OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Black Swallow Tail」 by UROBOROS

“The Seventh Brave”

「七人目の勇者」 (Shichininme no Yuusha)

Fremy’s Past:

Seven strangers trapped in a room, and there’s one question being asked: who did it? Despite the fact this episode took place almost entirely in one location (technically they can leave and step into the fog – but not very far), and was mainly just talking, this was probably the best episode since the premiere. Now that we know the deal, everyone is a suspect. No one trusts anyone, and I don’t trust any of them just yet. Actually, that’s a lie. There is one I completely believe: Fremy.

Fremy has nothing to hide at this point. She was an enigma up until the latest episode, having just confirmed that she was the Brave Killer. It wasn’t explained until now, but after hearing about her history and showing her fiendish right eye, I believe her. To me, Fremy simply can’t be the fake hero. Her early suspicions don’t relate to the current drama, but her being the initial suspect in the group is expected, though it cements that fact that it can’t be Fremy. Of course, I don’t know who the fake is, but I will say with certainty that it isn’t Fremy. If it is, I’ll eat my imaginary hat.

The Blame Game:

We also got to know a fair bit about the other heroes. Some we didn’t learn much else, like Nashetania and Goldov. Nashetania’s story was the driving force of the second episode, and Goldov’s story is just plain boring. There doesn’t seem to be much to his character other than his undying loyalty – unless, of course, he is hiding who he truly is. Mora is confirmed as being the overseer of all the Saints, and Chamo still seems like the strongest of the bunch, having gained her powers at age seven and accidentally killing her opponent in her first tournament. Hans, we learn, is an assassin who excels in sneaking in and out of places, and has adopted cat-like mannerisms and fighting style due to his upbringing. He’s another one that seems obviously suspicious, but I’m not so sure.

By the end of the episode, the heroes seem to shift their blame from Fremy to Adlet. After all, he was the first to enter the room, which we saw ourselves. But we also saw the blade in position before he got there, so I can’t think of him as the fake. His internals dialogue also seems genuine, like his affection for Nashetania. But it makes sense for questions to be flung his way – though the point still stands, if he was the fake hero, wouldn’t he have come up with an alternate story instead of walking into the dodgy position he finds himself in now? I don’t believe he’s the fake, but it would certainly be one hell of twist if it came to that. Anything is possible…

Suspect of the Week – Chamo:

I’ve had a seriously difficult time narrowing down my suspect list to just one name. Honestly, I can think of something to say about nearly all of them. I’m not even considering Fremy at this stage, and Goldov’s concern for Nashetania makes he feel he is just as he appears. Nashetania is still suspicious as hell. When she ‘fainted’ from exhaustion, I almost rolled my eyes. But it seems too obvious with her. We even saw her looking dubious in the opening parts of the episode, but it might all be misdirection. Still, I’ve got my eye on her.

Mora is keeping her cool, but I don’t believe everything she says. Hans is a tricky one, but I’m not sure; he’s leading the charge against Adlet – is that because he wants the suspicion away from him? Still, I’m naming Chamo as my Suspect of the Week. She believed Fremy was the fake till the very end, offering to kill or torture her throughout the episode. She distances herself from the group during their conversations, and it feels like she could be putting on an act. Of course, this may all be but a river of red herrings, but the fact remains that in this episode, Chamo seemed to be acting the most off. Nashetania as well, but I feel like the show is leading us into a trap with her.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’ve still got my eye on Mora, Nashetania, and Hans, but I can’t be certain of anything right now. Part of me wants to know who it is already, because the tension is killing me; but waiting till the big reveal should be worth it in the long run. This episode may not have been action-packed or progressed that much, but the introductions and the tense questioning of Fremy and Adlet made for a thrilling episode. It really did feel like it lasted five minutes – which is always a good thing.

In other news: I’ve started my own anime blog – samuspeaks.com! It’s still early days, but my first post is out and it’s focusing on my personal top 5 anime. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment. I’ll be doing my own seasonal previews and reviews over there, as well as the occasional list or opinion piece from time to time.


  1. I’m calling Nashetania the prime culprit. I mean she can control the blades (or probably even that sword) from afar. Goldov would probably go along and feign ignorance given his loyalty to the princess. Chamo, too. He’s (or a she?) kinda annoying for a brat.

    losing streak
      1. Who knows? She might have levitated/commanded the sword using her left hand then spoke that key word. Does the one activating the switch must really be inside or standing besides the Dais?

