「略奪」 (Rya Kudatsu)

Usually a successful prediction leaves you pretty darn smug, but I can’t say that ends up being the case here. As it turns out, Yuu does indeed use his brother’s powers to rescue Ayumi (by plundering her abilities), and this week’s episode is more a confirmation of how things came to be more than anything:

  • Shunsuke used his abilities multiple times to form his group, accumulate his funds, and setup everything we see today. In the process, he loses his ability to see.
  • Shunsuke had to explain himself anew to the cast every time he time-leaped.
  • Shunsuke intentionally erased himself from Yuu and Ayumi’s memories with help from Medoki and Maedomori.
  • Takajou and Tomori knew of Yuu’s abilities before hand.
  • With almost all of the above having been already mentioned in the comments as a possibility, things end up pretty straight forward, and I’m honestly not sure how to feel about things here. I mean, is that really it? Or is there one last twist (or attack by the scientists?) waiting on the horizon? I sure hope there is.

    This week’s episode was supposed to be the series’ big payoff, and although it does a good job linking together everything that’s happened, the fact that it was anything but unpredictable was a disappointment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s glad that Ayumi’s alive and all, but there were blatant signs that she wasn’t gone for good, and the quick resolution (it took barely a third of the episode for the entire time-leap) does nothing to help my lack of emotional connection to the whole thing. They also didn’t address the reason why Yuu was the only one to possess memories of the past despite the others being confirmed to not having any, and for all the explanations they give, that’s certainly an interesting one to gloss over. And that’s without mentioning how the time-leap ultimately rolls back much of the character development we received the last few weeks too.

    What this leaves us with are three measly episodes to do something significant with, and with such a short time left, it’s suddenly questionable whether or not the series will be able to deliver. I know it’s Maeda Jun and I know he’s capable of delivering great moments in short periods of time, but count even me—the one who’s loved all of his previous works—as someone who’s officially worried about how this series will end up. Could Charlotte be one of this year’s biggest disappointments? I certainly hope that doesn’t end up being the case.

    EXTRA: Charlotte’s ED single released the other day and first-press releases came with a B2 poster.


        1. I was thinking of it possibly setting up for a sequel, but I don’t see it happening eh. It seems like they were pretty set on one cour and Maeda’s other series in Angel Beats! was also a one cour that saved a lot of the big stuff toward the last few episodes. If I remember correctly, Maeda also mentioned something about a “last episode” in some interview, so it should be a one cour.

          Just to clarify though, I meant it’d be terrible in the sense that it doesn’t feel like it’s something they plan to make a sequel to, so it’d be bad if they suddenly popped it out of nowhere or tried to stretch something that wasn’t meant to be more than a cour.

          That said, if they did plan it as a multi-cour, I can see how that would work out, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        2. Wixoss didn’t feel like preparing for second season too. And not only it was 2cour, but the 2nd season revealed all the secrets and was in overall the better one. I’m not sure when we got to know Aldnoah will get s2.

        3. @Zephyr
          Ah, I see. Yeah, that makes sense. I just can’t see this though getting satisfied in one episode. There’s just too much to “fix” that I can’t see if happening. There’s the scientist that help Yuu, Sala’s blindness, why certain people remember, etc. Too much to explain all in one episode.

          Maeda may have stated “yes, Charlotte is ending in one cour”, but frankly, I see this getting a second cour, perhaps named as something else. It may have not been meant as a multiple cour show, but I just can’t see it finished.

          I’m not really betting on it being multiple cour, but this final episode is going to need to do a hell of a lot of explaining to wrap things up.

          You know what would be a terrible reveal and explain so much? And be an easy enough reveal in the final episode that would likely break things wide open.

          That Nao is actually Charlotte and she’s been a (the) bad guy the whole time. It would explain why she’s been taping Yuu and the exploits of everyone else in the school. Why she doesn’t try getting too attached to anyone, why she doesn’t care if she’s bullied and also…

          Remember how Sala has lost her sight? And how Shun has lost his due to his power and lost his sight? We’re already hinting that this means both likely have time travel.

          What if Tomori’s whatever happened to Tomori’s brother was actually caused by whatever Shun did? I mean wouldn’t you want Shun’s plans to fail if your brother has been hurt this bad?

          What if Tomori’s powers were never found out by Pooh? She just shows up, tells them it is hiding from plain sight.

