Episode 05

「この道は予感の結晶」 (Knon Michi wa Yokan no Kesshou)
“This Path, the Crystallization of Premonition”


Episode 06

「意味の背中」 (Imi no Senaka)
“The Back Full of Meaning”

It’s getting more and more obvious these days that Shirayuki and Zen are simply meant to be. They complement each other so well and every time they’re together, I’m just waiting for that pivotal confession scene or kiss to happen. I can’t deny that a part of the reason that I think they’re so well fit for one another is probably because they’re the obvious couple and they’re the main characters. All the events so far seem to coincidently bring the two together and although it’s part of the story, I wish there were other factors that developed their relationship other than… Zen wanting to reach out to Shirayuki and her being the court pharmacist-in-training. These recent episodes seem to bring more complications to them being together and “officially” saying it out loud. Zen and Shirayuki have to come to terms with their own feelings before anything else can progress. It’s not going to be easy with Zen being watched by Izana (Ishida Akira) but perhaps Zen will speak up for himself when the time is right.

This episode was hilarious seeing the awkward cast members interact and find ways to dance around the truth. I’m especially loving the scene between Zen, Izana and Raj (when he comes back) and Raj calls Shirayuki Zen’s fiancée! It’s such a blatant lie, but seeing everyone’s reactions is priceless. I love how they animated Zen’s facial features – especially when you only see two faces from him, his shock and awe face is quite special. I loved it! Zen is so manly too when he’s protective of Shirayuki and *fans herself*, I gotta admit, I love that side of him. His gentle, soft-spoken side is alright too, but I love a man that takes charge. Izana is an interesting one and although Zen clearly respects him, they’re both not on the same page. I’m not sure what Izana’s role in the story is yet; whether or not he falls in love with Shirayuki as well on day or he’s just another obstacle in their relationship, but he’s someone that has a lot of development points. He’s not a terrible person, he just needs to grow on me a bit more. Next week will lead to better insights into his childhood growing up with Zen and how he became the leader he is today.

The highlight of the past two episodes for me has to be Obi (and Raj gets some points too). I wasn’t expecting much from him after his introduction, but his personality is more endearing and comedic that I imagined. He’s a loyal guy, he does what he’s told and hey – he’s pretty cute underneath that hat. When he got his tiny moment saving Shirayuki from falling, I just couldn’t help but think that this is it… this is our love triangle. And I always root for the underdog so Obi is my guy. I love a guy that’s a little rough around the edges, and always gets the sidelines but deserves more than that. I don’t think Shirayuki will ever end up with anyone but Zen (because they’re just meant to be) but Obi is a winner in my books. The chemistry that Shirayuki and Obi is definitely less forced and more natural as far as friendships go… compared to Zen and Shirayuki that just completely leaped over the friendship zone and into the “love” territory. Every relationship is different but I look forward to more scenes between Shirayuki and Obi.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: LOL! The awkwardness between Zen and Raj is so obvious and unmistakeable! They clearly have history with Shirayuki… >_> I actually really love Obi in the recent episodes of #akagami_anime. He’s funny, sweet & seems like the “best guy friend” type #lovetriangle.

Author’s Note: If you haven’t already read in my Shokugeki no Souma post, I have been and will continue to be busy for the next month. I know this isn’t what everyone wants to hear but I owe all the readers an explanation if you’ve been wondering why my posts are missing and/or late. I can’t express how badly I feel for being absent on the site but duty calls and I have 4 more weddings to attend this year! Thanks for being patient as always and hopefully I’ll be more timely after August.




  1. Can. They. Just. Freaking. Kiss. Already.
    I try to focus on the show, but then Zen and Shirayuki have a moment so kiss worthy and they miss their shot I’m about ready to riot.

  2. ichigo
  3. manga spoilers upto current episode
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m really enjoying the anime so far. There are a lot of scenes that I appreciate more after seeing it animated. It’s too bad that the anime cut some scenes out. Love Zen, Shiroyuki, and the entire cast. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such wholesome characters without being cliche and it’s really refreshing.

  4. I love Prince Raj, he’s such a funny guy. It’s too bad episode 6 skip a some-what important scene in the manga, but the whole scene between Izana, Zen and Raj was entertaining to watch.

  5. If grace is the measuring gauge of knowing which anime is the best in this season, Shirayuki-hime will be a runaway winner. Next to Gangsta., this is my current pick.

    Episode 5 is by far the worst Shirayuki-hime episode (but that’s a very good worst if you ask) because too many things happened without emphasizing any of those. This also gets deduction for Zen delivering very cheesy lines. Shirayuki is fine but… there’s a limit on how good a character can be.

    Episode 6, however, is almost as good as Episode 4, because it shakes again its usual episodic format. A new character was introduced and man, he is already fearsome. A random note to a certain series, this is how you introduce a character that could shatter whatever the main leads feel right now.

    Raj also feels out of place with this one. What happened to our lovable bastard in episode 1? Why was he reduced to a comic relief? I also like how it ended in a very melancholic tone.

  6. Sometimes I feel Zen’s the true heroine, with his expressive emotions, heart-on-sleeve personality and higher likelihood of blushing.

    In fact, he and Mikorin from Nozaki-kun would be highly similar to each other…

    And by extension, Snow White’s the (mostly) cool, calm, driven hero who appears unfazed most times.

  7. While Shirayuki and Zen may simply be meant to be, this ignores the potential problem that royals often don’t get to select their own spouses. Prince Izana may be trying to save the country the embarrassment of having Zen publically commit to Shirayuki while there are negotiations open for his betrothal to some foreign princess.

  8. Izana has more authority than Zen around the castle not just because he is older, but because
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. random viewer

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