        Even though the above modus operandi is wrong, that still doesn’t shake her out of suspicion. Her actions this episode just seem too unnatural especially that part when she’s trying to get Adlet’s side by acting cute all of a sudden.

        losing streak
      2. Barrier release = Rise Fog

        Mind Typo

        Also, re watching Ep 03. Even an Human could activate the Barrier, so it is not an Brave only Duty. Also Maura where there 2 Days ago checking, and she do not know anything of the Barrier? Strange

        Well, this Episode has more an “Sherlock Holmes” vibes, and right now it get more Attention then all Episodes together. How is the culprit, is more entertainment then all progression so far?

        Well, the most curiosity here is to find out Plot holes, that is the real drive here. And what our Cat assassin is saying, it really reminds me of my reddit entries so far.

        Feel free to hunt the fake Bravery, but there is still some Episodes to fill, dear Studio. Do you plan to lock then there forever? i bet something will happen and all 7 Braves ones will make an timely Peace, and in the finals they will fight the Fake one, right followed of the Big Boss

      3. wait I’m confused… so the person that put the sword in can take it out again and raise the fog?…

        so… why don’t they all just take it in turns to try and lift the barrier…. thus revealing the traitor…

        instead of just throwing a bunch of exposition against one another and compiling circumstantion evidence, which they are going to have a hard time proving/disroving.

        i feel like i’ve missed something… but in all honesty i nearly dozed off in this episode…

        my top suspect Nashetania… (she’s getting sick…) is that because they’re getting closer to the demon land where non braves cannot go without dying from the demon poison…?

  2. Think of it in another way: How can the party of the brave proceed next episode, without exposing the 7th already? They need to know who activated the barrier in order to proceed. So if the 7th is not exposed next episode (which is way too anticlimactic) the one who activated the barrier needs a really good excuse to not being the 7th. Most likely the activator activate the barrier in a way that she not necessarily knows what she did. So most probably Nashetanias attempt to deactivate the barrier activated it and the fog was part of the defences of the temple and didn’t show that the barrier was already active.

    I still think she done it on purpose. I interpret her ‘fainted’ from exhaustion as realising her that her actions put Adlet to danger. Which she don’t want cause either genuine sympathy or him being a useful pawn to her. So I expect her next episode with an attempt to clean Adlet from suspicion.

    Nashetania is btw in the strongest position with 2 allies. Mora has Chamo, but Chamo is too stupid to be a useful ally. Adlet and Goldov have Nashetania as ally but distrust each other. The others are isolated with no allies and Fremy is in the weakest position, antagonized by Goldov and Chamo and having only the sympathy of Adlet.

    1. I didn’t really think about it this way, but yeah, each person kind’ve has a “net” of sorts. People who trust them more than the others do. How much this helps them is unknown, but it may become important later if their group fractures.

      Adlet is very clearly on Fremy and Nashetania’s side. He went to great lengths to clear Fremy’s name. Nashetania has Adlet and Goldov. Mora potentially has the Saint of Swamps, but it’s unclear how reliable the child really is. Hans is pretty much by himself.

      I can potentially see the groups fracturing if the distrust continues to build.

    1. The quality of animation varies from episode to episode.

      Ep 1 was great
      Ep 2 was fairly poor
      Ep 3 was good
      Ep 4 back to poor again
      Ep 5 back to good again

      I suspect the reason we are seeing production hick ups is because Passione keeps adding new OP and EDs.

      Iron Maw
    2. The episode didn’t provide much opportunities to show off some proper animation, but it did look a hell of a lot better than the last one. I have a feeling Rokka no Yuusha’s quality is going to be inconsistent throughout its run.

    1. How can she be a bait and switch character when there no real evidence towards her outside paranoia?

      She couldn’t have activated the barrier considering the complicated activation process and the fact she was Goldof and Fremy the whole time.

      Iron Maw
  3. Calling it on either Chamo, Goldov or Mora. The first one because she is a freaking psychopath (taking the top slot for “scary child character”) who gets a pass from the other characters because she is a child in their eyes, the other two because they are too freaking “normal” in their behaviour. All the other ones for various reasons are disqualified IMO.

  4. Mh, so Mora had the key and it isn’t known how the door works if you open it correctly with the key instead of blowing it open. Can you close it again, if you do it with the key?
    And there has to be a second key because the plan was for either a saint or a soldier from the fortress to activate the barrier. Would be kinda strange to only have one key with this sort of plan.
    And i get the feeling most character are too sure of their knowledge with how this and that is impossible or how only xy can do something. We already got an half fiend and an somewhat artificial created saint, so who knows how many loopholes exist.

    And someone needs to slap Chamo the next time she wants to kill someone without proof.

    1. Yes, Mora is the suspect of the week for me. Everybody accepted at first her story of not knowing much about the barrier, but then they noticed how strange that was. And she has the key!

