「いつか聴いた音」 (Itsuka Kii Ta Oto)
“The Sound You Hear Sometimes”

With the impending arrival of Charlotte’s mid-way point, one thing’s for sure: the series is keeping all its cards close at hand. The arrival of another “ability user of the week” continues the trend we’ve seen over the past few episodes, and in that regard, nothing really changes here. Tomori’s still got a way with words, Otosaka’s arguably the most sane of the bunch, Takajou’s drooling over Yusa as always, and Yusa herself is busy letting herself be taken over by her sister as per the usual. Things get resolved relatively peacefully (and quickly) for the most part though, and one wonders if this isn’t a prelude to something more.

Granted, we’ve been wondering when things would pick up—or at least change/escalate in some way—for a little bit now, and while next week doesn’t promise to bring the revelations we expect, there are some definitely signs that something is coming. Takajou’s literal warning about future challenges looms ominously in the background, and one could argue the minor differences we see this episode could be more harbingers of things to come. The fact that the Otosaka’s didn’t have a meal with pizza sauce for the first time all series is one such example, and it’s certainly curious that the development comes on the heels of Ayumi suddenly getting sick and Otosaka having yet another dream about the supposed “missing family member.”

Either way, there’s certainly a lot more questions than answers at this point, and the “group torture” of Tomori fits in as yet another in the series of differences we saw this week. Last I checked, we didn’t really receive any real background as to why it happened, but the fact that the incident is seemingly waved off quite quickly makes me suspicious of it as a key development, and one wonders if/how it may affect either Tomori or Otosaka in the future. The latter’s inaction could lead to his involvement in a later week—it looks like this isn’t the first time she’s been “tortured” this way—but it’s certainly interesting that even Takajou seems to stay out of it. That said, it’s possible that we’re already seeing the effects of this treatment via how Tomori generally acts, and if so, the pieces are slowly coming together for her as a character.

Here’s hoping that some of the pieces start coming together sooner rather than later though, because for all the potential series this has, there’s a part of me starting to feel anxious about whether or not it’ll fulfill it at this point. There’s just not much differentiating Charlotte from other Maeda Jun works (especially when you think about Angel Beats!) at the moment, and there’s certainly a case to be made about the main cast still feeling a bit piecemeal in comparison as well. We’ve gotten used to the main cast’s shenanigans, and it’s fun at times to watch, but it feels like that’s mostly it. Things just don’t seem to be fully together yet, and the fact that I don’t feel particularly strongly for or about any of the cast members at the moment looms as an obstacle that will only grow larger as the series progresses. At least though, Maeda Jun’s someone you can trust to succeed despite this, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.



  1. This episode is better than the previous one which was a disaster. Although it is still following the ability of the week, the execution is much smoother and I cringe less watching this. The way Tomori got some deserved beating is fun to watch. I hate her so much. She always meddle with people.

    The jokes are very unfunny at this point. They are just copy-and-pasting from Angel Beats. Just some people making awkward comments with awkward faces surrounded by a stylized background. The problem is that there is neither enough energy or conviction put into those jokes, unlike Angel Beats or even Little Busters.

    With that being said, i will give this episode 3/5. It’s OK. I hope to see things kicking off soon.

    1. Meh, I laughed a lot; they’re dropping some of the stale jokes, and the rest of the comedy still feels natural and enjoyable to me with all the energy they need, and I’ve seen Angel Beats! a number of times and can’t see any ctrl-c going on. Of course, it wouldn’t help if you enjoy seeing a social misfit get beaten up for being a social misfit.

      Tomori irritates me too, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of me relating to her back-story as a nightmarish experience. Why should I judge a child who hasn’t had a proper childhood? She’s the kind of weird nut I look forward to seeing cracked, giving her every sympathy not only because it helps me enjoy the show more, but also because she deserves it, and also because I just like being nice to a character who has this kind of complexity in less than half a series.

  2. Taking a bath inside a garbage can. Camping FTW!

    Between that and the cold river, I dunno which I would choose. lol

    And this episode gave me more flashbacks to Angel Beats, especially with that fishing in the river thing.