          What if… Tomori also has the plunder ability just like Yuu? She’s only showing the ability that she wants everyone else to think. Like Yuu did when he was held by the scientists.

          That would probably also explain why Tomori doesn’t want to meet Zhiend at all. They would be able to oust her immediately as a (the) bad guy.

          Also, before you say, but “Tomori got close to Yuu when Ayumi died” and that’s the only timeline in which she would’ve abandoned her ideals. Even if she retains her knowledge, she’s a scientist. She would just come up with “oh, that was an error” or it’ll play against her when she’s gotta make that choice, but she still makes the choice to be the bad guy.

          Yeah, I’m spewing out nonsense, but it is really the only thing I can think would close it effectively. And yes, I’m suggesting something that will lead to an ending probably no one really wants. Yet, it is Maeda. I expect things that tug at my heart.

        4. That Nao is actually Charlotte

          Actually, one of the anime pages I’m subscribed to on fb came up with a very interesting theory on Charlotte.

          Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Honestly and truly, I was half-expecting Yuu to outright fail miserably on his first attempt to save Ayumi and fall into the same trap that his brother did; constantly trying to find the correct path while slowly losing his eyesight at the same time.

      An overused and predictable plot point to happen to two brothers in the same episode, you say? Fair point, but compared to just how perfectly Yuu managed to carry out his rescue attempt on the first try, I almost wish that that’s what would’ve happened.

      So… that’s that, then? Ayumi’s safe; Nao’s slowly falling in love with Yuu; Shun has reunited with his siblings and all loose ends have been tied up? Happy ending?


      To be fair, this is Maeda Jun after all and he has a well-deserved reputation for managing to tug at people’s heart strings at the last minute (Little Busters!, anyone?), so I withold judgment until the next episode.

      Part of me want to believe, very much, that all of this seemingly perfectly executed happiness is nothing more than one HUGE misdirection and reality is going to come crashing down like the freakin’ hammer of Thor on all our characters next episode. Fingers crossed.

      Ryan Ashfyre
        1. So you’re saying Nao only “cared” about Yuu because she felt guilty over Ayumi’s death? What about his helping to cure her brother? Surely that’s gotta count for something.

          Speaking of which, now this timeline’s Yuu has gotta go back and do that all over again.

          Ryan Ashfyre
        2. I hear what you’re saying, but those kinds of reasons have never been – at least to my knowledge – the foundation of the kinds of honest, genuine relationships that Maeda Jun’s stories have had. It’s the mutual journey – one filled with hardships, losses and outright despair – that bring his characters together, not some selfish reasons like: “I’m gonna save this girl’s brother so she’ll go out with me” or “His sister died because of me, so I’ll take pity on him and throw the poor guy a bone”.

          To be clear, I don’t believe those lines of thought were ever going through Yuu or Nao’s heads at the time. Yuu did what he did because he genuinely wanted to help Nao and Nao did what she did because she felt genuinely responsible for Ayumi’s death.

          In both cases, those were the starting points for their relationship to further develop, but the underlying feelings had to have been there to begin with.

          Ryan Ashfyre
        3. The underlying feelings part still has me suspicious of Nao. Hate me for saying it, but she’s still shady. Sure she was awesome this episode, but I still think we’re back to the point where she’s not really on the level. As bad as it was, I really do think Ayumi’s death was what got her to think “Okay, I need to change things up a bit. Even if it’s for the cause I’m being too unfair.” Maybe hearing that she went all-out for him in the future that never happened will soften her a bit, but I just don’t see her paying Yuu any special attention this time around until he gets Sala to help her bro, and that’s in what, two weeks, a month? I’m kinda expecting the story to be done by then with Shun revving things up, and for some reason I feel like she’s gonna have to make a choice between the two brothers for *reasons*, and right now it wouldn’t be Yuu.

      1. Yeah, I swore they’d go the Madoka/Steins;Gate route of a few repeated failures, or even to their narrative ends, so was surprised he figure out so quickly what was happening/everything went so smoothly.

        But if Ayumi was going to be saved, this was probably the best way to do it, even if I get Heroes vibes from Shun (Hiro) and Yuu (Nathan Petrelli).

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. Well, I liked that this episode showed Shun at least has charisma and the school idea took some thought. The rest was pretty fun, too, even if it did reset Yuu’s relationship with the rest of the cast to basically zero. He does think better of Nao now, but without feeling responsible for Ayumi she’s probably back to not caring to give him the time of day. Hope he can somehow reproduce meeting Sala so he can give Nao’s bro a little sanity back.

