「星と少年」 (Hoshi to Shounen)
“The Boy and the Planet”

I’m glad that’s over.

That’s Not Sougo

The opening scene of this episode was all right. It was idyllic but eerie, making it clear that the Sougo with Felia wasn’t the real Sougo, and lighting and the OST were both used to good effect, making fake-Sougo seem more menacing. I would have liked it if Felia had done something to crack the illusion, if she had been active instead of passive up until the villain’s composure cracked for no reason and she/it gave the game away. I also can’t believe that an ideal world exists, because I’ve become too cynical thanks to the harshness of reality. (A better world, sure, but not an ideal one.) Still, it wasn’t bad.

Then it was revealed that the other guardian was a magic space trilobite. Then it got worse.

That’s No Moon

I expect a certain amount of flexibility in my genre fiction. Sci-fi doesn’t have to align exactly with real world physics, and fantasy can do just about anything through the proper application of a good magic system. But this is too much. Basic physics weeps at this travesty. Two planets, if they’re this close to each other, will tear each other apart in a maelstrom of gravitational force, and this series hasn’t shown bullshit pseudo-magic enough to make that not happen. Even where the earth is at the end is probably too close, and by the way—the earth? Really? I’d almost praise that as a clever turn, and they didn’t belabor it too much, but what planet are they on? It isn’t Mars. Mars is 53% the size of earth. Maybe Gift is Venus in an alternate universe where that planet is less of an asshole, but all this just pulls me out of the narrative with a half-cocked attempt at a climate change/arrogance of humanity message, I’m assuming.

Look, I’m fine if you want to do some climate change fiction. Apparently cli-fi is a genre now, though that’s really just old-fashioned sci-fi with a new name. But it works better if you do that from the beginning, instead of springing it on us in a lame surprise in the final episode. And those planets should be both dead. And the damn villain is a magic trilobite. Gods!

The Battle For Sougo’s Soul

I do appreciate how Felia finally took action at the end, even if she was just as stupid about it as Sougo always was. Suuuure, just chase after the evil trilobite like an idiot, you’ll figure something out. Everything past that was classic Comet Lucifer idiocy, including how Felia beat the evil angel usurper with a stray lucifer crystal that it just forgot to absorb, because what else were they going to do? Let both planets perish and Sougo die? (I wish.)

Thanks For The Shitty Epilogue

Of course Kaon got paired off with Roman. There was almost no chemistry between them, but you just had to tie up the loose ends, didn’t you? I’d rather of seen Roman end up with Otto, instead of Otto becoming an astronaut to Roman’s Elon Musk. Though actually, I liked the astronaut thing, because it was stupid but still kind of nice for Otto, who didn’t suck much. (Ditto to Puck, since it fit him.) But Vee as a dairy farmer? Dairy farmers are cool, but she already had a job. And Gus cooking… Ugh. I need whiskey. I need an entire bottle of whiskey.

Final impressions below

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Gravity would have shaken those two planets apart. I kinda wish it had. Final impressions: Well, that was dumb #cometlucifer 12 END

Random thoughts:

  • During the opening scene, I was going to say, “Much like Return of the Sith, this could be the best episode, on account of all the ones before it being so bad.” Then we got to the magic trilobite. Nevermind.
  • Awww, Earth is alive again. Wait … where’d all the water and stuff come from?

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Final Impressions

No two ways around this, folks. This was bad. This series was baaaad. I’ve blogged some stinkers before, but this was perhaps the worst one. The first episode was okay. It was shaky after that. Then it got progressively worse, until it danced around at the bottom of the barrel like it was Gollum having a chat with itself. This is so bad I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, because it would just put them to sleep. It stinks worse than Pasadena. (Houstonians will get that one.)

I’m going to make these final impressions short, because there’s no use rehashing everything this series has done badly. We’d be here all day. There’s only one group I would suggest this series to: aspiring storytellers. The reason I continued blogging this after it became clear it was tripe was out of a twisted sense of pride, and because I perversely enjoyed tearing apart what exactly went wrong with this shitshow. In the same way that doctors learn more from a sick patient than a healthy one, storytellers can learn more from a bad story than from a good one. That’s because bad stories are usually bad in a few ways, whereas good stories can be good for all sorts of reasons. If you want to tell stories, especially if you want to do it for a living, you might get some value out of this show. Just be sure to file nearly everything it did under “How Not To Do It” in your mental filing cabinet.

