“The Strongest Hero”

「強のヒーロー」 (Saikyou no Hirou)

Epic, Bombastic Action:

Where do I begin with an episode like this? Anime only viewers (like myself) were being promised rivers of gold by manga fans building it up, who I imagine were secretly praying their expectations would be matched. Madhouse have delivered throughout this adaptation, but this final episode was always going to have the highest expectations. The Sea King arc had some emotionally stirring moments, and the past two episodes of this Boros arc had plenty of sakuga action, but it wasn’t as magnificent as I was hoping it to be. It was still epic, but you could tell they were stretching the previous episode out to make room for the promise of an epic, bombastic finale. In a way, it could have gone wrong, but thankfully it did not. In fact, you could say that One-Punch Man saved the best for last with this one.

The first twelve minutes of this episode was constant, electric, explosive, outrageous, colourful, mind-boggling action. Rarely halting, we were thrown back into the fight without time to catch a breath, as the OP played throughout Saitama and Boros’s epic showdown. However, back on the ground, we managed to wrap up the fight with the S-Class heroes. Frankly, they disappointed me last week, but this time around they delivered a swift victory that almost makes up for their previous incompetence. And as expected, Tatsumaki was the just as awesome in this episode as she was last. She has an incredibly powerful ability that never fails to impress; but if there’s one negative with her, it’s that every other hero pales in comparison. No one else (bar Mumen Rider, of course) has blown me away or displayed why they deserve the rank of S-Class. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but to me One-Punch Man is the Saitama and Tatsumika show, which is good for me because they’re my two favourite characters! Poor Genos is fun and likeable, but he’s nothing more than an appetiser for the main dish of epic.

I could throw out five-hundred adjectives to try to capture how brilliant this final episode was, but all I’ll say is that it was one of the best fights I’ve seen in anime. Every blow, kick, explosion, and eruption had impact; the camera never seemed to stop moving as Saitama and Boros blitzed through the air (and space) in the most epic fashion possible. I could not have asked for a better finish to this series, which has consistently impressed with its animation. This goes to show you that not everything is because of a ‘budget’. Good work comes from those who care and who are dedicated to their craft. Animation is strenuous work, so I have to thank every single animator who worked on this: from the animation directors, key animators, all the way to the underpaid inbetweeners. They should all be proud of themselves, because they’ve delivered a sublime production that has blown everyone away, even when expectations were already ridiculously high.

Aftermath of Destruction:

I’m glad this battle didn’t end with one punch, but with several. Just like Saitama, I’m thrilled at the prospect of him facing a real challenge. We saw that back in his dream sequence in the first episode, but since then he’s destroyed his opponents with very little effort. Here, however, he actually had to try. Mind you, his injuries were practically non-existent, which is even more amusing once you consider the fact he went out into space and simply held his breath. Of course, it’s not realistic in the slightest, but it’s so out there that it works, and I got a chuckle from it.

After the battle ended and Saitama walked away in an epic fashion (which is likely how Genos always sees him), we get a chance to wrap up after all that destruction. City A is gone, but there are glimmers of hopes and promises of bad things on the horizon. Metal Knight is being presented as a potential threat, which isn’t too surprising. We still don’t know his full story, but I expect he’ll get his own arc at some point. Sweet Mask also made an appearance and came across more intimidating than most of the S-Class heroes combined. I wasn’t too keen on him before, but after this episode I quite like him. He’s obsessed with ‘justice‘ and there’s obviously something villainous about him, but he’s certainly one to watch.

Going by Sweet Mask’s words, it seems he’s only staying at A-Class in order to prevent weaklings from rising above him; in a way, he’s controlling who gets to rise to the top, but it appears he (and I alike) is disappointed with what the S-class delivered in this fight. Perhaps I’m not meant to sympathise with him at all, but I have to admit, I do agree with him. Bar Saitama and Tatsumaki, everyone else has been a let down in some manner. Perhaps this is ONE’s way of acknowledging that, but I can’t be sure. All I know is after this encounter I have more interest in Sweet Mask than I originally thought possible.

