“Aren’t you supposed to be doing something, Stiltsanashi-kun?”

It’s summer, I thought. That means people should have extra time to read applications, right? Bring someone in early and we’d have plenty of time to get them settled in before the autumn season, I figured. Maybe they’ll even have time to help us with previews!

Only it turns out, everyone who reads the applications isn’t a student (which I knew), and the summer isn’t any less busy for us full-time workers. (Related: The monthly impressions will be back when our monthly review ringleader, Cherrie, doesn’t have four billion things on her plate.)


We did finally get through all the applications though, so we do have a new writer incoming! (Woo!) And, as is quickly becoming standard, it was a difficult decision, because there were a bunch of great writers (and cool people) among the lunatics who applied.

Seriously. I don’t say that just to assuage your wounded pride. There were several applicants who didn’t get the spot by a razor’s edge, people I would have happily brought on. It’s an embarrassment of riches around here. Probably ’cause you all rock. Also: Are smart, intelligent, savvy, and handsome and/or beautiful. And easily flattered? (I can only hope.)

I will say that if there’s anything this round of applications has taught me, is that none of those of us who actually have to read the darn things have any time for this stuff. Which means we paid a little more attention to our runner ups were this time. It’s possible we’ll pull a Samu and bring another writer on in a season or two. No promises! But if it’ll let me write alongside more of you awesome ass bitches (and let me avoid reading so many applications again…), I’m all for it.

For those who asked for feedback on your applications, I’ll be getting to that shortly(ish). Gotta focus on the preview first, which you can expect sometime next week. I’ll edit this post when I’ve sent out all the requested feedback, so if you haven’t gotten an email from me by then, feel free to ping me at stilts(at)randomc(dot)net to bring it to my attention.

Thank you to everyone who applied. You’re honestly remarkable. To have so many people wanting to give back to this community brings a tear to my eye. You’re all awesome in my book.


  1. We did finally get through all the applications though, so we do have a new writer incoming! (Woo!)

    As someone watching from the sidelines, congratulations on making it through the applications, staff of Random Curiosity! I look forward to the new writer. (*≧∀≦*)

  2. I don’t know why you limit the new writers to such extremes when there is so much that doesn’t get covered due to a lack of time on the current writers to actually pick up more than a couple shows. This last season RC didn’t even cover any of the shows I was watching aside from 2 and I picked up 6 mind you. It would be better I’d think to hire 3-4 more writers and ensure you have a larger pick-up each season of shows being blogged.

    1. Yeah, I mean, I know, right? I understand where you’re coming from. It’d be AWESOME if we could cover every single show, or at least cover more shows. We try to do monthly impressions (though not this season … sorry), intro posts, and end posts to fill in those gaps but it sucks when there’s a REALLY awesome episode, and you can’t talk about it here, right?

      But if we were to pick up a ton of writers, we get all sorts of problems. I love Cherrie, Zephy, Zani, Mochi, Moomba, Stereo, and Asobi to death, but taking on seven people all at once was a bit of a system shock to how we keep this place running. We would probably be able to manage it better now, since we’ve done it before, but the one-or-two pace we did lately with Passerby and Samu worked MUCH better.

      But even if we can manage that, think of what happens when it comes time to pick shows to blog. As it is right now, it is RARE—extremely rare—for a blogger to not get their first pick most seasons. And if they don’t get that, they almost always get their second pick. There’s maybe one writer a season who has to settle for their third pick. And usually we’re all actually gung-ho for ALL the shows we get to blog, even if there was maybe another we were eyeing more.

      But if we had four more writers? Suddenly there are going to be multiple writers a season who don’t get shows they’re SUPER STOKED about covering. And if that happens for one season? No biggie. I’ve had seasons like that. But multiple times? That’s demoralizing. And it’s not even like our writers would storm off in a huff, ’cause they wouldn’t. But what’s the point in blogging here if they never get to blog shows they’re interested in? (And all of our writers are interested in a lot of shows)

      It would be different if we paid our writers. Then I’d be pushing (if the funds allowed it) to blog EVERY major-to-semi-major show, and become a One Stop Shop For All Your Anime Blogging Needs (trademarked). But we can’t do that. This site doesn’t make jack for money (we cover costs, that’s about it). We all do all this for free.

