“I Love You, Shiraishi!”

「俺は白石が好きだ!」 (Ore wa Shiraishi ga sukida!)

Memories of the Past:

Going into this episode there was a lot to be covered, and not much time to cover it. As I’ve come to expect, things were re-shifted or completely left out in order to reach a certain point by the end of the episode, but because the solution to the plot predicament was all centred around the previous Supernatural Studies club members, it didn’t feel as much of a rush as it actually was. So I guess I have to give LIDEN FILMS some credit there…

I said that Saionji was going to be a difficult one to side with them, but it turned out much easier that it should have – which is more to do with the anime removing all the mystery and build-up, and instead just throwing the answers in our face. Still, it makes sense why Yamazaki has been such a douche all this time: his memories with Leona and his reasons for becoming the Student Council President were erased. It was clear that Saionji was related to Yamazaki’s story in some way, but this is a pretty satisfying conclusion, if you ask me. We finally got some sincere words from the asshole president, and Leona gave herself over for the better cause. One of the standout moments in this part of the episode was Yamazaki’s own words on his forgotten memories; he may have forgotten the events that took place, but the emotional weight of them hasn’t left. It’s like an itch he couldn’t scratch, until he saw Leona once again.

An Unexpected Wish:

The build-up to the ritual should have been more gradual, but I wasn’t too fussed with how things went down. It was over in a flash, but Yamada was given his opportunity to wish for their memories to return to normal… and he decided something different. Something much more exciting: the witches no longer have their powers.

If there is one thing Yamada has learned from his witch conquests, it’s that their powers were both a blessing and a curse. They were born out of their insecurities or faults, and all ended up very relevant to each of the seven, even if we should have spent more time with each of them in the process. Some of them have grown accustomed to their abilities and even used them for their own gains, but others have been rid of a normal school life because of them. For simplicity sake, it seems like all the girls have accepted that their powers are gone, even if that’s not what they initially signed up for. Happy ending for everyone!

Yamada & Shiraishi:

Hurried plot aside, the final scene on the rooftop was enough to make it all worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve been suffering through the series – I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, actually. But Yamada and Shiraishi are finally together, and it’s amazing. Her memories are back, and she clears up that it was obviously Yamada who she liked, because even if she couldn’t remember him, her feelings for him were never erased. That’s why she cried when he kissed Odagiri, and that’s why she trusted him when any sane person wouldn’t.

It’s so satisfying when two unlikely characters come together like this. It feels oh so perfect. They were made for each other. Shiraishi wanting to kiss her boyfriend just to check that her powers were really gone was the cutest excuse ever. No more body switching for these two, just plain old kissing.

Overview – Final Impressions:

I was so thrilled back when Yamada-kun got an anime announced. I never expected it, so the fact that I’d see these characters in motion was enough to have me excited. The seiyuu performances were brilliant, especially when the characters swapped bodies and the actors had to show that through subtle changes to their voice – nearly everyone got a chance to play more than one character, which must be a bonus for the seiyuu. Tamaki was the only one who didn’t work for me, but everyone else was so spot-on that it was kind of scary. Great casting, all around.

Adaptation-wise, Yamada-kun was a mess. It really should have been 24 episodes instead of 12. It was the perfect amount of content for 2-cour, but for whatever reason, it couldn’t happen. I’ll always be disappointed that we had to rush to get to the good stuff, and the good stuff wasn’t as it should have been. So much of the mystery was taken from the series to save time, which hindered my enjoyment with the anime. I speak as a manga-reader, of course, so I’d been keen to see what your overall thoughts on the anime are if that’s all you’re familiar with. But I’d also advise you to check out the manga! The anime left out lots of details, lots of strong character moments, and lots of hilarity. There’s nothing to lose from reading the series from the beginning and experiencing the true story. You’ll be surprised by how much they left out. Plus, the series is still ongoing every week, so if you want to see Yamada and Shiraishi being cute as a love-dovey couple, then what are you waiting for?

Yamada and Shiraishi, in the end, were the best part of Yamada-kun. I’ve already expressed my love for these two and their relationship in nearly every post, so I don’t want to repeat myself yet again. But some characters just have a connection that feels so genuine and heartfelt, and these two had it. In a way, it was all worth it just for that ending – to see Yamada confessing his love for Shiraishi, for her to confess back, and for them to finally end up together. [Heart Eyes emoji]

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  1. If anything, Yamada had the short end of the stick (kinda).

