“Blossoms of Doubt”

「疑惑の蕾」 (Giwaku no Tsubomi)

Adlet’s Explanation:

After this episode I think we can now narrow it down to two major suspects. I’ll get to them in a moment, but first there’s Adlet’s explanation to talk about. The episode itself wasn’t particularly heavy on content, but all the scenes felt vital in one way or another – whether it be to throw a red herring to the audience or hint at what’s to come. Rokka no Yuusha is a series laced with doubt and deception, where we can barely trust any of these characters until we feel they’ve earned it. Adlet has always seemed the most honest and believable, with his tragic backstory and his unbeatable passion, despite his lack of natural talent.

It looks like he’s proved his innocence to the majority of group (bar one – more on that later), so when he’s given the chance to explain what he thinks is going on, it had me intrigued to see Fremy’s reaction. Of course, if he knew the answers this soon, it would be too easy. I think parts of his analysis are likely correct – Lauren may very well the 8th, and the timing of the sword activation may not have been when they suspected. However, Fremy quickly proves that not all he thought was possible, especially when it comes to the fog. I don’t know if these exact details will be crucial to the identity of the fake hero, but I suspect that information could be useful in a few episodes.

Suspect of the Week – (#1) Mora:

Because the episode didn’t move forward that much, or provide any major revelations, I’ve decided to shift the format this week. Not just because of the simmering mystery, but because at this point it feels like there’s only two options for who the fake hero is. I can’t narrow it down to one or the other, so I’ll speak about both, and why I don’t trust each of them.

First off is the one I think it is, and who I want it to be: Mora. I’ve said it since before she was introduced, that her initial plan to go ahead of the others raised suspicions. From the moment she appeared on screen she’s been confident of her knowledge and everyone has believed her words. She’s the head of the Saints, so it does make sense why the others wouldn’t initially doubt her, but something just doesn’t feel right. Whether it be her telling Fremy to finish Adlet off last week, or her attempting to convince the others of his lies this week, she’s adamant that the ‘Strongest Man in the World’ is the fake of the group, when he’s clearly not. And when Hans declared Adlet had figured out the 7th’s plan, the look on Mora’s face was less ‘Oh really, do tell’ and more ‘Oh shit, panic mode’. Still, she’s composed and has an answer for everything. She hasn’t even been considered within the group, and I see so many viewers believing her to be the wisest and most trustworthy. There’s no telling where her knowledge turns to lies.

Suspect of the Week – (#2) Nashetania:

But there’s also Nashetania to consider, especially after that smile. I named her the Suspect of the Week in the premiere, if only because of that ominous shot of her silhouette staring out at the crimson red sky. She’s a character that’s gotten on lots of people’s nerves, but I can’t say I’m one of them. If she is in fact innocent in all this, I can definitely believe that she’s being genuine in helping Adlet and instead prosecuting Hans; but if she is the fake, it would also make sense. However, I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, I would be quite disappointed if that is the case, because it’s just too obvious. The majority of viewers have suspect her from the earlier episodes, and it’s easy to see why. I’d like to think Rokka no Yuusha is capable of actually surprising us with the reveal, and not just throwing the one we all suspected from the get-go.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Nothing much has changed, expect that I’m only really considering Mora and Nashetania as the main suspects. That could switch before episode 12, but I feel like it almost has to be one of them. If there is more than the 7th part of this plan, and it’s not Lauren, then maybe it’s both of them? Perhaps we’ll get closer to answers next week… but it’s more than likely that the reveal will be teased until the finale. If that is the case, it better be a good one – aka not Nashetania or Goldov.


    1. Ep should’ve been called “Bosom of doubt”. I mean, these glances Nashetania has. I wonder if the’re just in here to mislead us…Though there’s also that strange behavior of hers when she started randomly(assuming it random) swinging that sword inside the temple. Her panicked state did seem to be a bit sudden…

      Although I personally like her so I’m hoping it’s not her or that she’s not herself while doing it or will end up regretting it and set matters right in the end or something, heh.

  1. Cross-Post from Reddit:

    A ruthless tactic that the braves can use if they have to hurry is to sacrifices one of them. The 7th will be revealed, because he has still all six petals on his tattoo. On the other hand we still don’t know how the tattoo of the 7th works. It may lose a petal too. Nach, who I suspect most, is quite confident that her tattoo works the same way as the others. Nevertheless I suspect Maura of working on this tactic currently, she wants to kill Adlet even if he is not the 7th.

