OP Sequence

OP: 「The Bravest Destiny」by Toy☆GunGun (トイ☆ガンガン) (Maeno Tomoaki, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Komatsu Mikako)

“Let’s Start This Deathless Death Match”

「死なない殺し合いを始めようか」 (Shina nai Koroshiai o Hajimeyo u ka )

Brains Base Delivers:

I don’t exactly know what I was expecting from Aoharu x Kikanjuu, but I certainly didn’t think it would be this good. I can see several influences here: the manga is serialised in the same magazine as Kuroshitsuji, it’s got the gender-bender protagonist and basic premise like in Ouran High School Host Club, and has the bright colours and hilarity of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. If you ask me, that’s a winning combination.

Brains Base took what, to me, seemed like a completely OTT premise and turned in into one of the best premieres of the season thus far. The production values were through the roof, from the reaction faces to the intense action sequences. No expenses were spared, and that made for a solid viewing experience. With a lesser staff and studio, this may not have stood out, but thankfully we don’t have to consider that case. Brains Base can still make obscure, well-crafted anime, it seems.

Hilarious Characters – Interesting Dynamics:

I knew there was going to be a cross-dressing in Tachibana Hotaru (Komatsu Mikako). I expected there’d be some shipping potential between her and the smouldering hunk, Matsuoka Masamune (Maeno Tomoaki). And I knew we’d get a segue into the world of survival games. I thought it all sounded too random to work. But boy, I was wrong. From the very first scene I was taken aback by how good it looked. And when Hotaru leapt from the window and basked in her own coolness, before beating those punks into the ground, I was left sitting back in my chair thinking: I did not see this coming!

Things just escalated from there. Hotaru’s meeting with Masamune was practically made for shipping. One of them is a girl dressing as a boy, and the other is a bishounen playboy with the ability to be both intimidating and adorable. I mentioned that I got some Nozaki-kun vibes from this first episode, and that came down to the interactions between these two – the misunderstandings, the abundance of Hotaru reaction shots, and just how damn wonderful it all looks. It may not be a straight-up comedy, but I got a fair few chuckles from this wacky duo. Throw in Hotaru’s equally adorable and deceptive best friend, Yajima Kanae (Horie Yui), and the otaku/survival shooter, Yukimura Tooru (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), and you’ve got a colourful cast of weirdos. Each of them may be a bit tropey at times, but tropes are all around us in any anime, so when they’re well done it doesn’t matter how many of them there are.

Survival Game Set-up:

As I mentioned, the transition into the match between Hotaru and Masamune was very smooth, and the animation in the fight was equally as smooth. I still can’t believe how a such an odd premise can work like this. Hotaru displayed some real talent (despite running out of bullets) during the face-off, and clearly Masamune has taken a liking to him. Everything comes together nicely, and now I’m keen to see how these gun games turn out in future episodes. We saw hints of the types of opponents they could be facing, and by the preview it seems that next week we’re jumping right into the action, so we won’t have to wait too long.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This has to be one of my favourite first episodes so far this season. Hotaru and Masamune already have a hilariously cute dynamic, and I suspect once Tooru enters the scene, he’ll provide more hilarity. Still, the OP shows some scene that may take place at some point. We have Tooru shouting aggressively at Masamune, and a shot of Masamune looking rather overcome with emotions. And let’s not forget the romantic moments that Hotaru has with both boys. Will they fall for her even when they think she’s a boy? That would be fun to watch. For now, I’m just thoroughly entertaining with what we’ve been given, and if there wasn’t so many promising shows coming in the next week, I might have ended up blogging this one.

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Note: There are currently no plans to cover Aoharu x Kikanjuu weekly.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Gunjou Survival」by Komatsu Mikako



  1. First half was meh, but the second half was more than enough to make up for it. Honestly, i found Hotaru’s personality and attitude pretty grating. With her constantly misunderstanding other people, screaming, and making a lot of fuss. She just reminds me of the worst traits of every shounen protagonists. So it was satisfying to see the blond dude kicks her ass in the ridiculously sparkly manner that his “I got you” line in the end managed to put a smile on my face.

      1. Same here. The fight was pretty cool, but I wasn’t impressed with the rest of the show. None of it really seemed that funny to me (this certainly is no Nozaki-kun, as far as I’m concerned), the characters were rather grating and while the show reminded me of Ouran, it lacked the charm to back it up.

        There’s a survival game anime every summer nowadays, but this’ll probably be the first one I’m not watching.

  2. From what I could see, they were using GBB(gas blowback) pistols, and since those are supposed to lock back after you have fired your last round, that means hotaru’s gun malfunctioned. Her gun dry fired(fired with no bullet) at the end, which sucks.

    1. Id like to agree, but we have Symphogear GX this season
      And in the first episode , Hibiki (The MC) SUPLEXED AN SPACE SHUTTLE.
      And I’m not eve mentioning the damage Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris did to the K2 before
      Hibiki’s a badass

  3. …You called Hotaru “him” at least once: “Hotaru displayed some real talent (despite running out of bullets) during the face-off, and clearly Masamune has taken a liking to him”

    1. That might have been a typo but honestly I think Samu did that intentionally. Masamune didn’t take a liking to her, he took a liking to him since he seems to have no idea she’s a girl.

  4. Hotaru really needs to take a chill pill. If I had a drink everytime she said the word “evil” in this episode…. I would die. I read the manga to a point but stopped after hearing it would be an anime. I kind of hope they animate the original one-shot chapter into this because that’s what really drew me into it,the relationship between Tooru and Masamune. Sure Hotaru was okay, but the anime version made her more….noisy.
    I just really hope it doesn’t turn into one of those, “2 friends are now becoming estranged because a girl they both have feelings for comes inbetween them”. This show would be better if any relationship was one-on-one and not shared.