    If he can’t switch with Shiraishi, then it means that he got to pay more attention on his studies more.

    Then again, with Shiraishi by his side, I think Yamada has a lot of inspiration or hopefully Shiraishi whip him up good in his studies.

    I bet the two of them wants to attend the same college.

  2. Rushing done right I’d call this. What a freaking unexpectedly good anime we got here! I guess the complaint as an anime-only viewer that I’d have is that because it’s just one cour with obviously tones of material to cover, there aren’t any breathers between the events, often making it hard to keep up with what’s happening. We probably missed some more characterization regarding the other witches in the process but in they did still had their moments.

    Also a satisfying conclusion giving the us the much-wanted and long-coming Yamada & Shiraishi pairing. I am a bit sad though, that with Yamada’s decision for the witch powers to disappear this means this is the last we’ll see of Yamada & the 7 witches in anime form.

    Quite satisfied with the anime though I’ll probably hit up the manga too 😛

    1. that was deeply relevant to the next arc, so read this at your own discretion
      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. i came to realize that the only problem this anime had is the fact that it rushed things, without that it would’ve turned out into a great anime. but still, i enjoy watching it the last three months.

  4. So, would it be correct to assume that the occasional feeling of disconnect between parts and seeming lapses of logic were due to the manga material getting compressed?

    I loved the characters and the series was great fun overall, but there were several developments that didn’t quite make sense given the in-series information. I can’t recall an example right now, but it was a weird feeling I very rarely get with anime. I mean there are many shows that are far more fantastical or do asspulls left and right, but here it didn’t feel like asspulling exactly, just that something was a little off a number of times, and I couldn’t put my finger on why that was.

    1. so what happens next in the manga now that they’ve lost their witch powers?

      So it turns out to be a regular romcom without fantasy? Then again, we already have an official couple.

      1. Read at your own risk:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. personally i’m satisfied the it didn’t ended here in the manga, because i find the next arc to be interesting as well. just my personal opinion though. read the manga if you’re not satisfied with the anime’s pacing problem

      3. Nah. I’m satisfied with this anime ending. The solution was plain obvious when Yamada asked the seventh witch.

        For that wish granting ceremony to not entirely grant the wish is kind of an asspull. I’ll not even accept word play on Yamada’s thoughts as an excuse to circumvent his wish of removing the seven witches’ curse in campus.

        Still, its a mystery to me as to how did Yamada end up kissing Shiraishi in episode 1 when they fell from the stairs. They are not facing each other and Yamada didn’t even tried to turn around as he fall.

  5. All I wanted was to see the whole cast back together in this final episode and that the true couple get their happy ending. And the conclusion was up to my standard.
    Since I didn’t read the manga yet, seeing this anime for the first time really got me hooked on the story and liking the characters a lot more (in that I am curious for each of them and will most likely start reading the manga adaptation about their future developments). Also, that means they did a great job which means it was a success in my books.
    If they do want to continue this series I doubt the witches’ powers are erased entirely (it was not a clear-lock-on kiss IMO) or something and that the student presidency has yet to be over until they announce Miyamura’s win to the whole school.
    I would love to see more of this anime. I should be happy that they had extra episodes with the OVA and specials. I give this anime lots of love and praise.

    random viewer
  6. Now that that’s over, time to catch up on the manga. I swear, the only thing about adaptations are that inevitably it means yet another thing on my reading list.

    Still loved it and I’m going to enjoy seeing everything they skipped over. Have to think RC for teaching me to keep an open mind. I’ve found so many great anime that I would of ignored in the past of the years.

  7. Just reading through and noticed a few things that may be a typo

    ” but the emotional weight of them hasn’t felt.”
    Paragraph 2
    Felt = left

    ” which much a bonus for the seiyuu.”
    Final Impressions – Para 1
    much = must be

    As usual I always come back to read Samu’s Posts on Yamada.

    I find your posts and perspective of the series informative and enlightening to anyone who is unfamiliar with the manga.
    Looking forward to your up coming reviews!


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