“Desperate Situation”

「絶体絶命」 (Zettai Zetsumei)

An Unlikely Confession:

I’ll tell you one thing: I did not go into this episode expecting a confession of love. And certainly not one between Adlet and Fremy. Their relationship has been the most focused on throughout the series, but I never ever thought it would actually cross into the realms of romance. For a moment, like Fremy, I suspected that this may just be some weird plan of Adlet’s to get her guard down. Who knows, he may be the villain after all – in that moment I honestly doubted him; but thinking about it more and watching the episode develop, I’d consider his confession to be genuine.

Fremy’s initial reaction is to be expected. She probably was just as shocked as most of the audience (unless you were rooting for this pairing?). Ten episode in, I feel bad now for slamming Fremy when she was first introduced. I’ve seen so many stoic characters or her sort that I’ve grown irritated by them, but Fremy has received plenty of development and possibly the most screentime after Adlet, so I’ve warmed to her since this mystery plot kicked into full gear. Seeing her finally accept that Adlet is not the fake was a wonderful moment; her tears were powerful, and the voice actingYuuki Aoi was superb – the cracks in her voice felt more than acting. I still don’t know how I see these two as a potential couple, but I’ve liked all their interactions, and this one was the best to date. If both of them make it out of this alive, and we do get a second season, I’d be interested to see if the romance blossoms between this unlikely pair.

Assault on Adlet:

However, confessions aside, Adlet’s not having the best time right now. He’s convinced Fremy after many efforts, but he’s got one stubborn enemy: Mora. I’ll save all my thoughts on Mora for the next part, but I just have to say that her obsession with pinning the blame on Adlet is becoming irritating. I can see why she may have thought that when the mystery was introduced… but now? Hans did a good job defending him, but she just can’t let it go. She’s not holding back either. The offence on Adlet was constant in the second half, and tensions were high. Fremy saved him in the end, but now there’s another one who’s out for the kill.

For two episodes in a row, the same characters have sent alarm bells ringing. Yet this time, while on the surface Nashetania seems the most out there, suspicious, and downright weird, I still don’t believe it’s her. I don’t trust anything she says, especially considering how her mood seems to fluctuate with the wind, going from happy to furious to manic to giggly without much transition. At this point I think there’s something psychologically wrong with her. Maybe she’s just not prepared for this quest or the lies around her, or maybe this was all part of her plan to fool them all? But if so, who was she fooling? She seems too cuckoo for me take seriously as the villain here. When she attacked Adlet at the end, I’m willing to be that it’s because she felt betrayed and isn’t thinking straight, and not because this was her evil plan all along.

Suspect of the Week – Mora:

Mora is so obviously the most dubious character of the group. I still like her a lot, but she really annoyed me this episode (in a good way, sort of). When she communicated with the other Braves, telling them to kill Adlet, I felt like screaming. This whole thing feels like a plan in motion, even if it’s not going her way by the end. She’s also expecting Nashetania to act the way she is, which either indicates they’re working together or she’s aware of her emotional instability and using it to her gain. I’m glad Fremy didn’t comply with her wishes, but I fear the consequences. Just as Chamot says, Mora is intimidating, even if her CG cubes are laughable.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This was a surprising episode. First off we have the out-there confession, and the progression with Fremy’s development. It’s seriously impressive how much Rokka no Yuusha can do when so little is happening. These seven characters (well, not Goldov – he sucks) are constantly intriguing, and I’m hooked when it comes to the mystery, even if the production quality and execution isn’t quite up to scratch. We’re not gonna see the Demon King any time soon, if ever, but I’m okay with that. I’m loving these chases in the woods, and the tense ongoing conflict between the Braves. I suspect next week will be a wild one, possibly ending with the revelation of the fake. Is it Mora? Nashetania? Adlet? Time will tell. My bet is still on Mora.


  1. One of my favorite episodes of the series period! AdletxFlamie is probably my favorite ship of the season, and I’m so glad that Flamie finally took a chance with her heart and believed in him!

    It’s kind of funny, but if you think about it, it really was a case of love at first sight. It’s barely been a day, but he already cares a lot about her to the point that he’s willing to put her life ahead of his own.
    Flamie was just too scared to care for someone again after having been betrayed once already, it took a lot of work to get her to admit her feelings.

    The princess is pretty furious with Adlet, and it was all because of Maura’s lies. What’s with you woman! You’re like those dirty cops that plant evidence just to get a conviction. I hope Hans can get out of his predicament and help Adlet. He needs all the help he can get.

    1. It may have only been a day but even in real life when people are forced into an extreme situation they can develop a close bond quickly. It’s a coping mechanism in order to survive. So, some interest may have already been there but over the course of the few days he’s known her it has just been pushed to an extreme level quicker than normal.

      Gouka Ryuu
      1. I actually think the bond might have started before they even got trapped there. It really started back when the two first met. However, him taking her hostage and then the talk by the tree of course escalated the situation. It was shameless squeeing the whole time they were having that heart-to-heart chat.