      I know it sucks when good shows aren’t covered. But I think it’s better to do some things WELL rather than try to do everything, and do it poorly. If we had more resources at our disposal, I don’t think we would have to make that choice—we could do all things well. But we don’t. So we gotta try to keep our bloggers as honestly, earnestly jazzed about writing each post, so the posts aren’t crap.

  3. Wow. *trembling while reading this one.

    Oh well, it won’t be me anyway. Congratulations to the new writer. The mere fact that you (the RC staff) scanned all of our applications is a feat in itself. Thanks for the chance anyway. 🙂

    1. Goddamn, shit sure is intense this time huh? I don’t know who that new writer would be, but same as you bruh, no way it’d be us (well, miracles do happen, but still).

      I’d suppose that they received a tanker-load of applications this time round, probably. I was wondering when they’d get it done but I guess they somehow managed to do it in the end.

      In any case, a chance is a chance; at least we chased it.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. In all honesty, I thought blogging anime (for a website) is something done just for fun and the barrier to entry is pretty low. After reading the previous post for staff applications in this site (or any other site for that matter), I realized that I was wrong. Very wrong. I did this for fun but I can’t say that I am not heartbroken.

      2. Heartbroken huh? Dayyum… Y’know, I should be feeling really down right now because I know the new dude’s not me but for some reason I just can’t… It’s strange but, I guess it’s ‘cuz I’m working on my own set of novel-based projects… I would’ve loved to blog but… I guess a no’s a no… Sorry man, wish I could cheer you up or somethin’ :'(

        Nishizawa Mihashi
    2. Soooorrrryyy it took us so long : ( I know y’all were waiting, and I hate having to stretch out the worry anymore’n necessary :X There were a lot of good ones, so don’t beat yerself up! (And what is novel-based project yer working on, Mihashi-kun? *curious curious* (you can email or tweet me if ya don’t want ta tell everyone, or just wanna tell me to shove off ^D^))

      1. Howdy~ Sorry for zhe late reply, had classes- the usual… Yeap.

        Well, I could email ya’ the gritty details but it could take some time for you to get through it. I mean, I won’t drag, just share. Also, I must always remind people that whatever I wrote is NOT final. People just can’t seem to remember that for some reason…

        Well in any case though, I’m kinda flattered that you would wanna know more about what I’m currently working on. I actually feel really grateful. Now, I don’t know how my timezone translates to your timezone since you’re in Texas, but I should be able to send out that email in 3 hours time.

        Once again, thanks for at least giving us a chance to become a writer here, and I also hope that my addiction to RandomC doesn’t stop… Gehahahah!

        Nishizawa Mihashi
    3. Aw.. Thanks by the way. At least they gave us a chance. I am really happy with that fact.

      I’ll just settle with my daily life of consuming animes and my job. Same with Stilts, I am curious with the novel you are writing right now. 😀

      1. Hey sure thing samui mah brotha’… Yeah, true. At least they gave us well, ‘something’.

        Ahh, so your interest has been piqued too eh? Well, sure. I could tell you more about it, though how I have to go about doing so is the question.

        And oh yeah, btw, we’ve talked before in the comments prior to this post haven’t we? Or was that someone else? Gee, I can’t fully remember, but I really do feel like we’ve done so before…

        Nishizawa Mihashi
  4. Hah, looks like the dust storm’s over… Gee, it was quite the anxiety-ridden wait I tell ya’…

    I know that I’ll never get selected, but y’know what? If somehow, someday, a show pops up and I feel like there are things that just gotta be said, I guess I’ll keep on sayin’ ’em.

