“The Girl Who Kills Braves”

「六花殺しの少女」 (Rokka-Goroshi no Shoujo)

Fremy Speeddraw – The Reluctant Shooter:

After this episode, I can see why Fremy is a fan favourite. She’s a stoic badass with a fanservicey outfit, after all. But for me, of the four Braves we’ve seen so far she’s probably my least favourite. I thoroughly enjoy Adlet and Nashetnia (PS, I’m going to ignore their new/incorrect names), especially when they’re together. And even Goldof came across more likeable with his introduction. It’s only first impressions, but at the moment Fremy just seems like a girl with one expression, and a reluctance to be a team player. I’ve seen enough of her character many times before.

We didn’t get concrete answers about why she’s being labelled the ‘Brave Killer’, which is to be expected, since the misunderstanding resulted in a tense brawl in the last few minutes of the episode. We’ve only met four Braves, and they’re already trying to kill each other? How are they going to react find out that one of them is an impostor…? It’s funny that synopsis has essentially spoiled us for the ‘big twist’ that hasn’t even reached our screen yet; we’ll have to meet all of them before the characters are aware of it, but it is interesting to know that someone is lying before the characters do.

Last Week Did It Better:

Last week, I said that an episode of traveling and well-inserted exposition was a good thing. I still stand by that, especially after this episode. Without sounding too negative… nothing really happened? At least last week we got to know more about the history and lore of the world, the countries, Nashetania’s tragic past, and the blossoming relationship between Adlet and Nashetania. Plus, we also got introduced to two more Braves. This episode? Adlet and Fremy’s exchanges were rather dry in comparison, the fight choreography as was uninspired as the CG fiends, and we didn’t see any other Braves. I can’t help but feel this episode was the letdown, and not last week’s – like many have claimed.

And then there’s fact that Adlet and Fremy were literally presented with exposition in the shape of a convenient map, by a friendly face, at the best possible location. I get it, it does make sense that they’d be waiting for the Braves so close to the border, but these convenient situations one after the other had me rolling my eyes. Hopefully, now that the plan is made aware to audience (and the characters), we can just get on with it.

Suspect of the Week – Mora:

Originally I would have said Fremy again. After all, her motives aren’t any clearer, and her words at still cryptic. But I think her being the Brave Killer is obviously untrue, and there must be some misunderstanding. She’s prepared for a fight, and must be aware of the rumours being spread about her – Adlet certainly wasn’t aware that his ‘cowardly’ fighting methods had become common knowledge. It’s also possible that Goldof is misdirecting the attention to Fremy, if he is the true suspect. But this time around is has to go to Mora. She’s not even been introduced yet, and I’ve already got a funny feeling about her. She’s apparently the first to reach the meeting spot, and along the way she’s conceived – or has agreed to – a plan that could result in one of the Braves being left behind. If that’s the case, then maybe she’s hoping that only six will show up and they’ll all be unaware of the seventh one left behind. Suspicious much?

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’m looking forward to Mora’s introduction, based off what I’ve heard of her character, and by looking over her dark, moody character design. We’ve still got two others to meet as well, so hopefully that comes sooner rather than later. I may have praised the slowness of the second episode, but this time around the pace didn’t do itself any favours.


      1. Yeah. If i’m not wrong, The whole cour will probably adapt volume 1 of the light novel only, which is a pretty slow pacing for a light novel adaptation. But that means they can flesh out more things.

      2. A bit late, but I thought you might want to read this (it is an extract from the LN Chapter that this Episode is based on.

        It seems like Adlet shares your initial view on Fremy:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Hah, that’s pretty cool. At least my impression of her is a justified one by the source material. Hopefully that means I’ll grow to like her more when her true character is revealed.

  1. I can understand why the supposed convenience might turn some off, but in retrospect, it makes sense, to me at least. After all, this is the third time that the world’s gone through this, so I’d think it would be more strange if they didn’t have something like this set up by now. That’s what would have had me rolling my eyes.

    As for the fake, I’m beginning to wonder if the whole idea is a misdirection. After all, the reason why everyone jumped onto the idea that there’s a fake is because each time the Braves appeared in the past, there were six. Who’s to say there weren’t seven from the start and one just happened to have been killed both times? If I were the Demon God and I knew that the Braves had the power to destroy me when all were gathered together, it’d make perfect sense to make sure at least one of them was dead, hence why it only keeps getting sealed away.

