「疾風刃雷」 (Shippuujinrai)
“Lightning Blade Speed”

Man, when it someone who isn’t prestigious going to appear?

Allekant Shenanigans

They say in any successful deal, both parties end up benefiting in some way or another. With the thought being you don’t want to slit the throats of the people who you may need in the future, it’s tough to say who’s really getting the better end of the Allekant-Seidoukan partnership. Sure, if anything comes to fruition it’ll probably be Seidoukan who has ownership of the weapon seeing how they’re handling 70% of the cost, but it makes you really wonder what Claudia and the higher ups have planned. Because as far as I’m concerned, if Ayato isn’t the one behind the plan, I’m willing to bet there’s an ulterior motive somewhere.

Good Guy Lester

As happy as I was to see Lester alive and kicking, I was extremely happy to see the big oaf express his gratitude to Ayato. While it might have been awkward for him to actually get the words out, you have to give him credit for keeping a straight face and not letting an ounce of blush leak out.

Also, Saya managed to come back to live as well! Nice to see the childhood friend make her return after such a long absence.

Camilla Pareto and Ernesta Kuhne

With two brilliant minds from Allekant showing up all of a sudden, it looks like the story isn’t afraid to introduce us to some of the bosses that are coming later down the road. With Camilla brewing up a storm with Saya and Ernesta pushing all the right buttons to fluster Ayato (and piss off every other girl in his harem), it feels like the two are going to be formidable opponents. Also, and this is a side note, but I loved Ernesta’s personality. Embodying the truly evil scientist who has a super cutesy exterior, there was something extremely appealing about all of her actions.

Looking Ahead (and Kirin)

With things moving along quickly, it looks like it’ll be time for some true battling within the next few weeks. While I would have liked more information about what Allekant has planned for the Festa, I’m sure we’ll find out whatever it is they’re up to when the time comes. Also, even though it felt like Kirin got a lot of screen time, nothing really happened! Besides showing Ayato capturing another girl into his posse, we didn’t really learn all that much about the Rank One of the academy. Hopefully she’ll get a lot more screen time next time we see her!

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week and I hope you had a great Halloween!

Takaii’s Notes:

  • Head hurts from too much fun. Will write notes next week.



  1. It’s good thing that Kirin(number 1) is not showed to have much flashy/OP ablity and weapon but relied more on her technique and skill. It also show that Ayato can’t just over-powered every opponent to win with out any skill even in his full power mode.

    The fight is interesting in that Ayato and Kirin’s swords didn’t make a contact at all during the fight.

  2. The interschool politics will be one of the story’s more interesting elements.

    Quick mention on school leadership:

    Every school has a different way of electing leaders. For example, the Allekant President Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Another good thing to note is that Julis is humble enough to openly admit that she’s not even one of THE strongest there is. Definitely very strong, but still quite fallible at the same time, though not easily, of course.

  4. Ginobi47
  5. https://randomc.net/image/Gakusen%20Toshi%20Asterisk/Gakusen%20Toshi%20Asterisk%20-%2005%20-%2004.jpg

    Truly, there’s nothing like an adorable, kickass loli with an awesome – but not oversized, mind you – chest to do my heart good. ;D *Nod Nod*


    But wait, you say, what about a braided kuudere loli with amusing reactions? You, sir, have an excellent point.


    And then, of course, there was this. Remember that epic sword battle at the end of that Bones original anime movie, Sword of the Stranger (which, if I might say, you should watch if you haven’t. The story’s not much, admittedly, but the fighting animation is gorgeous.)? Just pure sword skill against sword skill, no special abilities or anything of the sort. Just the kinda thing that gets your blood pumping, amirite?

    Fingers crossed that we get to see much, much more of this kinda action.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. Asterisk has world building & character interactions.
      Rakudai has a larger focus on character interactions.

      Personally though, Asterisk’s OP & ED combined is really nice to watch & listen to.

    2. Im also on the Cavalry > Asterisk side.

      IMO: Aside from the high quality artwork and over abundance of best lolis, Asterisk is third rate in every conceivable way.

      Cavalry is more or less the same, but it only has an ever so slight edge over Asterisk with its character interaction.