    “I guess” Wait! No! That ain’t right! Of course I will!

    Just fuckin’ do it I guess! YEE HAW!

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  5. It’s possible we’ll pull a Samu and bring another writer on in a season or two.


    But seriously though, to all those who applied and are reading this and haven’t been contacted, don’t be too downhearted. I remember thinking the exact same thing around this time last year, but lo and behold, here I am now (it’s been a year already!?). If you requested feedback, then that’s a good start, but don’t give up! You never knew, in a season or two you might get a surprise from Stilts the Magical Fairy Godmother. If not, there will always be more opportunities to apply in future!

    1. It kinda reminded me of the Euphonium episode when Taki-sensei announced the ones who played in the contest. I am sort of Kumiko’s senpai who knows how to play Eupho but does not have that talent to pull things off.

      BTW, I like the way you blog shows. Keep it up. 😀

  6. Was wondering a few days ago what was taking so long in announcing this, glad to see it (and the season preview!) wasn’t forgotten 😛

    Always knew I wouldn’t get the spot, but as long as a few more deserving shows are covered I’m quite happy with the final result.

    1. Damn… I thought you would’ve gotten it… I dunno, you just seemed like the guy that would’ve gotten the position. Anyways, same thoughts here. We’ll probably end up turning the comments section into ground zero when some bedazzling new show comes up someday… Till then though… Sigh…

      Nishizawa Mihashi
    2. 🙁 I’m sorry for you if you didn’t get Pancakes (as maybe you still might). You are like always around, replying and giving out well constructed stuff when you do. I’m hoping it is still you.

  7. It took us a while to get through all the applications so thanks for everyone’s patience =)
    I’ve seriously been so unreliable these days with everything going on so mainly thanks to Div and Stilts for putting up with my tardiness =X For everyone that asked for feedback, I hope you got what you were looking for.

    Excited for the new writer! Best of luck!

  8. I’m just wondering if the amount of free time was a factor in your final decision. I know most people can’t plan ahead that far, but I would think that if someone isn’t a student and has a steady job/life they would be ranked pretty high so to say.

  9. I didn’t apply—with my writing and translation projects, I just can’t squeeze anything else. So kudos to the writers here and those who applied. I don’t know if my writing would even be good enough if I had applied. ^^’ I’m more like a watcher and reader and translator than a reviewer, to be honest~

  10. Once Stilts made the announcement on Twitter that they were finished with the applications I figured I hadn’t been selected. I am a little disappointed, but I honestly did it just to do it and see if I could. My entry could have been better. Also, I have been thinking about going back to school again and things probably would not have been able to work out. There’s always next time.

    Though, based off of something I wrote in my application, I won’t have legitimate reasons to bug Stilts and Samu on Twitter now. 🙁

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. We actually hadn’t finished by that point. Only I had finished going through them. We only decided a few days ago, haha!

      And you know you’re gonna keep bugging us on twitter anyway, don’t lie! Not that we mind.

    2. Gouka, no worries. I think everyone here probably did a great job. Although I know about the “ugh, I wish I did my entry differently” as well. It was late, I had just finished working on school projects and I just winged it. Yours is probably so much better than mine.

      And also, seriously! Be happy! This comment from the entire staff means that everyone did very well and the guy who did win (and wasn’t me) just did that much better.

  11. I can’t wait to see who we’ve got coming and what they’ll be covering next season. Sad it wasn’t me, but as I said when I replied to Gouka, I botched my entry so badly. So badly that I totally forgot to get feedback.

    …though feedback won’t be needed because I know how terrible it was. Bad Dorian, bad. You want to be a storytelling game designer. Can’t forget how to do the basics like taht.

    Oh well, maybe next time. Though I gotta beat out all you hopefuls. Like Pannycakies.

    As for the winner, you better cover like 12 shows. I expect a lot out of you! 🙂 Congrats!


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