「彼女の思い出の一つ」 (Kanojo no omoide no hitotsu)
“One of Her Memories”

This early in the season, and Noragami Aragoto already has me absolutely hooked.

The second episode of Noragami Aragoto didn’t feel the need to be as patient as last week’s installment. Not ten minutes into it, and my heartstrings were already slamming against my chest. Not only that, but this episode managed to flesh out and expand on the already established character dynamics in a masterfully crafted manner. It plants seeds for the plot in ways that don’t just feel like deliberate exposition.

The bonds between the main trio of protagonists have been expanded upon and strengthened immensely by the events of this chapter. Early on, the tone was cheerful and upbeat—Yukine finally made a friend of his own! The news seemed to put everyone in good spirits, even those barely associated with him. This, I think, presents Yukine as the sort of heart and source of pathos which bonds many of these characters—something which feeds into how the audience receives him. He really has come a long way from the little punk he was during the first season.

And it is from the early conversations between the Yukine and his Suzuha that I think this episode displays its most emotionally powerful material. Though the exposition explaining Suzuha’s past past and his bond with a young girl wasn’t a particularly lengthy segment, it was nevertheless an intensely emotional experience. It was kinda surprising—I mean, we were just introduced to Suzuha at the end of last week’s episode, and then we immediately dive into his backstory. It was certainly unexpected, but in a good way—I didn’t expect to find myself so deeply invested so early on. It cut deep, and was beautifully told and animated. His subsequent death was thus made all the more painful (especially with how gruesome it was)—his feelings will forever remain unfulfilled. Really reminds the audience that most of these characters can’t escape a cold, hard association with death. The stigma of a life cut far too short, both in terms of years lived, and goals accomplished.

Suzuha’s story then quickly opens up doors for a myriad of other developments. First of all, the introduction of the tentative quality of Hiyori’s role in the lives of Yato and Yukine. While it was apparent from the start that Hiyori would only be with the gang for so long (she only agreed to stick around until Yato amended her little out-of-body situation), the weight of her presence and potential departure was made heavier by the notion of potential amnesia.

While Yukine acknowledges that Hiyori will eventually move on with her life, the idea that all the memories, bonds, and emotions they shared together would be for naught made the realization all the more painful. I mean, it’s already happened once in the past—is it as inescapable as it was for Suzuha? Who’s to say that the next time it happens won’t be permanent? These are more questions which I’m hopeful will be addressed throughout the season. They place a sense of fearful urgency around Hiyori and where she stands with the others, and reinforce the substance of her relationships.

Furthermore, what Suzuha says about where he stands with Bishamon made ripples throughout the rest of the episode, especially concerning the relationship between Yukine and Yato. After Yukine mentions a quick gripe with Yato, Suzuha briefly explains the lack of closeness between him and his “superior” due to the large capacity of regalia in her possession. Despite her kindness, she can only do so much herself to insist a sense of familiarity between herself and her shinki (when she approaches Suzuha’s friends, they quickly hide their worries and instead express a contrived and disillusioned complacence).

Yato, on the other hand, shares an intensely intimate bond with his only regalia, Yukine. Though the two squabble from time to time, they share everything with one another, evidenced in this episode when Yukine confides in Yato his worries about Hiyori. The fact that Yukine is constantly envying a larger amount of friends is then put into perspective—if he had so many other companions, would he have a bond even close to the one he has with Yato? This underscores the firm and unprecedented intimacy which the two share. The nature of quantity vs. intimacy is intriguingly explored and dissected—hopefully more will come (perhaps a potential motivation for Kuguha concerning Bishamon?).

This episode also did much to clearly establish this season’s main antagonist: Kuguha. We learned just enough to perk our interests, such as the reveal that he’s in cahoots with an old season one favorite, but not too much to quell our curiosity. His motivations are vaguely explored—something which heightened the level of mystique surrounding him. Also, though the fact that he was not evidently the source of Bishamon’s blight was likely some form of cover-up or trickery, perhaps the series is implying that Kuguha’s intentions are potentially righteous, if in an oddly twisted way? Who knows, but it’s something interesting to think about.

The concluding skirmish between Kuguha and Yato reinforces just how seriously badass and intimating Yato can be. Underneath all that fluff and silliness is a remarkably competent god—a duality which I’ve always loved about Yato, and which I hope will continue to be explored.

Overall, this week’s episode was a stunning way to get the wheels turning for this season. It introduced a bevy of developments and questions I wasn’t expecting going into this season—especially this early on—that’s keeping it fresh, exciting, and profound. It also managed to expand and reinforce the already well-established bonds between the main characters in new and interesting ways. Nothing but high expectations going into the rest of the season.

P.S. I forget to mention last week how awesome the new OP and ED are, both in the way they look and sound. While I don’t think they’re as great as what the first season had to offer, they’re still great pieces of production, and as the series progresses, maybe I’ll like ’em better, who knows?




  1. i thought the line were yato says that Yukine isnt the only one with daddy issues was quite intriguing. This Bishamon arc is more less just set up for an arguably more powerful and important arc

  2. The problem is there’s no mutual honesty between Bishamon and her Regalia.
    Neither side wants to look like the bad guy who’s putting pressure on the other, so they all just sweep their personal issues under the carpet and pretend everything’s OK.

    That said, I like how the narrative’s fleshing out the God-Regalia relationship introduced in Season 1.

  3. Not gonna lie. I was weeping like a little girl during Suzuha’s backstories. The scene of him being devoured by the wolves left me completely speechless with tears in my eyes. It was particularly heartbreaking to hear Yukine’s lamentations over the possibility of Hiyori forgetting their existence over time. It’s just the second episode and it already managed to tug on my heartstring. Such a great show!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve seen many character deaths, and ones that have been more gruesome, but Suzuha’s death really got to me. Not only was I not expecting it, but also him being eaten ‘alive’ right after Kuguha, someone Suzuha trusted and looked up to, provokes him made me feel sick and empty. The psychological violence, Suzuha being so vulnerable he doesn’t have a chance against the wolves, and he doesn’t even try to fight them off. Ugh. I think it also affected me on a personal level, because I have fears of being forgotten and left behind while I’m alive.