    1. Unless, of course, Maura lied about how the crest works to trick the other braves into believing they eliminated the fake, allowing her to plot another sabotage. This would be useful if she doesn’t believe that she can use the barrier to safely eliminate a significant number of braves.

      Incest Emblem
    2. Isn’t the problem with that tactic is that they need all 6 real braves or else they can’t defeat the Demon God? Or at least that’s never been done before. Which makes Chamot and her idea that she can take on the Demon God all by herself makes her seem delusionally idiotic.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. I don’t think you’ve been paying too much attention to the show. They’ve already mentioned that in many of the previous revivals, at least one of the braves has been ambushed and killed before they could meet up with the rest.

      2. Yeah, my attention span for this hasn’t been the best, plus they do lots of info dumps so it’s sometimes hard, at least for me, to keep track of everything.

        Were they able to defeat the Demond God in those instances? I’m guessing they’ve must’ve since that means the Demon God would’ve won then.

        Impel Down Hippo
  2. bunny make me bite her bait with the last scene maybe was the mixed her voice with background song o.O
    chamot don´t is very strong vs multiple people or fiends
    aldet will need more affection points to get fremy help =D

  3. I was hoping for something even more out there:

    What if the actual Braves have all been compromised, and the two fakes (Adlet and Nashetania) have to save the world instead?

    (No, I don’t think so, but it would be fun to watch)

  4. It’s def looking like Mora more and more (pardon the pun). That whole conversation with Hans she had didn’t make sense and was contradictory, that Adlet was tricking them by making them fight amongst each other. No, that’s you, as you keep insisting that Adlet is the fake, which makes the infighting persist and making the others doubt their own judgment, cause reasons. Plus, Adlet could’ve killed both Hans and Chamot at one point or another, but that’s more insidiousness on his part to track them! Yeah, no.

    Impel Down Hippo
  5. My top two suspects are who Samu mentioned – Nashetania & Mora. Apart from the fact that Nashetania might have been a bit too obvious early on, I have no problem with her (and possibly Goldov since he’s all about hime) being the fake(s). Eh, some mysteries are harder than others to solve. Reasons for Nashetania have already been stated before multiple times so I won’t bother repeating them. I do wish to add that I liked Nashetania calling out Goldov on his jealousy. Quite refreshing after a slew of oblivious to romantic interest male leads.

    Mora – Wow… she was fairly low on the list before, but she’s skyrocketed to the top of my suspect list the past couple of episodes. Far too desperate with her “Kill Adlet! Kill him now!” If Nashetania was “too obvious” early on, Mora is fast catching up IMO if not already equal. Another thing I wonder about (maybe I missed this) is Mora’s knowledge of how the seal works. She’s supposed to be an expert, leader of saints (at least that’s my understanding), yet she didn’t know how the thing was activated until Lauren told her? Yet she seems to know all about the seal… other than how to activate it. Really?

    One thing I’m struggling with due to dearth of information is motive. For example, Fremy has an obvious motive, but if one takes her words at face value, the original motive has been supplanted by an even stronger, opposite one. Hans is mercenary so there’s that, but he just doesn’t seem like the fake anymore. But Mora & Nashetania? What’s in it for them? For Nashetania maybe it has something to do with her past (e.g. dad trying to kill her). Maybe she’s sick of being “chained” to her role as princess. Don’t know, but at least there’s something to consider vs. Mora. Really don’t know much about Mora. One thing we do know is that she’s strong enough to keep Chamot/Chamo (sp?) in line. Interesting.

    Lastly, kind of amazing what a good (or at least decent) mystery can do for a show. I was rather tepid on the series for the first, say 3 or so episodes, but once the mystery kicked into gear, I’m enjoying it significantly more. Then again, I like murder mysteries so YMMV.

    1. I dunno, to me, the mystery seems like it could’ve been executed better, as it feels like for some parts, they’re just spinning their wheels so they can stretch this out till the end. Overall I like it, but feel like this could’ve been streamlined a little better.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. @Impel Down Hippo: I’m not suggesting that the execution/presentation of the mystery (or entire show in general) could not have been done better. It could. Pacing is (very) slow (ONE LN volume this cour as I understand!). My point is the mystery, even as presented, is still a net plus for the show/series as far as I’m concerned. Think of it this way, take out the mystery entirely, and would you have the same impression/interest in the show?