    Makes for a more interesting idea rather than one just being a fake at least. We’ll see.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. As for the fake, I’m beginning to wonder if the whole idea is a misdirection.
      Don’t know if this is spoiler but Show Spoiler ▼

      Also, in previous episode was stated that one of Braves had been killed in a trap before.

      1. How can we be sure there is actually a fake, wouldn’t they die as soon as they cross into the fiend lands … so why is the extra character a problem? if they are a fake they die immediately and if they are a real brave then maybe the braves were meant to be seven not six and something went wrong the two previous times .. i just don’t understand how could the seventh character be a fake and an actual brave at the same time !!?

      1. Perhaps, but one could take the emblem we’ve seen simply as being the symbol handed down through Rokka’s world perspective, hence why there’s only six, because people only ever believed that there were six.

        Ryan Ashfyre
      2. If the same symbol appeared on the Original Saint, which I believe it did, and there was only one of her, then the symbol itself doesn’t say anything concrete about the number of Braves that there are; only a group of people whose collective power equals that of the Original.

        Ryan Ashfyre
  2. Also, our Gunner has an Magical Eye. Did you not noticed, in how she Aim? Not with her left, no with her right eye. So, it also is magical or the eye-patch is show through from inside.

    But oh well, it’s anime Magic

      1. yep, there is a short scene where she see the Aiming tools on the Rifle from her point of View. So, see through, or it is part of her Magic to hit what she aim. Some kind of Laser pointer

    1. This has more sense when you find out more about her. But in case you want to know (of course, spoilers):

      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. bunny girl have bad taste in clothes , a weird name and i don´t like the fact that she is pretending be airhead and kind
    fremy well i like the fanservice outfit and i got curious about her eye o.O

    1. Bunny head, is a Princess. So her Armor is some kind of Symbol. So fake Claw Hand protectors, fake Foot Claw Protector and fake Bunny Ears (we saw her in the Jail sequence without them, disguised as a Maid)

      Well, at this time, they used Snakes and such as decoration. The Anime here give her Bunny Suit. I am okay with that, it is more sexy

    2. Remember – most of the characters so far are animal themed to go along with the setting – Nashetania’s armor resembles with a Bunny with her greives looking like paws, one character actively tries to resemble a cat, another has armor that makes them resemble a cow, and so on. It’s just one of the hallmarks of the setting – not necessarily something exclusive to Nashetania.

  4. Goldof doesn’t need armour; he already has abs of steel. “^^

    IIRC, the novels describe Goldof as being very big and muscular for his age-he’s only in his late teens.

  5. “She’s apparently the first to reach the meeting spot, and along the way she’s conceived -”

    I got to this point in the review and went (O_o;) at the idea that someone got pregnant. Then I read a bit further and had to slap my forehead at my own stupidity.

  6. While the slow pace isn’t necessarily a turnoff, I do have one major problem with it: we’re three episodes in and there has been no mention of the whole “fake hero” plot point. I normally wouldn’t mind except for the fact that it’s already been advertised as a major twist and the main hook that is supposed to set this series apart from other fantasy epics. I mean it’s fun to pay attention to the different characters to see if they could be the fake, but if we hadn’t already seen the summary would we have cared as much. I still liked this episode but I do hope they bring it up soon.

  7. I think fremy/flamie knows there is a seventh brave, hence her steadfast belief they will fight when they see each other. How she came about the information, I don’t know. So at least one of them knows about it.

      1. if it is really the case, then this Flower on her Head is not only Decoration. She symbols her Life Force, like some Game Heroine has an Flower growing out of her Eye

    1. I think she’s hiding a lot of things. I think they all are. But at the same time I don’t think that’s why she seemed off. They made very clear in the last episode that she doesn’t particularly like her life as a princess and all the trappings that come with it, and when Goldof showed up she was obviously really upset that he was forcing into that princess role again when Adlet had been treating her as an equal companion. She even tried to point blank ask Goldof to stop it and he refused.

      So while she is hiding stuff I’m sure, her personality shift is because she’s not as free and happy away from Adlet and is shifting back into her princess persona I believe.