      Also, yeah, they are too eager to jump to assumptions when the rules seem arbitrary as hell. There can’t be seven braves, so one has to be a fake. Only humans can activate the barrier. There is only one way of activating the barrier. Once opened, the door can’t be closed again.

      That last part bugs me: who creates a door that can’t be closed again? What can the creator of the barrier do if they made a mistake and have to correct something in the room? Leave the door open? If they wanted better security, maybe making a door that can’t be opened with some simple explosives would be a better idea.

      1. If that’s the case, then the only culprit they have is Mora… unless someone else has a spare key. But it doesn’t look as if that was what Hans was implying. Because it wouldn’t be such a big deal if the door can be closed normally with a key. Everyone could do it.

        Unless that’s what they are going to explain in the next episode…

    2. Mora even said she was never told the details about the barrier, but then how did she come to have the very important key? Hans’ accusation of Adlet can be blown away if it can be proved the key was used before he got there, since suddenly that means the door could’ve been closed and the guardians not activated before the Adlet/Nashetania/Goldov/Fremy party even arrived. Another thing I found weird was Adlet opening the door at all, since it seemed like after the transforming fiend goaded Adlet into blowing the door that it wasn’t really sealed at all. Bombing a door does not normally make it slowly creak open after a few seconds. The guardians did trigger after Adlet went in, but something was definitely rigged ahead of time.

      Purple Bomber
    3. Definitely Maura as the one with the key is EXTREMELY suspect. She might have known more about te temple than she leds us to believe, too, including a way to re-seal the door.
      Chamo is suspect simply because of her psycho tendencies – whoever God was thinking it wise to give Saint powers to 7 years old kid, should have been taking a small psychology course. All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely….
      Nashetania is suspicious because she almost faints inside the temple, but this can be coincidence- or not. Sign of demonic influence?
      Cat-assassin is suspicious, well, because he is assasin, not the most trustworthy profession in the world – and cats are chaotic. OTOH there would be not much use for assasins in demon-infested wasteland, so he might actually be on the “good” side even if of wholly evil motivations (plus gold!).
      Goldoff is relatively non-suspect, because he would do nothing to harm his princess. She could use him though as a decoy if she is the mole.
      Strongest Joke in the World is plainly too stupid to be the suspect. Plus, only thing we know for sure is his eyewitness relation.
      Fremy is obviously worst placed mole if I ever saw one. She demonstrates – not forced – her half-demon nature, and is pretty blunt about her brave-killing actions. I would like to hear what is her motive for wanting to kill demon god?

  5. I think the Solution in “how is the Fake one”, lies in their own Background Stories

    Did they all tell a part from themselves, what they do not already known?

    Did not someone just repeat all the stuff, that all the others there still know? No something new?

    There i see our key to resolve our Problem. Known length of their own Past, when they where children

  6. A locked room mystery? let’s call Conan!! *cough
    I’m still thinking it’s Nashetanya because of my subjective opinion (she’s too nice) but I’m also thinking it’ Mora because she’s the first to arrive among the Braves and it’s impossible for her not to know the seal because she’s the head of all the Saint.

    Blahto Blahtoto
  7. But you know what, with this Episode our problem, in how Flamie can see through her Eye-patch to aiming her Rifle, is explained…

    Final Fantasy the Movie Vibes

    1. Ah Chamo…someone with a few screws loose like her wouldn’t probably even need a reason to aid the Demon Lord other than “Cuz it’s fun and Charmo will prove that she’s the strongest!”, just as she could fight against him for that very same reason. Personally, I’d be scared to fight alongside her if even if I had 100% assurance that she wasn’t a fake. Given that I find crazy brats like her annoying, I’m actually hoping she’s the fake so the others could get rid of her, heh 😛

    2. Chamo is more of a monster than Fremmy, and that’s an astounding irony.

      In-fact, think of it for a moment, on Chamo’s backstory. Glory, Power, living with her parents happily, likely being loved. Contrast it with Fremmy. Shadows, Puppet, being denied by her mother, being derided as impure. In other words, Fremmy is in some respects the opposite of Chamo.

  8. hmm i think the most suspicious was mora or hans…because they are the first and second to arrive at the forstress..

    after adlet opened the door and defeat the golem..he was shown chasing the fiend..so there’s some time for someone close to fortress to enter and activated the barrier and then hide..

    chamol and flemmie was scracth out by me because they are fighting each other so there’s no time.

    nasethania and goldov too scracthed out..because they entering the fortress at the same time with flemmy…and chamol also see them(chamol pointed to goldov and said oh that big guy from before)

    the only one that have no alibi was hans and mora they were not seen by anyone..so there’s a possibility that they are hiding close to fortress and using adlet to open the door then sneakily activate the barrier

  9. This episode implies that Mora and Chamo are both well known in the world and have a history. Unless both of them are working together on the 7th hero scam it is easier to reason both are genuine.
    Adlet and Nash can sort of vouch for each other and Nash can vouch for Goldov.
    Fremy and Hans are the only two who have no one to back their word.

