Episode 10:

Episode 00 (OVA):

“Unparalleled Peril, Road to Hero”

「かつてない程の危機、ロード・トゥ・ヒーロー」 (Katsute nai Hodo no Kiki, Roudo to~u Hirou)

Tatsumaki is the Greatest:

We’ve got a double dose of One-Punch Man this week! While this latest episode has the S-Class heroes getting ready to save the world, there’s also a prequel OVA focusing on Saitama (with a full head of hair) showing how he earned his iconic hero outfit.

I’ll start with episode 10, which was clearly the more epic of the two. The first few minutes alone were enough to put a smile on my face, confirming what I suspected a few episodes ago: Tatsumaki is the greatest. I’ve been told that she would be my favourite character, and lo and behold, she most definitely is. Not only is she an immense powerhouse with the ability to rain a meteor down on Earth whenever she wants, but she’s so friggin cute!

Yep, me loving a loli. Though, in truth, she’s 28 years old… so maybe that doesn’t technically count? Whatever the case, I was smitten with her throughout the whole episode. And as expected, Yuuki Aoi nails her voice, perfecting the balance between adorable and irritating. It could very easily have gone over that line, but the abundance of hilariously under-drawn reaction shots would have made up for that, if it were the case. She’s such a brat, but in an endearing way. I’m rather surprised by how much I like her as a character, but even if I didn’t, her being the strongest hero we’ve seen onscreen to date (bar Saitama) would be enough to want to see her in action. We got a taste of that in the beginning of this episode, though not enough! But damn, she looked friggin awesome with her coat just as she was let out into the open. What an epic introduction to an epic episode.

S-Class Heroes in Action:

I’m glad we’re now getting to see all (most) of the S-Class heroes. We’ve been introduced a couple over these past few weeks, but seeing them together and interacting with one another has me pumped to see what they deliver. It would take too long to name them all, but other than Tatsumaki I felt Atomic Samurai (Tsuda Kenjirou), Child Emperor (Takayama Minami), King (Yasumoto Hiroki), and Metal Bat (Hatano Wataru) stood out the most. Others that we’ve been introduced to before (like Silver Fang and Watchdog-man) were nice to see again, as we learned about Silver Fang’s rogue pupil, Garo, who went on a rampage and took out the rest of his best pupils. There was some emphasis put on this mystery character, so I suspect somewhere down the line he’ll make a return, likely as another villain for Saitama to best.

Speaking of Saitama, I loved how he was allowed in this meeting despite his rank, and how he asked for a cup of tea during the heated discussion. You gotta love him, especially when he’s the first one to go out and fight the newest villain who has decimated almost all of City A. Last week’s Sea King was plenty powerful, but these aliens seem like a whole other matter. Now that all the S-Class heroes are together, I can’t wait to see them in action. We got some slick sword slashes from Atomic Samurai, and some ominous words from King, but I suspect at the end of the day it will be Saitama who does most of the work. But will he get all the credit he deserves? No way, it’s never going to be that easy.

Before Saitama was a Hero:

As I mentioned above, the first One-Punch Man OVA got released this weekend with the latest manga volume – there’s set to be six more special episodes with each BD/DVD release, though I’ve read that they’re not going to be full-length episodes. Still, more One-Punch Man is always a good thing, so I thought why not make this a double post and kill two birds with one stone!

It’s amusing to compare these two episodes back-to-back, not only because Saitama has hair and isn’t the powerhouse that he is right now, but when you look at the villain(s) in this episode, it’s almost laughable. That’s not to put down this prequel episode, but the simple fact is this OVA was nowhere near as epic as the TV series has been to date. Thankfully, I appreciate having some down-time from all the insanity, instead focusing on Saitama before he became the hero he is today, watching him fight sparkly, petty villains who managed to make me giggle. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it rounds off with a rather touching moment – as Saitama is given his costume that he wears in the current story. Funnily enough, back then he was so embarrassed by it that he wore his track suit over it; thankfully he’s grew out of that habit in time to save the world.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Two very enjoyable, very different episodes. I appreciated the insight into Saitama’s past, even if he looks weird with a full head of hair. In the current story, the S-Class heroes have me looking forward for what’s to come – especially Tatsumaki. With only two episodes left, perhaps these baddies from outer space with serve as the final antagonists for this season. But… surely we’re going to get a second season of One-Punch Man down the line? We have to. We better!

