「恋と炎」 (Koi to Honoo)
“Love with Flames”

With great power comes great responsibility. Or does it? Someone should probably tell Tomori that…

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that for all of Tomori’s supposedly benevolent intentions, there’s a certain disconnect between her goals and the actions she takes to achieve them. One could argue for the use of all necessary force given what’s supposedly at stake, but when you’re rocket tackling people into walls and stepping on their broken ribs threatening to kill them to obtain information, it makes you wonder when she cross the metaphorical “line”.

The fact that she’s essentially posing as an amateur detective is starting to reek more of recklessness and irresponsibility more than anything, and it seems like there’s a giant danger sign hanging here if I’ve ever seen one. Just last week she was almost shot by an arrow—one barely avoided due to Takajou’s quick thinking—and this week she literally runs straight into a punch. The gradual escalation here, and the revelation that some people could hold more than one type of power makes me wonder if they’re setting things up for a rude awakening, and it certainly be interesting to see if that does happen and what the end results of that will be—especially if the stakes are as high as she claims them to be.

For now though, this third episode provides us with an introduction to what should be our last main character, and I’ll say she didn’t quite fit into my expectations. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing—far from it—but there was a certain impression I got regarding her character from the opening sequence, and it was interesting to see how she really ended up and the fact that she’s going to be going to the academy despite her idol status. One would think the latter would be harmful to the school’s inhabitants by putting a big bullseye on the academy, but I suppose the protection being given to them there is still better than the alternative.

Either way, Nishimori Yusa’s appearance ends up important in many ways, and that’s not only due to the role she’s likely to play in the near future. Rather, her appearance and the interactions her deceased sister made using her body ends up a crucial demonstration of the nature behind their powers. The fact is, all of our ability users are capable of making the possible impossible. The catch however, is that everyone’s power has an inherit limitation built within, and there’s an important association to be made here between that and the fact that they will also lose their powers as they grow older.

Isn’t it more abnormal that you were able to see her all this time?

In this sense, Sho’s realization that he needs to say goodbye to Misa ends up as an important emphasis on how all things must eventually come to an end—their powers and the lives they lead with them included. The key is that they have these powers now, but it’s limited nature means that they shouldn’t be relied on as a crutch to get through life. That doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t enjoy their powers while they have them, but—to bring things back to my intro—that there are certain responsibilities one should abide by when using them, and the negative results that can come from irresponsible usage could extend well past circumstances they themselves get into or the adversaries they might face.

Given the situation she’s in now, what will Tomori do once everyone’s older and no longer has powers? There’s no guarantee that the members of the Student Council will stay with her afterwards, and the fact that she doesn’t have any other friends at the moment makes you wonder how well she’d do in a future without the club, the goal it gives her, and the people it helps her interact with. One could argue her solitary nature will help her get through regardless, but there’s a measure of added difficulty involved. Otosaka’s use of his powers to gain academic prestige bodes similarly in regards to how he’d survive in the real world without his abilities in the short-term, and everything here reeks of a potential future where the use of their powers could yield problems they never even considered.

Put simply, it’s a double edged sword, and the flip side remains true. Their powers are capable of doing some real good in the world despite their limitations, and just like in real life, it’s all about the choices made before it’s all said and done. The question is, when will our cast realize this? And when push comes to shove, what choices will they make? Guess we’ll see.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「楽園まで」 (Rakuen Made) by How-Low-Hello (CV: Uchida Maaya)


  1. In this episode, I could say, Yu’s imouto chance of having an ability have risen. That “something good will happen” in the omelette is a precognition of sorts… And meeting up and getting acquainted with an famous idol is something good.

    1. Possibly because Yusa’s an idol whose part of a band that calls themselves ‘How-Low Hello'(Haro Haro)?? You’re right about the credits just saying ‘Maaya Uchida’ but putting How-Low Hello isn’t wrong as such……

      1. I’m wondering about the listening habits of the person who came up with the name of that group since the name of the group is derived from the lyrics to the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

        Ian Albert
  2. Misa’s pyrokinesis kinda sticks out weird compared to every other power we’ve seen. As far as I can tell, it never really had much of a drawback? I hope we’ll see some handicap to it in future episodes, as it’s way too strong otherwise.

    Also someone please get rid of Ayu. That amount of sweetness is toxic.