      Why couldn’t the Shun group help him, though? And why did Shun leave Ayumi alone with such a dangerous power? Those two points still don’t let me trust him. I feel like he sent for Yuu and Ayumi to recruit them into something shady, too, now that he realizes his power is gone.

      Also, does anyone else find it weird that we never see Nao’s face during the emotional scenes? Is that supposed to hide her expression so they can montage her boredom/lip-service later or what?

    3. My main beef with this episode is on how it was badly marred with its perennial problem of execution. Sure, it gave us an answer to the glaring questions we have so far (in my case, it answered most of them) but I wished it was done better. Exposition’s a double edged sword, you know. It didn’t work this time. The mere fact that we don’t have an OP sequence this week means that the show has finally felt the unfortunate consequence of showing filler episodes before the main events.

      And oh, the problem was solved all too quick. It could’ve been a poignant scene (as well as other scenes e.g wiping their memories of Shunsuke) but well, Charlotte being Charlotte, it just flew all over the viewer’s heads.

      PS: I cried at Angel Beats!’s and Clannad After Story’s tenth episode. I felt really sad with Kanon 2006’s ninth and tenth episode. Now, where is the Key tearjerker scene in this series?
      PPS: I thought this episode was just fine until I realized that Madoka Magika and Stein’s Gate have done this before in a superior manner.

      1. The fact they didn’t put OP sequence was rather so they could do that much in one episode. The previous one ended in the right place and doing some parts of this episode in previous one would feel very awkward.

      2. No. For me, it felt like they are running out of time and they had to explain the sense of Charlotte that’s why they do that. Skipping an OP is normally done during the climax (or the penultimate episode) to emphasize major events in a show. Given the events that occurred in this episode, it seems like whether we omit the OP or not, it will still have the same effect.

        While it’s true that this episode wrapped things (although not in a good way since it’s a letdown from the near great ninth episode), its impact is something I cannot tell as something grand. It felt like a recap episode for me to be honest.

    4. well the problem with asspull from time leap is that now nao x yu was reset and the last 3 episode were a waste of time because it never exist
      and well yuu choice of show off in front his sister and be her hero, now ayumi is mad love with him and yuu is ok with be a siscon imouto ending o.O¿ and maybe there some side effect for loot too much skills for the next 2 episodes
      at least there no ntr with nao and shuu =O

        1. Sigh, if i say it’s name it kinda ruins the major twist of the show, what a freaking predicament, oh well .. it’s still going to surprise you, there is a show that does that time-whimy thing really well, it would have worked sooooo much better if you didn’t know but it can’t be helped, try “Punchline” anime .. ignore or the seemingly cheap fanservice and keep watching, it’s a gem in the rough, and the payoff is really really good.

        2. Ugh, I couldn’t get through Punchline even if the end was supposedly worthwhile. To me, the first several episodes aren’t worth it.

          I think maybe Haruhi Suzumiya is just as good as Steins;Gate, though it really depends on what you like (minus the Endless 8 of course!).

          Impel Down Hippo
      1. Well Nao paid a price that she doesn’t even know yet, Yuu never told her that he helped save her brother’s sanity. In fact he only met Z’End’s lead singer because of his depression from losing his sister. She was able to sense his feelings of loss in the other timeline, but that’s gone now. So the question is will he ever meet her (Z’End’s lead singer) again, and if he does will she be able to help him? I’m guessing that saving Nao’s brother is going to be what Yuu will try to do next.

        DarkRios III
        1. That’s a damn good point I hadn’t even thought of. I kinda figured he’d just try to be at the same place at the same time and make first contact himself, but without the baggage is she even going to feel like helping him out? She did the first time because they spent a day together and she grew fond of him, so what’s going to happen if he just jumps right in with “You’re singing can save someone! Please, help me!”

          Sala’s nice so it could still work, or she could just think he’s nuts and walk the other way.

    5. This episode was awesome! I had to rewatch last week’s too to get a handle on what was happening, but this time-leaping nonsense has really opened up a lot of confusing possibilities.

      A few things still don’t add up. Like why didn’t Shun save Ayumi himself if he knew what was going to happen? Or maybe he never got that far, because in each timeline they were captured by the scientists before the earthquake tragedy could occur.

