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“Happy Days”

I feel like this second season cheated us a little bit. But before I jump into the final impressions, can I just take a moment to say how happy I am that Kaoru is going to have a girl? #teamdaughter for life

Final Impressions

For a short format show that focuses on the lives of Kaoru, Hajime, and all their friends and family, it never fails to impress me just how much each episode manages to pack in a mere 3 and a half minutes. Even with a short ending sequence taking up roughly fifteen seconds, the episodes never feel like they’re too short. From tackling marriage issues to giving us some back story on all of the side characters (there’s a pretty good amount), it’s rare to ever find a dull moment in this show.

That said, I’m honestly a little disappointed with this second season. The first season had this charm to it that managed to make each episode feel special in its own right while most of the second season felt like filler until we made it past episode six or so. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, I came into the show expecting to continue on where we originally left on. Also, I don’t know if it was just me but the whole thing left me feeling a bit bitter — especially since we never got to actually see Sayoko. Because, how can you end the first season with a cliffhanger as big as Kaoru getting pregnant and completely ignoring it in the second season until the last two episodes?!

I suppose to make up for it though, we did get some pretty awesome episodes. If I had to pick my favorite, I think the one that focused on Mayotama’s back story and highlighted just how cool of a big brother Hajime was would be my pick. The distinct shift in art style worked perfectly and I’ll never turn down any opportunity to see Hajime flex those manly instincts of his.

Overall, as disappointed as I am with how the finale went, I think this was a fun second season. We got to see our favorite characters get fleshed out a bit and there were some definite gems mixed in amongst the episodes. For the people out there who haven’t watched any of this, I think watching season one and two back-to-back would be the best way to do it. With the material from season one fresh in your memory, season two fills in some of the gaps while giving you just enough at the end to appease your appetite while leaving you hungry for more.

Thanks again to everyone who were following the posts! I know we don’t cover that many short format shows on the site, but my infatuation with the first season forced me to cover this one. It was a fun ride while it lasted and I’ll catch you next season!


    1. I’ve been following the posts and the comments for the second season, and I honestly can’t understand why everybody is dying so much to see the baby on screen. I mean, it’s a big event in the course of the series, but the show is just about describing the every day lives and some past events of a couple. It does’t try to revolve around some big events (like the baby being born). I believe, that’s why the show is not rushing to just get it on camera.

      In my opinion, season 2 was fantastic – even slightly better than the first. It would be nice to see Sayoko in the end, but it’s nowhere near as important enough to affect my enjoyment of season 2

      1. This show is more than fantastic to me. it is extremely special. if you replace Rino’s husband with Hajime in Rino’s back story and bridge it with Hajime’s story. you will almost get my past, and probably the past of many guys like me. Not just that, this show spoke out my thought in multiple locations. I was speechless, probably because I dropped my jaw. When I saw the later half of episode 6 season 2, I cried out with joy for some reasons. I seldom cry. This show is like my story. I really want to know how the story will go on. Season 3, please!

  1. It figures that they’d do something like this. Overall I can’t really complain that much, I mean this season was still good what with all the added back stories. This is more or less the right amount of teasing, not slapping your audience across the face but not completely ending it either.

    Thanks for the coverage!

      1. Eehhhhh!!!! OMFG!

        I love Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! art style and Komori-san is so cute!

        This is one probabibly will be short, so after that a 30min Ojojojo, right? =]

        (And yes, Danna characters make their cameos in Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!)


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