For everyone else, if you haven’t suffered through it yet, don’t bother. Run away. This series is bad, and it should feel bad. I only hope the team and 8-bit who crapped out this monstrosity will learn from their (many) mistakes, and come back stronger next time.

To everyone who stuck with me through this travesty of a show, thank you. To everyone who watched it because I was still blogging it, I’m sorry. Someday I’ll learn when to give up. Hopefully before I end up like Sougo. Fuck me.


  1. so in the end sougo ended up back where he started…A bland ass protagonist…you know what? fuck calling him a protagonist…he went back to being the bland rock he always was. Yes, i have to place the adjective “bland” next to “rock” because regular rocks have more personality than this guy ever had…good god…just what happened to this series? and that wrap-up, yo that wrap up…it was almost like the writers were like “yup, we suck ass and there’s no way to hide to poo stains on our lips so here ya go, we couldnt think of anything else”

    1. I hung on to the end just because I was too stubborn to not see it to the end but that series peaked in the 1st episode and it was all downhill from there. The finale had more facepalm moments then any other series I can remember. What an awful series.

  2. I didn’t even notice the epilogue on the credits. I was reading some article on my phone, though I was doing that for much of the episode, to be honest.

    In the spirit of the new Star Wars that just came out, I believe that subheading should be changed to “that’s no moon”. Come to think of it, it would have been cooler if it were a Death Star.

  3. I dropped this after the first two or three episodes, but continued reading the posts. So glad I dropped this, but also glad you continued to blog it because it was really fun to read. And you sound like you had fun writing it, too.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had this adverse a reaction to an anime I watched through to the end before, but this show, holy freaking crap. They didn’t just scrape the bottom of the barrel, they crapped in it, threw it into a radioactive crater, and blew the whole thing up.

    I was one of the few people who kept watching out of slight respect because I thought the art style and animation was good, but that ending… I’m ashamed that series exists and I actually sat through it beginning to end.

    1. Actually, no. The problem with Fafner is that it takes a lot of pre-watching to catch up to the point we could watch Exodus, and none of our writers have done it. Even if this wouldn’t have been blogged, Fafner wouldn’t have, and not ’cause I (or the other writers) don’t believe it’s good. We just don’t have the time to watch all those extra episodes to catch up.

      That’s one of the difficulties of blogging anime as it airs. There’s intense pressure to keep up with the current season, which means the backlog just keeps growing.

      1. psst Stilts… I have a really killer suggestion… watch Fafner.

        Lol jokes I kid. Getting through Fafner may feel like one of the slowest things you’ll ever feel. Without being properly motivated, I doubt anyone would enjoy it. Although if you liked something like Knights of Sidonia, I could recommend Fafner. They are similar in quite a few ways, although unique enough in their own ways.

        On an end note, thanks for covering Comet Lucifer and taking one for the team. Stilts for Brownlow medal.

        Goodwill Wright
      2. Stilts are right, you need a lot pf pre-Wisdom to enjoy Fafner right now. I jumped into ep 25 to see if it still “my show”. This hole fighting and stuff was irritating me more as i could just enjoy the one way Slaughtering. Yes ONE WAY, the Enemy of the past became the Prey of the Present, so other forces take the Enemy Slot, but this was predictable like Hell…

        Well, short story. Fafner needs you to watch at last the previous Season to understand the flow of history

        also, this Island they have.. Nippon military in Fantasy World? allies that turn into enemy’s?.. See, i am confused

      3. Thanks for the response, didn’t mean it as a critique of you or this site.

        Sure Fafner is not the easiest anime to get into due to it’s length, and yeah the first half of Dead Aggressor can be a slog to get through (before the writer change), but once you get past that it becomes really great (not the best though, but still great), especially Exodus.

        And that’s the thing, many people are not aware of it because it’s not talked about often, especially in sites like these and others like ANN, and basically sweep it under the rug so to speak (a certain place I visit mentioned that Exodus would only interest Fafner fans “and no one else”), or basically ignore it or refuse to acknowledge it. Hell, even the lack of reviews and fan-subs is rather telling.