      Just my thoughts about what could be coming next:

      I think Yuu will jump back in time again, to save Nao’s brother……but that was several years ago…..when he would still be a child. I don’t know if he will manage to accomplish anything then, but if it does work, then Nao will end up not knowing or remembering Yuu at all in the new timeline. That would be depressing because it seems like they are starting to like each other. It might even build up to a tearjerker ending. At least hopefully she won’t have such a closed-off personality in the new timeline if he does manage to save her brother and her family from falling apart.

      It looks like the next episodes will be very busy. Can’t wait. 🙂 too bad we will lose the imouto ending too, if there will be another time-jump to the past. lol

    6. Okay. For one, I am somewhat happy yet somewhat confused. Okay, Yuu’s brother’s past was explained and I’m glad for that. However, they messed up the rest of the episode by making the save Ayumi thing way too easy!! I really thought we were going to see something shocking like for example, those scientist taking Ayumi unexpectedly or something along those lines. But no, everything that was wrong got fixed in one episode. The f*ck outta here. (Excuse my language.) Well, hopefully there is some new action and Yuu and Nao get hit with some new powerful villan characters or I am going to be pissed. Jun Maeda you better not disappoint me now! Not after I invested in you so far!

      Anime fandom
    7. I didn’t understand the reasons Shunsuke gave for having to erase his sibling’s memories. He knows miss pizza sauce’s power could activate at any time and kill her and Yuu. AND catch the eye of the scientists. It was only after he let Yuu’s head hit that kitchen counter (yay concussions! We’ll just attribute Yuu’s schizophrenia characterization to the head trauma) that I can only conclude in exasperation that he couldn’t care less for either of them.

      1. The way I saw it, it was mostly to make sure they wouldn’t live their lives actively looking for him, as he intended to stay in the shadows from that point forward eh.

        That head trauma thing was kinda hilarious though.

    8. I need to get the following possibilities and questions out of my head:
      1) Where does ZHIEND’s lead vocalist Sara Shane fit into all this? Yuu feels déjà vu after listening to ZHIEND’s music so there exists the possibility of any remaining lost memories show the connection to Sara and/or ZHIEND.

      2) Another possibility is that Sara experienced the same situation as Shunsuke where Show Spoiler ▼

      If this is true, it leads to the following question: Why does she do it?

      3) This will hopefully be answered in the last episode judging from its title being Charlotte: Who is the titular Charlotte!?

      Questions are being answered but new ones keep popping up. I look forward to seeing how this wraps up.

      1. I saw this on Anime Ultima. I might not be a name:

        The list didn’t come out very clear so

        Remove memories
        Time leap

        first letter of each ability spells the word Charlotte.


        1. Actually thinking about it maybe C.H.A.R.L.O.T.T.E. is the acronym for all the abilities Yuu loots by the end. O__o

          Time leap
          float on Air (you tend to say the object mefore the action in Japaniesss)

    9. I was seriously expecting some Steins;Gate shenanigans to be pulled at the end of the episode with the research group nabbing Ayumi and the whole bunch again, with Yuu forced into repeating the process much like his brother. It would have left a good opening for the climax (whatever it is).

      Instead we now have probably the largest point of contention in the show wrapped up neatly with nothing else apparent to fill a 3 episode void. Only thing I can think of is the Zheind vocalist, having the researchers come out of the woodwork now would just seem forced.

    10. Best line of the episode “i don’t care if people think i have a sister complex”
      And let the doshijins begin.
      On the other hand i saw this coming from a MILE away. But it happened. So i’m curious about the next episode since everything that was to be done is basically done!! Ayumi is alive!! Yuu found out all his powers!! The children are saved!!! The series could’ve literally ended here!! But who am i kidding?? It’s not over. Is it??

      1. I also thought that was the best line of the episode. With that being said, I’ve never understood why being caring towards your siblings and looking out for them makes you a ‘sis-con’ or a ‘bro-con’. Maybe I’m just too literal. It doesn’t really matter really.
        I’m just hoping that whatever happens next, they’ll all manage to remain safe. I’m not expecting it to be some easy ride, but I do want a happy ending for the Otosaka siblings.

      1. He know what he has to do. I think he just skip the part of his Sister’s dead, and his nearly falling into the Dark Side, and go find the Singer and repeat the stuff. Like his older Brother done it many times.

