「一年がたった」 (Ichinen ga Tatta)
“A Year Passed”

This finale took things nice and slow all the way up till the end — and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the final impressions of one of the best fuwa-fuwa shows of the season!

Final Impressions

Sort of a re-telling and sort of not, this second season of Non Non Biyori has been an interesting one. Leaping back in time and giving us a different look at all the adventures our girls went on, I thought it was a little strange at first. Why would you go through all the effort to make a sequel only to have it be a “repeat” of the first? Luckily things became clear after the first episode that this wasn’t a simple re-telling, but instead an entirely new season that just happened to take place during the same time as the first. Which might sound odd, but works really well when there’s little to no rehashing of previous material. If anything, I would describe it as a show that felt brand new show, but familiar at the same time.

If I were to pick my favorite moments from this season though, it would have to be any episode that had Dagashiya or Konomi in it. While Ren-chon holds a very special place in my heart, the episodes that had either of those two ended up being fantastic. Hitting the entire range of the emotional spectrum, from super happy to downright depressing, there was just the right mix of everything that made things nearly perfect. If I had to pick a specific moment though, it’d probably have to be the bike scene with Dagashiya and Ren-chon. The amount of feels that built up throughout the episode was just so high that when we hit the climax I was left speechless.

Besides that, there really isn’t too much else to say. Non Non Biyori is the definition of what a slice-of-life can and should be. Something more than just following along someone as they live their life, this show manages to capture the essence of what it means to really live. Both the good and the bad, we get to see it all and how all the characters grow from it. In terms of production, this season felt like the studio was just pouring money into the show. With highly detailed backgrounds in nearly every scene and pretty consistent animation throughout, watching the show was a joy.

All in all, I thought this second season was really good and stayed true to form. Thank you to everyone for keeping up with these posts! I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did and I’ll catch you around next season for some new shows!



  1. That ending at the sakura tree was perfect. Full circle.

    But what really pulled on my heartstrings was that entire sequence when they were waiting for the mom to talk. That little bit of smart direction and the events that transpired was quintessential NNB. A testament to just how poignant and genuine this series really is when it comes its characters and relationships. The best part about this entire season? The anime original episodes, they were so ingrained to the theme and feel of the series that you would have a very hard time realizing that it wasn’t adapted from the manga. It goes to show just how much the staff has captured what the series really is.

    All in all, this probably shaped up to be my favorite anime this season if not entire year. Depressing to see it go but I don’t think I’m entirely ready to tie that noose yet. After all, still gotta wait for that Okinawa trip.

  2. I am on the fence at whether I liked the beginning of this episode or not. Starting off with the scene that ended the last episode of the first season just screamed “LAST EPISODE GUYS! IT’S GONNA END SOON!” I had the same feeling watching the rest of the episode as I do when spending the last day of a fantastic holiday semi-depressed with the constant realization that the amazing times are coming to an end. But I know for a fact how amazing this series is to even invoke that feeling in me. Usually I get that feeling in the last few minutes of the final episode, but never during a whole episode. Great series, and I will miss it 🙁

    Agree with Helium – I want to see them in Okinawa! That OVA ended on such a cliffhanger. Must find out how much Hika-nee and Natsumi freak out on the plane!

  3. This was a geat show one of all time favorites ! I am rewatching S 1 up to EP 4 and thinkig S2 has an edge just tighter even better animation !

    I agee with you instead of trying to top their really great episodes they just show the slow country life tha it is ! Very nice at the end on the Cherry tree hill with everybody present !

    So many good episodes ! Top 3

    EP 4 ” I Made a Teru Teru Bozu” when Natsumi / Renge overcame Renge’s loss of her Tadpoles Between Renge’s drawings and emotiona with Natsumi saving the day probaly was the best segment!

    EP 10 “I Practiced Really Hard” Watching Renge havi a hard time learning to ride her Bike w/o training wheels and having no one to elp ( all busy ) Leave it to Kaede (Candy Store ) who at first watches then patches Renge up ans says she will help later ! I said this before but those band-were like medals !

    But I agree that was the best scene when they are in the field and Kaede watches Renge nail it !
    Then she closes up the store when Renge is sick because lets be real Kaede loves Renge whther as a sister / would be daughter/ or just a caring friend it’s just touching

    EP 7 “We Bravely Dove In” I could have easily put myself there having secret forts swimming holes etc ! And why as yongster bridges are a hangout ! Whether be a steam / RR ( be careful)

  4. I really enjoyed the season, I think it did a good job of showing the same time period as the first season while still exploring different facets of their lives. There were some references to events in the first season, but I don’t think you needed to see it beforehand to enjoy this one. (BTW, if you enjoyed this and haven’t seen the first, go watch it.) Dagashiya and Konomi do bring a different dynamic to the show, but overall I still think their best scenes come when Ren-chon is also involved. Hopefully we get another season in the future?

    As far as the episode goes, serious Ren-chon comes out at the weirdest times. Loved that final shot at the cherry blossom.

  5. Well, It all ends here, I Enjoy a lot there…

    Anyways, had anyone notice about a flaw there, let’s see, the scene is kinda dim when they are in the place with a lots of bamboo…or maybe just me. and speaking of bamboo i wonder what bamboo shoots it taste like, i actually never taste it.

    So, We don’t see The Little Girl with a Camera eh,…”sigh”

    Anyways, I came to some Japanese blogs and this is what they post:

    I mean i really LMAO on this…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    So Next Stop: Show Spoiler ▼

  6. This Show is more for the Fans, that grow up in this kind of Village (do not mind me, i grow up in an Europe little Village. But these Pictures and Sound remind me of it) and lost it through moving into the City because of the Parents or Work. It is to create these wonderful unburden time of our Youth

    i bet even Miyazaki (both. Senior and Junior) would love it alone of the Warm and peaceful Nature Pictures

  7. I would have loved to have grown up in a small village like the one in Non Non Biyori. There’s just something so beautiful and peaceful about it. Not to mention how close everyone is to each other.

    Another wonderful season of Non Non Biyori. I hope we get another one in the future.

    Never forget. A small story about a young girl learning about death was the most poignant episode of the year.


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