“The Obsessive Scientist”

「執念の科学者」 (Shuunen no Kagaku sha)

The One-Punch Man Formula:

One-Punch Man knows what type of series it is. It’s fun, over the top, completely unbelievable, and thoroughly entertaining; but it’s comfortable in its own skin to the point where a formula is emerging. I found myself predicting how everything would turn out a few minutes before it actually happened. There aren’t any big twists or revelations to keep me surprised: after three episodes I’m already familiar with the routine, which is both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, it’s good because the series itself is entertaining, and you know what to expect from it. Some of my favourite series are fairly predictable and have recurring characters/storylines (like Bleach or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).

These types of shows end up favouring style more than substance. Thankfully, One-Punch Man has an abundance of style, and the animation is consistently impressive. But this One-Punch Man formula can also be seen as a bad thing because, frankly, it feels tired (for me at least). I have to be honest and say that this episode didn’t inspire much out of me. I got a chuckle at the very end, but that’s because it delivered the one moment of the episode I couldn’t have predicted (Saitama not knowing the supermarket sale was on saturday, not sunday). We get introduced to a villain, there’s some boasting and showing offperhaps a little backstory to flesh out the situationGenos fights, but can’t quite win by himself, and then Saitama comes along to save the day. Perhaps it flirts with the possibility that maybe this will be the one time where Saitama will lose, but it’s always bound to end with a single punch, decimating the foe with little effort.

I feel like I’ve just explained every episode of One-Punch Man before I’ve even watched them.

Training vs Evolution:

I thought Doctor Genus (Namikawa Daisuke) was going to be a long-term villain, but it appears all his tricks have been shown in this one episode. He’s still alive, so he may make a comeback, but his story feels complete as is. His backstory at the start of the episode was quite amusing, mainly because of Saitama interrupting it before we could learn the whole story. As I mentioned last week, Saitama’s lack of interest in the background exposition works well here. It means that we get to learn more about the characters in a manner that seems forced and deliberate, before being cut off because our hero doesn’t give a damn. It’s just as amusing this week as it was last.

As expected, the fight sequence with Asura Rhino was fantastic. Genos provides a fair amount of blitz and glory before Saitama steps in, and I appreciate that we get to see two sides of combat. Genos does seem destined to lose his battles, but if that gives us plenty of brilliantly animated choreographed fights like this, then I can’t complain. Of course, everything builds up to Saitama’s final punch. He’s got the intimidation factor (which gave me Hunter x Hunter flashbacks) and we were teased right up until the last moment. His punches are satisfying, but it’s hard to look past the fact that it’s all part of the emerging formula.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Not to be a Debby Downer, but I didn’t love this episode. It’s entertaining and still one of the better shows this season (though it’s not the best, and not quite a masterpiece), but it’s difficult to discuss what happens without getting critical of the routine. A villain is introduced, we get some backstory, Genos loses his fight, Saitama finishes it off. I hope I’m proven wrong and there’s more to come in future episodes; there’s plenty of faces still to show up, so perhaps they will provide some variety.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/One-Punch%20Man/One-Punch%20Man%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2034.jpg
    Saitama is not only strong, but can also deliver a great punch line.

    Genos has learned from shonen anime cliches. If enemy hideout is a large tower or building, do not enter it. Destroy it, instead.

    Asura Rhino looks like EVA-01 on steroid.

      1. Yea, there’s no formula. No tricks or twists. The entire premise is already in the name of the show. Saitama will finish everything with OnePunch. He’ll just be taking everything by his own pace getting to that end since nothing ever really poses a threat to him. Just enjoy the ride.

  2. Fantastic episode. Kinda dissapointed that they covered only so much with this one. The last episodes covered about 4 chapters each, this one i think less, nevertheless a great episode in my opinion.
    But now i’m curious, what is the best anime in your opinion this season? cuz as far as i have seen, nothing comes even close to this one for me.

    1. Haikyuu!! Second Season was always going to be my favourite anime this season. Owarimonogatari and Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans are up there as well, and I’m intrigued by Concrete Revolutio. Oh, and both the big mysteries this season (Sakurako-san and Subete ga F ni Naru) show promise. For me, One-Punch man is around the same level of enjoyment as Osomatsu-san and Utawarerumono. It’s a funny season, because there’s a bunch of great titles, but a massive amount of mediocre ones. Still, quality over quantity.

  3. Episode 1: Introduce main character, punch a guy
    Episode 2: Introduce sidekick, punch a guy
    Episode 3: Develop dynamic between main character and sidekick, punch a guy

    Yes this is formulaic, but now we are at the point in the series where we get into the meat of the story. Besides, patterns or not, this series is a comedy first, and as a comedy are the jokes funny? Yes they are.