    1. Exactly. It feels like the “joke” isn’t even played out that intensely, its almost like a homage to Angel Beats, which makes it kind of confusing.

      Or maybe it’s sad that he had to work out so hard in order not to get injured?
      I’m just a little confused on the tone of the overall thing. While they were camping, I starting wondering if Tomori wasn’t actually trying to just skip school with friends and avoid bullies. But nope, she was literally trying to catch some flying dude into a well-placed well.

      I guess it just feels like the characters have so much potentional to be interesting, charismatic, and memorable, but the show itself is holding back for now, intentionally hopefully. I like the characters but there’s also chraracter moments that are just really strange and insincere/unlikeable. For now, I like the supporting characters more than the two mains…

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

    Guess I’ll be sticking on this series, and see if my guesses are right.

  4. Something I noticed for the first time is that Otosaka can take over not only the body, but also the abilities of the person he’s possessing.

    I was surprised when he was able to stop his free fall by activating the flight ability.

    I agree with everything Zephyr said. Honestly if this wasn’t made by Maeda Jun, I probably would have stopped watching by now because it’s been rather repetitive and somewhat boring. The production value is looks high and the animation is always pretty and crisp. However, there hasn’t been anything that really really made me enjoy the series as much as I had hoped… This week’s episode’s interaction of Otosaka and his sister was cute though.

    t’s also a little disappointing how the forshadowing is a bit too obvious, When Takajou pretty much hints that Otosaka will have a challenge in the near future. It almost fely like the anime broke the 4th wall and was telling the viewers “Otosaka has a problem with not trying his best/appreciating what he’s naturally given. In the next few episodes, he will realize that he should appreciate the people, abilities, and possibilites that he’s given.”

    Other strange/odd/unexplained/hinted things:
    -The wet prediction club guy
    -I thought it was downright after that Otosaka just watches Tomori get pummeled. 🙁 He doesn’t have to save her or anything, but just standing here at the corner… that’s messed up…
    -the person Tomori trusts
    -Otosaka’s missing family member
    -Did the little sister say that a security guard wouldn’t let her into the grocery store? That’s odd.
    -The blind songwriter/band is probably siginificant

    Either the tone and pacing will drastically change soon or there’s a whole lot of content that’s yet to be explained.

    My brother loves Charlotte so far, but for me it’s been pretty lukewarm. I’m still holding my breath.

    1. *”awful that Otosaka” not “after”
      sorry about the spelling mistakes, its way too late here and I need to go to bed. I’ll continue watching Charlotte with some expectations, especially as we past the halfway point.
      Ty for the post Zephyr!

    2. telekinesis the ability the baseball guy.

      the fact that the espers that are possessed by the MC lose their power.
      so they are released, and are not asked to enter to school or the to student council.
      The test was just an excuse used by Tomori.
      So the MC could use his power in Arifumi.
      Robbing him his powers.

      Magic words that change the opinion of people in a matter of seconds is hard to believe.

    3. Zephyr I was correct, in short Benfeito-kun wanted Yuu in your school, the MC was part of an experiment.
      Tomori and Megane-kun already knew about the MC.
      Official manga reveals MC and the guy who finds users together in a laboratory.

      new official manga Charlotte.
      It has a scene that was cut from in the anime.


      mc along with Kumagami the guy who finds the skill users.
      They are in a laboratory?
      Look for the clothes that the two are using.
      The same door, Key Visual.

      Key Visual

      Visual Key likely refers to that which occurred before the start of anime.

      1. ➔ 乙坂の特殊能力は脅威の能力説



        4話ラストで友利が実験と称して、念動力能力者の福山への乗っ取りを指示しましたが、その実験内容や正否については明かされませんでした。福山の能力をコピーする実験だったと考えます。 そもそも4話で野球勝負中に福山へ乗っ取りを仕掛けなかったのはなぜなのか? 私利私欲でなく他人のために力を使っていることとの関連があるのか? など奈緒の考えるところも気になります。

        Nao magic words that convince people.
        The paper Otasaka the student council is a vessel that absorbs the abilities of whom he possesses

        Otasaka was dangerous was forced to go to school and to the board.
        All lie.
        My theory was right.