      2. I like mysteries too, but if you took it out, obviously the story would be more straight forward. Whether or not that would work would depend on the execution.

        For all its flaws, a series like Go Sick had a much better structure for their mysteries. As I’ve said before, this one is sort of light on clues, which is too bad, imo, as that would really engage more of the audience. Now I’m sort of waiting for this to be over so they can move onto the next part of their story.

        Impel Down Hippo
      3. Impel Down Hippo, I think you misunderstand how this mystery is actually operating. Right now, the show is littered with lots of clues. What makes Rokka’s mystery quite clever is that you don’t know whether they were hints you just witnessed until they are raised up by the characters in the show. For instance, even before the mystery started in episode 5, episodes 2, 3, and 4 are laced with these hints. Why don’t you recognize these are hints? Because at that point the mystery hadn’t even begun.

        However, you’ll only really understand how well executed the mystery is when the seventh is actually revealed and his/her methods explained.

        Despite the slow-pacing, which in my opinion is essential for a mystery of this nature, this episode was absolutely necessary, which again will only be unraveled to you at the end. From my eyes, the mystery has only increased slowly in pace since episode 8 because RnY likes to throw at you correct parts of the theory among several other false avenues. I won’t say much more. But if you’re intending to compare mysteries from different series, then wait until this mystery is done.

      4. Yeah, that’d be the problem I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a mystery at that point, was just enjoying the story unraveling. Not sure what clues were there in the early going, so probably missed a bunch. I heard about the plot being that there would be a fake, but I didn’t know that was going to become a mystery plot. I was actually frustrated that that plot was revealed in the review so early, even though that didn’t develop until much later in the series. So I try not to pay attention to that stuff out of fear of spoilers.

        But I think it’s just one of those YMMV sorts of things. You like it, as do others, but there are those who aren’t really getting the same thing out of it. And that’s ok. I don’t think it’s slow paced btw, it just feels a little too stretched out for my taste in therms of storytelling, which are two different things.

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. Having read this vol of the LN I can say without spoilers that the anime left out some lines from the LN that do give some hints as to the solution to the mystery, but even the LN is lacking in a structure that gives the reader/viewer a fighting chance to figure things out. That’s assuming they aren’t going to deviate from the LN.

      1. @Bear: Appreciate the LN reader input. That’s one thing I’ve wondered about – how the adaptation compares to the LN. You mentioned significant dialog/lines being cut which is quite odd to me given the anime’s very slow pacing. Why not leave that in? Was the anime staff afraid it would make things too easy?

        Your comments seem to suggest that the adaptation is quite faithful overall to the LN. Is that correct? Is the anime padding things with anime only content? Unless LN vol. 01 is very long (e.g. Horizon LNs) something has to be taking up time. Sorry to beat the proverbial dead horse here, but one LN volume per cour is unheard of pacing. Can’t think of another adaptation like that. Even Horizon’s adaptation was 2 LN volumes per cour.


      2. He didn’t say significant, he said some. I find that the anime is revealing sufficient hints, but you have to look somewhat hard or interpret what people are doing or not doing. Nachetanya for instance set off so many flags by her misleading Goldov, on top of her seemingly erratic behaviour, while Mora (to use 2 main suspects) has been steadfast in her belief, but also not overly willing to explain much, so her silence is probably working against her when she isn’t using her authority to browbeat the others.

      3. @Anzu: He didn’t say they were insignificant either, and if they were insignificant as you seem to suggest, then why mention the omissions in the first place? As for the rest, got that. Read quite a few murder mystery books. In fact, I’ve noted some of the “erratic behavior” of characters in in above and previous posts.

    3. Same here. At first it felt like I’m watching SAO. Well, mainly because of Nashetania acting helpless when she is, in fact, a very strong fighter and Adlet being a broken character (at least before meeting the other heroes). It was getting annoying until the mystery came up. I love mysteries that’s why I got this far with this show. I hope that the revelation is worth the wait.

  6. Also that fight between Adlet, Hans, and Chamot was bizarrely stupid. Whenever they temporarily destroyed those automatons, why the hell didn’t they move out of the middle to better strategic positions?!

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. Chamot’s greatest weakness is her lack of experience and her over confidence. She just didn’t think they should get to her. She’s a kid with a huge chip on her shoulder and she always underestimates her opponent.