Full-length images: 04, 10.


  1. tatsumaki is probably so young-looking because her psychic abilities involuntary slow down the degradation of the telomere’s on her chromosomes. Not to mention with the way she always uses her psychic powers to levitate, gravity doesnt effect her as much as other beings, making her age less (though the gravity part is less significant than the telomeres)

    1. Gravity would still have just as much effect on her. Psychic flight is simply another application of telekinesis. She’s picking herself up with her TK and moving herself around. She’s not negating the force of gravity, she’s just overcoming it.

      In fact, given her power level, she’s likely subjecting herself to quite a few gees in the process. Maybe she has some kind of subconscious “structural integrity” component to her TK to hold the cells of her body in place and absorb that damage. That might be what is stunting her growth, much like how wearing too-small shoes will over time cause your feet to conform to the shape of the shoes, rather than their natural shape.

      Besides, if she were counteracting the effects of gravity, she’d be taller than expected, since the growth of her body would have less resistance in the vertical direction.

      1. The fact that she is overcoming gravity with her psychic abilities doesnt necessarily dictate that gravity would affect her normally at all and her power level would actually indicate that she’s subjecting herself to less gravitational force not more. I was not trying to imply that she cancel’s out the effect of gravity, but that she overcomes it effortlessly, which would mean that gravity does not affect her in the way it would normal human beings (the resulting net force of overcoming gravity would be a potential gravitational force that is less than zero). But like i said, gravity is less significant towards tatsumaki’ stature. Her mini size once again has more to do with her cell division rather than gravity impeding her height, something that perhaps the level of her power does involuntarily. And no, gravity doesnt effect your height in the way you think it does. Perhaps you may be thinking about square-cube law, but that is exclusive of human growth. Gravity would at best affect tatsumaki’s bone density, which if we assume that gravity doesnt affect her as much, kinda has made her bones less dense

  2. They got Tatsumaki like.. spot on, like holy shit Aoi Yuuki portrays her so well. I re-watched the episode 3 times just to see the interaction b/w Tatsumaki and Saitama. (also I never knew she didn’t wear panties underneath that… dangerous.)

    Art of Kuma
    1. She’s wearing an invisible thong…..either that or her superpowers include not showing off her underwear despite her dress flapping in the wind as if there was a….tornado (pauses)

  3. https://randomc.net/image/One-Punch%20Man/One-Punch%20Man%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2033.jpg
    The King’s Engine is roaring!

    I’m pretty sure that MADHOUSE is saving their animation for epic final fight.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. “Saving” That souds like the animation so far was subpar, but if they really were “saving their animation” holy sh*t this is going to be another level of awesomeness.

    2. Seriously, this whole episode looks like teasing for manga readers. Garo and King remind us of what second season could be like, and Saitama’s and Tatsumaki’s interaction is mirrored by the current arc in ONE’s original webcomic (Tatsumaki fans will probably start begging not just for season 2, but for season 3 too).

  4. the “under-drawn reaction shots” is the original artwork of her character in webcomic 😀

    “urely we’re going to get a second season of One-Punch Man down the line?” Nope, cus it’s MadHouse, so unless someone other studio picks up the rights for it, this is the last OPM animated series (including OVAs) we will get. RIP No Game No Life.