    Purple Bomber
    1. perhaps misa’s pyro drawback is that misa needs to possess yusa in order to use the ability. and not only that, yusa is pretty much the “not a fighter” type and it seems that the possession ability is not instant. so she is pretty prone to instant attacks like takajou’s “teleport” tackle

    2. Well yeah that’s where she is now, but it sounded like she had her pyrokinesis before she died. It’s not a huge plot hole, but it still kinda bugs me when all the powers are supposed to have goofy handicaps.

      Purple Bomber
    3. I think she may not be immune to burns. Fire that she is consciously controlling won’t burn her but if her concentration slips or if the blaze gets too large and overwhelming, she can still burn to death. The evidence for this is only circumstantial- I’m going by that one scene where she set her gang’s secret hideout on fire and got yelled at for it. She seemed a little nervous herself before putting it out. I could be wrong, reading too deeply- but that’s the impression I got…

    4. I don’t think Misa’s pyrokinetic drawback is that she needs to be possessing Yusa in order to do so. It is implied she had the ability before she died and may have been the reason why she died.

      The fact that she can turn on or off the fires she manifests is already more convenient than what most pyrokinetic users in fiction can do. So I’m going to assume the drawback “may” be revealed later.

      As for Yusa… well being randomly possessed (or at least out of your own control) by another spirit is probably a drawback enough.

      I think one of the over-arcing plot points may be that someone (possibly the scientists or even the mysterious benefactor) may be trying to allow these superpowers to mature into an adult stage instead of them disappearing upon maturity. Then they will be complete superpowers instead of incomplete.

      And on that note, the superpowers in question I guess technically don’t need a drawback since they are usually defined as “incomplete” rather than “faulty”. So pyrokinesis may be even more awesome than it is now.

      Or, it could just be Key making another growing up metaphor and may not even play an important part of the story. But I guess we’ll find out.

      Goodwill Wright
    5. The drawback may be that Misa’s fire doesn’t really burn much more than turn marshmallows into roasted marshmallows? It’s not as hot as it looks. The room was fine after she threw some flames around. She also torched her minions as part of the show but they were totally fine afterwards.

    1. Tomori’s reckless actions probably have a lot to do with the power of “the only person she can trust” and why Hoshinoumi Gakuen is the only safe place where people with powers can stay safe. As long as she is a student there, she is protected therefore she doesn’t have to worry about being caught by scientists. Takajou can also wreak havoc anywhere and everything is still ok. Which suggests it is a very strong power that distorts a lot of reality which means that person might not be as hurt as he looked, and whatever Takajou destroyed by crashing into them would magically repair itself and no normal human would suspect any strange phenomena happened. Or mad scientists would be on their trail in no time flat.

      You’re absolutely right that this state cannot last forever and must come to an end, soon. When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true…as if they would permanently but it would be cool if a star or comet could grant wishes for a brief time. I really like this theme Charlotte is touching on.

  3. Now that I noticed it, I am now currently loving the OP. It screams OP of the season.

    To the episode itself, I love how the show portrays the consequences for Nao’s actions and she does not care about those so far for as long she gets her goal (That punch must really hurt. Arg). Yusa’s now added to their ever weird Student Council with Yuu being the most normal from the group and what a character she is. Her ability as evidenced by her confrontation with the producer looks like a Chuunibyo’s dream come true.

    I still think that it is pretty uneven with the sudden drama bomb being dropped in the end. Well, I am not complaining. Next!

    1. The suddenness of that confession really felt natural if you’re in Misa’s shoes, and I think it was written to put you right in them. Maybe Maeda’s aware that tragic/emotional foreshadowing and empathising with the person confessing is something he does to death and wanted to shake it up.

      The whole convo told us much more about Misa than it did about Sho, so I think it paid off – not as a feels-y moment, but as a poignant reminder that these major characters are always going to be affecting minor characters in big ways with their powers. That’s what Tomori’s mission is all about, after all.

      1. … but that was so sudden that my reaction was, ‘Huh? Ah… Okay’. Maybe after I rewatch it then I might see your point as I noticed some of what you posted when I watch it the first time but (unfortunately)just flew over my head.

  4. This is probably the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had a bout a show. I liked this episode and the first, didn’t like the second, but have no intention of dropping. I don’t like Nao because she feels entirely fake and I have no emotional connection to her at all, but I can accept her because I just don’t care about her. She’s made herself into less of a character to me, more of a plot device.

    I really wish I felt connected to any of the characters, but I really don’t. I kinda do with Yuu, but not nearly as much as I’d like after three episodes, and if you wanted to you could almost argue that he isn’t even the main character, or even that there isn’t a main character. The new girl(s) made no impression at all. I still like the show for some reason, so I’ll see what laws our group decides to break next, supposedly in the name of protection. Felt more like an afterthought this episode though, something that just came along with Nao once again doing whatever she wanted for “good reasons”.