        And yet bad Mecha anime like Comet Lucifer and Heavy Object (whose only saving grace is the banter & character interactions) get the spotlight, while Fafner continues to languish in obscurity.

        So how exactly can an anime like this one gain fans/popularity if the places were it can be discussed/reviewed don’t talk about it?

        Sorry for the rant,it just that I find this situation rather jarring to say the least.

        Once again this not a personal attack, or an attack on this site (especially since this is one of my favorite review sites).

      4. Don’t forget that Fafner seems like to be quite the odd one. Unless it’s secretly like the 2nd most popular mecha anime in Japan after Gundam or something. Fafner has 2 full seasons, 1 OVA, and 1 film. More than what most animes get. So obviously something is telling Xebec that Fafner is a keeper. It would not surprise me if a 3rd season comes out in the next decade or even a film/OVA at least.

        I agree that it is disheartening when there is no one to share your passion for a certain anime. Hell, I was kinda beside myself when I saw that other people on this site had actually watched and followed Fafner. Kinda expected Stilts to pick it up due to some of his previous mecha coverages but as he said, it wouldn’t be fair going into it without any background knowledge and he simply doesn’t have the time to catch up. He made a good call too. Fafner Exodus is not something a new viewer can get into. They pretty much don’t do any recaps or flashbacks so you pretty much have to be up to scratch to even have a chance at watching it.

        And to be fair, he did/is catching up on Utawarerumono so he could blog Itsuwari no Kamen, another show I’d hope he’d cover this season which he thankfully did. So I’m thankful for that much and can’t really ask for more.

        Goodwill Wright
      5. Fafner is popular enough in Japan, but yeah the main reason is because it’s really good. Some fans get really upset because it doesn’t get the attention they believe it deserves, not in my case though. Fafner does fine in Japan, you know the market that matters, and even if I wish CR did a better work with the translation (there’s at least one glaring translation error every episode) It’s better than nothing.

        To Stilts: Man, you’re the greatest hero, and I totally agree with you in that the only people that should watch Comet Lucifer are aspiring writers. They will learn lots of “don’t’s” doing so.

      6. while Fafner continues to languish in obscurity

        Fanfer is very popular in Japan, its the west that doesn’t care about it. Look at the bright side, that means when Exodus gets dubbed and localized we won’t get overpriced BD sets like that exploitative Unlimited Blades Works set.

        I think what makes Fafner great is that its clearly a labor of love especially with its tight continuity. They brought back the same staff and cast of a series that aired TEN YEARS AGO to give the series a proper sendoff. And it has some fresh blood in it to, like getting Studio Orange (the guys who did Majestic Prince) to handle the CG to make great action sequences.

      7. I liked the sense of family in Fafner Exodus, every life matters, they mourn the loss of those dear to them as if they were their own. You can see that no matter what these people go through, they will somehow overcome it. I hope Xebec gives it another season, it has sold very well in Japan and they have to be happy with it.

      8. But yeah… Fafner is one of the best mecha anime that I watched. Pity that I can’t find a site where I can discuss the show alongside other fans. It’s basically ignored in reddit and indeed the barrier of entry given the first season, prequel OVA’s and movie prevents more potential fans.

        Honestly, I was only interested to watch Fafner because they share the same character designs as SEED. Season 1 mech was already dated when I watched it last year. Heck, even Vandread has a better mech design which was aired in the early 2000. But the story just got me hooked. Much more than Muv Luv Total Eclipse.

  5. I’ll give this show one point, that the design of Felia and Moura (mech form of course) was alright (personally I liked the design). Which makes me think that some guy designed the character as a one off poster or art, then tried to write a story around it and shoehorned everything else into it. Although Felia does remind of something you’d see from Aquarion, with all the feathery looking hair and stuff.

    Goodwill Wright
    1. Really? Felia looks like she was designed by an 11 year old who just found Deviant Art and wants to show off her ultra kawaii OC.

      It hurts me to consider that there are people who appreciate her character design.

      1. I agree with someone wanting to show off their ultra kawaii OC part, hell that’s probably how this anime even exists. But I don’t think it’s a bad character design. And I quite actually like it. It was the ONLY reason I started to watch this show (other than being categorized as mecha).

