“The Average Man and the Genius”

「凡人と天才」 (Bonjin to Tensai)

Adlet vs Hans:

After last week’s cliffhanger, I was grateful to jump straight into the fight between Adlet and Hans – it was fast paced and Adlet’s reactions and smoke bombs really felt like desperate measures. As the title suggests, Adlet is just an average man with an array of tricks and gadgets at his disposal, whereas Hans is a genius assassin with incredible strength and speed, yet it’s Adlet who comes across as the smarter of the two. His trick with the sword would be very useful against long-ranged foes, and he could have taken Hans out with a single blow. However, he didn’t, because he’s not the seventh. And neither is Hans.

Hans has been suspicious since his introduction. His character design, description, and general demeanour are enough to make anyone doubt him; but it’s too obvious that the assassin of the group would be the fake. He still could have another part to play in this fiendish plan, but I don’t think he’s the seventh hero. His stunt against Adlet was proof enough: he revealed himself as the seventh, gauged his reaction, and then slit his throat. Of course, it was never going to be that easy, and it turned out to be his final trick to prove that Adlet is in fact the real deal. The face of a dying man tells no lies – Hans knows it all too well, and in that moment Adlet genuinely thought he was going to be killed by the fake. With that, I think we can cross Hans off the list (along with Fremy and Adlet), which leaves four more potential fakes, all of which were plenty suspicious in this episode.

Chamo’s Vomit Fiends:

Chamo’s violent actions at the end, whilst problematic to the cause, do seem to come from her boredom with this entire situation, as opposed to her being the actual fake and taking out the others while she can. She’s considered the strongest of the group, and Hans and Adlet fear her before she even uses her ability – which is gross, but impressive, despite the rather poor CG fiends. Chamo isn’t the smartest, and she seemingly has no interest in figuring out this mystery. She just wants to get out of this trap and kill the big bad guy. Unfortunately for her, it seems this entire season is going to cover the first volume (a rarity in LN adaptation), which means our Braves may never even set foot on tainted soil before episode 12.

Suspect of the Week – Mora:

Whilst Chamo’s assault at the end isn’t good for the group, I don’t exactly believe she’s doing it for any great reason, other than her getting to where she wants to be. Goldov remains as wooden as ever, proving he is still the most uninteresting character of the bunch. If he is the fake or the eighth then I’d probably be seriously underwhelmed. He’s doing nothing for me, even if I’m still skeptical of him. Nashetania is going back an forth from panicked to composed, but she’s set on clearing the blame on Adlet. I wouldn’t count her out, but there was nothing too suspicious this week; she seems to be genuinely looking into Hans tracks and trying to prove that he’s the fake. Unfortunately, she’s not getting anywhere.

Mora, however, is sending alarm bells ringing. I’ve doubted everything she’s said since her introduction, if only because so many of them don’t even consider her a suspect. Some of her early statements seem to contradict each other, and her attempt to convince Fremy to kill Adlet was the most suspicious yet. She’s got a title that gives her credibility, she’s one of the few who apparently knows how to activate the barrier, Chamo believes there’s no way she’s the seventh, and none of the others do at this point either. As an outsider looking in, all signs point to Mora.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I wish we got to hear what Adlet’s question was for Chamo. However, I presume that will be brought up again next week if the action dies down in time. Conflicts are rising in the group, which likely proves useful for the seventh (and eighth?). Fremy, Adlet, and Hans get the clear, but the other four could have some role in what’s going on, but as I say, Mora seems the most suspicious of the bunch.

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  1. i agree, Moira or Mora, is the most suspicious, she can just say “there are no saints with that power” any everyone agrees with her, when she could be lying all the time.

    I’m confused why Nashetania doesn’t just explain that, Adlet couldnt’ be the 7th, and he was locked up when he got the mark of the braves on his hand, it clearly wasn’t there before, and he couldn’t get out until Nashtania got him.

    How would he even make that mark on his hand?

  2. I really like how Rokka’s not shoving everything aside to focus ONLY on the mystery but rather providing characterization & forming bonds between the characters(Adlet & Hans are on their way to becoming bros -) while going forward with the mystery. We learn more about the characters bit by bit while seeing who’s least & most likely to be the fake, unless one of them is somehow controlled by the Demon Lord or something and is unaware of it – but then, everyone would be highly suspicious.

    As for Chamo, well…that crazy little bloodthirsty brat doesn’t even need to be the fake, she’s bad enough as an ally. It’s like having a rabid dog at your side, one with a very nasty diet at that…

  3. Before this episode, I didn’t like Hans. Now he’s one of my favorite characters.

    Things can change a lot.