    I’m also thinking that this whole episode only works if the fake knows that they are fake and is lying. If the 7th have been brainwashed into believing they are genuine then nothing would be gained from interrogating everyone.

  10. While I know this is mostly hindsight because Im not in Adlet’s shoes, but Fremy has actually provided a very effective line that Adlet could have used to deflect the incoming onslaught of suspecion.

    “To me, all of you are suspects”

    I couldnt remember the exact words used, but that line sums it all up.

    Hans said that it was impossible to enter as long as the door was closed, but what proof does he have that it was exactly the case? He could be lying for all we know.

    Besides, while Mora had the key, it does not mean that there was only one in existence.

    Adlet had a lot of material to work with if deflecting suspicion was the goal. Im not sure how this shlt will hit the fan, but based on Adlet’s typical shounen attitude, I can safetly say that he will carry this guilt coz of the typical shounen’s inability to fight against trickery

    1. That’s the hardest part about being the prime suspect: suddenly nothing you say is trustworthy, especially when you have other “authorities” in the room. He can make the best case in the world, but Mora and Hans just have to say “nope, that’s impossible” and he’s back to square one. No one knows if they’re telling the truth, but Adlet is the suspect and they’re the most knowledgeable, so they get flocked behind. Hopefully they’ll search the room for secret passages before they try to cut off Adlet’s head based on a lot of second-hand information.

    2. Adlet may be the strongest man in the world (glad Hans called him out on that!), but he’s certainly not the sharpest blade in the kitchen.

      I’m more surprised he didn’t call out Goldov for chaining up Fremy (when the hell did that happen?) and when he dragged her up the stairs. Really, wtf?

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. I was under the impression they decided they’d work together for the time being, so her all of a sudden being in chains this episode felt very abrupt, like there was a scene missing to explain or show Goldov deciding to “arrest” her. And her just going along with it without much resistance or fighting back (like earlier) seemed strange too.

        Hans is also a killer (an assassin), and so is Chamot (accidentally/not accidentally and eager to do more), so seems sort of biased even if she is a brave killer.

        Impel Down Hippo
  11. Something bothers me about when the barrier was activated. It activates and fog rolls in, trapping everyone right? With fog. Okay, sure. We’ve seen that it works courtesy of Hans and Adlet. But did it really activated when Adlet blew the door? He blew the door, saw the fog, ran in, no one was there. No one got out, everyone went a little nuts and the alter got a little messed up.

    I’m thinking the fog when the door blew was literally a smokescreen meant to confuse everyone, and the barrier wasn’t active until the alter started being futzed with. Cause if there wasn’t anyone in the temple to activate it yet, then logic suggests that it wasn’t activated yet. I mean, it’s fog. Sure there was a lot of it, but strange powers are kinda the norm in this world, so it’s doable.

    This would also mean that everyone was lied to about how to activate the barrier though, so the seventh has outside help that spread misinformation? And a lot of it? Hmm… Someone set Adlet up good.

  12. Maybe Hans lied about the impossibility of the door being opened before Adlet did and therefore the 7th Brave? -_- We need Battler/Beatrice here for the Red or better yet the Golden truth. OH DESIREEEEEE!!

  13. It isn’t going to be difficult for Adlet to prove his innocence at all, amirite? After all, he tried to dissolve the barrier in front of Nashetania and Goldov last episode and couldn’t do it, and since only the one who activated the barrier can end it; pretty clear cut, isn’t it?

    For that matter, our Braves honestly should’ve thought of that right from the start. All they have to do is to have each one of them try to dissolve the barrier and the one who does (or who obstinately refuses, whichever comes first) is the culprit.

    That aside, let’s recap a bit to see if we can’t figure out who the culprit is before the reveal:

    – First, Adlet ran ahead of Nashetania, Fremy and Goldov to the temple. After he blew open the door, he got distracted by the disguised fiend and that’s when someone snuck in, activated the barrier and managed to either hide themselves or escape without anyone noticing.

    Obviously, Adlet can’t be the one who activated the barrier. If he is, then not only has the audience been deceived, but Adlet himself wouldn’t seem to be aware of it.

    – Secondly, Nashetania, Fremy and Goldov all arrived at the temple at the same time. Unless one of them managed to sneak away from fighting the fiends, arrived with near perfect timing to take advantage of Adlet’s brief distraction, activate the barrier, escape and then meet up with the other two without arousing suspicion; safe to say that none of them could be the culprit.