        When I saw the trailer, I could’ve been content if the anime was just about her, crystals, and a mecha. Like a single character story or something. Then I saw the official art showing the other characters and I was already shaking my head.

        And if Felia was designed by an 11 year, that 11 year old must be an art prodigy or something because working with that color palette is no easy task. Gotta have Shaft levels of imagination to make those work.

        Goodwill Wright
  6. I made it through all 12 the only thing for me that could have forgiven this show was if it was at least fun and it wasn’t it never knew what is was doing but I don’t regret watching it overall I give it a 3/10 and that’s only cuz it’s pretty at least

  7. Aw man, I’m going to miss this show. Or rather, I’m going to miss your rants, Stilts. Your posts never failed to make me laugh, and even brought back a dose of ol’ Guilty Crown nostalgia from Divine’s time (good times). And personally, I find watching certain bad shows to be an interesting experience in their own right; watching a show do everything wrong just makes you appreciate the shows that don’t cock it up even more. So y’know, stay positive!

    Still though, a magical space trilobite? I don’t even…

    And seeing Kaon end up with Roman, complete with kids no less, feels like I’m reading an NTR doujin or something. What a punch in the gut.

    I guess it says something when ‘rocks fall, everyone dies’ seems like the better ending.

    1. That’s true. Good means nothing without evil, and you need to watch some shit shows to truly appreciate the good ones. In that way, Comet Lucifer did us all a favor! Right? Right?


      *waits for the rocks to fall and kill the entire cast. They never do*

  8. Well Moura’s female form with thong was hot.

    And this show does not fall into my hate category like Gilgamesh (a diabolic en machina ending, in other words they pulled impossible turns of events and added unstoppable villains at the end just to make everything done pointless and kill everyone, on top of this shows errors)

    Arranged marriages work more often than love marriages so I actually had no problem with that.

    Yep a rushed jumble of things.

    My biggest advice to writers are twists are great but I have seen project after project fail because they must have decided we must have twist in the story. So I advise unless a good twist just comes to you don’t try to write a story with a twist just try to write a good story, there are many good stories without a twist so if you have a good story idea just use it don’t try to twist it.

    For the Japanese, stop trying to put giant robots in everything.

    That humans destroy the Earth hubris again. The meteor that distorted the dinosaurs was orders of magnitude more powerful than our total nuclear arsenal, heck the amount of sun power that hits the planet each day is orders of magnitude more powerful than our total nuclear arsenal. The Earth will be fine, humans may go extinct but the Earth will be fine recover all the damage and go on until the Sun eats it in its death phase all this assuming it survives the collision of the Milky-way and Andromeda galaxies in 2 billion plus years. And humans going extinct is very iffy, killing millions and millions of us yes but killing us all is a massive stretch.

    What was good, pretty backgrounds and pretty stuff all over.

    Thanks for the coverage Stilts.

  9. Alright, I’m pretty sure Donald Trump was the reason why our dear planet Earth died. He is the cause of this abomination of a plot.

    Jokes aside, I give it 3/10 too. The planets should have destroyed each other, and even if it hadn’t, I’m pretty sure that lots of people died (including Kaon and the others) because the Earth hit right into them.

    Also, time for evooolutioon!
    Your psycho kid has evolved into adult mass murderer! Hurray!

    Problem Child
  10. Atsushi Nakayama, what you’ve just directed is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in your rambling, incoherent anime were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational plot. Everyone in the viewership is now dumber for having watched it. I award you no BD sales, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  11. Gosh, where to start ‘blam’-ing this series episode…
    -The exposition in the middle of a (stopped) battle
    -The MC being content of being back to where he started
    -The only married couple in the epilogue
    -The ever increasing amount of spies
    -That random space cruiser (from that to regular rockets… *facepalm* x 2)

    Oh well, w/e. The fight itself was okay (sans the for-mentioned pause). I would still rate it VERY LOW in my mecha anime rankings for this year.
    ps.if anyone asks, I’m ranking it below Cross Ange (having very blant GS/GSD references keeps it up).

  12. The idea was fairly good, and the anime could have been great, but instead they butchered it and it went horribly bad… and unfortunatey never reached ‘so bad it’s good’ level.
    Honestly, the only character I liked in this clusterfuck was Moura.