    Mora is so suspicious today. Not just because of her little chat with Fremy to convince her Adlet is the worst of the worst, but because of all the times her name appears in contexts such as “Mora said”, “Mora would know”, etc.

    1. Same here. It’s not that I don’t like his character per se. It’s just that he was trying to pin everything on Adlet few episodes back and not a single person doubted him at all that’s so annoying.

    2. And on top of that, the golems were programmed to attack the first person to enter without a key, which is with Maura…in other words, she could’ve gone in and rigged the barrier to activate upon a specific stimulus and left afterward with the golems still free to carry out their orders. Hans had claimed that the door can’t be shut once opened (which Maura seconded), but what does he know? Getting past doors the proper way isn’t in his job description, and Maura could’ve just backed him up on that to rid herself of any suspicion.

  4. Mora and princess are definitely the 2 most suspicious characters. Mora as Samu said, no one suspects her, and I still remember when she asked Hans to check his petals to see if one disappeared to confirm that Flamie is still alive. If she was a real hero, why can’t she do it herself? and princess ofc is just her odd behaviour past especially once they got trapped in the barrier. Excited to see who’s the 7th! 🙂

    Trap Master
    1. Mora definitely seems like the most suspicious, but her not looking at her mark and asking Hans to is not suspicious, as her mark is on her back, which without a mirror would be physically impossible to look at herself.

      1. Oh really? :O I didn’t notice, I’m sure it was in the opening, but I usually play the song in the background and do something while the OP and ED plays so I didn’t pay attention to this. Anyways thanks for pointing that out. Well, she’s still pretty suspicious 😛

        Trap Master
    1. It’s giving us a small insight into her past, I think. Just how she acts as Chamo’s guardian, she is like a motherly figure to Fremy, all because of her soft spot for children.

      After all, she has a child of her own and a husband too.

      1. P.S. I don’t suggest reading the wiki anymore, they’ve now added light novel spoilers and when I checked it out back at episode 1 there weren’t any other than snippets of character backstory.

      2. Then that might not make her as suspicious as this ep makes her out to be. You’d figure someone a husband & child wouldn’t want them to be killed, enslaved or living among fiends. For instance, considering the 3rd option, I could just imagine a conversation between her & her kid:

        Kid: Mom, aren’t you one of the most reputable Saints? Many of whom fought against fiends throughout our history?

        Maura: Indeed I am, why do you ask?

        Kid: Them um, why are we like, you know…living among fiends who do really nasty things to people?

        Maura: Weeellllllll, I ummm…Damn it, why did I aid the Demon King again?

    2. Am I sensing a ship here? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      PS: I’m still shipping Adelt and Fremy. Even though she said she won’t hesitate to kill him, I don’t want to believe that the time they spent together meant nothing :'(

      Trap Master
  5. chamot said that she ate these fiends and these things are huge very nasty power <.<
    i still don´t get why bunny want win adlet over, he don´t very strong and she barely know him
    i could pity a bit goldov but he was mean to fremy.. so suffer faggot

  6. I’ve never liked the idea of being able to summon semi-autonomous beings to fight as a super power. Strikes me as lazy and strategically underwhelming since from our perspective she blatantly has no personal defensive means that belong to her [Chamot]. I’ll go along with it since it’s a style made for overwhelming with mass rather than getting your hands dirty and from the perspective of this worlds standards…it’s OP as hell.
    Yeah, unless Mora is some sort of last ditch faint plot loophole, she’s absolutely the outsider 7th hero.
    That being said I’m surprised nobody has considered the possibility that they’re all legitimately hero’s and a 7th was chosen by some unknown and mistaken means.

    1. I think someone said, or a review stated that there is no 7th according to the manga or sth (anyone feel free to correct me if I’m misremembering that).

      And I agree, Chamot’s power, while odd/gross, is pretty disappointing. It’s very powerful, but it’s also pretty one dimensional, as it leaves her defenseless, not to mention it makes her seem pretty unskilled since she’s solely relying on this powerful puke (as far as we know). Plus, it’s slow to produce and to act it seems, so if she’s attacked before she can vomit it out, or if someone gets a strike in while she’s waiting, she’s done for.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. Yup, her power is a field day for someone like Adlet and Hans who’d be excellent at feints or striking first and quick.
        I can’t wait to see the moment when she’s humbled by actual intelligent fighters.
        Oh, there’s no actual 7th? That’s intriguing. I’m itching to spoil things for myself, but I want it to be a surprise o.o

      2. “there’s no 7th”?
        where the fuck did they get that? cant they count?
        they probably meant “there’s no fake” but there certainly is a 7th.
        oh and there certainly is a fake among them.

        whatever site you got that from is probably just some lazy ass viewer who has given up on thinking on there being a culprit or someone who’s just giving the show a casual look before dropping it.