  5. It’s weird, but I can’t really find it in myself to drop this show despite all the well documented issues. It’s really repetitive and nothing meaningful is happened, but… well, that’s a problem that actually isn’t going to get worse. We are almost halfway through the season already, and the plot WILL show itself eventually so this dull “power of the week” model will give way. Knowing that, I can’t quite justify leaving this show behind… but it’s pretty much at the bottom of my barrel until those changes come.

    Purple Bomber
    1. I’m pretty much in the same boat. If that beating scene wasn’t at the beginning of the episode I probably would have dropped this show. No sir I don’t like it.

  6. As usual, Nao is way too passive/aggressive for me to care about. It bothers me to no end how she tells Yuu not to bother, while the episode itself is screaming for him to bother, and he’s just being a limp noodle because he can’t decide if he should just shallow the venom and care about her or just be like everyone else and let her tear herself apart.

    The camping trip was nice in that we actually saw the four leads starting to bond, but it felt really forced when Yusa asked if Nao and Yuu were together. That scene was the only time they’ve acted like that with each other and someone just happens to ask if they’re together? We get it, they’re going to fix each other, don’t try so hard. She’s still going to treat him like crap at school anyway.

    For everything else, I agree with everyone that all the foreshadowing has been really heavy-handed. It’s obvious something is coming and that it’ll involve Ayumi, now we just have to not fall asleep until it gets here. We needed something to hook us earlier in the show if the pacing was going to be this slow, and Nao’s backstory in Ep. 2 just didn’t do it. It also isn’t pulling it’s weight as a school comedy, and any romance aspect is nonexistent. This show could be good, but it’s just so lacking overall.

    1. Yeah, the lack of subtlety in the writers talking through the characters seems to be the most common complaint this episode, isn’t it?

      Apart from the ominous foreshadowing, that scene in the supermarket is glaring. Especially since it happens minutes after Yuu just watches while Nao is being bullied by the girls. True love.

      Mind you, I don’t blame Yuu in this particular regard; as bad as bullying is, the series does remember that Nao has been bullying others too and that Yuu himself has been one of her victims. Thus, his lack of reaction is actually natural, even if ugly. Of course, Nao is also right in pointing out that his words of concern afterwards are empty.

    2. we have a problem with that.
      If Ayumi is attacked or kidnapped.
      The MC would blame Nao and with every reason, for what happened to his sister.
      Because Nao was the one who forced the MC, to transfer to the new school.
      During the espisodios 1 and 2, Nao mentioned that the school was a safe and secure place.
      That the school, serves to protect and provide security the users and potential users to skills.
      From what we saw both Yu and Ayume are on surveillance and Ayumi can not enter a supermarket because the guards have left.
      the MC, probably would mention that if he had not transferred possibly nothing would have happened to his sister.
      More may be different if Ayumi dies by illness or when acquiring their powers.

  7. I love in how they begin to use the 4D World. You know what is 4D? It is including us. Yes, they act with us as if we are looking through an Window and these Anime Chars interact with us..

    And His “Rouge” (X-Men Rouge) Ability in the Overtaken Body, was right after all

    Also, i speculate that the condition for next Episodes Story-line is about to build up. I fear this little Cold will getting bigger

    My next Speculation: Looks like it all depends on this Super Secret Souse. Perhaps it is something she need for her Body to calm Harming Powers of her own. Perhaps this was all along an Powerful Drug to suppress her Powers. Perhaps the solution will be that Big Brother get new Sauce and cook for her, like Rice is good against Could. Because her Powers awaken to soon for her Little Body? You know, when do this Powers appear? Is she that Old already?