    2. I find it weird that they developed something that fast. But it could be legit since adlet is an odd guy and the saying goes opposites attract. Well lets see what happens from here on once they get out of the fog and I wonder what Nashetania would think about it XD also when is goldov gonna make a move already? i can’t find the word for it is he reserved? shy? friendzoned? don’t tell me he’s gonna drag this on until he dies and does something cliche like confessing to her when e’s dying then die O_O

      1. For Goldov, he’s extremely loyal to the princess, but he also puts her on a pedestal and doesn’t think himself worthy of her. She’s so much higher than he is, he probably never dreamed of confessing to her until Adlet came along. However, now she chastised him about his jealousy and told him that she’s known of his feelings anyway, so a confession would be ill-timed and honestly unnecessary. She knows that he cares for her, she just doesn’t think they have time for that right now.

    3. You’re right, if Nashetania is the fake, it makes sense why she lost it. She had a plan to continue her work as the seventh but also to save Adlet. However, by telling that lie, Maura forced her hand. Now she’s very angry and she has to kill Adlet.

  2. I’ll tell you one thing: I did not go into this episode expecting a confession of love. And certainly not one between Adlet and Fremy. Their relationship has been the most focused on throughout the series, but I never ever thought it would actually cross into the realms of romance. For a moment, like Fremy, I suspected that this may just be some weird plan of Adlet’s to get her guard down. Who knows, he may be the villain after all – in that moment I honestly doubted him; but thinking about it more and watching the episode develop, I’d consider his confession to be genuine.

    Really? I’ve felt their chemistry since they first met, the way that Adlet view held on her for so long, like he was struck with something that he had never felt before. All the times that he kept protecting her and trying to get to know her no matter how cold the shoulder she gave him. The connection between them in the forest was the clincher for me. They were so similar in their backgrounds and the way she looked at him and the way that he was the only one she could make a connection to? How he wanted to protect her more than himself? I saw their relationship blooming from miles away. And it was actually really well done. One of the best “love at first sight” situations I’ve seen done in recent memory.

    I’ve been hoping for this moment since they spent time walking together to reach the temple. It was an extremely obvious pair to me, but then again, I’m a romanticist and have read enough romances to last a lifetime, so I can usually spot all the signs, even the ones that are very vague, which usually are the best done ones.

    1. I agree that their scenes together have been enjoyable and they work well as a pair, in particular when they shared their backstories to one another. I’ve always liked watching them interact, I just never saw it as potential romance, and I never thought it would actually go in that direction. Ah well, I’m glad to be surprised.

    2. Agreed. Maybe it’s because anime viewers are used to normal tropes that this looked different and refreshing, even if the structure is the same as in many, many, many other stories (fictional or not):

      Boy meets girl. Neither the boy nor the girl are hard on the eyes. The boy wants to protect her, she feels she can’t trust anyone. They have clashing beliefs, but when they have time to talk and know each other better, they find out they have a lot of things in common. And now the boy confesses.

      Come on, it practically writes itself.

  3. Now we know which hairstyle should be added to Yandere Simulator next…

    I’ve been riding the Nashetania train from ep2 and I find it weird how this episode, out of all times, is the only time I didn’t see her as suspicious. Her dialogue implies that she is simply mentally ‘broken’ rather than a villain with a master plan, and I can see it as very reasonable possibility. Though, I’m not getting off the train just yet, because I still remember all the little things she did until now, and a part of me has grown to want her to be the 7th Brave.
    I like the aspect of morality that’s present in the mystery: Hans, Chamot and maybe now Nash, manage to lift suspicious from them not by showing to us that they are innocent, but rather that they aren’t the evil we’re looking for.

      1. Oh, wait, I actually wrote it right the first time…I think I need my glasses…
        Well, since I’m already at a point of no return here, might as well get as embarrassed as possible:
        a very reasonable*
        up until now*
        lift suspicion*

  4. I’ll say this much. It’s been a while since any episode – from any show, mind you – has kept me on the edge of my seat as much as this one has. Kudos to Rokka for that.

    ‘Dat Adlet and Flamie pairing though…

    Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. It didn’t fall flat on its face in the “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me” sense by any means, but it didn’t enamor me to the idea either. At its heart, Adlet’s confession feels like the real starting point for these two; its outcome depending entirely on where these two go from here. Perhaps that was the intention from the start, and if so, consider me intrigued enough to follow along.


    Stick a fork in it already, I’ve had just about enough of this b****. I don’t care if she’s the fake or not. Her whole “I’m right and you’re wrong, even if you’re right” shtick has worn out the last vestiges of my tolerance. She needs to be put in her place, period.

    That said, and as much as I would like – nay, LOVE – for Maura to be the fake, I’m still putting it all on the table on Nashetania. From sweet, innocent novice to crazed yandere b****, this is one bunny girl whose true character finally appears to be showing itself and whose darkness may put even Flamie to shame.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. I also very angry when I read that Moura blatantly accuses Adlet like this and hoping she is the seventh. Anyway, she will get her punishment in very near future. Harsh enough that even Chamo wanted to kill her.