      1. Absolutely, but that still doesn’t explain why Adlet and Hans just stayed in the same position during the battle, right in the middle of those automatons. At least if they moved so they weren’t surrounded, they’d have more time to come up with something, or possibly could’ve just avoided fighting her altogether since they didn’t want to fight her to begin with.

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. I thinks what’s more stupid is the fact that the fiends were lined up during Hans’ charged towards Chamot, making a huge opening for him. They could have placed them naturally to obstruct him. :/

  7. In this kind of stories, I usually bet on the one that is the *least* suspicious.

    Currently, the one that I think everybody would agree (based on evidence presented so far) that is the least suspicious is Adlet. Which is enough reason for me to think he’s the most likely one to be the fake.

    But I agree there’s something awkyard going on with Nashetania. It’s not the first time we’ve seen an evil stare, there were a pretty obvious one a couple episodes ago. But that might be unrelated to being the fake, maybe she has a double personality she hasn’t revealed yet ?

    Another possibility that crossed my mind, and that one would explain a lot, would be that the fake honnestly thinks he’s legit. He would have been manipulated without him realizing it. Maybe another Saint has mind control, hyponitism or could erase memories ? To be honest that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    1. I would think it was Adlet if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s been made known that the fake has inner monologues with him/herself in the LNs and knows exactly what he or she is doing. So if that’s true, then it can’t be Adlet, since the only way he would be the fake is if he didn’t know about it and was being controlled. But then, he should be having moments of blackouts but he’s not.

    2. Adlet being the fake would certainly be an interesting twist. In the first episode some did suspect it could be him due to the tainted-looking vines (or whatever they were) heading towards him, and I dismisses it. Anyway, that theory died down quickly but if does end up the case, unlikely as it may seem, and they pull it off well, I’d have to give credit where it’s due.

  8. I have pretty much narrowed it down to those two as well. However, I’m leaning more towards Nachetanya suddenly, when before I could have sworn it was Maura.


    Because Nache slipped up. She told Goldov that Hans knew she was a princess and called her that when he and Maura first arrived. This is before the introductions when Goldov corrected him when he called her “bunny girl”. However, Nachetanya is lying.

    Hans NEVER called her princess. He never even talks to or about her specifically until that “bunny girl” line. I watched the episodes 4 and 5 just to check and I was correct.

    Also, I think that most of Adlet’s theory is true, he just needs that final piece of how the fake fog arose so quickly.

    But,another thing I noticed in rewatching the episodes. If at least part of Adlet’s idea is true about the barrier being activated after the fog arose, unless there is someway of activating the barrier other than using the dais, then there are really only three people it could be!

    When they try to deactivate the barrier, only 3 people try: Adlet, Nache, and Goldov. Flamie was near the entrance watching the fog to see if it dispersed, she only went up the stairs to the dais once to stop Nache from flailing about. She never touches the thing. No one goes up to the dais after that since all the other Braves start to arrive and they talk amongst themselves. Later, BEFORE all of them go up to the dais to introduce themselves, Adlet and Hans go out and prove that the barrier is up since they run continually in circles and can’t leave the area. So the real barrier had to be up at that point. So, the barrier was activated prior to any of the newcomers approaching the dais. So, unless one of them came up there off screen, or there is another way to activate it other than using the dais, or there are some other illusions at play….other than anything like that, there are only 3 people who could have activated the barrier. That is Adlet, Nache, or Goldov. Those are our real 3 suspects.

    1. Wow I will need to go back and watch those episodes again now. You do raise a really interesting point, why would she lie about Hans knowing who she was, unless its a red herring and she is so worried about Adlet she has started lying to save him.

      But I doubt that’s the case, she has been too suspicious and lying to implicate someone else on top of that definitely makes her a fake candidate.

      In regards to the deactivation of the library, I did always think that Nashetania’s outbreak was kind of out of character and the the BREAKING of the tablet seemed like a ritualistic behaviour and breaking a tablet is a sure-fire way to ensure the barrier was not put up by accident. I believe the tablet functioned as the on/off button and Nashetania is the only one who interacted with it in a way that can be viewed as changing the situation of the barrier.