    Perhaps i have watched to many Animes. But these Speculations here, are from experience

    1. The last Line:

      Perhaps i have watched to many Animes. But these Speculations here, are from experience

      It can work for the most of us here. They know Angel Beats, and perhaps all other Show this Studio had done. So the Surprise, fresh and new emotion is no more. Now we compare all Anime from them with their Old ones. Like here the most compare it with Angel Beats

      You know, it is hard to try something different and New, and satisfied the old fans to recognize their handwork. There reach a point where:

      a) Try complete new things, but lose the old Fans. Because no “Angel Beats” Vibes

      b) Try to change and improve little be little their things, and to keep their Fans. Because of “Angel Beats” Vibes

      So, the ones that a criticism this Anime and perhaps their Future works. What Person you are?
      A or B?

  8. Is anyone suspicious at the ending of the opening thats theres the four main cast standing and theres that massive gap to the left like someone is supposed to be there. I keep thinking about it as we get further in. unless they find someone who turns invisible.

  9. I find it uncomfortable that a lot of people are still distancing themselves from Tomori. She’s got reasons for every part of her character, with none of it stemming from any combination of ‘types’ at all. Some viewers just seem to join the ranks of the people bullying her, and it makes sense if they’re not enjoying the show much at the same time.

    More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/charlotte-05/

    Bringing Monster Hunter to a camping trip though… yay for the modern generation.

      1. I don’t mean they should ‘like’ her; it’s just that a lot of the reasons I’ve seen for her character not being empathized with come from, imo, people having a poor approach to a personality like hers and not the character herself.

        Why someone would empathise with a backstory like hers, though, I don’t understand.

      2. Sympathy for her backstory and sympathy for her character are two different things.

        Her backstory is sad and paranoia-fuel, and it explains why she behaves like she does (well, it doesn’t explain everything; I guess we’ll know the details about how she entered her current school and what she did to alienate her new classmates in upcoming episodes).

        Nevertheless, she is bossy, a blackmailer and a bully who is prone to antagonizing others and inflicting physical harm to exert control of a situation. Even if the reason behind those character traits is justified, they are still negative traits. Maybe it would help if they showed more of her good side instead of thinking her backstory is enough to generate sympathy for her current self. After all, it’s not as if there aren’t any villains in fiction with tragic backstories.

      3. Ah, so we only sympathise with people who are nice to other people, and we take away our sympathy from those who aren’t. You can have my eye, and I’ll have yours, eh?

        I get this kind of thinking, and I get how much it’s in the world, and I argue against it whenever possible. Especially in this case, since a lot of the comedy in the show would be more enjoyable if you just empathized with her regardless of how annoying she is on the surface. I’ve said it before on RandomC: often the people who need our compassion the most are the ones who spread their own compassion the least. That’s why narratives use back-stories to fill the holes that people would otherwise throw their punches through.

        The back-story is the character; we form our impression of Tomori from everything she is and was, and also everything we think she will be. If you can’t make back-story Tomori part of present-day Tomori, that’s again your problem and not an issue in the show. In fact, this episode did a great job of stressing that her past is far more important than her antics in the present, as the goal of the camping trip was resolved remarkable quickly and moments which gave us her deeper side were slowed right down. Since the entirety of her depth, where the complexity of her character that people engage with lies, is that ‘good side’ people would want to see – think about what she’s overcome, what she’s lost and what she’s fighting for – why can’t it be enough of a reason for people to not take shots at her?

        Regardless though, my issue for Tomori is more about how I’ve seen a lot of people put her into anime girl ‘types’ and criticise her for how she navigates them, instead of just seeing her for what she is. At least your criticism of her doesn’t use all those ‘dere’ words, so thank you for that. 🙂

      4. Thank you for your reasoning. I understand your point; after all, compassion shoouldn’t be tied to popularity and narrative media provides a window to see what we don’t normally see.

        Yet, compassion is not a right. It’s an emotion. And emotions don’t work by earning enough “emotion points”. They are different for different people. After all, everyone has their own cirumstances too. Readings of the same events will be different. To give two easy and extreme examples, someone who suffered bullying and someone who suffered the loss of a sibling may read her character in completely different ways.

        In that regard, I liked Yuu’s position during the beating from a narrative perspective. He’s a character who knows even more about her than we do. Yet, he also suffered her bullying. So he felt bad for her, but did nothing to stop it. And there’s no in-universe judgement; it’s the audience who has to judge.

