“Greatest Night”

「史上最大の夜」 (Shijou Saidai no Yoru)


Thank God I picked this up before it was too late, otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to talk about this episode! I don’t know where to begin, other than saying it was possibly my favourite ever WORKING!! episode (of any season). I’m so glad I’m blogging this now. Not only because of how great this series is, but I can now relate to it so much more. Having worked in the service industry since the second season ended, whenever we see everyone at work (even Yamada!) it reminds me of my own job – right down to the weekly rota.

Satou & Yachiyo’s Date – More Importantly, the Underwear!:

And let us thank that rota for allowing Satou and Yachiyo to have the same day off. When he strung half a sentence together and actually asked her out on a date, I reacted the exact same as Souma (colourful background and all)! It was one moment of many that made this episode so enjoyable.

Yachiyo’s scenes in the diner where a highlight, hilarious from the moment she caught sight of Kozue and called out: “Sensei!”. Kozue’s expertise in drinking actually came in handy, and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout their exchange. Thankful Souta didn’t even intervene… that would have rid us of such a glorious scene. After that, Kozue has to be my favourite Takanashi sister.

From there, it only got funnier. As the other girls got involved, I couldn’t help but snicker at Inami’s bra problems. Maya popping from nowhere to stand up for normal underwear was a nice moment, proving that she still does exist. Will we see her again before the finale? Who knows… But it’s Yachiyo’s cluelessness that made it that much better. Again, like Souma, I was cackling throughout – I think Souma perfectly captures everything the audience and thinking and feeling this season.

Yamada Needs Petting:

And of course, you couldn’t have a fantastic episode of WORKING!!! without an equally hilarious Yamada subplot. After getting accidentally petted by Takanashi last week, Yamada was on a quest to relive the experience. Like Yachiyo, her going to her workmates for advice was seriously funny stuff. Her methods to get petted had me all-smiles, up until she actually did some work, which had me cackling like a mad man. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing. Even if Takanashi gives Yamada a pat on the end, it’s never going to be the same as when he does it to Popura. Poor Yamada. Life truly is cruel.

The Progress – The Hug!!!:

Okay, back to the date. It actually happened! Satou and Yachiyo actually went out drinking together, and it was amazing. Yachiyo was so nervous that she ended up downing her drinks too quickly – I’m a quick drinker as well, so I can relate – and ends up spilling her underwear secrets. Not only that, but she used Kozue’s “I think I’m drunk” move. That’s when I completely lost it, and laughed for a good minute. Even thinking about it again is making me grin.

But after a healthy dose of comedy, things get serious very quickly. I knew from the moment we saw a smoothly-animated shot of Yachiyo standing outside the pub, that we were in for something. I expected it to be another tease, like we’re so used to with WORKING!!. But it wasn’t. Yachiyo said that she wanted Satou to be by her side forever, and Satou went in and hugged her! If only Souma could have seen that… I don’t know how he would have reacted, but if it was anything like I was during that scene, it would be a mixture of shock and elation. I still can’t believe it actually happened…

Overview – What’s Next?:

Romantic progression! It’s happening! WORKING!!! is in its final season, and that means long-standing plot points are going to get resolved. This is the first step in Satou and Yachiyo (hopefully) ending up together, and everything about it was perfect. This was one of the best WORKING!!! episodes to date; I just hope we get more like this. More Satou and Yachiyo, more Souma cheering them on, and more Yamada, just for good measure.



    1. Still… I’M SO HAPPY FOR SATOU-KUN!!!!!

      Oh my god… oh my god… that hugged that spanned more than two cours to materialized. And it’s really great that Yachiyo was the who said it first to stay with her forever.

  1. Hey guys I know this is totally unrelated but i just found out D.GRAY MAN HAS JUST BEEN RESERIALIZED!!

    sorry had to get that out of my system and this was one of the first places i thought of.

    K, bye!

  2. Yay!!! This was one of the best if not the best episode so far of Working!!! We finally got some real progress in the Satou and Yachiyo relationship even if he got all embarrass at the end I’m just hoping next week won’t be awkward but who know may turn even funnier. Thank you for blogging this show. :)!

  3. Best. Episode. Ever. At least until Satou actually properly confesses to Yachiyo.

    Though surely Yachiyo should have some clue about Satou’s feelings, no matter how dense she is.

    More importantly, Matsumoto-san is speaking! And it’s not even the last episode!

  4. Yachiyo may be drunk, but that hug has got to have some lasting effect on her. It should…no it must have an effect. Even when she gets sober, here’s hoping the feeling of being hugged by Satou and being told by him that he also wants to stay with Yachiyo forever gets implanted in her subconscious somewhere and make her realize it was not just a hug coming from a friend.

    As for the other little love plot in the episode, I kind of get the feeling Youhei has given up completely resisting Kozue. Just to be clear as far as the past seasons implied, Kozue gets dumped because she beats up her boyfriends right?

      1. Wow nice that’s a good new to m
        I don’t really read the manga so I have no idea on what’s happening with their relationship

        But their relationship is one of the reason why I love wagnaria <3

  5. Something to get out of my mind first:

    Though being normal should not be meant talking about Kyouko-san every sentence (I don’t mind as much, oddly enough – depression horizon is always a crazy zone here)…

    …and then there’s the “preperation”, I felt like we’re with Souma, laughing our butts off at the sides, leaning onto the 4th wall…

    Sidenote: The Yamada sideplot was a nice continuation/conclusion, I guess.


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