Overview – Final Impressions:

Ah, One-Punch Man. It’s gone by so quickly, but what a roller coaster it has been. My experience with this series wasn’t what I expected; I really enjoyed the first episode, and thought Saitama was a promising lead. But, as you will know, the next few episodes failed to excite me as much. In fact, I was becoming more and more disappointed with what we were getting. It was all getting a bit similar, and I was worried I wouldn’t get much enjoyment out of a series that everyone else seemed to be loving. Thankfully, the Hero Association was properly introduced and everything just clicked. With the introduction of stronger, more credible foes, and the opportunity to highlight heroes other than Saitama, I begun to truly appreciate what I was getting.

Saitama is awesome, but I would like him to face even more challenges. We’re still only one cour into an ongoing manga (and web comic), but the more he has to push himself, and punch his opponents, the better. Genos is incredibly likeable, and serves as a competent sidekick, and has banter with Saitama feels just right. But as far as fights go, he’s a failure. That may seem harsh, but he exists solely to build up his enemies in order for Saitama to arrive and deal with the final blow. In a way it is disappointing, but at least Genos gives us some flashy sakuga whenever he’s involved. As for everyone else, I’ve already said my piece, but Tatsumaki and Sweet Mask are easily the most respectable and fascinating heroes (and let’s not forget Mumen Rider, the one true hero). Tatsumaki is hardly taken seriously by her peers, yet her power is undeniable. Sweet Mask has me intrigued to see where his sense of justice will take the Hero Association in the future.

I say ‘in the future’, because I know there must be more One-Punch Man. Sales are solid, and the popularity is undeniable. I’ve heard that there may not be enough source material (at least in the manga) to adapt another cour, so if it means we need to wait another year or so for that time to come, I think our patience will pay off in the end. We ended here on a perfect note – the resolution to the Boros arc was epically satisfying, and it seems like the Hero Association will learn from the loss of City A. Also, Saitama has gone back to his One Punch Man ways, defeating opponents with a single blow. He wants a proper fight, and so do I. Hopefully we shall see what happens down the line.

One-Punch Man has served as an epic adaptation of an already acclaimed manga, that perhaps even exceeded expectations. I wouldn’t say it was the best of the year, but it’s certainly up there was the most defining and memorable action anime of not just this year, but of many years before it.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Kanashimi Tachi Wo Dakishimete」 (悲しみたちを抱きしめて) by Moriguchi Hiroko


    1. Sadly there’s not enough material for season 2, unless they use some of the bonus stuff they skipped this season, but it’d be a stretch. I’d take some “filler Saitama stories” though!

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. The manga may not, but the manga is actually following the webcomic. The webcomic does currently have enough content for a second season (104 chapters). The creator, ONE, is actually working on the second season right now, though when and if it’ll occur is still up in the air.

        Dorian S.
  1. This show is everything I hoped it would be as a person who absolutely adored the manga. I’m missing this show already. Saitama and the gang can’t return to our screens soon enough.

  2. Remember when we saw new characters appear for a second with the promise that they’ll return? ….. yeeeah. ;____;

    Really!? You know, your EARS also need to be plugged too if you want to keep all your oxygen inside on the moon! Not to mention you’d die anyway without a suit even if you do plug your nose and mouth.

      1. LOL, he never said you can’t argue starrs. Just he makes a fantastic point in that by this point in the series, complaining about realism is odd. You could write a really reaaaaaally long list of stuff that isn’t possible in reality in this show. But that’s the fun of it, it’s over the top crazy fun.

    1. He also survived all of those Boros’ attacks, including ones that pretty much can demolish practically a city. There’s no point in arguing realistic representation in OPM and just about every other action anime.

      Trap Master
    2. Saitama holding his breath was supposed to be pure comedy, notice he only attempts to hold his breath after he had already been in space, which should be impossible for obvious reasons. It is quite possible he didn’t even need the air, he just thought he did.

    3. I’m fairly certain Saitama’s passed some sort of metaphysical boundary – he’s attached to the idea that he’s still human, when for all practical purposes he’s a living god. He seems to have demonstrated that he’s invulnerable to just about any sort of trauma, subtle or otherwise, that would kill a human. At least, from the level of what he’s faced so far… and Boros might as well be a god in his own right, which speaks volumes of Saitama’s absurd strength.

    4. Let’s see… The things that happen in space that hurt people…

      1. Cold. Really think that’s going to bug him? Saitama tanks.
      2. Radiation. Please. We’ve seen him ignore harder radiation. Saitama tanks.
      3. Vacuum/bodily overpressure. The guy was just kicked into the moon at how high a velocity, and you’re wondering if his eardrums will be all right because of a little vacuum? Saitama tanks.