        Also, yes, I agree. A simple label is not a character. Heck, even if you love tropes (I do), a quick look at any character chart will show you that there are thousands of variations to build a character even with those tropes, not just “tsundere” or whatever.

      5. I can see your point; even if I were to advocate that everyone should try to sympathise with a character, the degree to which they sympathise will be greatly affected by their own experiences, and that allows for them going the other way too, out of sympathy and into distance. That might be the reason I could never laugh during Watamote, and why that show depressed the hell out of me. Some things in stories make us pull back our emotions – sometimes because something goes against our values, and sometimes because something hits too close to home.

        I think my issue with this is that often such a reaction, while honest, isn’t ‘criticism’ of a character, and I wish people didn’t paint it as such. There’s a big difference between you not sympathising with a character and you saying that character can’t be sympathised with. By doing the latter, you’re saying that some viewers are ‘watching it wrong’, caring about a character that, by your understanding, they shouldn’t care about.

        So to rephrase: distance is fine, but you don’t have to think of it as an immediate drawback to the show. Like you said, people should think about how their circumstances are affecting the way they see characters.

        I also saw that scene from Yuu’s perspective, and it got me into a certain kind of empathy; considerate, but not thinking you’re the ‘hero’ who has to work out some kind of problem. This is still Tomori’s mission infinitely more than it is Yuu’s, so it makes sense that he allows the heroine to endure the blows. She can fend for herself, be it in acceptance of pain or retaliation to it. I think he has some respect for her, which she’s earned in spite of her ill manners.

        Hmm, ‘respect’ – maybe that’s another important part of connecting with Tomori’s character (although something people have even more of a right to withhold). I’ll definitely be thinking about all these things as the show goes on.

  10. Please enlighten me as regards to the reason why Yusarin and that megane boy were in the series. Remove the two and Charlotte will still be Charlotte. Arg. The episode was also presented too briskly at some parts (Nao being bullied, Yuu and his imouto) that my reaction was just “Ah… Okay” and way too slow at some moments (the whole camping trip). I don’t normally bring other animes in other genres in this discussion but I believe that even Ranpo Kitan has a better pacing despite its stupid premise.

    At least it was an improvement from the last episode but was still subpar for a Maeda work. Also, I am sure that a certain pizza sauce will play a major plot point later. I just do not know how he will pull that trick.

    1. Even Misa, the freaking ghost sister, is more of a “main character” than Yusa herself, who is only really being used so far as a moeblob / an attempted creepy Takajou comedy prop (and even she is creeped out by it as evidenced this episode). May as well have Misa completely replace Yusa’s soul since at least Misa’s attitude adds more energy and liveliness to the group whenever she pops in.

    2. Yusarin’s more there to give contrast to certain things along with Takajou; look at how Yuu and Nao are noted as a nice couple just before Takajou does his whole scary idolization thing. Look at how the time Takajou and Yusa spend together is broken by comedy (tragic on Takajou’s part) while the time Yuu and Nao spend together is so much quieter and more significant. Yusa/Misa may not be ‘part’ of the integral plot, but she works wonders to help highlight what is, and the lack of significance Yusa has in comparison to Misa helps stress how Misa only ‘yields’ things to Yusa; the older girl is more in control and wants to be.

      As for the brisk parts, when the significance we feel directly clashes with the amount of time given to something, it usually has a lot to do with how the characters themselves are consciously or subconsciously moving past it themselves so quickly. We get how Nao moves on so easily from being bullied because it has no consequence on her later actions. We get how (tragically) little time Yuu is devoting to his sister because we’re seeing less and less of her each episode.

      Has the camping trip been sped up, it wouldn’t have felt like the group bonding time it was supposed to be. Then again, everything it accomplished made the baseball episode feel even more insignificant.

