“The Entrust Bones, Part 1”

「託された骨 前編」 (Takusareta Hone Zenpen)

A New Multi-Part Mystery:

This is a funny episode (and not in a comedic way), but I should start off by pointing out that this is set to be a multi-part mystery; it may be two episodes, like we had before, perhaps more. It’s impossible to know right now (unless you’ve read the source material) but because this episode doesn’t need to wrap everything up, what we got was once again set-up for a bigger mystery. Unfortunately, what is being built up has yet to be clarified, which resulted in this all feeling rather pointless.

I’ll admit, it was refreshing to have a change of scenery – this time focusing on Isozaki’s science classroom, and the festival going on around them. It’s nice to see Kougami and Isozaki once again, but I can’t but feel I would prefer those two to be the main characters of this series, and not Sakurako and Shoutarou. I liked them both at first, but I’ve quickly grown bored of Sakurako’s ridiculous deduction skills and her all-knowing, anti-social attitude. And Shoutarou… well, he hasn’t really done much. I’m fine with passive characters, but when all the supporting cast feel more flashed out and interesting than our main point-of-view, then we’ve got an issue. In comparison, Kougaki and Isozaki would be a much more fascinating pair to watch week-in, week-out. For one, neither is a secret genius who can solve the plot in a swift and convenient manner, but also their conflict in opinions and willingness to stick up for their beliefs would make for some emotionally stirring and impactful interactions. In comparison, our main duo feel too comfortable with one another that it’s all becoming very predictable.

However, Shoutarou did have one moment where he lashed out against Sakurako’s way of thinking. It could have been an impactful moment, but it just ended up feeling silly. Are we really supposed to be surprised that Sakurako would take the bones of her dead cat and display them on her mantlepiece? That seems completely in-character for her, and isn’t surprising in the slightest, especially once she explains that it was already dead in the first place, and didn’t suffer because of it. Yet still, Shoutarou reacts badly to the whole thing, which confuses me, even as I write this. Thankfully, there wasn’t too much drama made out of it, though by the glimpse at the end of the episode we may get more on the death of Sakurako’s cat and how it ties into this current story.

Delving Into Sakurako’s Past:

It seems like this is our oppertunity to delve into Sakurako’s past, after hinting at it from the very beginning. We’ve learned about her deceased younger brother, and the old woman that helps out at her home, who is getting namedropped more often than usual. Add in the fact that Sakurako’s terminally ill relative is related to the bones left in the school classroom, and it seems like we may have a potential mystery on our hands. I would say the human remains have something to do with all of this, but since they’ve gone to the police, it appears the cat skeleton is going to play an important role – the one thing that has me worried is how much of a story can we get out of Sakurako nicking a spare feline skeleton, and why does it really matter?

Overview – What’s Next?:

We got a few details and glimpses of the past, but the bigger picture is yet to reveal itself, which has me thinking this may end up a 3-part mystery. If that is the case, I hope things get more interesting with the next episode, because this one did little to inspire. Most of this felt like it was setting up the situation that would eventually set-up the mystery to come, which in the end doesn’t make for the most compelling episode.

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  1. I don’t think Shoutarou’s reaction is that surprising. Many pet owners view their pets as family, even children. The thought of doing a autopsy, then displaying the bones (which is a pretty gruesome process to “deflesh” them) is pretty disturbing to most even if they knew someone like Sakurako. We also don’t know how much Sakurako has opened up to Shoutarou about herself so far (likely very little it seems) so it’s not really normal or expected of her. The reaction was maybe a little harsh but a fairly normal reaction.

    Hopefully we as viewers as well as Shoutarou will get a little more of a look into what makes Sakurako tick.

    1. I’ll use my own experience as a ‘pet’ owner because yeah, that’s how it is.

      To me, Tazzie was a big part of my family. Sure, he was limited in his human speech to tell us what he wanted to say. Perhaps he also didn’t quite understand everything, but understood a lot more than I ever thought he would. He was a unique person that my dad brought home with us. And I’ll say this proudly like he told me several times. I’m his brother. And he’s my adopted brother from a different species mother. :p

      Now having said that, my reaction probably might be something similar or even more harsh what Shoutarou’s was. Especially since it is so close to Tazzie’s passing. When you love, you don’t want to see what you love desecrated. Which is what a lot of us would consider this to be.

      Dorian S.
    2. His reaction is surprising because he should know how Sakurako acts by now. I mean, we’ve seen ourselves how she acts when it comes to these things, and Shoutaro’s always been by her side during the previous cases. He shouldn’t be surprised. It’s honestly just kind of annoying, since he doesn’t seem to be learning. It’s almost like his character is being reset every single week.

    1. Exactly! This episode left me more than a little nonplussed, but it also definitely made me wonder just why we haven’t been told anything about how our main duo even met in the first place. An odd oversight.
      As for Shoutarou’s character….I sort of feel like he regressed a little. In the first episode (and even the second), he didn’t seem wishy-washy at all. Sure, he got flustered at Sakurako’s antics, but in a way that wasn’t beyond how most ‘normal’ people may react, plus it seemed tinged with whatever knowledge he had of her (i.e in a way he was used to it), and he clearly had a good head on his shoulders. But this episode seemed to undo all of that. It’s a bit disappointing.
      To be fair though, the very, very beginning of the episode (pre discovery-by-Isozaki)was perfectly fine. Just everything after that nonplussed me.

  2. things seem to take more ominous tone, from Shoutaro finding the door closed, to mention of “disembolvement” and unsolved case files and warning to Sakurako to “not do anything dangerous”

  3. Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if the death of Ulna had coincided with the death of her little brother. Either order around would work but I’m assuming the cat came just after the child. It could explain some things…not that I am entirely sure what those would be, exactly.

  4. Being anti-social myself, I quite like Sakurako’s attitude. I would agree that Shoutarou doesn’t seem that interesting and acts as a placeholder for the audience or something. They need to flesh out his character more.

  5. I really don’t know what was the point of the first half of this episode. It felt like it’s just there to ramble things which did not contribute for this week’s mystery. In addition, what’s with the weird tension between Shouta-rou and Sakurako-san? Are they lovers or something?

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