    1. What is the origin of this meme? I mean it’s clearly not true, and yet people continue to throw it around for some reason. Death Note had 37 episodes, Black Lagoon got 2 seasons and an OVA, Hunter X Hunter got 148 episodes and a movie. Madhouse likes money just as any good company does. There’s no reason to believe they won’t make another season if the show’s a massive success. Which it has been thus far.

      1. It’s not a meme, it’s the truth people came up with because they had no other answer given to them. MadHouse simply stopped investing in sequels despite popularity of the initial series and demand for second seasons of shows. Madhouse simply moves on to next big thing repeatedly, granted 99% of shows they do are fucking awesome, but sequels they stopped doing since mid-ish 2005.

    1. Tatsumaki was the first superheroine that appeared in the manga, is a loli, a bossy tsundere, and she’s so far the strongest hero after Saitama. So many tropes for the fans.

      Let’s be happy that Madhouse arranged a cameo for Fubuki. Otherwise, anime only viewers wouldn’t know she exists at all.

  5. Ps. Samu got worked up over stereotypical macho gay guy previously, but didn’t even bother to mention the stereotypical macho bald black guy http://i.imgur.com/h4QQcTd.jpg

    It’s okay if are gay and someone makes fun of gays and you get protective, but try to do the same for other quite racist in this case stereotypes, or just don’t mention either at all next time.

    1. I actually considered bringing that up! But then I remembered what happened last time and thought the inevitable backlash wouldn’t have been worth it, as my perspective on the character would have been ignored/twisted, similar to last time, even if I explained that I liked the episode regardless (like I did with episode 8). Also, for the record I did find it offensive, just in case you were wondering.

      1. @Aubrey: I think there’s a big difference between a Japanese author creating a character based on a Japanese warrior that tends to have very little negative connotations attached to it (in fact they are the embodiment of self-discipline and having a sense of duty – nothing negative about that), and what we see from Puri Puri, for example.

        Of course there are stereotypes, but not all of them are as loaded as one another. As for Atomic Samurai, what can we tell about his character from this episode? We know he’s ranked 4th and he doesn’t like being called old – the fact that he’s a samurai ‘stereotype’ doesn’t define his entire character, whereas Puri Puri Prisoner’s routine so far seems to be based entirely around him being a walking, talking Gay Joke. 80% of the stuff that he says revolves around “pretty boys” and when he does get involved in the action, he strips naked. Also factor in the reason why he was jailed in the first place, because that’s arguably the worst part of all. His entire character is defined by his stereotype, unlike Atomic Samurai or Silver Fang; their stereotypes are used as a foundation to build characters that have more to them than being that single Thing.

        It would be ridiculous of me to say that character archetypes like that should never be used – even the Okama stereotype can (albeit rarely) be used in a way that shows there’s more to their character than making jokes out of their sexuality; take Bon Clay from One Piece as an example. He’s started off a one-note joke, but eventually became a brilliant character because him being an Okama no longer became his defining characteristic; instead it was his bond with Luffy and his willingness to sacrifice himself that became the more important part of his character.

        Also, If we’re talking about cultural context then I should mention that my original criticism of Puri Puri came from my general dislike for the Okama stereotype, which is exclusively a Japanese thing. And, as I mentioned, these sorts of stereotypes don’t usually come from a hateful place as they might in the West, but more because of ignorance, because Japan is a much more homogeneous country. As for Superalloy Blackluster, we didn’t see enough of his character or personality for me to discuss him at length; I don’t know how much of his character is defined by him being black, apart from his silly appearence. All I can say is first impressions weren’t remarkably positive.

        But as I said before, I didn’t want to get into another discussion like this. It almost seems like because I was offended by one stereotype, if I don’t equally bring up every other potentially offensive stereotype then I’m being unfair and my opinion is therefore invalid. I think that’s ridiculous. Especially since, as I pointed out, Puri Puri played a much larger role in episode 8 than the others did here, and there was enough to discuss based on what we had seen from his character. Other than that, I don’t intend to write about every character that I could possibly read as offensive. If I did I would be unable to enjoy any piece of fiction – whether it be One-Punch Man or anything else.