  9. Yeah no I changed my mind it absolutely has to be Nashetania.
    Adlet’s suggestion that the 7th was working with an outsider who created a fake fog to lure the heroes into believe the barrier had been activated absolutely lines up with Nashetania’s actions following the fake activation.
    Assuming the fake activation is indeed fake, then I’m betting that Nashetania’s freak out earlier was 100% the way that actually activated the fog.
    Things that also bother me about her. Her ability to compose herself and abruptly change her mood. There’s no transition between her emotions, they just stop and then another begins. Look at how she went from kinda ditsy to patronizing with Goldov on the flip of the switch. That’s that antagonist behavior.
    She also likes to point fingers and to me if I were in that situation my first instinct would be to think something is utterly fishy about that. Either she’s trying to draw suspicion away from herself out of desperation or she’s trying to stir up suspicion between everyone and have a free for all…probably doing both.

    Either way, I lock my final answer in as Nashetania.
    I’m curious as to how they created the fake fog. I wish they’d said something about whether or not the place has a history of humidity or whatever >.>

    1. Similar thought. Back in the beginning, it was thought Nache might be the goddess. Her flailing away might have have covered an incantation to put up the barrier. But why her if she’s the 7th? Maybe because there are five Braves, a goddess and a fake. This is her test for the Braves, which is why she walked away from the pyramid. She’s kept Goldov out of the action on purpose. Why? If he’s the fake and has some major power of his own, who better to control him than the goddess while they figure things out? Just sayin’. Even if it’s true, I wouldn’t expect the goddess to reveal herself, she would just be a rescued damsel, maybe.. Can’t wait – even if I’m wrong…..

  10. If it was Mora it would not be a surprise, as nearly everyone is thinking of her as the prime suspect. Maybe she would have been surprising earlier, she is not now, which invalidates the “I hope they surprise us” critique of the Nachetanya theory. Plus, as her power is a mystery currently, “Mora using mystery power to create locked room scenario” would not be as surprising as “other brave with known power creates locked room scenario”. Mystery powers can potentially do anything and thereby it is not surprising when they do anything. Mora also has a much easier to see potential plan to kill all the braves, that being let Chamot kill all other braves, as Chamot said she would do herself, then using the shock of her being the fake to subdue Chamot. If it were Nache, the other main suspect, then I would have no idea what her plan would be. If it were Nache, while the identity may not be surprising to those who suspected her from the get-go, how she made the locked room and what her plan to kill the braves is is way more surprising than Mara’s method or plan.

    From a narrative standpoint, Nache would make a much better fake than Mara. Nache’s relationship with Adlet has be developed much more than any Mara is involved in, aside from Chamot maybe. If it were Mara, it would be most dramatically effective with Chamot realizing that Mara, the only brave she trusted, was the fake they were trying to kill, which would only occur if all the other braves were dead. This is not likely as this only covers the first book of seven, and killing off all but at most two main characters, especially the protagonist does not make much of a story. In contrast, Nache being the fake can be dramatically effective without anyone dying.

    On another note, how does Goldov know that everyone is alive when he looks at Nache’s chest…er crest? One is a fake and their death would not reflect in the crest, so how does he know the fake is alive? If Nache is the fake, what does he know? Does he know Nache is the fake? Interesting questions.

  11. suspects ratings:
    fremy, adlet, hans – pretty much all cleared since each of them had option of disposing another brave without consequence and did not do this
    chamot, goldov – very unlikely- one is a simple-minded if spoiled by power kid, another is teenager hopelessly in love who would NOT betray his princess , ever
    maura, nashetania – top suspects, by all the reasons mentioned above

  12. This episode actually sealed the deal for me that Mora is innocent and Nashetania is the prime suspect. The main reason for this is because of this guy:


    Who has enough authority to plant false knowledge in a very important position?

    One: Another hidden foe (be it human or monster) that we still have no idea about. If thats the case, then f*ck im stumped. Im an anime-only viewer, thus if theres another party at play that is still not present in the anime, then there’s no way I’ll know about it.

    Two: Someone extremely high up position that has enough authority to change guard rankings, rotations, and intel. That pretty much points to one person.

    Mora is innocent in view because I’ve started to think that maybe my initial view of her was wrong.

    I could be wrong, but maybe Mora is like Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord. She acts like the leader of the group because of her seniority and previous position, but maybe she is just an unflexible and narrow minded woman. She might be a person with a not-so-good level of insight that is forced to be the leader of their group.

    In short, she simply may not be the right person for the job

    Mind you, I dont think she is incompetent. I just think that there are other people in the group that can see further and wider than her, thus making them a much more appropriate leader

  13. As much as I wish I could say otherwise, I’m officially placing my bets on the bunny girl too. No take-backs; I’ll eat my imaginary suit if it turns out not to be her.