    1. This is her first anime Key?
      Written by Maeda.
      Maeda write your animes such as Visual novel.
      The story is always told from the point of view of the protagonist in addition to revolve around it.

  5. I swear I do not understand.
    It makes no sense.
    1. The boy radar drips one drop of water on the map indicating the location of those who have power.
    2. The student council will behind the person that it possesses the power.

    Now the aggravation.

    3. Because Yu is the only suspect whose the student council, already had obtained the permission from your legal guardian for the transfer?
    4. Because the student council had a copy of the medical examination of Yu?
    5. Because the case of Yu it was the single different from others?
    6. Because the case of Yu was the one who received special treatment?

    1. 1. ESP Magic
      2. To protect them from ending as Guinea Pics of the Military
      3. Guardian per Law. Both are not Adults
      4. Perhaps through help of his Guardian
      5. His ability to take over other Bodies
      6. No one is receive special treatment. Well, being in the council give perhaps more money

      But this is all explained so far. Did you watch the Anime?

      1. you understood all wrong.
        Benefactor is interested or know Yu and his sister. He wants Yu at your school, your case is special and different from others, because they had already obtained authorization from his uncle to school transfer, even before Yu meet Nao and Megane-Kun. Nao also had a copy of his medical examination.
        This makes the case of Yu special and different, because we have seen how they locate the suspects on the map and how they act after location, they go straight to intercept the suspect.
        They do not investigate They leave to catch the right suspect, so the transfer of Yu was planned by the benefactor.

        I can not believe you did not notice it.
        As the student council acts.

        1. The boy finds the location of the suspect on the map.
        2. They will straight seek the suspect, the case Yusa is serious a person who has two powers.
        3. They are not watching or investigating the suspects, they leave direct to intercept the suspect, and after they intercepted, they they interrogant.
        4. there was no consultation with any supervisor responsible for the school, for the procedures to be taken.
        5. In never any other case they had an authorization from his legal guardian for the transfer.

        Did you not notice that in all other cases the procedure was totally different from the case of Yu.

      2. I don’t think you can really confirm anything about Yu’s situation being different at the moment, as there are too many variables at stake and too many potential holes in the assumption.

        For one, even if you assumed tactics were changed, they could’ve changed tactics just because they have someone with Yu’s powers, which makes it easier to stop, intercept, and/or find out about targets.

        At the same time, you don’t know if the others’ legal guardians were asked after the fact, and you don’t know if they’re all in the same scenario as Otosaka’s, which involved having both a younger sister and estranged parents. You also cannot confirm with any certainty that their methodology in approaching him was any less direct than anyone else.

        Is it interesting that out of everyone they chose that they invited Otosaka to the Student Council and no one else? I suppose.

        But you can’t confirm/deny anything at this moment in time. It could just be on a whim, due to his type of powers, Nao’s realization that his personality is one that can be manipulated into helping their cause, or the fact that he wasn’t openly hostile to them like bow and arrow guy was.

      3. Just to add to what’s already been said, Tomori did mention as early as the first ep that she wanted Yu to transfer in and specifically wanted him in the Student Council because of his powers. Of course, as with most stories like this, chances are that while this might be the reason given now, there is a deeper reason that the characters may or may not be aware of.

      4. I was not discussing his entry for the student council, more the fact that they had a legal authorization from his uncle to the transfer of Otasaka.
        Otasaka happened in advance before your meeting.
        The point is that even if they had not invited or found with Otasaka, his transfer would happen anyway.
        When Otasaka, came home his sister asked on his transfer,
        his uncle had warned the Ayumi on transfer of Otasaka to the new school and also sent him a box of foods.
        Even if the meeting between Otasaka, Nao and Megane-kun had not occurred, Otasaka would transfer to the new school anyway because this was the wish of his uncle.
        The fact is that they had authorization from his uncle to the transfer, regardless of your response or your cooperation, Otasaka would be forced to transfer to the new college anyway.
        In other cases such as the of Shirou and Yusa, even if Yusa and Shiro had refused to cooperate or to transfer to the new school, the student council would have no way obrigalos to transfer to the new school, both Yusa as Shirou had an opportunity to decide what they wanted to do.
        But with Otasaka was different he had no right to deny or choose what to do, he simply had to respond Yes or Yes, regardless of whether he had denied or refused the offer, the student council had the power to oblige him to transfer to if new school even against their will.