  5. Say what you will about Aoharu x Kikanjuu, but it’s convenient as all hell. Not that I’m an absolutist against any convenience in an anime, but this one takes it like an entire bottle of chocolate sauce on a bowl of ice cream and, instead of some tasteful moderation, it uses the whole damn bottle in one go.

    Think about it for a moment.

    On her first day at her new home, Hotaru has a conveniently awkward interaction with a gun-wielding bishonen who just happens to live right next to her. Fine, but then the next day her air-headed best friend happens to lose all her money, thus prompting Hotaru to spur into action; all of which could have been easily avoided had the pink-haired dimwit taken all of five seconds to explain what had actually happened instead of just blinking her eyes, going “EH?”

    And, naturally, the guy who supposedly took all her money is the gun-wielding bishonen who runs a high-class establishment and then, following boring info dump, challenges Hotaru to a toy gun fight, which she loses – but only AFTER showcasing her immense potential – and succumbs to becoming Masamune’s.


    Oh, and of course it’s only after is all said and done that Hotaru is told what actually happened and realizes what an idiot she and her pink-haired plot device friend actually are.


    Look, I’m not out to bash a new show fresh off its first episode just for kicks. Perhaps the original source material just isn’t being given justice here, but this was a cookie cutter plot with cookie cutter characters and not a single memorable thing to the contrary. It’s predictable and worse than that, it’s boring.

    And please don’t even get me started on Hotaru. If I have to hear her say “evil” one more time, I’m gonna have to flip a table somewhere.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. If the one-shot was the pilot episode, then things would have looked a lot better, with the introduction of Hotaru being placed at the end. Honestly Tooru and Masamune could carry this show by themselves with a look into….early-adult? life and finding yourselves after high school. But Hotaru kind of just…adds this potentially unneeded romance factor. Someone who has read this manga up-to-date, does this devolve into a love triangle? Because I’ve read up to the point of episode 3 material.
      “Evil!” Spam!!!

  6. This first episode did not work for me, to fast paced and sloopy, as Ryan said to convenient.

    For me its a mix of otome “strong girl, go weak like a wet paper on first look” with an abusive yaoi male leader.

    But because Samu cited two of my favorites manga/anime (Ouran Koukou Host Club and Nozaki-Kun), I’m giving it a 3 ep rule treatment.

    I love too see a strong female lead, with some backbone, so I hope the story go in this direction.

  7. wow the judgement of people here about this anime…. full of negatives complaint. While Im here finding that this anime exceed my expectation and extremely refreshing. We don’t get this type of anime nowadays! I felt lonely… Im the one that likes this first episode so much.

    1. I feel the same way. This was one of the best first eps of the season for me and everyone I know who watched it liked it. I think the anime community in general are just more accepting of traps than reverse traps.

      1. Well, out of all the new anime so far this season, Aoharu x Kikanjuu still had the best first episode. In my opinion, anyway. I guess it was always bound to have a niche target audience, but I am seeing a lot people who also liked it for what is was. Weird.

  8. All i can say is. this show is a bishounen type Sabagebu anime. :v
    Although i love sabagebu anime but they make the joke over the top and silly. I hope this show at least show same potential like sabagebu or some coolness from gangsta. Well one episode is just not enough.

    1. pfft, doubt it’s that. Because some of us actually read and liked the manga. The transition to other media was sloppy (really just in Hotaru’s case). The anime made her more annoying than she should have been.

  9. I loved this premiere, but I have just one glaring question I would like answered, even if it counts for a spoiler (tagged as such in reply to my comment): What the heck is up with Hotaru’s Shizuo*-level strength and durability?!

    *From Durarara!!, obviously.

  10. Well I didn’t hate it?

    I should establish though that I didn’t laugh at all. I didn’t even think there were any jokes outside of the MC being an ass and that blonde bishounen talking about tits. Humor is hit-and-miss but as I think about it this failed to me completely as a comedy. I didn’t really view it as that though and I found it to be a pleasantly watchable show. I don’t really know why, but I kind of enjoyed it… I can’t really explain it, to be honest, because I also found the action to be kinda stupid (the bullet time stuff was dumb, I know it’s supposed to be over the top but I didn’t like it) and the exposition for the survival game made me cringe. Like actually I hated the exposition.

    I despise the MC though already. I found her white knight attitude to be kind of irritating, first of all. A parody of shounen leads, I guess, which makes her 10x more annoying because the embodiment of all our high school super heroes isn’t something I wanna watch. Her crossdressing probably has a stupid backstory, because throughout her dialogue you can tell she gets offended when someone mentions anything related to breasts. She also is surprised when people thinks she’s a dude? Which is really stupid? And on top of that, for the show to maintain any steam it has, she didn’t even reveal her true gender when she was oh so surprised. Not to mention she breaks every damn thing. Ugh, I hate her.

    The other character is kinda boring. Bishie though so all aboard the train, am I right? *wiggle wiggle*

    I guess the show does have a good sense of energy going for it, and for that reason it seems like it reflected onto me, so it’s not something I disliked, but I can see myself dropping this later if this show doesn’t grow a personality of its own. I liked the soundtrack and the art direction was pretty nice admittedly.

    I really must respectfully disagree that this was the best pilot though, Samu.

  11. in my opinion even though its the first episode, ouran is much better because it got the gender confusion out of the way in it’s first episode and there was a REASON why haruhi had to cross dress as a boy. here it just seems she (hotaru) is just doing it for plot convenience.

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