      1. Basically, the written form was different from the pronunciation. When all of that stuff was discovered it was written Thiere (same deal with Neaderthal/Neadertal). And there are laws in place that prevent renaming them officially. So since a lot of this stuff was named pre 1904 (when germany removed “Th” in favor of “T” in their alphabet) either form is correct. It was always pronounced “tiere” it was just not always written that way. England is the biggest culprit in still using the “TH” sound in the pronunciantion. And Japan loves to pretend it is just like england.

  4. I found myself predicting how everything would turn out a few minutes before it actually happened. There aren’t any big twists or revelations to keep me surprised: after three episodes I’m already familiar with the routine, which is both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, it’s good because the series itself is entertaining, and you know what to expect from it…I feel like I’ve just explained every episode of One-Punch Man before I’ve even watched them.

    Basically what I said even before the show premiered and reiterated later. The same general narrative structure again and again, arc after arc. Each time executed to great comedic effect and style, to be sure, but ultimately repetitive and predictable. Good overall, but certainly no second coming owing to this (Quite [critically] egregious] pitfall…

    1. And a lot has been saying its their AOTY. kek

      I personally thought that episode 3 was the weakest.

      And Genos bad ass routine went old fast for me. I was surprised. I thought it will make me hold on to the series until the end when I watched episode 2 last week.

  5. But it is first and foremost a comedy show, of course it’s playing all those routine for laughs, that’s a no-brainer, so for me it doesn’t make sense to complain about that, and even all that said i did quickly check the manga a year ago and i remember that things open up and as more characters, villains and routines are introduced, all great comedians had their signature routines like the Three Stooges or Charlie Chaplin and people still laugh at them till today even though they know those routines quite well, that’s how physical comedy works (word comedy on the other hands requires you to surprise the listener and subvert their expectations, and One-Punch has a dozen of those too, lines like “You turned Geno into a piece of modern art” was so hilarious and unexpected.

    Personally i’m enjoying the humor, the great action and animation as well as the character antic of both Saitama and Genos, i know the story is just there to facilitate all the comedy and epic action, so i don’t see any point in complaining constantly about repetition, it’s something that’s at the core of the series and won’t change that much even after they add more characters and bigger set-pieces, the problem here seems with your expectations rather than the show itself.

    IMO this is top-tier anime where the creators are clearly enjoying themselves immensely (something rare these days) and have a huge budget to spend from, so i plan to not let anything stop me me from enjoying Saitama’s epic hijinks (i.e if you keep complaining about repetition every post there will be little reason to check them, in fact you are committing the same thing you are complaining about .. and unlike the repetition in One-Punch-Man repetitious complaining isn’t funny or fun).

      1. It’s top tier with little doubt, there are very few shows that mix over the top richly animated action and slapstick witty comedy this well, all the elements are top notch, there isn’t one of them that’s cheaply or dishearteningly done … and if you are going to say the story, from the get go we know it’s isn’t the focus or the core of the series and even with that said it does open up later when more characters and organizations are introduced and generally improve in depth and complexity (will still leaving the main spotlight for the action and comedy).

        Heck, the character they will introduce in the next episode will really add a lot to the show with their antics.

  6. It’s more fun than I thought at first.

    Been finding out that “over powered” like many popular terms has been stretched into different meanings for different folks so I’m going to have to ask in the future which way it being use.

    The meaning to me not hearing it before was the character was too powerful compared to the opposition they were facing. And I find the meaning normally dead wrong. in example here One Punch man is not overpowered for the plot of this story, his god tier powers make the story work. This meaning used before the story is over is normally wrong as the hero’s power is scaled to the final boss. A earlier comment here use this meaning I think.

    But have learn some are using the term as a replacement for terms like supper powered, undefeatable hero, way better than a normal person or hero, overwhelming power, god tier and others I can’t come up with right now but open to suggestions.A earlier comment here use this meaning

  7. This show is comedic gold due to the supporting characters and the MC reacting to the world in which he lives in. The animation is good but the manga art is so beautifully done, unless you are making an anime movie, no anime series can really capture it fully. To predict a formula from one arc is very premature. He is One…Punch…Man. Once you accept that and the limitations that being only a OPM represents, I believe you can enjoy the series as it is.

  8. Haha, this post is pretentious as hell. Hunter-Wolf says what I wanted to convey well.
    Generic and formulaic are the anti-thesis of what One Punch Man stands for.
    I suggest you evolve to the kind of person that would stop thinking too deeply and critically about the specifics and enjoy the story as a whole.

    Why don’t you tackle it from a different perspective and join Saitama in trying to stave off boredom by wondering just when an opponent that would make Saitama have to go all out will come? That’s precisely what the series attempts to ask about what lies beyond the achievement of your goals.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Giorno Giovanna

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