「給食当番をした」 (Kyuushoku Touban Wo Shita)
“I Took Lunch Duty”

This episode felt like a trip down memory lane – both for the characters and me.

Working with Wood

Totally off point with what I thought I was going to talk about, but boy do I regret not taking woodworking as an elective back in high school. Thinking back about it now makes me realize just how useful understanding the basics of how to work with wood just really is when you get older. Besides the basic safety practices, it makes me feel kind of dumb thinking about how foreign using a saw (or saw-type tool) is to me. Sure, it may not be an everyday life skill, but there have definitely been times I wish I could make me own little crafts when the situation called for it!

Curry Disaster

While it wasn’t the cute “hnnnng” inducing moment I’d hope it would be, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to see Ren-chon in baby form. Giving up the ability to talk in exchange to literally do whatever the heck she wants, it’s quite impressive how she’s able to steal the scene without even saying a word! That said, I really enjoyed seeing younger versions of everyone else as well. From Nagashiya to Natsumi, it’s cool to see how they used to be especially when you mentally compare it to how they are in the present.

Nostalgia Overflow

Now, getting back onto the topic at hand was the insane amount of nostalgia the last skit unleashed upon us with the tiny amount of time it had left. I’m sure everyone who’s watching this show has or had something they cherished when they were younger. Be it a stuffed animal or a super bouncy ball, the memories associated with that cherished item will never go away. Sure, they might be temporarily forgotten or the item in question may disappear into space, but the moment something reminds you of it, everything will quickly flood right back.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I hope you got the same sort of nostalgia blast like I did watching Komari fix up her beloved Shokichi-san and in the process remember some of fun times she shared with him.

Looking Ahead

With hit after hit, I’m really surprised how well this second season has been doing. Never really hitting a dull moment, I’m happily waiting for whatever the writers have in store for us next week. Judging from some of the preview scenes, it looks like a bunch of embarrassing things are about to happen. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week for your daily dose of Ren-chon and friends!




  1. Agreed how they put so many excellent episodes !

    I will add some highlights The plan book looked like a manga instead of a design and Renge gets her revenge on Kazuho by usiing Cfafts as an excuse to nap !

    Renge was so cute as a baby but watch out ! Natsumi’s record was destroyed / Shokichi-San was treated like a rag do” Candy Store’s moment with Renge / then the Curry spillage The rhymes Curry-Curry Nummy Nummy I was ROFL

    But Komari and Shokichi-San just added a great segment what was already great episode She found Shokichi-San and was going to discard but after looking at the photos she had a change of heart and went to Hotaru’s tpo patch him up ( all those plushies of Komari)

    But so touching was she put a band -aid on her beloved Plushie like when she saved him! What a great life lesson!

  2. Renge’s dive though…10/10!

    I love her incredible ability to constantly keep her sister in check, especially making that contraption to knock some sense into her. Candy Store demonstrating how it works was pretty cute too.

  3. Certainly an interesting device Ren-chon thought up, though I think her sister would need it more than Dagashiya.

    It was nice to see Dagashiya and Ren-chon meeting for the first time, explains why they’re so close if she was the one responsible for her when Ren-chon needed to be taken to school.
    Also, Hikage, you might be wearing the MVP shirt, but all you did was bring the real MVP to school.

    So Hotaru’s skill at doll-making extends beyond just her beloved sempai. She is a machine making those dolls, she made the entire main cast in a day. Doesn’t even look like she used reference pictures, either.

    It’s always nice when you come across a thing or a place where you made a lot of memories, though I’m not sure I had anything that endured as long as Shokichi did for Komari.

    On another note, I’m pretty sure the first rule I learned in woodworking was to wear goggles in the shop, since splinters and sawdust in the eye aren’t exactly pleasant.

  4. Yes i do also have a blast of remind me of younger Days. The Nature Sounds, at Day, at Night, the scenery (more the Forest) reminds me of my Day in our Little Village, before i grown up living in a city.

    In our little Village, you go out of the Door and your already in your Playgrounds. But in Citys? You must be not loud to not disturb your Neighbors, and Playground? If your luck, there is some nearby

  5. Baby Ren-Chon was just simply great. I can’t stop laughing when she knocked over the curry.
    And I definitely felt nostalgia watching this episode. I still have my Beyblades from when I was a kid back when I used to live in Japan and it really brought back memories of when I used to play with my friends with the Beyblades. Good times. 🙂

    Trap Master
    1. Well, an infant’s head-to-body ratio is much greater than that that of a grown-up–typically 25% of the full body length, compared to about 15% as an adult. Not to mention that anime typically increases the head-to-body ratio to increase that kawaii factor… so for little Koma-chan’s head to be about 35-40% of her body length (compared to about 33% for little Renge-chan) isn’t too unusual…

  6. Damn I remembered my favorite plushy from than I was a kid. To bad it was left somewhere in my grandparents house.

    And yeah. The definitely should sell all that Hotarun’s plushies as merchandise


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