        So he take the Wisdom with him, everytime he Jumps back in time

        So, all what happen since the “Collapse” accident, is not happen. So Yuu has do adept it somehow in the current Timeline. But i hope they do this offscreen. Or do we really need a 2nd time seeing Nao’s brother calm down, and remember her? Also, this could be an alternative Universe, is there any guarantee that all happen like in Yuu’s memories?

        So, we jump from the “Collapse” accident to the place when Yuu use his plunder skill of Time leap. Do we see what happen next? or go we see an alternative way of this part? Singer not there, to sing for Nao’s brother and such…

    11. Everything went smoothly…except for the part that doesn’t explain why Medoki and Kumagami knew to go and save Ayumi without being informed by Yuu.
      That’s fishy as hell and may have to do with why Yuu can recall memories from a different timeline since we’ve confirmed there’s no way Yuu should be able to have these memories.

      1. Tomori must have informed both of them as backup plan. However, they had to rush via car since they are most likely living at different places.

        How Yuu could recall those memories that is not supposed to exist from the current timeline is still a mystery.

        1. I guess you just have to go with it (suspension of disbelief). The Flash did it this year as well with someone remembering something from another timeline where they died.

          Impel Down Hippo
      2. I think why Medoki and Kumagami may have knew only later to rescue Ayumi, was maybe after Kumagami would inform the elder brother later about the people who have special powers, as those two wouldn’t really know but the brother would. But since he’s been through the time slip thing too many times you wouldn’t necessarily tell them everything about your family.

    12. This was a terrible episode.

      Did anyone connect to Shun’s struggle, or to Yuu’s joy at saving Ayumi? I know the latter is supposed to feel like it was ‘too easy’, but the summary of Shun’s slow battle against the scientists held no emotional interface for the viewer to appreciate – Shun himself didn’t seem to be too moved by the experience at any stage during it, and there was no permanent loss or tragic element. Two massive conflicts on the show now feel resolved so smoothly that I have little interest in how the series will create a whole new feels train for us to board; the one we were on before seems to have crashed, and I doubt that the introduction of time travel will allow me to connect with any upcoming tragic incident, since Yuu will have plenty of chances to right any wrongs.

      More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/charlotte-10/

      The only moment this week that gave me any connection to anyone was how Nao felt as Yuu thanked her for what she technically didn’t do – a thank-you directed straight at her heart. I’m assuming that the coming plot will involve Yuu re-saving her brother, and I wonder how that will play out differently now that Ayumi is back.

      Also, where are all the parents?

      1. JekoJeko when will you stop posting shit, all you speak is fanwank, and created through their delusions and hallucinations caused by his ridiculous fanaticism, by Nao.
        You just ignores the scenes and facts shown by the anime and tries to rewrite it through your passion for your character.
        Ignore the fact that everything that bitch done so far, was to follow the teachings and commands of his master, you did not see the reaction shown by the bitch in front of his master, or you are too retarded to not know that only children and animals pet react that way when they receive a pat on the head.
        It is not for nothing that Nao is hated by the Japanese, and They do not want a slut, liar,
        who does things only because she has a crush at MC’s brother, is the ultimate romantic pairing of the MC.
        It is not the act that there boycotts the purchase of Blu-ray and every day a true bombardment Japanese of messages from the social networks where Key, Maeda and P.A. Work is present.

        I have not the slightest doubt that the Nao character is just a plot device to attract stupid and retarded, Western waifufag.

        1. …@ TomoBoy And what, exactly, do Blu-ray sales have to do with anything? That’s a bit random and not really pertinent to anything right now. Not to mention nearly all of that post seems to loosely fall into the category of ‘straw-man’ arguments.

          For the record, although I don’t always agree with JekoJeko’s opinions (for example, I happened to really like this episode and I think it was one of the stronger ones in the series so far), but their posts and arguments are always thought out and articulate and not needlessly attacking the character of those who have different opinions, so I respect JekoJeko and enjoy reading that they have to say about the Charlotte episodes. I think perhaps you should learn from this.