      1. Yusarin’s more there to give contrast to certain things along with Takajou; look at how Yuu and Nao are noted as a nice couple just before Takajou does his whole scary idolization thing. Look at how the time Takajou and Yusa spend together is broken by comedy (tragic on Takajou’s part) while the time Yuu and Nao spend together is so much quieter and more significant. Yusa/Misa may not be ‘part’ of the integral plot, but she works wonders to help highlight what is, and the lack of significance Yusa has in comparison to Misa helps stress how Misa only ‘yields’ things to Yusa; the older girl is more in control and wants to be.

        Then what are their contributions to Charlotte when taken as a big picture? The random comment regarding Yuu and Nao’s compatibility as a couple feels unnecessary and heavy handed. That could still be not done and the episode will still be the same. My opinion here is it will be better. The same problem plagues the megane boy’s involvement, though to a lesser degree. It is just that he was reduced to an addition to Maeda’s hijinks.

        We get how Nao moves on so easily from being bullied because it has no consequence on her later actions.

        Yet, this may be speculative but isn’t the bullying incident a consequence of what she (as a character) is showing so far? I don’t know. With Yuu being a bystander during that time also leaves an acid to my mouth because the show dictates us that THESE TWO ARE A THING. As regards to significance, I agree with Zephyr that it left more questions than answers.

        Yes. The whole camping trip should be sped up or should at least cut some unnecessary parts and focus on Yuu/Nao thing if Charlotte is really serious about shipping the two.

      2. Could Takajou and Yusarin’s part of that little scene really be removed? It encapsulates a number of things:

        1) A direct admission that they’re a fated pairing, which anyone familiar with the genre/writer/story so far would already be certain on, so no point beating around that bush.
        2) Yusa’s only known these two for a short while, and yet this is already her impression; Takajou, knowing Nao for longer and being better friends with Yuu, supports the notion, which leads to:
        3) A demonstration that the rest of the Student Council supports the pairing from their different perspectives; the closest things Nao has to friends may work in the future towards them becoming closer together.
        4) A suggestion, to the contrary, that they’re not completely on board; ‘not an unpleasant couple’ offers a number of preconceptions and expectations that these two may have had about Nao and Yuu, and it’s not an entirely positive picture. We feel that naturally as the line is said – they’re not actually saying they’re nice together, but implying it while holding back a bit.

        These things can be naturally felt as the line is said or thoght about in hindsight, unless you have some agenda against the two saying anything meaningful. I’d hardly call the instance ‘heavy handed’ when a lot if packed into a few words. If the idea of a pairing is made explicit, then you just have to look deeper for what’s made subtle.

        If you’re ignoring all these little things and want to boil the plot down to its bare essentials, then yes, you can remove them without issue. But that would be boring. Likewise, thoughts on whether the show will ‘ship’ them; isn’t their relationship already about so much more than romance? Perhaps you’ve missed that too.

      3. If you’re ignoring all these little things and want to boil the plot down to its bare essentials, then yes, you can remove them without issue. But that would be boring. Likewise, thoughts on whether the show will ‘ship’ them; isn’t their relationship already about so much more than romance? Perhaps you’ve missed that too.

        I believe there is a difference between a supporting character and an unnecessary character. These two fall on the latter. Take Hyouka for example, Satoshi and Mayaka are the supporting characters BUT man, if I remove the two, Hyouka will not be Hyouka. The same can be said with Nagi No Asukara, remove a minor character (Miuna’s friend) and it will stumble. However, this case does not apply with Charlotte. Remove them and the plot will still be the same and we can now focus on the more important things which can make it more substantial. It will not be boring at least, since we can focus on the things that Charlotte has YET to answer since we are now on episode 5. Heck, as I commented last episode, what is their basis on accepting these ability users in that school? I

        As regards to the shipping thing, Yusa’s remarks scream emotional manipulation (A typical Key antic) but that the way it was delivered was heavy handed to be taken seriously. I know that Charlotte is beyond romance (I am a moderate Key fanboy after all), but if they do, they must have at least understood the fundamentals and do proper execution to make me (or us) invested with these characters.

      4. Like I said, if you’re ignoring all the importance of Yusa and Takajou, the of course you could take them out and the show would feel the same or better for you.