    Also, Nashetania also tried to deactivate the barrier last episode. Since she also failed, she’s also innocent for the time being.

    – The final three Braves arrived in the following order: Chamo, Maura and Hans.

    We don’t know much about these three or their abilities, perhaps with the exception of Hans, a skilled assassin with cat-like agility and movements.

    Bearing all that in mind, an interesting theory came from a review on ANN, and that’s that the Seventh Brave and the one who activated the barrier aren’t necessarily the same person. Admittedly that same thought crossed my mind, but I didn’t pursue it much further. It makes sense though.

    If we assume that the one who activated the barrier isn’t in service to the Demon God, but has another motive entirely, then this mystery becomes much more clear. There’s only one person who’s been leading this investigation by the nose, seemingly trying to dig up whatever information he could on the meaning of the Seven Braves however he could…

    Here’s looking at you, Hans.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. Honestly don’t think there was enough time for someone to slip past Adlet and activate the barrier then get back out while he was talking to the fiend. That also assumes that the seventh was hiding nearby, unless the info that only one of the Six Braves can activate the barrier was wrong.

    2. you have the point. If i recall this episode, one of brave (i think is Chamo) stated , if only the person who activate the barrier can disable it or kill the person who activate the barrier to dispel. from previous episode< Adelt try to deactivate and even spill some blood but it , fail. so he is not not the suspect. As for Natashia , she try and fail miserably which end up braking the talisman. so she is out too. As for Fremy and Goldov , both of them is out seeming Natashia is not sucpect, as three of them arrive at the same time.

      this leave Hans , Moro and Chamo still not clear of suspicion.

      Hans : assassin, he claims he was able slip thru any tight security
      Moro : had the key but no knowledge on activate the barrier
      Chamo: she had the strength of monster , she could just knock the door open close it back lol .

    3. However, as Mora stated, they don’t know the way to deactivate the barrier, as there are no instructions about it. The Braves, fake included, can try to dispel the barrier all they want but if they don’t know the correct way, that won’t do much good.

  14. No need to play detective here guys. I think it was clear as day who activated the barrier.

    It is BUNNY GIRL!

    There are 2 clues for barrier culprit: 1.The barrier will only be activated by putting the blade in the pedestal, have your hand on the tablet and the other on the blade, and say “fog rise”, 2.Another is that the door, once opened, cannot be closed.

    When Adlet arrived the door is definitely closed. So the only time the culprit could have activated the barrier is the time between after Adlet opens the door and Chamo & co. arriving. Why? you ask? Once everyone gathered it was impossible to do the ritual with so many watchful eyes around.

    There were only 2 other people who were at the pedestal during that time frame.


    Bodyguard-kun didn’t do it because his only opportunity is the time when he pulled the blade with one hand and said barrier release. He could not have done it.Bunny girl on ther other hand had that weird tantrum scene where she trashes around like a psycho; swinging the blade and some other stuff. It was a weird scene and with the length of the scene it was possible for her to mislead the two and do the ritual covertly.

    As for the FOG appearing as soon as the door opened, it could have been a spell of some sort to make everyone believe that the barrier has already been activated when in fact it is not. Forcing Adlet to be the only possible suspect. As for the BLADE being already stuck at the pedestal when Adlet arrived, as a saint of swords she could have some sort of hidden technique to manipulate real blades at a distance.

    1. During her tantrum she deliberately smashed a tablet and a script of some sort. As for the the blade, it could be the blade at the start was already in pedestal, but the barrier was not activated yet. Only when Nashetania did her tantrum was it finally activated.

    2. That’s what made most sense to me too. Although the whole argument rests upon the assumption that the door was indeed close when Adlet arrived. It might have been tampered already and will make anyone a suspect


      So, I decided to rewatch the OP2 today and noticed something that looks like a huge spoiler. There’s this alligator character that has a freaking BUNNY EARS?

      Is that who I think it is?!?!?!

    4. That doesn’t make much sense. The barrier was already activated before anyone entered the temple.

      Adlet, Goldof and Nashetania were all at the altar and did the ritual the same way. Then Adlet and Nashetania tried different methods and the later ended breaking a stone tablet out of panic when nothing was working. The paper you speak of was picked by Mora so wasn’t destroyed. She also tried the activation steps off screen at the start of epiosde too.

      Iron Maw
  15. Wonder why nobody thought that the barrier had a fail safe mechanism. Hans said it himself, the Seal Saint is good. She could’ve put a mechanism that activates the barrier if the doors were forced open. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out and nothing passes over to the continent. The down side is that the braves can’t kill the Demon God, but he can’t send his minions to the continent too. (Not sure how it effects the flyers) Well, they were busy suspecting each other and the manual didn’t seem to help. So, I guess it’s okay. Hopefully things get explained next week.