      2. @Aubrey

        There’s a huge difference when one’s own culture decides to parody themselves with stereotypes (because it’s actually informed), and when a culture stereotypes a different culture (it comes off as bigoted and superficial in its ignorance and appropriation, regardless of intent). To look at both equally because of your distance from either cultural context is where the PC culture divorces itself from practical realities and reasonable nuances (they can’t be considered or judged as the same because of context).

        Bamboo Blade Cat
    2. Actually, funny thing about him. Read the original (drawn by ONE) manga up to the point where you see Blackluster’s backstory, and you might see him a bit differently.

      Appearances can be deceiving.

    3. Interestingly, he was not always black… 😛 But I’ll say no more. In all fairness, though, a lot of the heroes in this series are caricatures meant to make fun of archetypes. For example, Silver Fang is a caricature of old Chinese martial arts masters. You’re only singling out the black dude because blacks have a rough, American history that you’re familiar with. Don’t take it so seriously.

      1. Truth. Since there wasn’t black slavery in Japan and historically there was a limited interaction due to geography I suspect that the stereotypical buffed black guy portrayal that exists in Japan comes from the international media, specially US media. And what is one of the things that’s a lot of black participation in media? Sports. Basketball, running, american football, olympics…

        Just a theory, though.

      2. @Grahav:

        Another influence could be the US military presence in Japan. There are a fair number of black men in the service, and quite a few of them are bald and muscular.

        It’s a moot point anyway, because he’s more a stereotype of the narcissistic musclehead. He just happens to be bald and dark skinned. If people want to see him as a racial stereotype, that’s on them.

      3. A African American (and more black than anything skin tone) who has made it big in Japan stated that it was nice that in Japan they hated all foreigners equally. No racism per say in Japan. And typical for the Japanese hate for foreigners is just until you prove your self interesting and successful and respect the culture. I have read that in Japan you can never be considered Japanese unless both your parents were Japanese but because of a twist in Japanese culture they can actually like you more than Japanese people if you impress them in some way.

        Seams to be a bit of self abuse in Japanese culture. After all they wipe themselves out in more than one anime leaving no or few Japanese in the story. Examples of the wipe out Attack on Titan (only a few), Legends of the Galactic Hero’s. It is interesting to me how many anime have no Japanese characters in them, many times only caucasians in the story. I think the lack of African stories is more lack of contact than discrimination, Japanese thanks to the colonial times focused on the cultures of the Colonial powers.

    4. Yep, every single one of the PPP crybabies were silent as a grave this time around. Double standards, much?

      “It’s okay to stereotype and make caricatures out of everyone else, but not for my special interest groups!”

    5. “But as I said before, I didn’t want to get into another discussion like this. It almost seems like because I was offended by one stereotype, if I don’t equally bring up every other potentially offensive stereotype then I’m being unfair and my opinion is therefore invalid. I think that’s ridiculous. Especially since, as I pointed out, Puri Puri played a much larger role in episode 8 than the others did here, and there was enough to discuss based on what we had seen from his character. Other than that, I don’t intend to write about every character that I could possibly read as offensive. If I did I would be unable to enjoy any piece of fiction – whether it be One-Punch Man or anything else.”

      Hopefully now you realize the utter absurdity that is being outraged at a funny cartoon character in a comedy full of blatant stereotypes that don’t actually hurt nor oppress anyone, because author-san isn’t as enlightened as you are.

      1. It’s not absurd to dislike a fictional character for personal reasons and frankly I also do not find Puri Puri a funny character, just grotesque. Let’s not be inconsiderate to someone giving their honest opinion.

      2. Expressing outrage over a fictional cartoon character because they don’t conform to your politics simply reflects poorly upon that person. It’s like they care more about the supposed politics a show may espouse, rather than how well it handles the craft of storytelling.