    Weird D
  13. I laughed once the HQ turned into a spaceship and flew off to do, well, nothing. I then laughed harder once realizing the HQ-turn-spaceship is almost a perfect copy of the Bentusi’s ship from Homeworld 2. The rest of the episode never registered among the procrastination of whether to play some Homeworld or not.

    Without a doubt Comet Lucifer is a complete and utter disaster. Poorly thought out story, characters so flat they make a loli’s tits look defined, and enough heresy in astrophysics to get Newton rolling in his grave. Even Lance n Masques was better structured than Comet Lucifer, and all LnM had going for it was saccharine moe. What makes it all the more disappointing is how Comet Lucifer had all the pieces needed for a good show. Plot elements like the planet Earth, the actual antagonist in our black mech, and the history of Gift had lots of room to grow. Don Mon along with his war buddy showed character development could occur. The setting furthermore was unique enough to offer something different among the season’s offerings. Whether due to time constraints, writing skill, or something else, Comet Lucifer decided to not only look the gift horse in the mouth, but ram down its throat and get its head cleaved off. IMO the leading contender for train wreck/disappointment of the season.

    At least next season looks favourable for you Stilts, lots of fantasy incoming 😛

  14. I felt pretty lukewarm towards the show, but I certainly didn’t think it was terrible. As if often the case in the anime world, everyone either froths at the mouth or wrinkles their nose at a show while I’m either indifferent or mildly enjoy it.

  15. Dear Stilts, I really have to thank and commend you, despite how rubbish this show was, you stuck with it till the end and provided really amusing and entertaining blogs week after week. I gave up on this show after the first episode, but I returned to your reviews every week because they are brilliant. At least something came out of a mediocre show. Well done!

  16. So Kaon chose a real man with looks, money and personality rather than a pathetic self-insert nondescript guy for the ronery neckbeards? Good taste. She’s now happily married, rich and with an active sex life.

  17. what i wrote in ANN:

    It is not sad, that the Main Anime needs this Spin off to explain their Main Story?

    is the Future of anime, to hunt the backgrounds or pre story with google to enjoy the show? or DLC them somewhere else? or at the end of every Episode an Banner appear “please buy our Spin off Blu-ray nr. XX to get the rest of this!”. If Comet Lucifer was an test balloon to combine Aired Anime with selling Blu-ray’s as one piece to maximize the profit!!, then your greed destroyed the Story, no the entire Anime

  18. I never watched the series and I was planning on watching it at some point. However, the RC posts seems to say “DO NOT WATCH”.

    now here’s my question…. is it really THAT bad?

    1. Yes. They literally never give the MC a motive for his actions, and that’s the most tolerable mistake out of about 75 others, at least 3 of which might as well be recurring characters.

    2. What Aex said. It’s bad, man. It’s real bad.

      If you still want to watch it, by all means, just go in with your eyes open, and maybe you’ll enjoy it more (or dislike it less) than those of us who didn’t know.

    3. I just finished it myself, and my advice is to avoid it like the plague. No, avoid it like the plague turned into a zombie, and it’s coming after you to bite your genitals off and give you plague, AIDS and SARS.

  19. Did I miss half the fight, or something?
    Felia/Moura get the snot blasted out of them for 5 minutes, then….
    Felia breaks into black mecha, tells Sougo she loves him and……..credits roll?

    Kai Lord
    1. To repeat what I’ve said many times, don’t judge 8-bit by this. There are few studios that you can judge as entities in their own right—KyoAni, SHAFT, maybe a few others. For the rest of them, it’s all about the staff. The team is almost completely different from project to project—and in the case of A-1 Pictures, entirely different, with no consistent staff—so the name means almost nothing as an indicator of quality.

      Look at the staff instead. That’s why we talk about the staff in the season previews more than the studios. They’re only one piece of the puzzle, and not a very important one either.

      Besides, you shouldn’t judge an artist, even if that artist is a bunch of artists all gathered together in one company (though in this case, many of them are freelancers not tied to any specific organization). One bad product could be a fluke. It takes more to establish a pattern.

