“Dangerous Situation”

「危険な事情」 (Kiken na Jijou)

Yamada’s Wise Words:

“What is it with this workplace?! Everyone’s flirting even though nobody’s dating!” – Truer words have never been spoken. Yamada knows what’s going on, and she’s 100% on our side (along with Souma) to try and gets these pairings to the next level. Watching her blankly watching Satou and Yachi in the kitchen, and then Souta and Inami in the corridor was the moment that tipped her over the edge. I’ve always loved Yamada and Popura together (since they’re my two favourites, after all) and we got to see their duel reactions to the romantic developments unfolding. God, those two are just the cutest.

I’m glad we finally touched on Haruna and Otoo this episode, since I assumed they’d get their own storyline this season. However, their development went hand-in-hand with Yamada’s and we haven’t seen the couple as much as I’d hoped. Haruna being tied down with chains and then escaping, and then found five seconds later by Yamada was pretty hilarious. It’s a gag that never gets old, which can be said for most gags in WORKING!!! However, this third season has had so much development across the cast that it’s felt better than ever. Now, if everyone will just kiss and confess, we can call this a wonderful end.

Inami’s Sorrowful Punch:

Talking about recurring gags, we see Inami punch a man for the first time in years (since season 2, at least). What used to be so commonplace now felt off, and purposefully so. Inami really has come a long way since the beginning, and it’s done her character wonders. She was never my favourite until this season, where I’ve been able to see past the comic violence and enjoy her for who she is. Following that up with a rather poignant scene with Souta was almost enough to get me onboard this ship. Maybe it was because the sakuga stepped up for a few minutes, making the punch and the aftermath that much more powerful, or maybe I’m just falling for this pair…? Either way, Souta’s heartfelt words were about as touching as WORKING!!! can get, and I’ll be interested to see when these two finally confess to one another.

Overview – What’s Next?:

WORKING!!! impresses yet again. Yamada and Popura are a wonderful double act, and having them watch the relationships evolve at the same time as the audience makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. But which couple will seal the deal first? My prediction would be Souta and Inami, mainly because Souta’s mother is set to be introduced next episode and will likely play a big part in his character development, if there’s more to be had. Whatever happens, I’m excited. Only four more episodes to go, but I’m confident they’ll be four brilliant ones to finish this comedy gem.



  1. I’m totally on the Inami x Takanashi ship, and have been for a long time. Poor Inami has really worked hard! Popura is cute, but Souta needs to move on from that particular kind of obsession, just like Inami has to move on from hitting every guy she sees… okay, except maybe Minegishi.

    I know Inami felt bad about hitting Minegishi, but I enjoy seeing Minegishi get hit. I really don’t like him.

    Last Boss incoming…

    Can’t wait!

  2. Wow, I never would have thought that Yamada would be the voice of reason. Almost like Kevin Smith in all his appearances as Silent Bob.

    Can’t wait for the development involving the matriarch of the Takanashi family!

    Yuri Rocks
  3. Inami punches Minegishi>>>Minegishi re-confesses to Kazue>>>Minegishi and Kazue lives happily ever after! Did not see that coming…

    Me thinks that Yamada is secretly a superhero with super senses. How else is she the only one able to constantly find Haruna with ease?

    Kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo,kyo…and Satou Kyun~ Satou and Yachiyo needs to happen asap, my heart can’t take anymore teasing D:

  4. When Otoo-san and Haruna finally reunited I was jokingly thinking Otoo-san should watch her very closely this time so he should put her on a tight leash or something, so I was pretty surprised that he actually did just that with the chains. Count it as a double surprise that Haruna-san can break free of said chains just like that. Fortunately it looks like Yamada has developed Haruna locating skills so it’s all good.

    I honestly don’t want to count Inami’s punch in this episode as the breaker to her no punching streak since the recipient was practically asking for it. Not to mention it somehow did some good by getting Minegishi and Kazue back together. I also definitely loved that moment with Takanashi and Inami after. It’s a pretty nice touch that while Inami was brooding that she punched someone again it started to get cloudy but while Souta was comforting her later on the skies got clearer.

    And it looks like another mystery is about to be revealed. If espionage and assassinations are part of Kikuno-san’s skills, Takanashi’s mother has got to be a really big shot politician so I’m definitely waiting for her appearance. I wouldn’t even be surprised anymore if Takanashi’s mother is also acquainted with the Servant X Srvice cast.

  5. I agree to you Samu about Inami and Souta ship in this season. I didn’t shipped them up until now (since I passively ship him with Popura) and it was nice to see that their relationship developing and individual development this season. Inami having only 1 punch this season and Souta finally graduating from his minicon level.

    And dat Kazue and Minegishi moment, though having SM relationship, that reconciliation moment was so good.

  6. Anyone else interested in a spin-off featuring the adventures of Haruna? She’s got Houdini-level escapability mixed with Kuroko’s lack of presence, which is somehow also contagious.

    I like how the relationship has developed between Inami and Takanashi. While the return of the megaton punch horrified Inami, it still managed to be funny by happening to Minegishi.

    I’m really curious to finally see what Takanashi’s mother is like.

  7. Minegishi sure did deserve that punch, but he certainly doesn’t deserve getting back together with Kazue. Really disappointed with her. Minegishi is a terrible and emotionally abusive guy.

    The writer has a problem with relationships, actually. Even in Servant x Service the main guy was very manipulative, but it was almost like the writer was saying it was perfectly fine. And the two main characters started dating anyway.


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