「決戦」 (Kessen)
“Decisive Battle”

Legends can start from the smallest of developments, and as we arrive at yet another finale, let us take a step back and appreciate just how far Tanikaze has progressed since the series’ start. It seems like just yesterday he was stealing rice from the processing plant, and perhaps the greatest thing about this finale wasn’t so much the decisive battle as it was the choice to wrap things up nicely with an ode to the past. The use of the first season’s opening theme was an especially fabulous touch, and it was nice seeing some of the best moments of both seasons one after another. It sure was good times with the Elite Four prowling around wasn’t it? I still remember that moment where they all bit the dust…

Nostalgia-aside though, Sidonia has always been a series capable of giving you chills out of nowhere, and this episode was no exception. Just when you think the series can’t surprise you further, a surprise comes that you realize not only should’ve been expected, but exceeds all expectations. Best of all, this week’s surprise comes without Tanikaze taking the lead, and there aren’t enough words to describe how awesome it was to see everyone band together to create an orbital bombardment for the ages. I had figured they had spare Hayakaze Armors sitting around, but to suddenly arrive with some 25 of them? That’s just amazing. The fact that they’re used in a way I never expected only added to the excitement, and it’s moments like these that I ultimately watch anime for. There’s nothing quite like turning into a kid again and screaming at the screen, and this episode had me off my chair going “YEAH, FIRE AT WILL! DESTROY THEM ALL AND LEAVE NONE STANDING!” Even Kobayashi was breathing hard, and who can blame her? It was just that damn marvelous.

Sadly however, a marvelous finale also means that the season’s over, and there are few things worse than not knowing when a series will return. It’s been said that there’s enough material to cover another one-cour already. so the wait shouldn’t be that long, but I’ll be damned if there ain’t anything quite like Sidonia. For better and for worse, they don’t do Sci-Fi mecha series like they used to anymore, and there’s a measure of old-fashionedness this series has that gives it a unique charm on top of its occasionally epic nature.

With that said, the second season overall is interesting in how it manages to rival the first despite going about things a lot differently. You’d think a multitude of comedic/slice-of-life themed episodes in the middle would take out the steam built up from the first season, but they managed to pull those off in such a way that I didn’t mind them at all—making me even wonder what the series would be like if they made it a romantic comedy instead. The fact that they bought things together when it counted—I’m looking at you, Planet Nine—only made things better, and it goes to show that you don’t need to rely purely on action to carry a series of such a genre. Taking it slow is definitely one way to do it, and having an interesting cast of characters certainly helps in this regard, with the many Tsumugi moments providing much laughter throughout.

There are many questions that remain however—what ever happened to that humanoid Gauna chasing Izana earlier?—and in general the Gauna are as mysterious as they were before. We never did get to see Kunato/Ochiai reveal his new lifeform/weapon, nor did we see any engagement with the Large Hive Cluster—a notable omission given the series’ name sake, though they did fight for the planet (just not in the way I initially expected).

Looking forward, there’s not much else to say here really. The series is consistent in more ways than one, and it’s a pleasure to watch as a major fan of the Sci-Fi genre. Sidonia does the little things right—all the way up to how it depicts the physics behind everything—and I’ll always look forward to watching more of it regardless of the wait in between. Maybe I’ll pick up the manga at some point…

Either way, I’d like to end things here by once again thanking everyone who’s taken the time to read my posts and visit the site on a daily basis. I haven’t had as much time to respond to comments and the like recently, but next season should bring a change to that now that I’ve gotten my first full year of work under my boot. And so, until we meet again!



ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「sidonia」 by angela


  1. KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Epic last episode. That bombardment was a nice anime original touch that pleasantly surprised me. Here’s to more Knights of Sidonia!

  2. I honestly squeal and forgot breathing for a split second when the Hayakaze’s dock together and create an orbital bombardment platform. Also because its totally new and unexpected. THIS is what anime adaptation is supposed like. Faithful adaptation is fine and all, but it can get immediately boring, even sour once something done wrong. THIS is what I’m looking for, just as exciting as Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio’s adaptation, maybe even more.

    But then again, if Hayakaze can be made this glorious, instead of glorified rocket powered spear… how would a fleet of Mizuki fare? I honestly cant wait for next season already.