      4. Lack of oxygen. Saitama holds his breath. For complaints, see #3.

  3. Samu, funny you mentioned Saitama’s dream sequence. Madhouse put in several cues in the Boros fight that paralleled Saitama’s dream. For example, the music and Boros running towards Saitama after he returns from the moon, and the heartbeat frame right before Boros fires the final cannon attack. Pretty nice touch and cool way of drawing a parallel between Saitama and Boros.

    Another nice bookend: the post – credits scene almost mirrors the purple Piccolo fight from ep 1.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/One-Punch%20Man/One-Punch%20Man%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2008.jpg
    After seeing Master Roshi or Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, it is no shock to see muscular senior citizens. As expected of a hero version of Zeno Zoldyck.

    Behold, the future of ikkaku madarame when he becomes too strong and becomes a hero; then he later complains he is back to one punch victors lol. This is the only time I have ever seen a bald character made himself into such an awesome main character.

    Mangekyō Sharingan?
    Anyway, if there is a handsome good character like Makoto Sunakawa (ore monogatari) then I am all ears. Well, it has always been an anime tradition for handsome movie stars to be either a jerk or an exceptionally arrogant stuck-up………I wonder if he is like this, looking down on the S class guys, because he was attacked by Puripuri Angle.

    But seriously, “Sweet Mask”? I kinda wonder if Akainu got some surgery, absolute justice is never likable.

    He was on the moon but he didn’t take a single moon work with him………………… I wondered if it ever occurred to our hero in how much moon rocks are worth.

    I was hoping to see more of Child Emperor. Practically an anime good guy version of teen titan’s Gizmo, the unlikable bald kid.

    Mmmm. She is older than our dear Cyborg? What are the chances that Saitama will attract a legal loli.

    On the side note
    I will make a wild guess they are related. They have the same dress and green features.

    Anyway, this has been a great anime. Though this is my reaction that the anime ended.

    1. “He was on the moon but he didn’t take a single moon work with him………………… I wondered if it ever occurred to our hero in how much moon rocks are worth.”

      Fun fact: there is a special chapter in the manga about that.

  5. Don’t think Saitama will ever have truly difficult fighting opponents (for him anyway), since he is the One Punch man.

    But I do enjoy seeing his day to day struggles, in handling his bills, handling his sales, handling his housing situations, dealing with the day to day people he rescued and their day to day woes, coming out of his shell to interact with new found friends (and calling them acquaintances because he is still unsure why anyone would want to be friends with boring old unmotivated and unsuccessful Saitama).

    Genos will unfortunately always be losing limbs and all. But boy did get stronger later. And always the perfect 2nd person a two men comedic act.

    Here is hope Madhouse will actually do a season 2 this time. And that ONE updates someday. Please pretty please.

    1. That would be shame if Saitama never finds someone that strong. Not only because it would be awesome for us to see, but because I’m sure it would make him feel more content. Hopefully some day!

      1. He never will find anyone as strong as him going by how ONE things of Saitama, you will entire planet implode on itself and Saitama’s living on Mars before you see him fighting someone equally outside of his dreams or flashbacks.

  6. “You are too strong…Saitama” – Boros

    Saitama is sad when he walks away victorious. This incredibly tough opponent, who allegedly traveled the universe in search of a challenge and found none, was no challenge at all for our protagonist.

    Saitama became a hero because he needs a good fight. What must he do to find it? Will his desire one day set him on the same path as Boros? He’s too strong for his own good — Boros said it, and Saitama knows it.

    1. Sweet Mask talks exactly like the jerk guy from the Sea King episode.

      They are right, however what exactly S-Class, Licenless Rider and other heroes can do when absolute doom comes from space but to pull their own miracles/haxes that are Tatsumaki and Saitama?

      1. Sweet Mask can only open his mouth and spew crap like that because he’s never there when things get serious. He’s always “too busy”. You’d think if justice was so important to him he’d make time, but nope, got a movie to promote or another scene to shoot, and won’t move up to S-rank so he never gets the big calls, yet still criticizes the aftermath. Hypocrite. Probably knows he could never do better and doesn’t want to have to face that fact.