    And I say that honestly, genuinely wishing that Maura could be the fake, and not just because it would do my heart good to see this arrogant onee-san be put in her place for once (fingers crossed I see that happen before the finale in either case), but it just ain’t adding up.

    Something’s definitely off about her, to be sure, but not in an antagonist-esque way. She feels more like the strong-armed, duty bound leader type that’s so caught up in her own thinking that she could get stabbed in the back at the crucial moment and never see it coming.

    All that aside though, I’m much more interested in something else at this point…


    What is the fake’s objective here? If the idea is to kill off the Braves or at least reduce their numbers to the point that they can’t seal away the Demon Lord again, there have been plenty of opportunities for that. And yet… nothing. What is the point in dragging this out so much? It’s almost like the fake is purposefully giving everyone else more time to figure out who they are.

    Is there some ulterior motive here or is the fake just that self-indulgent and arrogant that they’re willing to put their supposed objective at risk for the sake of playing this out some more?

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. Your last point makes a lot of sense. Though maybe, as Maura said, the fake’s goal is the cause enough infighting that essentially results in the death of one or more of them. That way the fake doesn’t have to get their hands dirty. In that case, I don’t see that as Nach. I only see them going that way if they want to put a twist in it, as Nach hasn’t seemed to have caused any disputes directly, while Maura is pushing for a confrontation, but I also see them playing her as you say, the strong leader who ends up causing herself some problems because she’s duty bound.

      Impel Down Hippo
    2. Very good question! I’m thinking that the 7th has fixed priorities whom to kill. If the 7th is following strict orders it would explain the lack of flexibility. Flemmys list gives us clues how the priorities look like. If Adled’s master taught him everything he knows about fiends, Adled would be target number one.
      The second possibility is that the demon lord becomes stronger over time, up to the point the braves can not overcome him.

      1. Assuming that Nashetania’s the 7th Seventh Brave, your theory regarding Adlet doesn’t hold water. Remember that they were alone together before they’d even met any of the others, so if she were serious about wanting him dead, there had to have been plenty of chances for that.

        Also, keep in mind that she was the one who freed him from prison in the first place. She could’ve just left him down there to rot.

        Now some have raised the idea that the fake’s objective is to turn the Braves against each other and have them kill each other off, but that’s just an argument for convenience’s sake. Surely no one under the command of the Demon Lord would be hesitant about getting their hands dirty. Flamie is testament enough to that.

        With all that in mind, I’m personally leaning towards the theory that the Seventh Brave doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the Demon Lord at all. Maybe their interests just happened to align and led people to assume what seemed to be the most obvious conclusion.

        Ryan Ashfyre
    3. Playing this out some more? I’d say she/he is just being cautious. If anything, I think the fake is hurrying things over but because of obvious reasons, he/she can’t just kill another hero and label him as the fake.

  14. If Adlet’s theory is correct – that the seal hasn’t been activated before they got into the temple, then the top suspect is Nashetania. When they were desperately trying to find a way to undo the seal, Nash pretended to go into panic to activate it. Her mantra sounded oddly specific too, and she had proceeded to destroy tablets on the table too.

  15. I wondered if the crest of the seventh function likes the original crest. I mean the crest only have 6 petals, so if one hero die maybe the petals on the fake won’t reduced. Maybe they can kill someone and just see the effect on the crest?

    Dozzu The Lightning
  16. I checked the length of the first vol of the LN and it’s about 425 pages. For comparison, the first vol of HS DxD is about 140 pages.

    We’re about halfway though chapter 4 of the five chapters plus an epilog of vol one.

    I think they’re animating the action in the same sequence and content as the LN but there are some differences in details. The anime is lacking in some inner dialogs and statements by the characters that do have a bearing on the mystery though. Not a lot but they did leave out some useful clues. Reading the guesses by the commenters is interesting when you know what’s coming.

  17. Never had I thought I’d be interested in a show that keeps the viewers in a misty forest and stalls the plot by moving the plot forward for 5+ episodes (I believe). The story writting is imho impeccable.

    I doubted Hans, Nashetania and Maura when this arc first started.

    Hans is an assassin in a group to save the world, but he was saved in my eyes by Adlet.

    Maura is too smart for her own good, and she’s losing her poise with each episode.

    Nashetania seemed to innocence, she’s the only one who’s inexperienced in combat or the art of war in this group and that gives me a nagging feeling that it’s her but even though I want to think it’s Nashetania I’m placing my bets on Maura.