  5. After the BS she just pulled, I don’t even care if Maura’s the fake, she needs to get her ass kicked. She’s so sure that she can’t possibly be wrong that she’s lying to everyone without a hint of regret, and if she isn’t the fake, she just fell right into the palm of their hands. Nice job, you dumb b**ch. Enjoy those means when the end slaps you senseless.

  6. Everyone seems to think it’s either Nashetania or Mora.. and while I’m still firmly in the Princess-Camp, mainly because I don’t expect much cleverness out of this, I thought that it could also be Goldov as the seventh.
    He may not even have nefarious reasons, maybe he’s just a lovesick puppy that wanted to follow Nashetania. Even a scenario where the seventh is actually good and one of the original six is the traitor would be feasible like this.

  7. Here’s a thought, and I’m going far out on a limb here. Like falling off the branches far.

    What if the seventh doesn’t know they are the seventh? What if the eighth’s job was to alter the seventh’s memories and not have them return until their job is done? Obviously Adlet is narrowing the field using his stellar deductive reasoning, but that will only take him so far. At some point he’ll be down to a field of two or so, where nothing can prove their innocence or conversely, their guilt. It would come down to their believability.

    If the seventh doesn’t truly believe, in their heart of hearts, that they are the fake then their actions and reactions while being accused would be entirely believable.

    1. See if nothing is what it seems even if Maura looks guilty as sin, to me, that’s just a lazy way of creating and prolonging the tension by using a blatant feint (plus it’s a bad trope). I’d really just prefer her to be the fake so it doesn’t completely make her actions seem utterly stupid, as it would certainly make the last few episodes just feel like a waste since it’s completely driven by her misguided motivation.

      It also destroys her character if she isn’t the fake. She’s initially portrayed as a strong smart leader who has many years of experience over everyone else, not to mention very powerful, and all of a sudden she loses her shit? That’s just bad writing and characterization.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. Mora is not acting rationally. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I think that’s the point, she was rational prior to this. I’m also not going to look at the spoiler, I’d prefer to not know.

        That’s also one of the problems with knowing the reasoning/outcome, many use that hindsight to tell other commenters to just wait it’ll be explained, or there’s a reason behind it (and that’s a cheat essentially). Without that knowledge, how does it stand on its own? If it doesn’t that’s sort of a problem. Something well done shouldn’t need the outcome to justify it’s poor execution. If built up properly and organically, those storytelling issues won’t usually exist.

        I see that too much on these boards when someone makes a critical comment (or even an innocuous one) about a show, they’re told to just wait, or the manga did it better, they clearly don’t understand or like the show, etc. Those aren’t good reasons or arguments.

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. I don’t know, I can’t really agree with your reasoning zztop.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Man, I was on the edge of my seat for a moment there D0=! I thought it was all over for Adlet once Fremy decided not to believe him, as well as Nashe going yandere for a moment(obviously he’s the protagonist, so that wouldn’t happen, but it FELT like it was going to).

    The whole part with Fremy trying to accept Adlet was so touching; I was completely immersed in the feelings between them =03! The slight quivers in Fremy’s voice was, for lack of a better word, heartrending, on both ends of the spectrum(happy and sad at the same time) and really sold the moment. Adlet keeping his word to the very end to protect Fremy, even giving up his life in a final attempt to prove she is innocent undoubtedly shows the level of compassion he has for her(double points for entrusting this task to Hans in case they got him[Adlet] before he could show them) . Simply marvelous X03!

    Still at a wonders at who the 7th maybe, but Nashe is now taking the top spot on the suspect list. It’s not the first time she’s shown an erratic behavior, but never anything this violent. She could have had an alternate persona, but that still wouldn’t really give a motive, unless it has to do with “new experiences” or something. Damn, maybe all that stuff I said about Chamo and the fedora-tipping fiend may have actually happened to Nashe, given the chaotic experiences she’s had in her life.

  9. Wow. A confession at this early in the game? Definitely caught me by surprise.

    If I could recall correctly, Rokka No Yuusha the anime was only based on the 1st volume of the LN correct? Then the author clearly broke the mold by shipping so early. Im not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it sure hell entertained me ^.^

    PS: Im a support of Fremy-Adlet pairing. ALL ABOARD!
    PSS: Nashatanya is now #1 in my suspicion list. Mora, whom was suppose to be cleared in my book, just suddenly returned into the suspicion ranking and is #2

    1. People cry wanting something unique and when they get it they cry wanting back their cliche filled old stuff, seriously !!? … there are hundreds of shows with super-powered heroes who band together and go kick the ass of the big bad evil .. it’s so cliche and overdone, usually those shows survive by having interesting character but even that doesn’t always work .. other than that most of them are a snore-fest of overdone action scenes and shonen cliches.

      Rokka is a breath of fresh air because it examines the scenario of “What if the heroes going to kill the big-bad had a betrayer among them who made them all turn on each other!!?” … it’s a mix of action and mystery that is really interesting and unique .. you don’t like that don’t watch it, plenty of alternative out there.