    13. I hope the reason Yuu can recall memory from the past loop(s?) would be explained in the coming episodes. The flashback didn’t happen during previous loop either. Otherwise it will be a plothole again. I don’t want it to end up needing visual novel to explain things like Angel Beats…

      I actually liked Medoki’s past long hair style with or without the ponytail. Too bad she cut them already

    14. Just didn’t feel convinced at the slightest by things in this episode. Yuu’s absorption ability felt too convenient, the time travel felt too easy, rescuing imouto felt too cheap and his onii-san backstory just seemed to good to be true. Too many things occured in such inorganic manners that i was left scratching my head a lot.

    15. For the lingering question of how Yuu remembers stuff that happened from a different timeline, my guess is that it is probably a power he took from someone without realizing it, one that works passively, we already saw him using his ability willy nilly on so many people, maybe some of them had latent abilities which he took.

      There is also Yuu’s supposed “love interest”, the way she came to comfort him when he was on his down slump was waaaay too shady, i have a feeling she will show up again (as well as the vocalist from Zhiend band .. both will surely play a big role in the few episodes left, that’s my guess.

    16. So I guess the anime is over. We see his older brother lose his time-travel abilties by losing his eyesight. I hope this not mean Yuu has to do the time travel thing like his brother, it will be too predictable.

    17. The first half was hurt by the terrible and misplaced humor. As for the second part… Still no explanation as to why aniki didn’t inform his posse about imouto so they could have saved her immediately. And how the hell did Yuu have memories of a timeline he didn’t experience.

      I also really need some explanation as why having a school somehow bars the evil scientists from kidnapping the kids. If anything, I’d say it just makes it easier.

      1. Shun couldn’t save Ayumi because her death never actually happened in that specific way in any of the time loops he lived (he knew the age when her power activated and that it would be dangerous but clearly the catalyst is different every time), he did send his team-mates to her location to check on her (the orange haired girl with hypnotism powers that showed up in the episode where Ayumi dies) but she was a little too late to rescue her (they clearly didn’t take the sicko jealous cutter girl in account), and given the fact he lost his time travel powers he needed his brother’s “Plunder” power to save Ayumi.

        1. So? Still no reason to take two days to go and save her the moment Pooh sensed her, especially if he and his group knew how powerful she was, especially when he knows he’s blind and can’t time loop again. It’s very contrived writing.

    18. If Steins;Gate taught me something is that when you mess with time, it never ends the way you want it.
      And if this were Steins;Gate, and is not even close, Ayumi would have dieded in front of yuu’s eyes.
      And besides Yuu, who else missed the annoyance of Ayumi’s character, because i don’t.

      1. Yeah, it’s basically the universe balancing itself out type of issue coming up in regards to time. Like every time you make something good happen (usually for oneself) by changing the past, then something just as bad or worse will end up happening to you (and/or others) to counteract it and maintain that “balance”.

    19. I share same concern with the blog where will the show go next? But it has a great ride. there were times I was worried this show might go “Glass Slip” but that was never the case. Enjoyed every episode!!

      Rick Anime
    20. Food for thought:

      Yu doesn’t seem to retain the abilities he’s stolen in different timelines (like the permeable ability, because that’s how Yu’s brother identified the guy). However, he’s stolen the power of time travel — does his brother still have that power in the new timeline? I suppose it wouldn’t matter but it would be more consistent if the brother still has the power.

      1. Actually, if Shunsuke went back in time and altered the sequence of events, then the Yuu of this timeline never possessed the other members of the group to obtain their powers in the first place.

        As such, since Yuu returned to a time prior to him taking Shunsuke’s powers, the current Shunsuke in this time line should still have his powers.

        Also, depending on the time-travel you subscribe to, you can argue it’d also be a paradox if Shunsuke lost his powers because if he loses them before he meets Yuu, then Yuu would’ve never been able to steal the powers in the first place.

    21. Technically, the series could either
      1) Keep killing Ayumi (because I dont believe the issue with her friend is solved) and Yuu goes into an endless loop
      2) Bring in the scientists (because really? an institution that big and word doesnt go out that it’s a harvest area for human experimentation)
      3) Developing the romance between Yuu and Tomori (I like them, but I dont like this route)
      4) Sala’s “possible” involvement in everything that’s transpire (I dont think we got the full truth to the potential of her story)

      1. 略奪 is also listed as meaning “to plunder, to pillage, or to rob”.

        I used plunder instead because it fits more thematically with the series as the name we’ve been accustomed to seeing for Yuu’s powers.