  6. I felt that the animation quality a little bit lower than previous episodes, some movements seems stiff and proportions sometimes off. But it’s not that bad actually, it’s just that as an art student I got overly analyzing the art works…

  7. The anime is very stupid.
    Tomonori stay invisible, plus their clothes and the camera too, can only be a joke, so its power can also leave invisible solids materials.
    Then if Tomori embrace a person or holding a TV, they have also become invisible.

    1. yep, all that she touch, vanished out of the field of sight from her target (only 1 Person)

      But, looks like it some kind of Hypnosis. Other can still see her.

      So they must get ride of the Extra Eyes, for her to Shine in battle. But… even the Lights of the Cars do not create a Shadow.. hehe, i bet they oversaw this little detail. Or this Man was to distract to notice a Shadow without body

  8. I’d imagine the school is a controlled environment meant to observe the abilities in a variety of contexts and against each other. I don’t think the whole “you lose your powers when you become an adult” aspect of the plot is merely a thematic thing, I believe it will be a plot point. The benefactor has set up this situation as a testing grounds in an attempt to reproduce the powers, to figure out how to maintain them beyond adolescence, and perhaps how to perfect them. He is not as harsh as the scientists who got their hands on Nao’s brother, but he is wholly amoral and only interested in the protagonists because of their unique abilities.

    He has set up the scenario to be relatively appealing to the test subjects as a matter of pragmatism mostly because he’s not an idiot and thinks things are more effective this way, if obtuse. He probably will try and pull a “you should be grateful to me for being so nice to you all,” even if his real intentions are impure and his methodology can change with the circumstances. My prediction is that he’s going to be the “villain” predominantly because even if he on the surface seems more humane, he objectifies the ability-users just as much as the “evil” scientists and uses his better treatment as a means of manipulating the characters into situations that aren’t in their best interest.

    1. It makes you wonder if the benefactor isn’t doing something to someone in the background either. There’s certainly questions to be asked of him, and the fact that we haven’t even so much seen a glimpse of this guy makes him all the more shady. The other thing to consider is that although the government is actively looking out for ability users, he himself is the only one capable of protecting them? There’s more than meets the eye here, and I wouldn’t be surprised that he struck some kind of deal to create this system, which could be exactly what you say.

      Interestingly enough though, it could also all be a red herring too. It wouldn’t be beyond possibility that the benefactor himself possesses a power of some sort that’s significant enough to actually shield the school from prying eyes. That’d certainly be a twist.

      1. MC-kun depressed because of failing to protect imouto
        Nao fucked with guilt
        MC now hates Nao for what she did
        Epic conclusion episode with a bunch of powerfags rioting against scientists

  9. I never expected Yusarin’s powers to be so complicated and badass! Points to Maeda for not doing something too generically themed with her being an idol, which was what a lot of people seemed to be expecting. That said, something about her character doesn’t quite make me interested in her yet.

    More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/charlotte-03/

    My money’s on Takajou one day crashing into Imouto-Chan and killing her. Then Yuu takes control of Takajou and makes him crash into the sun.

    1. I’d say it would work both ways out of the context of the paragraph. Technically these kids had the possibility of a normal life, and having powers has made that possibility an impossibility. By using their powers in the world, they then can make other people’s normal lives abnormal. So they are capable of making the possibility of normality impossible for themselves, other power users and anyone else around them.

      I wish it wasn’t a typo, it’s a great example of two-word diacope.

  10. -Doing Good-

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  11. so… yusa’s power is to be medium for dead people, but don’t know how to use it while her sister – a dead person – can use her body and ‘appear’ as she wants, then other dead people too? o_O and what’s minus side of misa’s power

  12. >yfw the school was created in order for Nao to round up all ability users in one place
    >yfw the scientists locked up all ability users they can laid their eyes on
    >yfw the main gang retreated to the hospital only to find out that the lone person Nao trusted is actually the mastermind behind all experimentation
    >yfw they ran back to grab the imouto only to find her already captured and locked up
    >yfw they have nowhere to run with government branding them as fugitive

    enough suffering?

  13. The 3rd ep is here and I think I will just binge watch this after it the series ends.

    It’s nothing special. Dialogue is good, Story is okay, and the characters are pretty entertaining. Not really that excited so I’ll wait for it to finish.

  14. I don’t see anything wrong or irresponsible with the way Tomori used her powers in this or previous episodes. She’s mostly used it in self defense and to deal with situations where the use of her powers was needed.


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