      Question for manga readers: Do Bishamon and Yukine ever learn who killed Suzuha?

  4. I hope people start liking Yukine more already. I still see comments about people wishing Yukine will die and Yato will get a new Regalia, but I think if they give him a chance they’ll see that’s all in the past and he’ll get better. If he started off so hated, surely things can’t get much worse than that. Yato was also really cool when fighting Kuguha. But the words Kuguha left him with and his expression after really saddened me.
    I’m glad Bishamon did realize who died rather quickly. It would really break my heart if she knew one of her family died but couldn’t find out who it was.
    Overall I liked this episode very much despite having read the manga before and knowing what’s going to happen. I shed a few tears 🙁

    1. Personally, I don’t like Yukine a lot, as I think he’s still a little punk, but Yato would be devastated if Yukine died. Yato has strong bonds and relationships with his regalia, even with the one that left him.

      Bishamon’s gotta collect them all personality trait is such a delicious weakness. Great character. Great foil when her head second in command was the one that commanded the murder of the rest.

      1. Hmm, at this point I don’t think Yukine has really redeemed himself or anything, so it’s not weird for people to still dislike him. Mostly I guess I get a little annoyed when some people just keep mentioning the terrible things he did in the past while ignoring the fact he’s actually acting better now (well, though it’s only ep 2 now and we haven’t seen much). If people can agree he’s acting less terrible now but they still dislike him, then I’m fine. Actually, I’m probably just biased, LOL.
        Has what you said about Bishamon been mentioned in the anime yet? I can’t remember enough to know if it counts as a spoiler.

  5. Yes! OMG last season, Random Curiosity wasn’t covering anything I was following! I am so glad it’s covering not only one I watch regularly but a very good anime too! Hiyori’s friend may have been a bit bland and only written as a way to show the threat of the villain, but it didn’t stop the feelz. 🙁 Some of Bishamon’s regalias have familes?? Man.

  6. I was a bit hesitant about this season after I heard it would have a heavy focus on Bishamon, but in two episodes I’ve already come to like her much more and I find the overarching story of this arc really intriguing. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  7. This early in the season, and Noragami Aragato already has me absolutely hooked.

    same sentiment here, cant get enough of main trio, and Bishojo Bishamon’s retinue now has a very interesting dynamic of its own…

  8. I can’t get over what happened to Suzuha! I hate that Doctor guy. It was very brutal but I guess it goes to show what a god with so many, let’s say – weapons – also leaves room for darkness to dwell within them.

    That aside, Yato looked very sad in the ending, I’m also hooked at this stage. Can’t wait for next episode!

  9. I really liked this episode, but it felt a little bit rushed to me. It seems like they really want to make 2 arcs in one season (but even with this crazy tempo they’ll have problems cramming both arcs in only 12eps).

    I’m not really sure how I feel about changes in chronology. In the manga, Yato stalking Hiyori had more important meaning behind it than comedic relief. If plot races the way it does, many other little moments which formed the main trio’s relations at the beginning of the Bishamon arc will be completely left out. If one of them – imo an extremely important one Show Spoiler ▼

    – will not be included in ep3, I’ll start getting worried. If my memory doesn’t fail me, they also cut out some Nora moments. I wish they hadn’t used the “Bishamon visits Kofuku for omens prediction” scene back in season 1; it’d fit really well in s2ep1 as a re-introduction to characters and as a reminder that Kazuma may get in trouble for having helped Yato&Yukine. They solved it neatly by inserting Kugaha&Bishamon dialogue about reason behind Kazuma’s disappearance though, so I guess it’s okay.
    I really liked how they left out Bishamon’s inner monologue when she talked to her three young shinkis – you could read it all from their faces and reactions anyway. Cutting out explanation of Tsuguha’s weird behaviour was a bull’s eye – I realize it was probably dictated more by time restrictions than actual directing choice, but it still worked perfectly. Aiha hiding with scissors in her hands was all the explanation we needed.

    About the scene under the sakura tree (Yato vs Kuguha)… daammmn, that was some heavy editing. I re-read this fragment in the manga (ch15) and the way this scene was changed makes me wonder what else will be omitted from Ebisu arc. In the manga version there were some heavy hints about Yato’s past Show Spoiler ▼

    In the anime, they shifted the focus of this scene to Yato not having any believers and being afraid of disappearing. Some lines from their dialogue could be interpreted as obscure foreshadowing to things I mentioned above but frankly, if I weren’t looking for them I would have never even noticed them. Maybe the staff just doesn’t want to dig too much into Yato’s story bc of lack of time? But some of these things will have to be referred to in Ebisu arc anyway… oh well.
    A shame Kuguha got to walk away like a victor when in manga he was scurrying with tail between his legs. I’d have loved to see this animated but hey, Yato still whooped his ass like a boss. It was a pleasure to watch (useless trivia – even the order of Yato’s kicks and movements was changed :D).

    All in all, despite its faults and cutting out many juicy moments I really like the anime adaptation so far and I gotta commend scriptwriters for making it all stick together despite limited timeframe (really… HOW will they make it????).

    (the things I hid under spoilers are not really that spoilery, so unless you’re extremely sensitive to even tiniest bit of info, you can safely read them)

  10. Ah! I completely forgot 😀

    It’s not really a spoiler – just little something they didn’t include in the anime. I’m hiding it under a spoiler just in case.
    Show Spoiler ▼


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