  7. Surprisingly I was also cheering for Boros in that fight, simply because he was fighting one handed and clearly he was giving his all in beating Saitama. Unfortunately though, also according to Boros, he never stood a chance. Honestly I was hoping Saitama would finally get recognition for beating that guy but it just wouldn’t be the same since Saitama doesn’t crave for any. It did tick me off a bit when Tornado started insulting him since all that mattered to her was ranks. To heck with ranks, Saitama doesn’t need one to prove he’s got the heart of a hero. The only one who can rival his heroism for me is Mumen Rider and Genos. Kinda wished there was more Fubuki screen time too.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I’m pretty sure Tatsumaki had a hunch that Saitama defeated Boros, since when the ship started shifting, she kinda looked confused, and it looked like she was inspecting the ship after to try to confirm her hunch. I’m pretty sure she was just pissed that Saitama was ignoring her.

      Trap Master
  8. That fight blew all the other fight into space! (ok i’ll excuse myself)

    But the final episode was definitely epic and it ended on a really awesome note. Really hoping for S2, but we’ll see. (Also, we need more Tatsumaki and Saitama interactions. not enough this season)

    Trap Master
  9. Sweet Mask also made an appearance and came across more intimidating than most of the S-Class heroes combined. I wasn’t too keen on him before, but after this episode I quite like him. He’s obsessed with ‘justice‘ and there’s obviously something villainous about him, but he’s certainly one to watch.

    Please, nooooo. If anything, I really don’t look forward to another too-obsessed-with-his/her-beliefs-to-see-reason character. Best example (or worst?) I remember is Kana Hanazawa’s Justice-chan character from Akame ga Kill.
    (and that terrible, cruel, dog).

  10. what a sakuga bonanza this was; can someone confirm if yutaka nakamura was involved in the sequence in which boros kneed saitama to the moon. The whole sequence of him flying up to him to give him the knee of justice sort of resembled Yukamara’s style. Yutapon’s animation style has evolved over the years and now he tends to combine his more choreographed Holly-wood-esque scenes with more surreal style animation

  11. That was the most gar thing I’ve seen since TTGL! I loved every second of this episode, it really exemplified the style of over the top fighting that made shoes like DBZ and Jojo so great!

    Doctor Hochmeister
  12. I’m glad this battle didn’t end with one punch, but with several. Just like Saitama, I’m thrilled at the prospect of him facing a real challenge. We saw that back in his dream sequence in the first episode, but since then he’s destroyed his opponents with very little effort. Here, however, he actually had to try. Mind you, his injuries were practically non-existent, which is even more amusing once you consider the fact he went out into space and simply held his breath. Of course, it’s not realistic in the slightest, but it’s so out there that it works, and I got a chuckle from it.

    Were you even listening? Were you even watching Saitama’s deadpan face throughout the episode. This was never a fight, much less a challenge. He didn’t HAVE to do anything. He only used his serious punch out of respect for Boros. He could just have easily tanked the attack, although that would have annihilated humanity along with the earth.

    As for the moon scene, kudos to the studio for cutting the sound out of respect for physics, but they also cut out Saitama’s monologue. He looked around, saw that he was in space, and thought “Oh crap! I’m in space! Will holding my breath do?” In other words, he only held his breath because he THOUGHT he had to. Not because he was incapable of surviving.

    1. I took Saitama’s deadpan face as a response to all that Boros was spewing out, and not because Saitama wasn’t challenged. There were a few moments where he made surprised or (at the very least) content expressions during the fight. Of course he was going to win, but I was just pointing out that this is the most effort (and time) we’ve seen Saitama put into a single fight. Not only that, but his dream in episode 1 makes it obvious that he wants to fight someone as strong as him, or perhaps stronger. That wasn’t what Boros was, but he made him put in more effort than any other opponent could this season. Saitama even admitted he was the strongest he’d faced so far.

      Also, I wasn’t attempting to nitpick the space scene. I thought it was funny, and removing that dialogue was a smart choice because it fit with the scene and showed us what Saitama was thinking through his actions.

  13. Definitely an epic finale for one epic and damn fine action/comedy anime series, i’d recommend everyone who can to buy the DVDs or Blurays if they can so there is a higher chance of a 2nd season, i will do so when they come out.