      3. I genuinely respect your views about Puri Puri’s character, but even if you don’t want to understand, you should respect Samu’s reasons for why he finds this character offensive, which are quite complex and more profound than you make them seem. It’s inconsiderate to dismiss others’ personal feelings as ‘absurd’ just because they don’t conform to yours.

  6. Tatsumaki is so much more amusing in animated/voiced form than in the manga.

    This anime is so spoiling. I remember how long it took for the manga to even get to this point. It took like a year for Saitama to even find Boros.

    I would love it if the anime reaches the end of the manga’s plot then starts animating everything in ONE’s webcomic style. Or if they just actually completely remade a version with completely ONE drawing style. Would be an awesome BD bonus.

    1. Not going to happen. Murata’s art style is just too good and too popular.

      Mob Psycho 100 is getting an anime adaptation, though. That should sate that stylistic desire of yours. ^_^

  7. At the start of the episode – “oh? wonder who this hooded figure is?”

    (eyes are drawn down to the legs)

    Yep, Tatsumaki. Dem fine legs can’t be anyone else’s.

    Goodwill Wright
  8. Godzilla meets loli…
    Wait why make such a serious face when you say you’ve got nothing else to do? (lol)
    I don’t know why “Detective Conan” came to my mind.
    Basically this OVA answers the question why he was kicked out from his old apartment building (ep. 7) and the origin of his hero suit.

    random viewer
  9. I was so excited by the new seiyuus that I had to watch this episode again. LOL I can’t believe pig kami is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke. Can’t wait to hear what he sounds like when he speaks. I actually thought Yuuki Aoi’s voice was too bratty sometimes (kinda close to the irritating side for my taste), although it was probably intentional given the character. Another surprise was finding out that Uchiyama Kouki voiced the monster (since during my first watch I thought it was Sakurai Takahiro using a different voice).

    Anyways can’t wait for more epicness! This show just keeps getting better.

  10. 99.8% of the city was destroyed in the surprised attack.
    So here’s some food for thought….
    Did they just indirectly kill of most of the not-so-recurring characters?
    Innocent civilian casualties are understood to be the majority,
    but I’m wondering about the fates of those like Mumen Rider and Sonic…

    1. That was just City A. There are at least 25 others…well, 23, not counting B or D, which are under reconstruction. Most of the heroes we’ve seen are based out of other cities. Though he’s there at Hero Association HQ now, Silver Fang is based out of City Z, for example. As is, I believe, Mumen Rider, though he gets around quite a bit.

      Besides, we’ve already seen that there are non-hero survivors. Surely some other nearby heroes survived.

  11. Even though Saitama is a bit arrogant, has poor teamwork and personal finance management skills, and has pupils the size of egg cells 99% of the time, I can’t bring myself to dislike him. Strange.

  12. After seeing that last image of ep 10…I’m having such a massive nerdgasm right now for the next two episodes. The anticipation…the battle…the baldness…and the incoming supreme epicness are just too much for me.

  13. I loved the hunour about the prediction and the seer. I knew immediately as
    soon as everyone was talking about ‘being ready in the next 6 months’ that
    that really meant NOW! And it was echoed by Saitama, which was generally
    ignored until the attack actually happened.

    Also, the further up the Hero ranking you go, the more dysfunctional the
    personalities become. The best joke was the writers trying to lure us in
    with thinking that Saitama is the odd man out in the meeting, but really, he
    fits the crowd like a hand in a glove.

    Saitama is the embodiment of a dysfunctional S-class hero!

    The series is my Sunday Anime highlight!

    1. I’ve had this eternal question in my head.

      King vs Saitama, what would happen? Technically Saitama have never won a duel against King to this point, King basically combo Saitama so hard that the mid air time is just ridiculous that Saitama gave up.

      But what if an unstoppable force (Saitama’s super move series) hits against another unstoppable force (King’s one time use *insert a very long name… *) blast wave, would the universe just cease to exist?