      That’s why I feel comfortable bashing the recent KyoAni for shitting out crappy semi-originals, because they’ve done it multiple times, whereas I don’t talk about nearly any other studios. They’re not consistent enough entities for it to be useful, and most haven’t established a solid pattern anyway.

      1. Well I guess you are right. Since I’m bad remembering names please give us a huge warning in the season previews to come if there’s a new show from the same heroes that brought us Sora no Method and Comet Lucifer. -_-;

  20. I’m not that far into the show, but it took me a couple of episodes to get into the show. I liked the adventure feel the show has, and that the main character doesn’t pilot that machine thing(No idea if that changes..). It also had some likable comedy with that little rock thing when there’s nothing serious going on.

    Sure it has its flaws, but it does have some heart.

  21. I appreciate your near sense of duty when it comes to suffering through shows that show potential but fail horribly to take upon that challenge. Guilty Crown, Genei… God, I don’t know how you do it Stilts.

    I’ve gotta ask, as someone who didn’t bother with this but did bother with Daybreak, which is worse in the ‘dissatisfaction’ department?

    1. For me, Gen’ei was more disappointing. I thought that was going to be a sleeper, and was legitimately excited early on, but it slowly ground me down with one disappointing turn after another. With this, it became clear fairly rapidly that it was tripe, so I took it upon myself to diagnose its diseases for the future benefit of mankind rather than hope for its survival.

      Enjoyment is often a function of expectation. That’s the case here.

  22. Having seen synopses of what happened in the rest of this show since I stopped watching it (which is something I rarely outright do)… I truly feel watching Aquarion Logos instead was a great decision.

    …let that sink in a moment, because while Aquarion Logos got better in its last half, it’s still very much an Aquarion in terms of the level of its writing.

  23. Just finished episode 10, a few thoughts.

    – I liked the 360 view Sogo had when piloting Moura
    – Moura is probably my fav character, maybe Roman
    – Gosh these characters are really one dimensional
    – I didn’t care much about what happened to Do Mon as he wasn’t really developed.

    Anyway, although the story and overall premise of the show are very basic, I still kinda like it. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it anyway. I can see now why the show has so many people disliking it. If you’re after a story that makes you think and character development it really isn’t there. But if you just want something that doesn’t make you think, this show is it lol.

  24. I lost interest when it became apparent Sougo won’t end up with his childhood friend who seems to compensate for what he lacks and completely lost interest when important (to the main character) people were being murdered. I still have no clue why his uncle was murdered and what the link with the other guys is with Felia.

  25. After finishing Episode 11, I think I’ll have to change my opinion to dislike, the writing in this episode was absolutely horrendous. Too many conveniences, and implausibility’s.


    – Honeybee turning up to rescue them from absolutely no where.
    – Felia and Sogo being rescued by soldier guy inside the building when he spent the entirety of the series hunting Felia, they made it unbelievable that he would betray the army.
    – Roman and co seemingly dodging bullets on their mecha, not being killed and conveniently destroying the one thing keeping Moura from transforming at just the right time.
    – Black mecha woman kidnaping Felia, taking her to the old guy, and then killing the old guy for absolutely no reason and telling them “her plan”, with just one episode left.

    It seemed like for the entirety of this episode, whenever they would get into danger they would pull a random solution out of nowhere with absolutely no build up or anything.

  26. I think Gift really was Venus. If you look at the picture of the rockets behind Roman in his epilogue screenshot you can see that the rockets are leaving Gift and heading towards Earth, then behind Earth you can see Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and so on.

    1. It either has to be Venus or a completely fictional planet, because Venus is the only planet that’s roughly the same size as Earth. But it’d have to be a seriously alternate universe regardless, because I can’t imagine a humanity that’s skilled enough to terraform Venus but exhibits the technological level Comet Lucifer displays.

    2. Could it also be Mercure? the innerst Planet of our Sun system, but even if they succeed to create an Human Colony there, only deep deep under the Surface.. but i bet even there the Sun radiation is still to strong

      1. or, this is the Reason why Mars has this deep scar on this Surface, and Planet scratched mars and what remains of it is now the Copernicus Belt.. Well the Asteroid rings between Earth and Mars, or like our creating of the Moon, this Asteroids are lost parts of the Previous Mars, never had a change to build an new one like our Moon


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