「星を見に行った」 (Hoshi wo Miniitta)
“We Went to Look at the Stars”

While this might be a “repeat” for the show, it’s far from just rehashing old scenes.


Having a relatively minor role during the first season, I can clearly remember almost all the moments when Suguru busted out some insane skills when we least expected it. From shredding out on a electric guitar to creating a Good Smile level figure, I’m glad to see that we didn’t have to wait all that long to see some more of his skills.

Seeing how he always seems to give off that otaku-esque vibe whenever he’s doing something awesome, I should have saw it coming when he busted out some ridiculous moves during knock-down-the-ruler. From smacking his ruler back onto the playing field after getting knocked off to landing multiple hits with every shot, it’s a shame he ended up losing after so much hard work. Sure, it took the combined efforts of Hotaru, Ren-chon, and Natsumi to do it but in the end a loss is a loss, right?

Also, did you catch Komari’s dejected face after her ruler got knocked out? It was almost a little sad the way Suguru stepped right in-front of her before she could even get a retort out!

I can see the dolls coming!

Seeing how everyone in the show has their own little quirks, I always found it funny that Hotaru’s was her obsession with her beloved Komari-senpai. Sometimes getting lost in her fantasies or creating way too many dolls of her, it was always fun trying to see her wiggle out of getting caught. But I’ve always wondered – just how did Komari become such a beloved senpai to her? While I figured it was something big, it’s nice to know it was partly because of Komari acting like a true senpai and partly letting that childish side of hers take over in-front of her kouhai. In any case, the short shot of the sketch right at the end solidified the fact that the Komari dolls are soon to come!

Looking Ahead

I feel kind of stupid not getting that the “repeat” in the title would be referring to the show starting over from the beginning. I say kind of because even if I never figured out what was going on, the show’s is doing a great job at being both a sequel and a new show. Dropping little hints for veteran viewers while giving newer ones all the information they need to quickly figure out who’s who and what’s what, just about anyone could pick this show up and enjoy it. That said, it feels like they’re moving really quickly through the timeline so maybe there’s a chance we’ll maybe end up in the future? Like, maybe a future where Hotaru finally gets a freaking school uniform?

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  1. So adorable Komari taking charge even though she was just as scared. A true Senpai.

    Also the dog just cracked me up, freakin anime and their human voiced animals, it was so bad it’s hilarious.

    Overall great seeing the gang back in action.

    1. I cried laughing so hard hearing the dog bark, in part because I am pretty damn sure the VA of Hotaru also did the barking. Imagining her trying to keep it together in between voice acting and barking made it all the more hilarious.

  2. Only NNB can make a game of knock down the ruler hilarious and fun to watch.
    Although I felt more nostalgia at the mention of eraser flicking, now that definitely reminds me of elementary school 😛

    1. It was far more exciting than I had anticipated.

      The background music the whole thing really intense…felt like I was watching a sports anime for a second.

  3. i think the reason why this season is repeating from beginning is that by the end of last season a year had passed (they already in spring IIRC). so if they continue what the last season left off, each of them should have moving into the next grade, onii-chan will graduate and it will be only 4 of them remain in school. and they probably need to keep hotarun as a 5th grader loli.

  4. Such a chill bro, never demanding the spotlight but always ready to deliver when asked.

    Natsumi getting her shounen-protag on.

    And IIRC, at least there wasn’t a cliffhanger end to the first season like Danna ga Nani wo Itteru that’s hanging over each episode where it goes unaddressed. While I do hope we get to see some stuff beyond the scope of the first season, I kinda like seeing some of the gaps filled in, especially in a Slice of Life show.


  5. i am in Love with the Scenario Pictures

    and btw, even with my little understanding of Japan speech, “honto Semi ma sen” is “really, i am sorry” or something like that (depend on the situation), but it is never ever “thank you very much” (The Girl apologize for Pochi)

    Official Subbers.. Do your Work right!!

    1. My Happy “being a Child in my small country Village” heart is smiling. Thank you for these great Scenery. A piece of calmness in our World of haste. Like this Anime here, with this Doctor that hunt Spirits.. my mind slipping me for the name, but the Scenery Pictures of Nature was also super great

  6. This episode looks like it could be placed in between 1 and 2 of last season. If this is going to be the trend of the coming episodes maybe that’s what the Repeat in the title meant. It’s a repeat of Season 1 but this season is going to be made of episodes that are meant to fill the gap in between events last time.

  7. @Takaii: Didn’t you notice that Suguru was playing the piano last episode? There was a quick shot of him sitting at the piano after the girls (minus Hotaru) finished singing. And I think the reason Hotaru doesn’t have a uniform is because she’s still in grade school like Ren-chon, who isn’t wearing a uniform either. It’s easy to forget that she’s only in fifth grade because of her height. She’ll get her uniform in two years assuming she doesn’t have to move yet again.

  8. 40km to a Shopping Center…

    Whoa…that means the nearest city (or an urban area) will take 40km from asahigaoka (or whatever the name of the village is)

    and seems like that vending machine has attract bug and moths lately…


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