      3. you misunderstand, the above poster is positing the theory that there might actually be 7 real Braves altogether (as opposed to the usual 6), which is what I was referring to, as in, someone mentioned that no, one of them is indeed a fake according to the manga (or the press release, I forget), so no need to explore that theory, as many of us did, including myself, around the episode when all the Braves finally gathered together.

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. that’s cause each petal corresponds to one hero.

      just like as mora said a few eps back, if one of them dies a petal will disappear. if there really is 7 real ones, then it would become a 7 petal flower to acomodate the additional one.

  7. Maura was suspicious for me fromn the get-go.
    Because she has the key, and in any locked room scenario this is dead giveaway.
    Even here , before we consider the problem of resealing the door, someone had to open them first!

  8. I too am suspicious of Mora as I commented about last week and the suspicions are only being raised by her behaviour this episode. trying to get chummy with Flemie after her spending time with Adlet seems to be getting her on her side rather than Adlet’s.
    However I was thinking on motives for a human to betray their race to the fiends and the only characters I can think of having legitimate reasons for siding with the fiends are Adlet (kind of), Nashetania and Goldov.
    Adlet: Could have been offered a chnace to save his village or perhaps offered power to resurrect his friend and sister in exchange for being the 7th.
    Nashetania: in episode 2 we learn that her life has been really because of her father so she could hold ill will to her kingdom and therefore destroy it for vengeance?
    Goldov: strikes me as the classic weak willpower, so is tempted into betrayal by having nashetania offered to him by the fiends.

    The rest we don’t really have enough background info to decide what their possible motive for siding with the fiends could be.

  9. Guys I just noticing something unnatural about this whole 7th brave set up.It occur to me when I start thinking why Fiend would want 7th among the brave trapped inside barrier. Of coz it was so that they would start killing each other out of suspect just like what Chamot just did. And naturally Flamie was supposed to be the first suspect of 7th brave and the first one to be killed. THAT IS when these question pop up.

    Why is Flamie here?: She is one of choosen brave and Adlet brought her here.
    Why did she not want to come?: She is the brave-killer and half fiend.

    That’s right. From the beginin, Flamie intend to hide from other braves and proceed to exterminate Demon God alone. If we go along with that flow, then there would only be 5 brave + 1 fake trapped inside the barrier and the brave party would never have known about the existence of 7th brave. Flamie past also provide enough evidences that Fiend could manipulate her to act this role.

    1.She killed several of brave candidates which make her the brave-killer
    2.She sneaked into temple and kill many of her targets proving her strength as potential brave candidate.
    3.Her mother betrayed her so that she would be back for revenge.

    However, thank to oddball like Adlet for inviting Flamie that they end up in this situation.
    That’s it for my theory about Fiend plan. For the gimmick of fog barrier, I still have no idea on how but Hans and Adlet words should be enough hints for what to expect in Fiend trap.

    1. True enough, Adlet derailed the plan by bringing Fremy there.

      Of course, that’s good news for drama If the demons’ plan actually expected to have one or two Braves still free, it means they’ll have more plans and traps prepared for our heroes once they get out of this mess.

    2. I think you are mixing things a bit too much. While it’s true that Fiends’ actions gave Fremy a reason to want revenge there was absolutely no guarantee that she would be chosen. There are probably thousands people with some sort of grudge against Fiends in this world and lots of strong people. I don’t think anyone expected that Fremy would be chosen. She got her Crest several months after she was betrayed.

      Also Fremy was not supposed to be the first one killed. It’s something that anime skipped, but is shown in the novels – the first person seventh wants to get rid of is Adlet.

      1. Well, actually I got too excited thinking about this if ‘Fremie was not there’ scenario.

        My point is that it would be very funny to see our heroes not realizing the existence of 7th brave when Flamie would went into hiding instead and foil Fiend plan of having Braves
        suspecting each other. And then I get too carry away with my imagination thinking this might actually be their plan from the start.

        MORE IMPORTANTLY ,so there was really a reason to get rid of Adlet first not just because he is easy target for suspect? Guess self-proclaim ‘Strongest Man on Earth’ sure made quite a name among Fiends. Thank for delicious info ^^.

