「思いきって飛び込んだ」 (Omoikitte Tobikonda)
“We Bravely Dove In”

Sometimes, there are just moments where an episode in a slice-of-life just clicks with you. For me, this week’s episode was chock full of them.

Silly Hika-Nee

While we barely get to see Hika-nee since she’s off in the big city doing whatever girls in Tokyo do, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to see her – especially when her inclusion makes for a really fun and interesting episode. Specifically, I loved how things didn’t focus on her typical need to show off that she’s become a “city girl” and instead brought out the true Hika-nee from within. From wiping herself down with her clothes to leaping straight into the river without any hesitation, she ended showing us just how down to earth she really can be. Sure, there were some clear moments when she let her city-side take over, but luckily it never came on too strong.

Also, I found it super cool that Hika-nee and Dagashi-ya made the cool looking secret base however long ago it was. That and I was a little disappointed when the show didn’t give us a glimpse of the other secret base that Koma-chan and Natsumi were talking about. Because you know, it was the one that brought out all the feels last season when the story dove into giving us some back story on the two sisters!

The Bonds of Friendship

Getting back on what I was talking about in the excerpt, I felt something really special during the last few minutes of the episode. With Hotaru contemplating about going out of her comfort zone and nearly faltering until she realized just why she went up on the bridge in the first place, I was hit with a weird combination of emotions (if I were to describe it, maybe a little bit of nostalgia mixed in with some embarrassment?). A combination that reminded me of the times when I realized that I wasn’t necessarily doing things out of my own self benefit, but for the friends around me and the fact that doing it for them brought me a sense of happiness. And while the cynics out there might say you should be doing things for your own reasons, I would argue that the bonds you gain from leaning on others can be just as beneficial.

Random warming moments aside, I think I’m starting to really understand what people mean when they call slice-of-lifes “healing anime”.

Looking Ahead

I’m sorry to everyone else besides Hotaru in the show, but boy is it easier to see the preview shots on her HDTV, haha. While it’s tough to interpret what’s going on, it looks like for sure we’ll be graced by a baby Ren-chon which means maybe we’ll get to see some more of Dagashi-ya!

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week!




  1. I was fortunate enough to live in the country when I was young ! Had at least 4 secret bases! And chasing the dragonflies / Btw which actually eat mosquities ! Eating the raspberries / cherries ! But then get you older and go visit or live in the city but never forget where you came from!

    What was really cool that Hika-Nee adapted quickly back to her roots . And Hotaru turned country girl too !

    Taking the pictures show that they have the best of both worlds!

    1. I lived in the sticks as well for a good 7 years. Back then I never got the chance to splash in the river. The current was too strong for me to dare. Never had a secret base, too. I’m alone with my dad at home, and my friend’s place is quite far but I guess my “eerie” room is secret enough. As far as dragonflies go, I never chase them. I torture them by removing their wings (y’know… boys stuff). I do get to eat random plants though (I remember that seed that pops when wet).

      I’m now a young person living independently in the city. All the bustle sometimes makes me restless and wherever I go, stress seems to follow like a dark cloud above my head. I guess too much social media and technology will drive you nuts without even noticing. I always thought that the sound of cicadas and frogs singing is annoying. But now that I think about it, cars honking and construction craps are even worse. I wished things would slow down. But, ofc, that’s impossible. Asking for it is being helpless thus I decided to make a move and book a flight back to the sticks next year. A conclusion I came upon just from watching NNB.

      losing streak
    2. I was born in the city, but I visited my grandparents on both sides a lot. Especially during summer vacations. And we also had a house in some distant countryside we visited sometimes. And we had 2 secret bases: one was built with the friends and second one we made with my younger brother on the backyard under the cherry tree. It was fun.

    3. Or we also jumped in the river but not from the bridge but using a rope with a stick attached as handles. It was tied to the branch of the nearest tree so you could run with it to give it some momentum and jump than you are above the river.

    1. It was glossed over, but this episode gave us confirmation – she didn’t know before today’s episode. If she knew, she wouldn’t have asked if Hotaru’s city friends were her juniors.

  2. For me there was that subtle subplot of Hotaru conquesring her fears, and she did when she thought of her friends. That was beautiful.

    And yeah I agree that i t was nice seeing Hikage still enjoying being in the country even if she’s already a city girl. While I’d normally agree with Hikage’s city side that there’s not many interesting things in the countryside, seeing how much fun the girls ae having makes me think otherwise and that maybe the simpler living has it’s perks too, like clean, carefree, and simple living

    They really got some interesting stuff in their neighborhood, like that free water by the road and that honesty fruit stand beside it. If I saw a free water stand like the ones Renge, Hotaru, and Hikage passed first thing I’d likely question if the water source is clean. But in these girls’ case, I guess they don’t need to worry about those things since their countryside is so nice and clean. Not to mention I really like the concept of those honesty stores where they just leave the products in the open and you just leave the payment there.


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