  10. Certainly, circumstantial evidence wise, all signs are pointing to Mara. If, however, she is not the fake, I think her insistence on Adlet being the fake in the face of a lot of evidence to the contrary is due to confirmation bias. This is where one sees evidence for one’s beliefs and ignores evidence against it. People can actually double down on their beliefs when shown evidence to the contrary. For example, a conspiracy theorist might say when shown evidence that they are incorrect that it is a coverup or part of the conspiracy, not to different from Mara saying she has to kill him because the others might believe him. If Mara is not the fake and doesn’t die, I can’t see how she would stay as the leader of the Braves. Insisting against most evidence that one of the real Braves is the fake is surely grounds for making someone else the leader.

    On another note, when Nache started laughing, I thought she was going to go all Annie

    1. I have to agree. Maura has been presented as the stric, stern, known-all type. It’s not just that she wants Adlet to be the villain, she needs a clear objective or she wouldn’t know how to react.

      But if she doesn’t happen to be the fake, it means that from this point onwards she can’t have the leading position ever again. Manipulating events to confirm her bias? Lying? Not listening to others? She’s the worst kind of leader.

    2. There was a study put out recently that showed people’s brains are unable to logically conclude the correct outcome or be convinced in the face of overwhelming evidence (even if they’re usually prone to logic themselves) if their minds were primed by politics (ie they watch a lot of politically biased news), as that just goes the window once they essentially become irrational towards said topic.

      Impel Down Hippo
  11. why suddenly Nashtenia – Yandere switch-on.
    very doub, I think she have to stalk magic with Adelt.

    Back to watch First Episode.
    I think the knife was first stalk magic?
    And Rokka Symbol was second?

  12. So I looked up some stuff pertaining fog creation and if it’s right then a flash fog is the only possible way that the fake fog when Adlet opened the door makes the entire situation work against Nachetania.
    I can’t believe it’s Maura, she strikes me as an obvious feint for the plot. Whereas, looking at Nache’s actions and the circumstances…I’m 100% positive it’s her.
    That fiend playing human, why was it there? Why did the fog appear when Adlet show up? What pertinence does that fiend have to the appearance of the fog?
    Also, this entire goose chase and framing can only be fixated on one person. Had multiple people shown up at the temple entrance when that fake fog appeared nobody would be solidly incriminated.
    This gave Nache the opportunity to activate the barrier on the inside without anyone realizing she did it (that freak out, I bet my life savings on) aaaaand keep her under the radar cause it looked like someone else, Adlet, did it instead.
    Then her personality changes are too rigid. She’s desperately changing to adapt to a situation she’s no longer in control of imo.

  13. So the Rule that the Faker can not use his/her Brave magic, that is actually female only Saint Magic. Do not work here. Or we have here an Dark Lord Saint possession situation. brainwashing or just override the Brave’s/Saint mind

    So, female Saint are not automatically make her an Brave. To resolve we must understand the World outside of the Braves, me think

    Fiends that can taken Human forms, can they also copy Saint’s/Brave’s magic? If not, then with sowing all females here using their Magic, they are auto save. And only the Males are possible candidates for the Faker

    or, easier way out. Possession of the Faint mind, like an 2nd hidden personality. Thats to easy

  14. You don’t see them as a couple? BLASPHEMY! They understand the pain of the other. I’m so glad for the sudden love confession that I’m internally cheering. FINALLY, a male main character that, you know, falls for someone. It’s a really dire situation. Though they’ve only met for a short time, traumatic experiences bring people closer together xD Very, very much approved.

  15. Maura is so clearly the fake, that I guess she isn’t. They seem to be pushing the idea that it must be her so hard, that as some of you have mentioned, it must be a feint. I don’t really get why she would decide to lie, sure bad leaders do, but they usually come off sort of incompetent to begin with, but maybe that’s more the trope than reality. This just seems like such a character departure. If they started to show her a little desperate I might buy it, but she just decides to lie and to not believe Hans (or Fremy for that matter).

    Though if it’s a feint as it’s believed to be, that’s also too tropey for my taste, as it’s a lazy way to distract from the real fake, even if all signs point to Maura.

    Nach is acting really strange, and besides her outburst at the temple when she freaked out for a bit, it seems to me a little out of the blue. I can’t recall any other times she totally switches her emotions on a dime. If she turns out to be the fake, I’ll be pretty underwhelmed.

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. To be honest, Maura has been like this for the last couple of episodes, but she’s been getting more and more frustrated. She’s the kind of person that once something has been confirmed in their eyes, they don’t back down or rethink it. Her reasoning is that Adlet is emotionally manipulating everyone to the point that her’s turning them all against each other and that his plan is to have them all kill each other that way. So when someone agrees with him, she gets angry and frustrated that he’s “winning”. Also, I get the feeling that she’s a “whatever means necessary” sort of person, so her lying and keeping Hans at the temple was for his own good and that of the group. If she can get rid of Adlet, than that will be the end of that. She’s a very one-track minded person and when she focuses on something, she’s got tunnel vision.

      1. I don’t think the show did a good job in gradually showing her becoming frustrated or irrational. At the temple she just questioned Adlet like the rest of them, with Hans and Chamot leading the charge against him.