      2. no no, the 7th didnt show any particulars on who he wanted to be suspected. adlet was just the primary one thanks to the actions he did. 7th would have been fine if it was anyone else as long as they did their purpose on getting the group to collapse.

  10. It’s def Mora after watching this. She’s convincing Fremy to kill Adlet next time they meet. She has Chamot under her thumb, and we can eliminate Hans, Fremy, and Nash (and Goldov by extension, he’s just a jealous ass), and Chamot is just her pawn.

    Sort of wish they built it up a little more, since we get two huge clues this episode, and not much else prior except speculation and accusation.

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. I’m not convinced that you can eliminate Nash and Goldov yet. Early in the series, before Goldov met up with Nash and Adlet, Nash said Goldov hadn’t been reporting back to her for a long time. I want to hear more backstory on that as I really feel there is something more to Goldov other than being a subservient bodyguard.

      1. As Samu said, if the fake turns out to be Goldov, I’m going to be pretty underwhelmed. Nash I don’t think it is either, especially with the Mora clues, unless they’re just making her another red herring, in that case, that’s kinda pointless since there are no other clues that we can discern, and the season is more than halfway over. If it turns out to be someone else, the show is really yanking the viewer around for no good reason other than to say Shocking Truth!

        I love a good mystery, but the story doesn’t seem to be offering enough clues to keep the viewer invested in the mystery at this point (and it’s eliminated half the suspects).

        Impel Down Hippo
  11. Chamo’s powers, unfortunately, came with a price.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Best episode so far. I have to go to multiple forums to say this. I am so happy they finally make a good episode of Rokka no Yuusha. The dialogues between Adlet and Hans are awesome. The fighting is kicking up and even the CGI looks much better now. I admit the conversations between the Princess and the Knight as well as between Moira and Fremie feel like they just want to get these parts over with and give these characters minimum screen time.

    Overall, I am impressed. With more episodes like this, my hope for the series will be restored.

    1. just gonna address this common criticism.

      the thing is, rokka no yuusha is primarily a mystery type of story before an action/adventure. and in mystery, you really often need to keep every little detail as they serve as hints or clues, intentional or red herring ones.

      because if rokka no yuusha is going to blaze through to reach the ending of this, you will end up missing parts that could tell you who the fake is. and once we do reach the reveal of it like that and then some observation/information is brought up that the anime would have cut off to save time, people would call BS.

      also would just like to say that it should only be vol 1 that would take this long. the other volumes, while having plenty content, are much easier to concise due to not requiring too much attention like vol 1, though still expect mystery elements later on(in case 2nd season).

  13. My guess for the 7th would be the princess. The first episode already gave the best clue and was further proven by the next episodes up to the current… Now why I am saying the princess is the 7th? Simple… When Adlet received the brave sign, how the fck the princess knows that Adlet was chosen to become a brave? That alone is already fishy and was further supported with this deduction: If the princess has a way to identify braves like how she knows Adlet became a brave (well she wont be in Adlet’s floor jail IMMEDIATELY and knows Adlet became a brave if she doesnt know a way how), she could have pointed out immediately who is the 7th. And as a proof that there’s no way a real brave can identify a fellow brave, in the same first episode, Adlet was surprised at first that the princess was “chosen” but concluded that its not surprising since she is a saint. But that is not the case here… If braves has the ability to know who are the other braves, Adlet will not be surprised of the princess being chosen and the characters wont be even in this dilemma. And also isnt it its to fishy that the princess points at Fremy first then in this episode Hans? Despite they are both cleared up by the past and the present episode? Now as to the rest like chamot and goldov, I could say they are redirections. they are characters with characteristics that was placed in the story to definitely steer our attention away from the best candidate. Goldov looks like too mysterious, one you could say that will betray you anytime and chamo is too damn annoying brat. They are too “overly characterized” to shadow the real 7th… And about Mora well I dont know. Her characteristic tells me she is very knowledgeable, one you would definitely want in a party. She has the knowledge and being a leader of saint just a matter of wordplay, she could convince everyone to kill whoever she says would be the fake. In short, Adlet or someone else could have been dead by now but no, she choose to think things first. If she is the 7th and is on the side of demon lord, isnt it the best way to succeed is to have a brave get killed already? Why are they even searching first for Adlet instead of probably for interrogation instead of killing him immediately? This is also the case with Fremy. Remember how she stopped chamot?

    1. I thought that “Nashetanya being on Adlet’s jail right after he got his brave seal” scene in episode 1 is just animation related and nothing of it is a part or even related to the story. Now that you said it good point. I thought it was Hans actually until he was cleared on this episode.

      But if Nashetanya is the 7th how did she know Adlet will become a brave?