    Can’t really trust Chamot though. She’s more blood thirsty than the assassin and you know what they say about power.

  16. I think it was mentioned that whoever activated the barrier can also deactivated it. Assuming that the deactivation process is known, can’t they all just take turns doing that? Whoever is able to deactivate it / won’t try to do so = Fake Brave.

    P.S.: I too think Nashetania is the fake. I mean, just check out the title of ED2.

  17. How shitty was the seal saint in the first place that the door could even be forced open so easily?

    I’m pretty sure even a simple mechanical lock would have held together better.

    Unless someone tampered with the lock beforehand it makes little sense that Adlet was even able to open the thing.

  18. Locked room mystery?
    The solution is to summon a goth-loli detective from an alternate universe.

    That said, it seems suspicious to me that an explosive can open the lock like that, to me that indicates that the door was already unlocked but jammed from the inside. Even if this is the case, the fiends are shown with explosives so another half-fiend like Falmie could easily gain access and activate the barrier.

  19. When did Fremy get chained up/why did she let that happen? I’m surprised Adlet didn’t speak up about that bs when Goldov dragged her up the stairs.

    And then Goldov knocked Fremy down when he rushed to Bunny Girl’s aid. He may not be the fake, but boy, what an a-hole.

    Impel Down Hippo
  20. Maura… simply because her character is too boring and bland. Everyone else has certain “quirks” that will allow for interesting interactions for the rest of the series.

    That’s also partially my hope, since her character is about as interesting as dirt.

    1. Yeah but shes hot. And more interesting than Goldov.
      The quirks you speak of in the others tend to be more annoying than anything else. Chamo and the world’s strongest man are both irritating, Nash’s quirks come off as downright weird and fake. Goldov is a dick. Of the three I like Mora is the hottest. I don’t even mind if she goes bad, Bad Mora would be great. Did I mention she’s hot?

  21. Time to put my detective hat on….its maura. Seriously calling bs on her cuz she had the key which meant she culd have been inside already waiting for Adlet to try to open it up and use the golems as a distraction to get out as soon as they attack Adlet. I mean the door can’t be open by a bomb if it was made by an OP saint. She also lied about not knowing the barrier even tho she was the one waiting for the braves and the human warrior dude mentioning about her knowing about it. She may be the leader of the braves to gain everyone’s trust but in reality culd be testing the six braves.
    TL;DR- Why dont they just let everyone try to release the barrier to see who it is cuz the only way to deactivate is to kill or to have the person release it

  22. I am calling it. It is Nashetania.
    The antics that she displayed in today’s episodes were… too suspicious. Think about it, she’s too pure, she’s making herself out to be too innocent, and too pure to be the 7th. A great author never leaves in an undulled blade. These blades are always sharpened and brandished, until the day they are used to stab at the audiences disbelief.

    Anon Chath
  23. Chamot definitely came off the most suspicious this episode, yes. Constantly tries to shut down discussion, and a little too fixated on killing Flemie even considering that Flemie attacked her before (and that’s she a little psychopath).

    Looking at the new opening, though, one suspects that this show was made to hook viewers unaware of the ‘seven when there should be six’ twist. Which might explain why the first four episodes seemed too drawn out for anyone aware of said twist… which basically includes everyone who comments on most anime sites. Heh.

  24. Seems like all signs point to Nashetania (after thinking about it more and reading the comments).

    Adlet is the MC and WE know he didn’t put up the barrier.

    Hans is a clear red herring and way too obvious.

    Chamot seems too suspicious.

    Maura too boring and authoritative.

    Fremy has exonerated herself.

    Goldov too much of an ahole puppet (maybe in cahoots with Nashetania).

    Nashetania, not just through process of elimination, or she seems too innocent, but coupled with her odd behavior and possible distraction tactics, the fake would probably be someone we’ve know for longer than 1 episode, and who’d be more significant a traitor. Everyone else we barely know and it being them would be a “so what” moment. And since we know it’s not Adlet or Fremy, Nashetania is the obvious candidate.

    That or it’s Goldov since he’s a douche (just hedging my bets!).

    Impel Down Hippo
  25. I came expecting a show about killing fiends.

    I watched a closed room episode where the story cannot continue until they sort out who the imposter is. So it’s all talk and talk and talk.

    Jesus Christ.

    1. I know, right? I was thinking to myself- “identity crisis” what are you trying to be, show, action-fantasy or Detective Conan with cheesy, contrived closed room mysteries? Not to mention the fact that everyone just happens to “appear” and immediately gets along, at least on a nominal level. The former is an identity crisis, the latter screams spades of wasted potential…

      1. What’s wrong with a mystery, this IS one of the catch of the series. There are action scenes and I’m sure there are plenty more action scenes later on, but what’s wrong with spending a bit trying to figure out who the fake is? Your expecting them to all go along and defeat the demon lord without sorting this through?