    As for the interesting hint we got here, Metal Knight seems to be the one robot (we know is remotely controlled) Genos was looking for all this time since episode 1, this is a big reveal, that an S class hero caused such destruction and killed the family of Genos (probably a weapon test gone wrong, worse if it was an intentional test to see how destructive his weapons are on the expense of people), if there is a 2nd season i’m quite eager to see how this will play out, does the Hero association turn a blind eye to the crimes of Metal Knight just because he is useful to the association or there is something else!!?

    Anyways, i already miss this series and while the OVAs will help alleviate that it won’t be enough, hope they start making season two soon and/or at least announce an estimated release date in the future (it’s kind the Attack on Titan situation again).

  14. I don’t see the fascination with Sweet Mask, he’s just a powerful arrogant psycho serial killer hiding behind the camera. He’s not even an opponent pure enough to be one punched. I find Hammerhead’s goals to be more relate-able to be a villain.

    Now we just gotta wait a very long time for Garou to lay down the punishment on these fake heroes.

  15. saitama autism face when boros is using his full force on him T___T really kill the mood of a epic battle and it turn into a bullshit joke
    madhouse done great work in the animaton and effect but one joke man, make that any character seen a jobber, in overal opm was the same crap in each episode until end

    1. Do you even understand that was the whole point? If you watched this until the last episode without even getting the jokes at all then well yeah I’m sorry to say you’re wasting your time, it just simply means it’s not your cup of tea, you should have bailed out way earlier lol

  16. Best episode of the season thanks to the awesome animation. Loved the parallels between Boros and Saitama’s dream in episode 1.
    And that end credits scene cracked me up so bad my sides hurt.

  17. I would like to ask one thing of which I am very curious, can someone please tell me how seriously was saitama fighting against boros?

    Did he really used his final move?

    How much strength did he used? 50%? 70%?

    Sins II
    1. I’d say Saitama did the equivalent of a jog for that fight but not a flat out run, if that makes sense. Any time he pulls out a “serious” move he’s actually putting in some effort, but to my knowledge no one’s ever seen him be super-serious except in his dreams. (Ooh, I wonder if he has super-serious moves.)

      1. I see, I wasn’t sure how serious he was and there were actually moments when he looked very very seriously (like when he shuts boros up for instance).

        So that last punch wasn’t actually saitama’s absolutely final move! I’m glad it wasn’t, would be a bummer if he’d show something like that so soon.

        By the way, Saitama’s respect to his opponent was amazing! He emphasized with boros and didn’t want to crush him or anything, and lied to him trying to make him think the fight was hard for him, so cool and altruistic of him!

        Sins II
    2. To me, it seemed for most of the battle Saitama was allowing Boros to display the strength he talked about to see if he was on his level. You could say that was him not being serious, but the way he didn’t just one punch him with a “Serious punch” from the start suggests Saitama at least acknowledges his strength, even if he wasn’t on his level.

  18. Tatsumaki is hardly taken seriously by her peers

    I’d argue that she’s taken plenty serious by the Association and her fellow S-class heroes. Silverfang talks straight to her and the lower S heroes are afraid of her. It’s basically Saitama, and by extension Genos with Saitama, that gets her riled up, mostly because of the running gag where they talk around her. It’s doubly funny because Tatsumaki looks down on the one hero that has no reason to fear her (well, maybe outside of Rank 1, but no one’s seen him).

    Warning! Way future webcomic spoiler:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. This actually says less about the S Class heroes and more about how freakishly strong Saitama and Tatsumaki are more than anything. A recent side chapter even went over how the S Class heroes are beings beyond humanity while the average A Class heroes are superhuman in level. There are some exceptions amongst the lower classes but S Class is where the truly monstrous humans lie. Child Emperor alone is twice as strong as a bear despite using machines to fight, which is the average power of a A Class hero.

    Plus Genos does do well against some opponents. The problem is that he either lets his guard down like against Sea King, who needed the rain to heal the wounds he was getting from Genos, or his pure focus on offense over defense means he gets beaten because he has no defense to protect himself with. Something he admits to earlier as well. He wants to focus on just pure strength.

    Amai Mask can start talking shit when he fights an actually strong monster and not slaughter a bunch of aliens that were already captured.