        But you’d have to be ignoring the necessity for Takajou to help stop other power users from running away, the value of his discussions with Yuu, the sub-plot regarding Misa’s purposes for inhabiting Yusa, the significant comparison between Nao and Misa’s use of intimidation, the mystery behind why these two – and Yuu – are members of the student Council in the first place, the contrast between how people flock to Yusa’s vapid idol persona and how they spurn and detest Nao, the contrast between how Yuu reacts to each Student Council member differently, the evasion of the student council being just two people (which would make the idea of romance in the show infinitely more heavy handed), the need for comic relief in this genre (doesn’t matter if you don’t find it funny, plenty of people are) especially to contrast against the less comedic scenes, how Nao’s disregard for Takajou’s wellbeing illustrates her further, how Takajou is so much more efficient when a life is on the line, why Misa says she ‘yields’ things to Yusa – and that’s just what’s come off the top of my head.

        Honestly, the idea of an ‘unnecessary character’ when this cast is almost microscopic already is one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. If you don’t think they add value, ignore them; you can do that much as a viewer. But don’t be so silly to suggest that they shouldn’t be part of the show, since the value they add is something you’re just choosing to ignore yourself while other people are enjoying it.

        Of course a scene is just going to scream ’emotional manipulation’ when you empty it of everything else it has. Of course you’re not invested in a character, of course characters are going to seem unnecessary, when you aren’t paying attention to a single thing they’re doing.

      5. I do not mean to brag but I consider myself as a person with a good memory that’s why I am whining this much. Err.. I believe we are now in a point where our views will never meet. My two cents say that you are overvaluing those scenes. I’ll understand the development they are receiving so far if this is a two cour show but this one is not.

      6. Says those vignettes are contributing to the show.
        Says that I said that it’s better if Charlotte is a two cour. Meh.

        I rest my case. I will still be watching this anxiously and see if what you state is right. I will gladly admit I am wrong if that is the case.

  11. Good grief… I just finished watching season 2 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders yesterday and then I see Misa yelling “ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!” (while playing Monster Hunter or an expy of it) in this episode of Charlotte. (Granted, it’s already a stock shout out at this point, but damn! As if the awesomeness withdrawal I’m currently going through isn’t enough!)

    That scene with Yuu and Nao opening up to each other over a song was heartwarming to watch, though.

    Also, I fear the day someone decides to combine Akiko’s jam, Sanae’s bread, and Ayumi’s pizza sauce.

  12. wtf with the bully?? the autor like hit girls? it already 2 time that tomori got hit in the face T__T
    they start recruit x-mex in the school but now they only tell them don´t use his power and leave them alone?
    by the way somebody else sense the death flag from imouto o.O

  13. Yusa getting sick actually is showing some signs that she may get some powers. I’m not sure but i bet something is going wrong with her.
    And as for the repetitive vibes this series is giving off, i think that’s going to be an ongoing theme somewhat. I think i’m still going to give this show a chance because it’s still a good with the same old antics.
    And one last thing…THANK GOD THE PIZZA SAUCE IS GONE!!!!

  14. I agree with you Tomori is Bipolar randomly alternates between forced attempts at being moe and just being plain unlikeable.
    She’s obviously a sort of sociopath or bipolar. She is aware of what going on, she just doesn’t give emotional response other than music, food and search for espers. This girl is broken inside, you can see that clearly because of how much time she spends alone and how much she thinks of being brutalized.
    She can not help herself and peacefully accept the bullies, when your plain unlikeable mode is activated.
    more when it is about espers, randomly eat or talk about music, randomly appears another personality and she becomes someone else.
    not of to have any emotional attachment to a character who is completely broken and empty inside and lives alternating between their personalities.

    1. Someone elsewhere pointed out the possibility that the bullies might feel they are justified as she might have done something bad. This would explain why she doesn’t fight back. Because she too feels she deserves it.

      1. I think she feels she can accept it. At least it’s honest feedback for her actions, which will always be better than having fake friendship.

        I think she’d rather have real enemies than fraudulent friends, and if she can’t tell the difference between real friends and what the scientists put her through (for how many high school friendships are genuine? we could ask 8man about that one), she’s most likely to end up with enemies, not caring that they are against her, since it hardly gets in the way of her mission (or so it seems for now).

