down and there is some super-cheesy narration before Asuka cockblocks them because their turn in the contest is next. Can’t wait for the tears. You can charge me after I guarantee.


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