    1. Genos’ problem is that he’s at the whim of plot. As was suggested, he’s there to look flashy and get beat up before Saitama shows up and ends the fight with a single punch.

  20. there was an imgur link somewhere that contrasted the part of the 1st episode where saitama is dreaming about his epic fight with the subterraneans to the fight with boros. the final episode is basically a mirror of that 1st episode fight, only from the perspective of boros. saitama is his ultimate fight.

  21. I don’t see how you can agree with Sweet Mask about the S-class being incompetent while elevating Saitama and Tatsumaki. At the end of the day… even with Saitama and Tatsumaki there the city was destroyed. By Sweet Mask’s standards everyone there failed… which is a load of bollocks.

    1. Well, Saitama and Tatsumaki were absent from that conversation and we had seen them do 95% of the work over the past two episodes, so we know that they helped a great deal. I just agree with Sweet Mask saying the other S-Class heroes didn’t do much because… they didn’t. Half of them stood there or didn’t even show up, and those who did fight didn’t display why they are the best of the best, like I talked about last week.

      I’m not trying to say that Sweet Mask is the most awesome guy there, because there’s obviously something evil about him. But I did find it amusing that he said the exact words I was thinking, and so I did agree with him.

      1. I won’t talk about the S-class’s who didn’t show up or fight. I’ll just say that arguing that the S Class “didn’t display why they are the best of the best” is pretty flawed. They did. You have to remember that Melzargard is actually very strong. Real A Class heroes wouldn’t even stand a chance.

        Your mistake here is comparing them to Tatsumaki who is rank 2. S class means they are stronger than A class(which they are) but that doesn’t mean that S ranks are all Tatsumakis. How else are they going to classify heroes that are better than A ranks? Also being S class doesn’t mean all of them have a way to deal with a huge ass spaceship up in the sky. I mean obviously they all have different things that they can and cannot do.

      2. Neither Saitama or Tatsumaki stopped the spaceship from destroying the city, so by Sweet Mask’s standards they’re failures too, remember. Because he totally could’ve done that if he’d been there, right? *rolls eyes* Hypocrite.

  22. I saw this episode and forgot. Did it even show Boros actually even dying? I’m probably thinking in my mind that I don’t want him to die, because I want him to rematch Saitama 🙁 // I don’t think Garou will be stronger then Boros, but hey anything is possible and here’s hoping that Season 2 comes fast and hopefully has enough material. Some Filler is good to okay, but wouldn’t want it to be bleach all over again

  23. Out of appreciation of the series’ quality, I just want to make a mention about its budget. Staff members of the show have mentioned that people watching the series have all assumed that they must have a really high end budget to pull this show off. They don’t, their budget is average for a regular anime show. The difference is that there are animators for this show who went over and beyond in their efforts to show their best skills. An example being the fight between Genos and Saitama in ep 5 where the key animation was done by only 2 people.

    1. If the budget was just normal, these animators must just love the source material, because the amount of care that went into this would make a lot of people (including myself) think it had a higher budget.

      Also, here’s hoping ONE (the creator of OPM) manages to secure season two. I said it before earlier in the comments, but he’s currently working to try getting season two going.

      Dorian S.
      1. not that is matters, but technically the one who is working on getting a second season starting is Yusuke Murata who made the remake.

        definitely looking forward to a second season tho.

  24. One Punch Man is good but not good enough to lead 2015. My primary concern is that the sequels are far stronger than the new shows this year and this is not an exception. It has gravitas that are justly defended by the fans but… there are certain 2014 carryovers which are certainly stronger than OPM plot-wise and action-wise (cough Shirobako, Parasyte and Garo). Kekkai Sensen is even visually more interesting than this one if I am asked. Noragami is even more engaging in than OPM when it comes to plot, comedy and action.

    Is One Punch Man the best new anime of 2015? Sure. Yet the best anime of 2015? NO.

    For the episode, sakugas are everywhere but I am really annoyed by the fact that it is painfully obvious that Saitama and Boros’ fight WILL BE SEEN but is chosen not to because, well, reasons. It finally managed to make me chuckle though.

    1. They need to be at a really high place to see what’s going on at the top of the ship. Even if they are, they still won’t see it given that it’s so far from them. So how is it painfully obvious again?

      ..and you have to be blind to say that OPM has a less engaging action than the other. Of course, every person is entitled to his opinion but you said it like it was a fact. I’m not the kind to point these things but you should realize by now that you’re one of the minority.