      2. Yes I found the description of your character.
        It seems that you were correct.
        She must have done something to the two girls.

        Nao Tomori (友利 奈緒 Tomori Nao?)
        Voiced by: Ayane Sakura
        Nao is a first-year student and also the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy. Although she is the president, she has no female friends due to something she did in the past related to her ability. She is hardworking, intelligent and shrewd girl but is also narcissistic, self-righteous, short-tempered and a liar. She has the ability to make herself disappear, but this is limited to one person of her choosing at a time.[1] She is a huge fan of the post-rock band Zhiend. Nao’s older brother Kazuki Tomori (友利 一希 Tomori Kazuki?, Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu) once had the ability to make air vibrate, which he used when playing the guitar. As a result of being experimented on by neuroscientists for almost a year, he became emotionally unstable and insane. He now resides in an institute run by a person Nao trusts.

  15. I think she do not Trust any Normal Peoples anymore to be friends, because of her Past with her brother

    I think, that is a point here. Friendship with normal are not was she wants or trust anymore

  16. Charlotte episode 6 preview
    the misery begins.


    795 :風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で@転載は禁止:2015/08/03(月) 23:20:35.93 ID:cZGtNiO40

    友利「危険な能力な気がしてなりません」 Tomori “you will have a dangerous capacity I can feel”
    熊耳「崩壊」 -collapse”
    乙坂「崩壊?」 – “collapse?”
    歩未「壊れる夢…」 – Ayumi “to break a dream …”
    高城「何かの暗示でしょうか?」 – Megane-kun ”Do you have any suggestion?’
    乙坂「きっと偶然だ」 – Otasaka “It’s a chance for sure”
    友利「いいお兄ちゃんで良かったね」 – Tomori “It was good and a good brother.”
    歩未「たすけて・・・」 – Ayumi “help …”
    友利「崩壊」 – Tomori “collapse”
    ??「間に合わなかったか」(花澤さんの声に聞こえる) – ? ? “What did you not meet the deadline” (it sounds to Hanazawa’s voice)
    ??「どーーーーん!!」(崩壊の能力者?) – ? ? “Degrees ーーーー N !!” (the collapse of the ability business?)
    友利「行くな!」- Tomori “Do not go!”
    乙坂「あゆみいいいいいい」 – Otosaka “Ayumiiiiiii”

  17. Just reading through and noticed

    “We’ve gotten used the main cast’s shenanigans”

    Could use “to” in the sentence

    = We’ve gotten used to the main cast’s shenanigans

    Otherwise another well written review 🙂

  18. …so I caught up with this show, and I’m not terribly impressed. It’s beginning to show all of Maeda Jun’s worst habits all over again, many of which were on full display in the middle section of Angel Beats; the writing is trite and sometimes outright juvenile (the Yusa situation was arguably the worst example), the jokes are overused and overplayed, and the scenarios themselves feel like they’re checking off boxes rather than writing natural stories. Otosaka’s individuality is fading, and with the sole exception of Nao, everyone else is either a one-note character or alternately a one-note character and writer surrogate (Takajou). All of the one-off characters have been completely forgettable. This is not where you want to be on episode 5 of an anime series – you can probably get away with this in a visual novel, but not in this medium.

    Maeda Jun works also always have a poetic wistfulness to them – the music player scene from episode 5 is a good example. And I like Nao a lot as a character – she’s a complex, unabashed character, victim and victimizer, and neither apologetic nor seeking sympathy for any of it. But when both the rest of your characters and your central conflicts feel empty compared to, say, Shimoneta, of all things, you have a problem.

    1. But when both the rest of your characters and your central conflicts feel empty compared to, say, Shimoneta, of all things, you have a problem.

      Don’t think so. Dispite it’s silly premise, Shimonetas writing is very strong and a lot of merly good shows don’t reach it’s level.

  19. I don’t get it. Why would security stop someone from getting pizza sauce? It’s not like it’s some top secret component that Ayumi needs to keep her alive, right?


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