        Also, if you haven’t noticed, most of them do not get along. Right now, no one but Adelt trusts Flamie, Hans doesn’t really trust anyone so far, Goldov probably still dislikes Adelt, and Flamie doesn’t seem to really want to be with the others either. Chamo and Mora already knew each other beforehand and Adelt and the princess and the princess and Goldov also knew each other before so of course they would get along. Also, don’t forget that they are supposed to be the heroes to save the world by defeating the demon lord. Even if they dislike each other, they still gotta try to get along to work together to defeat the demon lord.

        Trap Master
      2. What’s wrong with a mystery, this IS one of the catch of the series.

        Right. Its ONE catch. When there is boundless potential for the inclusion of innumerable others in addition. Nationalism, revenge, racism, jealousy, love, hubris- all kinds of other more interesting reasons for the seven to kill each other- none of which have been taken advantage of so far. The “evil seventh” thing is almost literally the only major source of distrust between our heroes…

        Also, if you haven’t noticed, most of them do not get along.

        In a deeper, better-written story this sort of tenuous alliance is the endgame. After a whole season of braves slaying braves the demon lord finally makes his move and devastates the land- a rude awakening for the foolish braves. The surviving braves finally begrudgingly team up and slay the demon lord- and then learn a valuable lesson and attempt to rebuild a peaceful world, or learn nothing and go right back to killing each other after…

        Also, don’t forget that they are supposed to be the heroes to save the world by defeating the demon lord. Even if they dislike each other, they still gotta try to get along to work together to defeat the demon lord.

        Jingoistic general brave believes that if he kills all the other braves he and his soldiers are powerful enough to slay the demon lord without them, with his ultimate goal being to automatically attain world domination afterwards, unchecked by any other powerful players. The major kingdoms of the land including Nashe’s wipe out a small peaceful kingdom of half-demons- ethnic-cleansing/genocide- Fremy is its last surviving member and its former princess- she wants the human world to perish as did her own people- she becomes a brave in spite of her intentions as the sole criterion is strength. Adlet alone is privy to secret knowledge that if a brave is slain, his/her mark and power is transferred to the slayer- the one who gathers all six marks becomes the living Avatar of the goddess- and obsessed with being “the world’s strongest” he secretly plots to kill everyone else. Hans is the leader of an infamous bandit group which waylaid Goldov’s family and killed his parents when he was a child- Goldov wants to kill Hans- there were times the braves manged to defeat the demon lord with just 5 or 6 living members remaining after all, what difference will one less make? Hans the bandit king brings his crew along for the ride and they rape and pillage villages without the knowledge or consent of the other Braves- when busted for unknowingly pillaging Fremy’s home village he explains that it is his right as a savior of the world to whatever he wants. Adlet and Goldov were childhood rivals- Adlet humiliated Goldov when they were younger and Goldov secretly has it out for him- he kills Adlet while fighting demons and makes it look like an accident. Chamo is an insane sociopath who kills anyone who so much as looks at her the wrong way- the other braves decide that her constantly murdering villagers at random isn’t worth the trouble, deciding to kill her in her sleep and make do with their remaining numbers. Hans is Chamo’s scumbag dad who beat her mom to death and left his daughter to die in a drunken stupor when the mother got fed up with his criminal ways and threatened to take Chamo and leave him if he didn’t clean up his act. A religious schism divides the braves into 2 groups from each side of the fence- and there are several fanatic braves on each side who would rather see the world burn than work with perceived “heretics.” Any one of these and any combination of these- in addition to a charismatic, cunning “false seventh” who endeavors to exploit them and destroy the group from the inside out- would make this tale more compelling by miles.

        And these are just examples- make up and throw in whatever you like, there are a million and one ways to spin it. All it takes is a little, oh you know…imagination

    2. because this is actually the highlight and main plot of the story?

      really, I blame all this on them not animating the prologue at the beginning where you see the other heroes chasing adlet and trying to kill him as they believe he’s the 7th, and you see how much of a hard and stressful time he’s having trying to survive.

      it was supposed to cement that this isnt your typical “group of individuals bond together to defeat the demons”.

  26. Those who only want actions will start dropping this series off since this episode lack of “action” and more of “mystery”. Well it’ll be their loss though, since unique blend of action and mystery is quite rare while action only series without any novelty whatsoever is abundant nowadays.

    On the other hands, the heated discursion is a good thing, it means people actually paying attention to the show.