    1. These Hayakaze’s are some kind of Armor Umbrella for 4 Guardians in Clasp formation. Sure it has also some extra Engine for speedup or Long Range saving. But in first case, it is an extra Armor vehicle. Seems like with these connections the hold the Distance and create an Fire control Network

      1. True, but it didnt change much that ultimately in the manga, all Hayakaze unit (not the guardians attached to it) perform was literally rocket powered spear-like-core unit attack. The ability to dock together and create orbital bombardment platform is unheard of, although its pretty logical now that I think about it… it seems almost standard features in all Sidonia’s war machines.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  3. So was Benisuzume trying to do you know what to Tanikaze or just kill him in a really sadistic way? Man why they gotta keep them apart. I really missed their interactions from the first season. Oh well Tsumugi will always be best girl.

    1. From the Gauna “flowers” about to bloom, I’m guessing Benisuzume wants to assimilate him. She’s making it very sensual because she inherited Hoshijiro’s feelings, and at the same time using it as a psychological weapon against Nagate.

      Magnus Tancred
  4. For me, this episode was all about Gaunajiro and what she was going to do. I was not disappointed =03. Aside from Nagate facing a replica of his would’ve-been girlfriend and it getting intimate(the flowers that bloomed were a very nice, yet creepy touch), it was interesting to see her reaction. It’s as if she was “playing” with him after she damaged his head-cam. With Tsumugi, she went for a torturous kill, but with Nagate, she seemed more intent to…how to put it; like a girl who seriously(as in ‘not comically’) lusts after a guy and wants him to “be one” with her. Obviously this ‘affection’ only pertains to Nagate, but it makes me wonder what intentions did Gaunajiro have? Is it reacting to some lingering feelings from assimilating with Hoshijiro of wanting to make physical love to Nagate? Or is it the gauna’s own interpretation of Hoshijiro’s feelings and what she wanted to communicate to Nagate at her end?

  5. Wow! That epic orbital bombardment was anime original? I was actually thinking what it’s like or how was that formation drawn in the source material. Could have actually taken the whole 2 pages. But it turns to be anime original. Epic. I was squealing while commuting and ignored the stares of the other passengers as I finish the series. lol

    So how did Nagate and Tsumugi escaped that death trap in the manga?

    Going back, can’t really imagine that the only way to beat the Gauna before was to expose the core and hit it in melee range with a Kabi. This season we have railguns, then sword and finally that bombardment. Wonder how much more will Ochiai improve Sidonia’s fighting prowess come season 3. YES! THIS. MUST. HAVE. A. SEASON. 3!!!

    I still want to see infamous “three days with Kobayashi” scene and how will the haremettes handles that.

  6. I liked how you mentioned the past song and the nice ED. And yes when they ramped it up it’s just great sc-fi! Myself I never consider them Mechs but High Tech Suit of Armor! With Nagate it came down to self defense by hand

    Oh yea that was was so cool space attack ! Not only it was an epic anime moment but fits with all the movies ,tv ,space sci-fi novels have seen or read!

    Everybody again pitched in Izana with her quick thinking and V2 Swiss Army Knife Hand. Just think she was a rookie not long ago . Talk about progression!

    Yuhata’ with her bold plan The Capt was right to put her in charge Really The Capt and her should be Admirals! Samari should be a CAPT too !

    In the end Nagate got that rare medal and The Capt even said he was A knight.

    Oh Kunato /Occhai ever expected that from you to Nagate !

    And why do they need Hoshijiro placentra 2.

    But a nice touch Nagate getting that rice fron those who chased him and then bringing it to his grandfathers lair then leaving him the Medal to take care of ! That was a honorable thing Nagate did!

    This is not a spoiler but the author said in CHP 75 the climax is near . It be nice to wait let the manga finish! You have no idea !

    I have yet to see the movie but would like a prequel of the Original Knights I am sure that is quite interesting!

    1. The planceta got cut off from the rest of the body before the true body got destroyed. It was how the first “gaunajirou placenta” got to be used by Sidonia in the first place…

  7. That alternative mode for the Hayakaze was a nice gimmick that SHOULD have been copied back into the manga, no contest, cause it looks cool. Full Stop.

    *Not surprised at the massing of Hayakazes. Because manga progress.*

    It’s a pity that we might never have a chance of seeing the next mass produced guardian(s) nor the experimental prototype. Among other things… Still, I think it did okay for trying to get everything streamlined for the transition from manga to animation. Especially CG3D.

    ps. Who has goosebumps seeing this in-the-cockpit scene created in extreme detail? I know I did.