      1. That’s why she’s always so cranky around Saitama, who doesn’t care enough for her to torture. Doesn’t help that Saitama finds her less interesting than a timed sales brochure.

  14. No one has mentioned BLAST yet, This hasn’t shown up in the Manga or webcomic yet, but I’m pretty sure ONE is setting up Blast as a big joke, that Saitama is Blast but he doesn’t know it. When he decides to pull that joke out,(I’m pretty sure he will build it up for a LONG time) he’ll reveal all the times he “ignored” the summons and mistook it for like Jehovas’ witnesses/cult/MLM rcruitment scheme or something lol, it’s going to be epic.

      1. I think it is either , there aren’t any Blast or Blast is FAR from “Hero” I actually remember read about it in the manga the Heroes hunting arc ; the glass guy from hero association said that “He would call in “Blast” but he ask for a free reign (he can do whatever he wan) and it led me to believe that he/she might be either super clumsy (like a certain character from One manga) or Evil!

  15. that dinosaur king shouldn’t have said only meteors could kill him haha. anyway tatsumaki is great and the s class heroes are interesting and badass. madhouse give me season 2 or give me death!!!

  16. So no one talk about “dark angel rush” today, lol
    These heroes are so silly ; The Heroes HQ is so strong that it can withstand the blast of the airship and saitama just casually make a hole in it, yet these S class pleb notice nothing

    1. The “Dark Angel Rush” was pretty cool. Taking a tip from the enemy who has destroyed you and using it, great display of humility and effort to growth.

      A little detail, the marks that the prisioner left on the alien looked like the marks that hehimself received when comboed by the Sea King.


      “When was the last time you heard any character take revenge for the beautiful men that died?”
      -King of Lightning

      Whatever is your opinion of gays and of Puri Puri Prisioner, that ws pretty cool.

      1. I respect him as a hero ; his motive maybe somewhat questionable , but he mature alot in the upcoming arc ,he also take his hero job more seriously than wanting to get closer to some cute boys after this.

    2. The funny thing about him being a molester/ rapist of men is that he is self aware and conscious enough of his madness to put himself in jail so that he doesn’t attack innocent people, like some real life people that look for help before the weird thoughts take action.

      I ain’t kidding about that, therapists have to deal with people who have insistent thoughts of killing their families and other kinds of unsavory stuff.

      In the manga, it is also shown that he molests other criminals as punishment. While that is horrible (the manga itself states this) it is a very common line of thought on society.

      He is a pretty heroic dude who has a vice that he handles badly with the permission of culture.

      Then people ask why criminals are so pissed off when they live jail.

  17. Was great seeing Saitama treat the S-Class meeting like any typical meeting a salaryman would attend. Expecting to receive tea (which is typical in Japanese business meetings); but breaking seating arrangement/order (along with Genos who presumably wanted to sit right beside him).

  18. How do I say this? Probably I won’t comment that much as I am not fond of this OPM episode. I can still remember Geno’s boring back story done on purpose and it didn’t make me laugh. The same here, the satire regarding the meeting of S-Class heroes plus Saitama is way too dragged out in my taste. Oh well, let’s just enjoy the sakuga.

    On the positive side, the green haired loli made me chuckle.

  19. Havent seen the Ova as yet, but I intend to soon. This episode is the one I’ve been waiting for – or so it seems. Time for things to kick into action, plot wise. I love the humor and One Punch Man’s antics and Baka face, but I can’t wait to see what’s the real catch with this anime.
    As for the Esper (I believe that’s her hero name), she didn’t really move me. Maybe because I find her to be the only stereotypical character so far. I mean, in anime those female characters are kind of dime a dozen. Then again, the series just started, so maybe I should wait before saying that.
    Really though, I think the episode was solid, and lots of fun as usual. Really want OPM to start getting his shine though

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