        When she was with Fremy and was suggesting to her to kill Adlet, she was still reasonable about it, and subtle. When she saw Hans, all of a sudden she’s kinda paranoid, and it’s not that she doesn’t trust Adlet, that she shoudl still not trust him, but she disregards what Hans has to say, and also disregards that Adlet didn’t harm Chamot (because she conveniently feels it’s all part of his plan).

        And in this episode, she came off as a zealot, as she’s on a warpath and she’ll even lie to get reach her goals, plus she disregards Fremy’s backing of Adlet.

        And zealot did not come to mind when she was introduced. Maura seemed smart, knowledgeable, stern, and experienced. Those don’t seem like qualities that lead to irrational or frustrated quite so soon. It really feels out of character for her, or at the very least the characterization was poor.

        Another poster posted a spoiler, which I didn’t read, but it was enough to imply she’s acting like this for a reason that would explain away this abruptness/answer all questions about her behavior. But then that means her behavior is just a bad plot device to get to another point in the story. And that does a real disservice to her character.

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. @Impel
        I think it was there she just wasn’t put in a situation to show it at that point. She’s the leader of all the Saints, so she’s used to being in charge and not questioned. I think her talk with Hans is what put her on edge. Hans was the biggest advocate against Adlet before, for him to be turned to her said that anyone could fall to Adlet’s silver tongue. Also, despite her display of power here, Hans is probably the second most powerful character there after Chamot. If he can be “manipulated” by Adlet it would become an increasingly dangerous situation. So Maura is trying to get a handle on the situation before it gets any worse.
        Oh, and I know about the spoiler posted as I have read a few of the LNs. But I don’t agree with the commenter’s reasoning. It really is just her personality.

      3. If it’s just her personality, then I don’t think the show has portrayed it that effectively. I’m not sure how much the LN is filing in your opinion but if you’re going off that more than what the show has told us, then that’s the problem in terms of characterization. The show shouldn’t need the LN to fill in the blanks, if it does, it’s not doing a good job. Its kinda like the AoT movie. For those who haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, it’s not gonna make a lick of sense in some parts.

        And Hans being the 2nd most powerful after Chamot seems crazy after seeing what Maura and Nach can do in this episode. Unless there’s something else Hans is hiding in terms of power, because we’ve seen him in action against Adlet and Chamot, that doesn’t make a lick of sense, as Maura just came off as crazy powerful with that foot stomp mountain strength, and Nach was a one woman deforestation machine, so whatever Hans has been show to be capable of just doesn’t compare.

        Impel Down Hippo
      4. I guess it is sort of that I know more of her backstory as Head Saint, and yeah, they probably could have done a better way of presenting her stubbornness, but even before I knew all of her background, I still go that vibe since her scene with Flamie.

        As for strength levels, it really comes more to the difference in experience. The series really doesn’t have time to show all the background, but Hans is far more experienced than Maura is. When you saw him face Adlet, that was really only the taste of his abilities. He doesn’t have superpowers like all the saints, but he has a speed and agility that cannot be matched. And he knows how to kill with ease. He’s also one of the most intelligent characters in the series alongside Adlet. So when you combine all of that, he could beat Maura easily. It’s not just about raw power, it’s how you use it.
        For Chamot, it’s more about the violence of her attacks and that she can’t really get tired. Her “pets” can go on for much longer than any of her opponents. Also, they don’t show it here, but her “pets” are extremely dangerous and kill easily. Adlet and Hans only won because of their ingenuity and intelligence and strength, it would be much harder for others.

      5. Hans certainly has more experience than Maura in terms of fighting/killing, but I don’t think that would mean much against her powerful Mountain Stomp (unless that was just for show). Or against Nach’s freaking Sword Tornado that would tear through anyone, regardless of their human speed or power, it’s just too powerful and overwhelming of an attack. Having what’s essentially superpowers ends up trumping things like technique. I mean look at the trouble he had against Chamot, her attacks are super slow in comparison, though I may chalk that up to bad characterization of her powers and his own. I’d agree raw power doesn’t win fights, unless that’s raw super power, which just changes that dynamic, specifically in an upfront direct battle. Hans would have the edge if we’re talking a more tactical indirect fight, which we haven’t seen from him.

        Impel Down Hippo
      6. If you notice during the fight, while Maura had a lot of power in her fist and her feet, she’s a very close range fighter. She had to get up on Adlet in order to fight him. She has to actually connect with a person in order to get at them. She could blast some trees as we saw, but that would be pretty haphazard attack that can be dodged is the enemy is good enough. Other than that, she has no long range skills and she can’t do anything subtly. Her power is extremely direct like her personality, she could never really sneak up on someone. Hans can do all that. He can do both short and long range, he can sneak in a kill you without being seen, or he could take you on directly. He’s also like I said, extremely strong and agile for a human.
        Also, remember that Flamie said their are limits to being a saint. Your power isn’t unlimited. It can tired out just as you can, and in that regular people like Hans or Adlet have the advantage.
        As for Chamot, I have no idea why they decided to make her “pets” giant rainbow globs, but in the LN they are actually are more like creatures you would actually find in a swamp, giant fiend snakes, spiders, roaches, that sort of thing. They can fling acid and venom and they can’t ever die. That’s the sort of thing you would have to constantly face when you go against her, and like I said, her power doesn’t tire easily.