  8. I’m starting to get the feeling that the whole “legend of the 6 braves” is some sort of religious scam with darker under tones at this point. Bunch of strong sacrifices shuffled off to be the vessel for the demon lord and what not.

  9. I’ve heard Rokka’s author, Yamagata Ishio, previously wrote another LN series, Tatakau Shishou/Armed Librarians – The Book of Bantorra, which got a 2-cour anime in 2009-2010. Has anyone read or seen it before, and how does it compare to Rokka?

    1. Compared the novel, bantora is better than six flowers. But I may change this comment after six flowers is finished. Compared the anime, six flowers is far better. Mainly because of the pace. Bantorra is too rush. Forcing 10 books into 27 eps is ridiculous. So I am so thrilled that they control their pace in six flowers which let them present the material well.

  10. Fremy shines a bit later, that’s why she is fandom’s favorite. She just needs to relax a little first. ^_^

    As for the question about correct number of heroes:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And as for correct spellings, novel official images have their correct names as:
    Adlet, Nashetania, Fremy, Mora, Hans, Chamo, Goldof
    everything besides that is incorrect spelling of their names.

  11. So far, no Braves have been killed, so the “Brave Killer” could more correctly be called the “Brave Candidate Killer”. I’d like to suggest that Fremy being that killer is consistent with her actions and statements so far. She has stated, “I can’t die until I defeat the Demon God with my own hands”, but the Demon God is surrounded by a killer miasma that can only be penetrated by those chosen as Braves. Thus she *needed* to be chosen as a Brave, meaning she had motive to kill those who might be chosen ahead of her.

    However, now that she has been chosen, she has no motive to kill any of the other actual Braves chosen alongside her. Any Brave knowing of her crimes, on the other hand, would have reason to kill her. Fremy’s attempt to escape Adlet, her refusal to explain herself to him, and her reluctance to kill him outright, make sense in this scenario. It might also explain why she had expectations about who might and might not (e.g. Nashetania) be chosen – she’d need to have previously ranked the possibilities.

  12. It’s interesting to see that I agree with the reviwer in many things, but not in the suspect of the week. If past week’s was Nashetania for me, this time is Fremy. At the end of the last episode, I thought Goldof was misdirecting, but her comments in this episode imply there’s a good reason she may be hated by other heroes, not just a simple misunderstanding.

    And Fremy’s so far my favorite character… behind Adlet (gotta love a combat pragmatist hero for once). Adlet’s interactions with Nashetania looked funny… until you start noticing those disturbing details about the princess.

  13. I actually loved how Fremy summed up Adlet “An out-of-control idiot”.
    I wonder what is her story? Because it is far too simple to take her for granted as Brave-killer.

  14. I was a bit disappointed by this episode. I hope that they back up Fremys intriguing design with an interesting character, but so far we haven’t learned much about her and she seems to be quite flat so far.

  15. My guess is she knows there’s something up with the braves in general. Either she knows there are seven and one is an imposter, or something related to the situation anyway that makes her the first one that’s unwilling to trust the rest. I’m guessing that’s what she means when she says they’ll have to kill each other if she tells Adlet why. Once he too knows one of them is an imposter then he too won’t be able to trust any of the other braves.

  16. But guys, do you sense something? All are here talking about 7 Braves. But until know the Anime said 6 braves..

    So much we got used to Spoil ourselves and not note it

  17. I thought it was interesting to see Adlet hauling around that huge box of his smoke bombs and other combat gadgets. Most action characters can just produce these things at will, like Fremy and her gunpowder.

  18. maybe,just maybe the impostor severed the body part of previous brave six, maybe hand or leg or even skin. example like f/sn kirei using bazette hand to comand lancer

  19. As dumb as it seems(personally i dont consider her) but there is one brave who could have pulled off triggering the barrier without actually enterring the room. The full extent of each brave’s abilities is still yet to be seen….a blade triggered the fog..and who in the braves could move/manipulate a blade without using hands? Answer a certain red eyed chick. As to motives who knows but her family is messed up!

    Also the possibility exists that the imposter’s true ability or abilities are not what they are showing…and his or her awareness of being evil may be one that is only activated at certain times. The ability of the saint of blades was definitely used regardless of whatever angle u look at


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