      About the plot. Does an anime need to have a grand plot for you to like it? I mean, what’s the big idea, right?
      It’s about the strongest man/hero who can’t find someone who is capable of challenging him. It’s very simple yet very interesting unlike others that are trying so hard to be one yet fails miserably. I don’t know what you’re expecting but I’m pretty sure your mind is set in the wrong place when you started watching this.

      You know what? I’m actually quite surprised that ONE has managed to make this premise really interesting and what’s more, he didn’t succumb to the ecchi ways.

      1. Dude. I am not even trying to sound like an elitist as the shows I mentioned are all featured here in RC and aired this year if you are following this site. These are pretty mainstream too with Kekkai Sensen being one of the best selling series in Japan in 2015. What I am saying is this one is really good but not the anime that defines 2015 or a Messiah that saves the industry.

        For the plot? I expected to laugh by reading its premise and it somehow did its job for most of the time but it has a tendency to be repetitive so the animation (and the action to a lesser extent) covers up that deficiency. Is that enough to say for an OPM fan?

        To state the obvious, I am just sure that the TV Coverage shown in the city just showed the upper part of that freakin’ plane so how on Earth Saitama’s epic fight was not noticed? The explosions up above was just enough to be seen even from that distance. Was that due to the loli’s legs so everyone didn’t notice that fact? Wow. You sure you paid to the details of the show you like so much?

        Also, it seems like I didn’t get the memo that good animation always automatically translates to good action. If I am going to follow OPM’s logic, then more explosions= good action? Don’t take this one in a bad light as I think OPM has the best animation this year but… I have seen more engaging action scenes this year and I am just a normal otaku who follows 10-15 shows per season.

      2. Well, that was uncalled for on my part, I guess. Sorry about that.

        The thing is, they’re still far from the ship so any action that was going on at the top of it will still go unnoticed. The tremor produced by their exchange will just be considered as the effect of the ship breaking apart. It’s not like people see ships exploding on a regular basis to know what’s actually going on. Realistically speaking, they would think that Tatsumaki did all the work. Also, remember, they didn’t even know that Boros, a very powerful being, existed.

      3. About the animation, did I mention it? I just said that OPM isn’t less engaging than the others. You’re free to share your opinion but just like what I said, you’re in the minority so your statement doesn’t amount to anything. I said “statement” because you’re saying it like it was a fact. Oh, I’m just repeating myself.

        Btw, we’re practically on the same boat so I don’t see the point of bragging about the amount of shows you’re following per season.

        ..and sorry for the late reply.. I didn’t think that you would respond.. xD

      4. I just want to add this one, since I can’t edit my previous comment. Anime characters, even if they’re fictional, have their own range for what makes sense and what doesn’t. Naturally, they would shrug off things that they don’t know the cause of and just attribute it into what they already know and see. I don’t know if I’m making any sense but that’s about it.

        Personally, I think that ONE and Murata did a really good job of covering the whole fight.

  25. This follows the Manga almost exactly as it was written. I knew it was going to be awesome as soon as it was announced, I watch less and less anime every year because a lot of it is just too rushed or convoluted storylines, too childish(not saying they should change the shows for kids), takes itself waaay to seriously but isnt executed well, or is just so full of anime cliches that I cant watch it w.o cringing. When I finally starting reading ONE punch man it was refreshing, it was just simply entertaining and any anime cliches were intentially put in as a joke. The worse drawn manga which i believe is the original is way better than the one the anime follows but the one the anime follows is excellent as well. I’m glad this studio did an amazing job presenting it. The craziest part is the rest of the story after this has some incredible action and comedy far beyond what was covered in this anime , it would be a treat for them to continue animating more of it.

  26. Man to all the ppl who’s saying nagtive blah blah ,,, all of u reach the last episode of the anime thats 1 ,,, and nmbr 2 I dont think its fair to judge an anime for being realistic ,, it dosent matter so what ,,, he can live in the moon ,, then he jumped from the moon to earth and it was siiiiiick ,,, maybe punching monsters or monsters being alive is realistic to you I dunno about that XD .. all what Im saying is ,, this was the best fighting anime I ever seen and I dont think ppl should care about realistic stuff while watching anime or cartoons .


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