      7. To me, that’s problematic storytelling, that for instance, Chamot is mis-portrayed, as the audience only has what they’ve seen to go on.

        In Maura’s case, it seems like the case with a lot of shows, they go for shock and awe to wow us with their power, but then nerf it by adding in things like what Flamie said, or just have it for show, as the power they first display has little to do with their most used attack. Or they show Hans struggling against Chamot or even Adlet (if he’s that strong and fast, Adlet should have no chance since they’re both regular humans, so to speak), But then you say that many Saint’s powers tire them, except for Chamot, I guess because her attacks are indirect, though I feel she’d have to get tired making them, so that to me, is what’s frustrating in terms of consistency.

        Even with what you know, the power system feels inconsistent, and as I said, that’s not just a problem with this show, but with almost any show that implements such systems.

        Impel Down Hippo
    2. Blatantly the feint. If she were the fake her actions make no sense. She’s in the safest position and simply needs to keep spinning the cogs of discord rather than get som abrasive, insisting, and violently assumptive.
      Nache on the other hand…she’s rigidly adapting to changing conditions and constantly being what she needs to be to suit the situation. Anything but her real personality has come thru since they’ve been stuck in the barrier.

      1. That’s why her behavior is way too much of a plot device. Cause if she were the fake then she’s just being stupid, and if she’s the experienced leader she was portrayed to be, then she’s just being stupid for narrative purposes. That’s just bad writing.

        It’s interesting a lot of people (judging from the upvotes), seem to think overall this is plotted/characterized well, I wonder if that’s just those who have read the LN and have the benefit of knowing what happens to fill in the blanks. Because it doesn’t seem all that clear to some of us.

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. It is a plot device at a rudimentary level. I say rudimentary because as this is of the MYSTERY genre, the narrative technique can’t be classed as bad writing unless the reason as to why she may act in that way doesn’t characterize her in a believable way.

        Stubbornness/determination/impatience may contradict the role of an experienced leader that she was primarily deemed to be; but it doesn’t contradict Maura herself, because a character is well-written if its more complex than said role. Maura, or any character for that matter, isn’t meant to follow a template of a preconceived trope that was shown to the viewers on his/her first experience. How does Maura get well-characterized in this season alone? She is written to abruptly change her traits from her expected template as a ‘wise and level-headed leader’ to a desperate and stubborn character that ignores logical thinking. It induces intrigue to her character, surrounding it with mystery.

        As I’ve implied, such an argument is only possible to make if the show is a mystery show.

      3. It is a plot device at a rudimentary level. I say rudimentary because as this is of the MYSTERY genre, the narrative technique can’t be classed as bad writing unless the reason as to why she may act in that way doesn’t characterize her in a believable way.

        Stubbornness/determination/impatience may contradict the role of an experienced leader that she was primarily deemed to be; but it doesn’t contradict Maura herself, because a character is well-written if its more complex than said role. Maura, or any character for that matter, isn’t meant to follow a template of a preconceived trope that was shown to the viewers on his/her first experience. How does Maura get well-characterized in this season alone? She is written to abruptly change her traits from her expected template as a ‘wise and level-headed leader’ to a desperate and stubborn character that ignores logical thinking, giving her more depth. It induces intrigue to her character, surrounding it with mystery.

        As I’ve implied, such an argument is only possible to make if the show is a mystery show.

      4. I believe the gist of what I’m saying is her behavior hasn’t been characterized as all that believable, at least to some of us.

        “She is written to abruptly change her traits from her expected template as a ‘wise and level-headed leader’ to a desperate and stubborn character that ignores logical thinking. It induces intrigue to her character, surrounding it with mystery.” – assuming this is the case, then it raises many other issues. Someone who abruptly changes their traits (she’s either moody or a touch bipolar), in all likelihood would have been weeded out from a leadership position, as those are not good leadership traits, as she’s highly unstable (but that’s neither here nor there for storytelling purposes).

        I’m fine with a character who has abrupt sea changes in behavior, but to me, they need to escalate those changes for them to be more believable, or at the very least make the triggers more explainable (like why would Hans’ reaction make her so desperate), or establish why those triggers would be significant (show more backstory possibly). Otherwise, it comes off as way too sudden that it’s strictly there as a plot mover.

        Impel Down Hippo
  16. Also daaaang Maura! Now that’s powerful. I really don’t get why Chamot is considered the strongest. Her power is slow and one dimensional and it leaves her defenseless. Nach’s power was impressively powerful as well. Chamot is like number 3 compared to them.

