Kuroshitsuji – 09


Back at home in the countryside mansion, Sebastian is cleaning the house alone while being spied on by Ciel’s last resort group of servants. They are trying to take a picture of Sebastian with a special camera, but find themselves in complete awe of how quickly and perfectly he performs his duties instead, without one decent picture to show for the entire escapade.

Kuroshitsuji – 08

Picking up right at last week’s cliffhanger, everyone discovers Henry’s bloody, empty jail cell with the busted back wall, followed by a knock at the front door. A soaking wet man tells them that the dog demon has attacked again, so they rush to the scene in the pouring rain. Sebastian breaks through the crowd surrounding his body to discover that his arm has been ripped off, and Angela faints.

Kuroshitsuji – 06

Last week we were treated to a little teaser of the fight show, but this week the real act begins. Picking up after Ciel commands Sebastian to kick some ass, Grell is romanticizing that their tragic fight is akin to Romeo and Juliet. Dodging another sudden attack to the face, Grell wants to know why Sebastian chooses to keep his given name. From the very moment Ciel called out for him using the name “Sebastian,” the contract was formed, and he swore to it by the moon. Dwelling on Sebastian’s cold, heartless eyes and tainted hands and lips, Grell squirms with blissful thoughts during the fight. He even compliments Sebastian by swearing that if it were possible, he would never abort their unborn lovechild.

Kuroshitsuji – 05

This week, after finding out Ciel’s huge success was a huge mistake, we pick up our unsolved mystery where we left off. Flashing forward to our next victim, we see a blonde female being tormented by “Jack the Ripper.” He paints lipstick on the bruised woman’s face, but she flinches in the lightning and he gets quite pissed off that she made him screw up her makeup.