“A Visceral Allegory of Seven Years of My Artistic Life”

「私の芸術的人生の7年間を要約する現実的寓意」 (Watashi no Geijutsu Teki Jinsei no 7 Nenkan o Youyaku suru Genjitsu Teki Guii)

The Horrors and Trials of Art School:

I can’t help but marble over how hilarious this first episode was. This season may have the best selection of shorts since… well… ever. I’ve enjoyed all of them more than most of the full-length shows, and there’s still a few more to come! But Sekkou Boys may just be the best of the bunch – it is truly the idol anime we deserve. We don’t see many shows as out there as Sekkou Boys. I suppose you could say it’s all or bust.

But what’s it really about it? Well, Sekkou Boys is the heartwarming tale of a 22 year-old art school graduate who suffers trauma from marble statues and is assigned to be the manager of a new idol group composed of four talking marble statues. It sounds ridiculous, and it is. As soon as this was announced, I thought this was going to be something different, and oh (sekkou) boy, it was! It was thoroughly entertaining watching Ishimoto Miki (Makino Yui) re-live her art college days, showing her many encounters with statues and shapes that she had to draw over and over and over again. As a student of art myself I can totally empathise with her – but she’s lucky in a way; instead of marble busts I usually had to cut a red cabbage in half and sketch every little detail (and there were plenty), and if not a cabbage, I was given a fish skeleton. But not even a real fish skeleton! It was a picture of a fish skeleton printed on A4 paper. Statues seem like a far-away world from my cabbages and dead fish, but if you draw anything enough times you’re bound to get bored with it. At least in university I got to draw plenty of naked people!

Let’s Meet the Idols!:

Back in the present, Miki meets the new idol group that she’s going to manage… and it’s rather hysterical. Rather than cute and colourful-haired boys, the 4 marble busts are rolled up and each given the chance to introduce themselves. Not only are they voiced by some of the most recognisable seiyuu in the industry, but they’re all based off of famous faces from the past. There’s the handsome and serene group leader Saint Giorgio (Sugita Tomokazu); the War of God and the solider dedicated to love, Mars (Ono Daisuke); the fine-skinned and ever-talented Hermes (Fukuyama Jun); and history’s very first celebrity, the ever-cute and popular Medici (Tachibana Shinnosuke). What a bunch. I’m glad the poor animators don’t even have to move their mouths – instead we just get to listen to these pros ramble off some purple prose and laugh at the absurdity of it all. And it is pretty absurd, no matter how you look at it. Anime can be a great thing sometimes.

Overview – First Impressions:

I was thoroughly entertained with this one. As I said, this is yet another well-done short, and there’s still more to come. As for Sekkou Boys, I can’t wait to see what Miki and her new idol group get up to. The opening shot in the jam-packed concert may be alluding to their eventual popularity. But the big question is simple: Who is your bias? Who is best boy?

P.S: The Answer is Medici.

ED Sequence

ED: 「星空ランデブー」 (Hoshizora Rendezvous) by Sekkou Boys (Tomokazu Sugita, Shinonosuke Tachibana, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono)


  1. I love your puns, Samu 😀

    Look guys, I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. But I sure as hell want whatever the staff was smoking when they created… this! XD

    Also, I can’t wait for shipping to begin!

  2. “The tale of a 22 year-old art school graduate who suffers trauma from marble statues and is assigned to be the manager of a new idol group comprised of four talking marble statues.”

    Samu, that line alone forced me to watch the short to see if it was true. It was.

    And it was glorious XD

    Hilarity aside, I have to admit that we live in a world in which the hologram of the marketing mascot for a musical software company performs at sold-out concerts, so maybe the plot is not as far-fetched as it seems.

  3. WTF is this thing?! This is probably one of the most bizarre shows that I have seen in my life. Talking Roman statues as your Japanese idols?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?

    I might be weird but I am in stitches right now laughing at this show. The MC is the runaway winner while the statues are also weirdly fascinating.

    Come’on, you can’t be a short.Ugh. I need more of this!

    1. well, perhaps they hope that they get the same Luck as Prison School. Prison school was not instead to be a success, it was intend to be an satire like this here…

      and what it got? Huge Success… But here….


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