    Impel Down Hippo
  17. Maura might be just prejudiced against only “muggle” in the group. Kinda like, Inquisitroial set of mind.
    One thing that redeems her a bit is that she ordered Chamot to not kill Hans. True “seventh” probably would not hesitate to kill him and tell everyone else it was Adlet.
    Nashetania, though, set my alarm bells into “awooga! awooga!” top alert. She is clearly on the verge of going insane…
    All in all we have 3 “power groups” within the barrier now:
    Adlet, Hans and Fremy – odd mix but they are mostly clear of suspicions.
    Hans and Fremy because they did not take the killing blow against Adlet when possible, Adlet for making last effort to prove Fremys innocence and save her. Lack of Fremys demon-finerprints on the “axctivation panel” only supports Fremy’s innocence.
    Maura and Chamot – one is brains, the other muscle. If Maura is the Mole, she is poised to eliminate all braves one by one with help of Chamot’s brute power.
    Nashetanya and Goldov. This one is simple, whichever side Nashetanya takes, Goldov probably will follow. Nashetanya herself is enigma as to her true nature and motives.

    1. Maura might be just prejudiced against only “muggle” in the group. Kinda like, Inquisitroial set of mind.

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly, which is why I don’t really suspect her. She’s just got tunnel vision as of now combined with some frustration that she won’t see reason unless someone beat’s it into her.

      I don’t even suspect Nachetania as much as of this ep since she just comes off as someone a little mentally unstable that can go all yandere on us.

      Annnnd, since those were the two main suspects I have no freaking idea anymore.

      I’m probably just gonna stick with the final alternative where the fake is either not self-aware of is being blackmailed by the Demon God or something.

  18. I really hope it’s Mora, because she is pushing her agenda while Nashetania didn’t do anything besides her little outburst on the altar as far as i remember. Would be kinda disappointing if all the fake did was the little barrier trick and after that everyone just played right into the fake hands so that the fake didn’t have to do anything anymore. I would prefer a plotting active fake (Mora) over a little crazy, lucky but passive fake (Nashetania). But who knows, maybe the reveal will be able to convince me otherwise if the fake is Nashetania and she did more than i noticed?
    But right now i still believe that the fake is Mora.

  19. Adlet’s confession to Flamie was so unexpected, I’m sure no one saw it coming, and Flamie’s reaction to that…is to shoot him and declare he’s her enemy. Well, that’s one way to reject someone. But at least in the end, Flamie finally trusts Adlet, going from 1%-100%, and she deserves have someone love her after what she went through.

  20. The one that intrigues me is Goldof. Largely ignored. No development. Presumably simply Nachetanybunnygirl’s lapdog.

    I suspected bunnyprincess for some initially, but it always seemed to obvious. This episode wiped her off my suspect list pretty solidly- she just seems broken, dejected, and inexperienced.

    The show really seems to be pushing Mora, given her behaviour. I sincerely hope it’s not, because she’s in the “too obvious” category now.

    Don’t think it’s Adlet either. Even though he’d be the only suspect to truly surprise me- that feels way too much like a Shalaylalayleeloolaman twist.

  21. The problem with this series is that we have two prime suspects, with one which is terribly stupid, either if she’s the fake or not, while the other one would be too obvious.

    They wasted two slots with that no character Goldov and that “strongest” loli which has pathetic power, and they need to do a monumental task if the fake is someone other than those four, which I doubt will ever happen. The only decent solution left is something among “there’s actually no fake” or “the fake is not aware of being a fake”, so that’s where I will put as my gamble for the plot guessing since other than that I will be terribly disappointed.

    1. I think you’re definitely confusing ‘unexpected’ with ‘good story’. In a mystery show, these are two independent factors, whilst the former is just a nice extra to a good narrative. You have to critique a mystery show on how its mystery is developed and how it is structured, otherwise just judging by the outcome alone can come off as narrow-minded.

      Right now, Rokka has 3 mysteries running. The first one on the surface-level is “Who is the fake”. This one also simultaneously develops the characters. The second one that is probably the most well-developed is “How they caused the barrier situation”. And the third one, which is locked deep away from the viewers’ gaze is “Why they did it”. This is the complex engine of RnY that makes it a great show.

      1. I think you’re glossing over zeroyuki92 comment by saying “they don’t get it” essentially, and that’s reductive. They’re disappointed, like a few other viewers, myself included, and that’s ok. But to dismiss what they’re saying because you think they’re confused is a poor defense, plus it doesn’t even tackle their concerns.

        I think it’s a case of people’s mileages varying about how effective they think the characterizations are. And enough people feel that the way they’re presenting the two suspects is disappointing to say the least. That enough people have that opinion is enough to say the story isn’t working as smoothly as it should. To me, that’s more of the point.

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. I understand what you’re saying, and I’m not trying to be the expert here. Regardless of the anime, I would always post a comment in response to someone else’s comment that involves a certain extent of analysis or assessment, which I disagree with.

        In this situation, I posted my judgement because zeroyuki92 fundamentally omitted reasons to his opinions and tried to force personal expectations onto an anime, which imho, is a cardinal sin. Expectations should either be set low or not have any at all, because otherwise it can induce cognitive bias which usually ends up as over-hyping a show or completely hating a show due to disappointment.