    22. Well, without Ayumi’s Death (in the Version we/he know). Something changed

      This Point could be possible:

      The Meeting with her. But…
      Old) She choose to stay with him, because she feel his Los of someone important. She even dumped his Manager to stay with him, and visit the Hospital

      New) She do not feel the lose of someone important, She choose not care about some stranger she meet on the Streets, and if Yuu follow her, he turn into a Stalker.

      old) After her Brother got better, She was in the mood to Visit the Concert of this Singer. There this happen…

      New) The Brother still in Hospital. Perhaps into go with him on this Concert she visit him in the Hospital. So the Trigger for him never come… Time Paradox?

      New) When Yuu in his current Timeline visit his older Brother, with “plunder” his Skill…
      Do his older Brother still have his Time Jump ability? and what happen with Yuu’s borrowed one? Paradox, too?

      Well, they can reset Yuu, with deleting his memories. So he forget the plunder skills. But it is not so, that they return to their original owners. They are lost forever

      And, how will the World change for Yuu (He is the Alien here…) from his Memories since Ayumi’s Death in his old Timeline.

    23. I kind of expected Tomori to just bail on Yusa when the crowd gathered haha. Would have been so easy to skip out on them and use her as a screen. Also very glad the locker didn’t jam on Yuu. That was totally what i expected to see. Tomori is some kind of exceptionally smart girl. You’d have to be monitoring someone with Yuu’s power. I like how she noticed his demeanor change from backseat guy to confident taking a guiding hand role. Totally makes more sense now how she noticed him using his power on Takajou and would rather kick him out the window than have his power stolen, and potentially worse yet Yuu might figure out he’s taken it. They must have both been on pins and needles knowing how powerful he is and how selfish and power hungry he was. It was a good insight into that part of it.

    24. Congratulations, you just destroyed almost all character developments with this episode!

      My fear is realized. I always thought that time leap power should go hand-in-hand with parallel universe theory. If not, it become too OP and cheap deus-ex-machina. That certainly what I felt with Shun’s story. He just time leaped repeatedly without significant repercussion and emotional effect. This episode also reset any meaningfull link between Nao and Yuu.

      I am really hoping there is a big reveal or hidden scheme in play here. If not, then this show totally the biggest dissapointment this season.

      Dozzu The Lightning
    25. Plot twist. Zhiend vocalist is one of the tools of the big bad. Just like someone who has a time leap ability, Sala’s ability, on the other hand, might be seeing the future. And she used it as a bargain chip for her freedom. Sell out Shun and the rest of the ability wielders for a hassle free life after puberty.

      Notice how Shun stated that no matter how many times he time leaped before putting up the school idea, the scientist were always one step faster than them. It was only when they put up institutions to “gather” children with special abilities that the scientists stopped. I mean, they can easily pin down Shun when they know he can never do a time leap and take away everything from him in one sweep. They can take over Shun’s schools and not worry of finding candidates for abiltiy wielders because Shun and co. have gathered the kids for them.

      Well this is merely speculation on my part.

    26. Am I the only one here who is optimistic because of this episode? The fact that Ayumi was already saved suggests that finale will focus on something else then saving Ayumi, aka there is a more major plot-line. The fact that everything is resolved but 3 episodes remain says that something very bad is going to happen very soon.

      1. I just marathoned this series!!! *___*

        But your right. What bothered me was that Yuu was remember the first time Shunsuke tried to reset the timeline. He would not have had those memories if he only got the power from Shunsuke the first time around in this time line. It was something that bothered me because Yuu was (TRIGGER)ed my the ZHIEND’s song that Sala Shane sang.

        Speaking of Sala Shane she said she made a barter with god and lost her sight, that might have been just a bit of foreshadowing for Shunsuke but Yuu might also try to fallow a similar path now as well. A happy ending so far… but we still have 2-3 episodes left.

        Someone else pointed this out, but now you know why Nao did this in episode 6. lol “I just saved your ability, fool! ”

        Also explains why Nao randomly asked Yuu to posses the baseball player after he lost in episode 4.

    27. 3 words.

      El Psy Congroo.

      Though S;G set the benchmark for it, this didn’t even see the light of day for it. I won’t be surprised if CERN was the main culprit for all this

      Makise Kuristina
    28. Actually, I’m wondering about the girl that tried to kill Ayumi… she ran off after seeing someone demonstrate superpowers. What if she snitches on the whole school and bring the scientists down on the school and throw everything into complete chaos.


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