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  18. I have a theory and I think it is far fetched but at the same time I keep coming back to it. After going through all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni what it told me is that the details that seem the least important usually are the most important.

    So far the show has come up with two topics. The idea of an 8th person and the idea of somebody triggering the trap after the fact.

    Adlet while resourceful is not like the other heroes. He does not have any special abilities but we see that all the saints have special powers, we see Hans who Adlet considers a “genius” and who has a special ability. Not much is seen of Goldov but Nachetania admits earlier in the show that he could have bested her and held back so that’s something of an admittance that he’d be really strong as well.

    Going back to the first episode there are some points that bug me. Nachetania’s appearance to Adlet immediately after he became a hero is too conveniently timed. Also Nachetania’s constant insistence that Adlet is innocent I feel is because she somehow _knows_ he is innocent.

    Given the above my general feeling is that Adlet is a fake… but not the “culprit”. With regards to the scene where he got the crest that’s a bit hard to explain but Nachetania had one of her blades with him so maybe there is some ability where she was able to put a fake crest on him. For what its worth Adlet getting the crest looked a bit painful which could mean it was “carved” on. If Adlet is a fake and there is a “culprit” then this supports the 8th character theory.

    I’m not too clear on who is the “culprit” but Nachetania stands out the most for me.

    This area is where I’m a bit less confident. What might support Nachetania as the “culprit” is the fact that there is proof that she can make blades that look real (eg – the blade that Adlet had while he was imprisoned at the start) in addition to the fact that said blade could be left in place where Adlet was when she would have been way back at the castle. Or the blade was there before the door opened… honestly I never liked how easily the door just opened with a little explosion from Adlet’s bombs. So the blade that was on the pedestal when Adlet got inside might have been a fake blade. How it got there? Not fully sure… but given she can have a blade maintain a real shape from a long distance (not sure what level of control she has over long distances) enables the possibility of the blade on the pedestal being fake. In terms of the theories that somebody set off the fog after the fact Nachetania could have possibly done that while fumbling around acting all angry and swap the fake blade with the real one. Also… bringing in a fake to the party (assuming I’m correct) which seems to be the trigger for all issues might paint her as a culprit too.

    I’m less confident here and might be totally wrong but don’t feel like rewatching all 9 eps to check otherwise. On the topic of who might be the 8th in earlier episodes Nachetania mentions that somebody named Riura is missing (I can’t remember if Riura got brought up later on?). Assuming we have one “culprit” and one “fake” then perhaps Riura is the remaining hero? Riura would have ties to Maura (Maura said she took over for her) and Nachetania (only in the fact that she knows she is missing… she says she’s not sure if she should report that). The only reason I bring this up is because I don’t know why they’d bring up this random character name without it having a purpose.

  19. So in the past ,if by going by what SerRompalot and Impel Down Hippo said, they have defeated the Demon God with less than 6 people. So… if this is the case, the job of the 7th and 8th would be to stall for time while the Demon God rallies troops and gets most of the continent under control. Just killing one right off would not be good, because they would just kill the 7th and go own the Demon (since he is a weak side boss). If you look at the clues they said that it would have to be a human helping the fiends so I think it would have to be one person that is unknown to the group. Right now there are three that are unknown to the group (and by group that is having a connection to at least on other person there). Adlet is still on my list as being the one. If come to the assumption that the 7th is stalling for time then in episode 2 where he was the first brave to meet Fremy. When he leaves Nashetania to go find the girl in the village, when Nash tries to go after him she is immediately cut off by fiends. From then on it is just him convincing Fremy that he is on her side and stopping the others from killing her right off.

    This is just one of the thoughts I have had on this show so far. What do you all think?

  20. What if Adlet is the Seventh but doesn’t know it? He may have be a patsy given a fake tattoo/symbol… Lest we not forget the imagery when he received it. How did they decide to use him? Well, the princess did put him through a question and answer session… And there’s no law saying there is only one betrayer in the group. Forget not also that a number of saint’s were killed.

  21. Seriously, I am starting to get bored of this mystery that’s being dragged like almost all season long.
    If I wanted to watch closed room mystery, I would watch Conan or even Kindaichi. I initially picked up Rokka no Yuusha because I thought there was action and cute chics like Nachetanya – not boring drag me over 10 episode mystery. Orz


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