  27. Finally caught up with this. Despite some missteps along the way, I think the show has improved – or at least become more interesting, but ENOUGH with trying to be “artsy” with the wild “camera” swings. Seriously, when the view started spinning an episode or two ago, it gave me a headache. This episode wasn’t quite as bad, but still, it’s not “artistic”; it’s really f’ing annoying. Stop it. Now.

    With that out of the way, frankly, I wasn’t thrilled with Adlet and his “I am the stronkest” shtick, but the show is playing it off now for laughs which makes it a lot better IMO – especially when he couldn’t explain it. He’s slowly growing on me though at this point I’m neutral on him. Nashetania (or Bunny Princess as I think of her) on the other hand I liked somewhat in Ep. 01, but she’s gone downhill quickly ever since. Least favorite character. So scenery pr0n not withstanding, Ep. 02 just dragged for me (nowhere near Spice and Wolf’s level and the comparison a stretch anyway IMO). I’m glad we finally got the entire cast together and on with the “who’s the fake” mystery.

    As for the fake, right now my money’s on Bunny Princess. She just acts too inconsistent at times. In fact, she just seems to be acting a lot, and not doing a good job of it. WTF was with the whole freaking out and destroying a tablet – some part of the barrier device? Yeah, that’s gonna help. Then she swoons this Ep because… hell if I know. Part of me hopes she’s not the fake because well, solved the “mystery” in Ep. 04. On the other hand if she’s not, then she’s not a good character IMO given the way she acts.

    Swamp Saint Chamo is in dire need of serious therapy and/or a good spanking. Girl’s got issues. The whole “let’s kill Fremy” deal I just took as her being a psychopath and likes to kill/torture stuff. (BTW am I the only one bugged by the fact that Fremy was chained up the entire episode? Way to go Adlet. >_>). That being said, it was awfully convenient that she killed the tricksy fiend.

    At any rate, I’m in. Hope we get a good mystery, the show continues to improve, and they stop with the bloody awful “camera” tricks.

  28. Do you guys really believe that those shit explosives opened such a massive door? Why the hell did the dolls broken up by themselves? It’s obvious that it was already open and that the devices were tempered with, it’s also quite obvious that none of the seven actually set the barrier, the fact that only one of the seven is a fake doesn’t mean that they can’t have outside help, we are talking about a demon god, there will be humans who worship it, even a cult to it.

    Also “There was a shape shifting fiend here, we may be able to question it.” “Oh, I already killed it, teehee.” Despite this I doubt Chamo is the fake, she is probably being used by the fake though.

    With all this in mind the only one I can consider is Mora, she had the means (the key), the knowledge (by being the “leader” of all saints she could have learn everything about the chamber and barrier straight from the saint of seals, or from his records) and the better motive from a dramatic standpoint, after all she is in a sense the close the world has of a representative of the goddess. So yeah, I’m betting on Mora.

    1. I sort of agree. I think we’re actually seeing this from the wrong angle: *enters Battler mode* is there a specific rule in this mystery that says the Fake HAS to be the one who set the barrier? For all we know, the Fake may have just tagged along because that person had a dire need to. I’m thinking Nashetanya’s the fake.

      But I’m also thinking Mora is the one who set the barrier, even if she is a legit Brave. As you have mentioned, she does have the means.

      Also, let’s look at another angle: if the perp is an actual Brave, would that make them a traitor? Or, is there a more benevolent reason behind sealing themselves off for the moment? Could this actually be a strategy to get behind the Fiend army as it advances so that they may enter the land as it is less guarded?

  29. As one of the comment said, why don’t they each try to raise the sword to deactivate the barrier? That makes a lot of sense unless there’s something preventing them from doing that.

    Trap Master
    1. Well, somehow they need to get out of there. They still need to kill some Demon Lord right?

      Something happen inside, they get again separated and wandering to the Demons Lord land, so all 7 still life and in the Finale the fake get discovered, until them they must work together..

  30. Nashetania seems to be the most suspicious to me. Here’s why I think so (will put them in spoiler tags just in case): Show Spoiler ▼

  31. Holy crap I just realized something! Those sentries were too easy to take down right? Well, the person who was able to cast the barrier must have been there before. The sentries seem to be hollow constructs, so wouldn’t it be possible that the perpetrator had made their escape inside one of the constructs? This line of thinking, then, would point to Mora as the perpetrator, seeing as she had the key and plenty of time to do the act.

  32. I reckon it’s the blue hair chick. At first she was attempting to take control of the situation and pointed out that there were 7. Then she goes on to play the democratic person until Fremy mentions that she could be the 7th. From that point on she stayed quiet the whole way through the episode. Once you’re afraid you can only let others fuck up and stay quiet. (this is how I get away with lies – let people use their own stupidity and twisted logic)


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