        In general though, what’s more irritating is the fact that many people confuse valid criticisms for things that they don’t like about the progression of certain plot points. E.g.: “They wasted two slots for suspects: Chamot and Goldov”. This isn’t even a critique because you’re including what you wanted to happen. If it was a point for evaluation/way of improving the anime, then you need to give reasons why it would better that way. Ultimately, what I inferred from his comment was: “it needs to be unexpected, or else it isn’t good”.

        But it’s not only that, it’s also the use of generalizations like “one which is terribly stupid, either if she’s the fake or not, while the other one would be too obvious” which is basically an interpretation that lacks any supporting argument.

        Honestly speaking, I’m one who values reasoning over opinions. No one should say: “they should have done x” or “the only decent solution is x” when you haven’t even said why. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert of writing, it just needs to have cogency. Indeed, to say that ‘enough people have this opinion therefore the narrative isn’t running smoothly’ is definitely not true by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not opinions that matter: they are just shields of subjectivity that hinder intelligent discussion.

      3. If enough people voice common concerns, I think it does matter. Opinions do matter. Maybe not in cases where it’s scientifically evident, but in relation to the arts or other creative endeavors, there is no “fact” that can be confirmed so to speak – it’s a matter of taste (mileage). Sure they should explain their position a little better, but those who don’t aren’t obligated to, nor should you essentially fill in the blanks to take them to task. In the end, you’re just stating your opinion as well when you make statements like:

        “tried to force personal expectations onto an anime” which they’re not, they’re just stating their own opinion. They’re not trying to force you to agree with them.

        “Expectations should either be set low or not have any at all” I see what you’re saying and myself agree, but totally not your call.

        “They wasted two slots for suspects: Chamot and Goldov”. This isn’t even a critique because you’re including what you wanted to happen.” I think there’s close to universal agreement he’s been such a sucky wooden character it is a waste. Chamot’s is more plot device than character, so depending on how effective she’s used, and plenty of people don’t think she’s been used well (very one dimensional), she ends up being another waste.

        To me your assertions are bordering on rigid over zealousness. You seem to be taking these criticisms way too seriously. You’re always going to have detractors, but again, if there’s a commonality, then maybe there’s more to it then unsupported personal bias.

        You state at the end “It’s not opinions that matter: they are just shields of subjectivity that hinder intelligent discussion.” which is sort of what you’re doing. You’ve become extremely defensive in shielding the show from what your deem as “unsubstantiated criticisms” in the guise of intelligent discussion to shut down those opinions and any resulting discussion. To me, that’s not constructive, nor does it actually address those concerns to begin with (not that you’re obligated to). To me intelligent discussion encourages discourse, and tries not to judge those opinions that differ from them too harshly, because that’s not longer intelligent, but now more emotional.

        Impel Down Hippo
  22. show has been brilliant. I had to work hard and marathon through the series to catch up to the blog. Not disappointed. It’s a masterpiece.

    On the surface it seemed like a generic- let’s go fight the great evil sort of thing. But that was smashed on ep 2. Didnt expect to spend this entire cour on finding the traitor/fake but it has been a great ride. Might not have had the depth we have now.

    Wish we had much more content. This has to be an ongoing thing with no breaks yo. Cause we blew like 12 eps on finding the fake

    Rick Anime
  23. After watching this episode, my conclusion is that the 7th is either Maura, or someone who doesn’t know that he/she is the 7th brave. I’m currently leaning towards the latter. Maura seems to be having tunnel vision right now. All that stress since episode 5 seems to have catched up to her, besides killing the weakest brave seems to be a small price to pay. Adlets final defence was proving Flamies innocence, not his. Practically confirming her bias that he’s trying to win over the other braves. In a way that’s true, but not the way she sees it.

    Of the other braves, we can probably agree that Hans and Flamie are real braves. Adlet, Chamo and Nache doesn’t seem to have the capacity or motive to be in on the plot. Those three definitely believe they are the real thing. Either from self belief or lunacy.

    Can’t really say much about Goldov. All he’s shown is silent jealousy and loyalty. I really don’t see him as someone in on the plot. I know he was missing for awhile, but so far haven’t seen anything linking him to any plot. If he isn’t an unknowing fake, then they had better make it good. His lack of significance (screen time, dialouge) means a lack of clues given to the audience. That can’t be good if he’s the culprit.

  24. Judging from the pace, we should find out the scheme next week and the seventh in the last episode. I wonder if they will introduce Rolonia in the end to tease about the second season.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Read the spoilers up to V6 after reading this post.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  25. Gah.

    In the beginning of the series, I never expected Fremy to pull on my heartstrings. Even after she reveals all her faults – being half demon, despised, hateful, betrayed, unwanted, scarred face/horns – Adlet still accepts her for who she is. This ep really hit it home.

  26. What a coincidence, Adlet confesses to Fremy and Nashetania goes full yandere.

    I suspect Nashetania is the 7th purely because it’s obvious there’s something wrong with her. At this point I think Mora is just stubborn as a mule. Maybe it’s bias speaking cuz I’m loving those mountain powers.


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