  8. The whole recap flashback and no S3 announcement suggested to me that this is a real end for Sidonia. Which is a shame.

    I think there is a lack of momentum at the tail end of this season. S2 hasn’t been as satisfying as S1, they included stuff like Norio and the second chimera with no pay off, there was a chilling scene in the manga when the colonists land on the planet that was skipped.
    From here on the battles step up and there is less slice of life fluff. If they can continue it should be good. IF.

    And Blame anime when?

    1. this Recap at the end, is more an Omake Music Video for the Fans. You can see, in how they change the scene/Pictures with the Music Beat. So i think it was more an Omake for the Fans

      1. i am also making an Private AMV for revive my Skills and show off to a friend. I used a Large Scene here of Season 2, and used the Opening Music of Season 1. it had better Marching Beat

  9. For better and for worse, they don’t do Sci-Fi mecha series like they used to anymore, and there’s a measure of old-fashionedness this series has that gives it a unique charm on top of its occasionally epic nature.

    That explains it. I never could get why Sidonia just clicked with me. Like there are plenty of series that I’m especially hyped for (like F/SN) but I’m always looking forward to Sidonia the most.
    I should really go read the manga already and then cry for S3 even more.

  10. Agreed on the slice-of-life/comedy episodes, Zephy; I liked them just as much as the action episodes, for different reasons. It helped that they clearly weren’t screwing around, things were happening, they just didn’t happen to be action things for once.

    I still remember heavily underestimating this show going in (because of the CG … oh, how quaint was I!), but you were optimistic, and you were right. Season 3 plx.

      1. something like Sleep help us to working the Days impressions to sort them out, to give the Brain a rest, and to deepen the memories. These calm scene/episodes has the same effect. To engrave the “Wow”, Adrenalin the Tension a pause to sink into our memories for the anime. Because always action, always rushing forward is bad, there is no time to make memories for us own

        uh… i try to explain it with wissenschaft (the English name do not come into mind..)

  11. I really liked both series and the final episode was definitely a step up after some of later episodes in animation. The anime did a really good job of modifying manga without losing anything important even with the inclusion of the gauna gun over Kanata.

    As a manga reader for it, I especially liked how they regularly reinforced how important and skilled Seii, Samarii and Tsuruchii were as pilots, so that while Tanekaze was good, there were other aces who were only slightly less good than him.

  12. I loved both seasons and it was this season that finally showed me how the choice to do it in 3D was splendid. Space is directionless and really emphasizes movement in all axes. By using 3D, things that had size felt big and felt that had speed felt quick. Tsumugi’s insane maneuvers shone bright and brought the advantage of 3D to the front and center.
    All in all, unless something comes up soon about a 3rd season, it’s straight to the manga with me.

  13. celebrinen
  14. +WorldwideDepp

    Wissenschaft translates to science. So you were trying to explain why season 2 worked so well with science, for which I agree with you 100% and applauded the use of science! SCIENCE HO! 😛

    The comedy/slice of life helped prevent the viewer from getting fatigue from endless action scenes. It also helped us get to know the character better and in the end there were still bits of actions and important events happening.

  15. Btw, when Tanikaze was using his Mecha Sword to cut through the Enemies in the previous episode, you saw some “standard” movement? Yes, the last move to shed the Blood from the Weapon. They surly copied the Sword fights accurate. Even the Old techniques survived 10000’s of years. Many Sword masters would be proud for Generations 🙂

  16. Just saw the second season on Netflix. The last episode has alot more footage than the japanese broadcast! EPIC!

    The final battle with the Guana was extended with alot more footage. Also the music was changed. I won’t spoil any more to say I enjoyed both the japanese and Netflix version alot.

    There was an additional scene with Tsumugi and Tanikaze that was from the manga. And the sequence where Tanikaze went back to his old stomping grounds was done in more depth. Seemed twice as long on Netflix.


  17. You know, it is no Secret that i like Sci-fi and special this here, Sidonia. I know that the Anime is not up to date with the Manga. But, let me write my Idea for an Possible Sidonia: TNG (The Next Generation)

    Inside the Spoiler is my starting of some Fanfiction for Sidonia’s future beyond Anime Season 3. So, please for not ruin your own Fun. Only open the Spoiler, if you know the Manga

    Show Spoiler ▼


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