      Before I get downvoted to death, i would like to remind you that this is MY OPINION that both Cavalry and Asterisk are 3rd rate animes

      Never the less, I will watch them because I happen to enjoy 3rd rate animes

      1. …you know, I’m actually genuinely curious. I think that’s the third? fourth? time I’ve seen that exact statement from people who say they prefer Cavalry to Asterisk – that both are objectively bad, but something or other gives Cavalry the advantage. So I actually am wondering – what is it about both shows that supposedly make them ‘third rate’ to you?

        As for Cavalry v. Asterisk… to you, it’s ‘character interaction’, but I’m going to have to assume by that you mean the main couple romance, which yes, is handled surprisingly well for a magic battle LN. To me, though, so far a lot of the other interactions range from bland to something out of the more cringeworthy parts of Index, and many of the characters still basically have no reason to interact with each other beyond the main character. I have a simple test for this kind of thing – imagine the characters if the main character didn’t exist, and if the majority of them now either have no reason to interact with each other or are fundamentally completely different characters, then their ‘interactions’ are poor and/or they aren’t fleshed-out characters. Right now, Cavalry fails this test, and Asterisk passes it.

      2. My personal criteria of a third rate anime is when it has those elements that has been used to the point of over saturating the anime market.

        This are: highschool, harem, goody-two-shoes protagonists, highschool battle.

        FYI: I think highschool and highschool battle are completely different genres.

        The only thing that could possibly save these 3rd rate animes is their execution.

        A prime example of this is the Index series. Let’s face it, it has everything that gives anime a bad name, yet it has stood that test of time and achieved what stardom even if its running on the same formula as Asterisk and Cavalry. I dont know exactly how they did it, but the Index series has the mojo.

        Then lets go to the polar opposite of the Index series (aka animes that run on the same formula as Asterisk and Cavalry but is poorly executed which made it forgettable)

        Does anyone remember Isuca? If none of you dont, then I dont blame you.

        It has everything Asterisk and Cavalry has, yet its god forsakenly boring and atrociously bland.

        My point is simple. Its all about execution. Character interactions in these types of anime are second compare to how well the anime hooks the audience in with its battles/romance/comedy/whatever.

        In my opinion, the last big fight in Asterisk (the one with tons of puppets) pales in comparison to what Cavalry had to offer (Protagonist guy vs Coward archer dude).

        In terms of romance, Asterisk is going by the classic modus operandi of most harem animes (focus on this girl for the first few episodes then shove her in the backseat for the rest of the anime) while Cavalry did something unexpected and focused on 1 girl despite being a harem anime. I think its a very bold move considering the last one that tried it (Sword Art Online) ended up being lower than 3rd rate.

        For comedy, this is where Asterisk had the advantage. They sure know how to make me smile at the weirdest thing.

        For the Whatever category (which is pretty much whatever that doesnt fit on the others), I say Asterisk and Cavalry is pretty much equal in everything. Their artwork is top notch. Their music and osts are relatively high in quality. Their stories are average since both are still on the start of their run. Their character interactions are average.

        In conclusion, I find Cavalry slightly edging out over Asterisk because of their last big battle and the unexpected focus on one girl despite being a harem.

  6. Not sure if this has already been mentioned in previous episode reviews or by another commenter,
    but have you guys heard?
    Gakusen has a second season (aka split cour) confirmed for April 2016.

      1. If Silver Link can wrap up or cut Rakudai nicely with just one cour, why force a second season?

        And coming from their Fate/Kaleid adaptations, they could announce the second season on the last episode.

  7. I’m still rather lukewarm about this (and Cavalry as well for that matter), but I did like the fact that Ayato lost to Kirin. A bit unexpected given how OP he was when rescuing Julis. And also a bit confusing how OP he was when rescuing Julis. O.o Guess, those “puppets” are not that stronk (or Julis for that matter?). Having Saya back was also kind of fun.

    @Takaii: “… I loved Ernesta’s personality. Embodying the truly evil scientist who has a super cutesy exterior, there was something extremely appealing about all of her actions.”

    Eh, to each his/her own I guess because I found Ernesta kind of annoying. :<


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