      The Last Idiot
      1. Adlet’s a happy idiot, and he did prove himself by defeating two of the top competitors at her tournament.

        To be honest, what strikes me as the most odd, is the amount of time Goldov took to catch up To Nashetaneya. Like, if he was picked shouldn’t all three of them have left together?

      2. My educated guess tells me maybe she got a hidden ability just as what Adlet said to Hans about how the rest might have hidden abilities that allows them to gain entry to a sealed temple and leave without a trace or an ability that allows indirect manipulation of the seal, without even opening the temple.

        And quoting a part of my long wall post:

        “And also isnt it its to fishy that the princess points at Fremy first then in this episode Hans? Despite they are both cleared up by the past and the present episode?”

        Just use a bit of our writer’s instinct: In this episode, when Hans is definitely cleared, we got a scene of princess telling Goldov it was Hans… That was way too fcked up you know? And dont forget how she was active when eveyone (except Hans) suspected fremy since she killed saints. Hinting the princess is desperate.

  14. Okay, to spice the rounds a bit up…

    Do all Braves have somekind of Special Magic Powers?

    Our Princess has her Magic Piercing Knifes
    Our Little one, has her “strange vomit” powers
    Our Rifle Girl half-breed can create Gunpowder out of thin air

    So, do we see some Special magic Skills from of the others too?

    And now the question:

    Can our Faker use the Bravery Magic?

    1. if you’re just speculating, there’s no need to put spoilers.

      7th may or may not be aware… well let me just correct this already but the fake here IS aware. the anime didnt include the parts where you get to see the perspective of the fake and how he/she’s thinking about the situation unfolding.
      the reason I think they didnt do this is because the internal voice monologue could make it obvious or make it too confusing/misleading. though I still say they could have just did a mash up of several kinds of voices to keep it hidden… the 7th internal monologue does refer usually as ‘we’ or ‘us’.

      anyway its not really a spoiler since we already passed that part, and knowing about the 7th’s perspective wont really give you much of a hint on their identity, as it’s just to cement the truth that the 7th is deliberate of his/her role as a fake to cause conflict and doubt.

  15. I know this is kind of strange but I never once thought Hans as the fake brave. The more evil or “psychopathic” a person acts, the less likely this person is to be straight out evil.

    Under this assumption of mine, Chamo is also scratched out of my suspect list.

    By the way, the commonly accepted definition of a “psychopath” cant be farther from the actual meaning. The “psychopath” that everyone seems to accept is nothing more than Hollywood’s over fantasized imagination.

    The true meaning of a “psychopath” is a person whom acts like your everyday law abiding citizen but has a very different moral compass than most. They are smart and can pull off the stuff they do because they know exactly what they are doing and knows how to get away with it.

    In this show, I can see Nashatanya and Mora has the markings of a genuine psychopath.

  16. I personally think that Nache is the one most likely to be a fake, but I don’t think she’s the one that activated the barrier. Who activated the barrier? I don’t know, it could be a real brave, or it could be someone else.

    The reason I think Maura is a real brave is that she seems to be the only one in the group capable of strategic thinking. Well, maybe Flamie too, but she’s more of the go it alone type. Considering the demons are capable of concocting a long term plan like Flamies creation, not having someone that has a similar strategic view seems to be a real flaw in the goddesses decision process. Hans and Adlet have a shorter, more tactical point of view. Nache is imature. Chamot just wants to destroy things, while Goldov doesn’t seem to think at all.

    If I were the goddess, I’d choose Maura. Hans and Flamie would be nice to have too. A long range and close range assassin combo is nice to have. While the other four are replaceable.

  17. Great anime and great atmosphere. I just binged 8 episodes.

    I haven’t read the LN or anything, but I’m 90% sure the 7th is Nash. Other commenters have covered a few reasons she’s suspicious, but the one clue I haven’t seen mentioned connects back to something she did in the first episode.

    It’s cool to be given a chance to think in anime.

    Probably what intrigues me most in this series are the kyouma. They’re genuinely intimidating, because they’re a simple yet complex threat, beast-like yet capable of mimicking humans, engaging in both open violence and creeping deception. I assume the anime will end before we learn much more though, at least if it’s 1 cour. I may check out the LN.

  18. After watching this episode, I cannot hold myself to not read the source material. To my surprise, it is very interesting and emotional story. I thought after finding the 7th, the mystery will over but the author managed to introduced new mysteries and betrayals. I never know you can twist such typical hero-save-the-world into such thought provoking story. I am really recommend anyone to read the LN.


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