「ジャンクの墓はレアメタルの山, アラスカ戦場跡迎撃線 I」 (Jyanku no Haka wa Reametaru no Yama, Arasuka Senjyouato Geigekisen I)
“The Graveyard of Junk is a Mountain of Rare Metals, Interception at the Site of the Alaska Battle I”

First Stilts missed the pole dancing and now he misses the surprise loli!

The Relentless Frolaytia

While I don’t remember Frolaytia’s squad being made up of entirely female officers, boy oh boy do I somewhat envy Qwenthur and Havia. Being around a busty commanding officer who loves to toy with them is one thing, but to have an entire squad of beauties to gaze at while on the job? It sounds like a pretty good combination don’t you think? Too bad Frolaytia isn’t one to mess around (or could you say she’s the one who’s truly messing around?) when it comes to those dirty magazines. I mean, when’s the last time you could have a negative connotation associated with the words “unleashed the wrath of an entire squad of women”? Luckily, it looks like Qwenthur might have been able to return some of the favor with a kick to Frolaytia’s perfect butt — something that I really want to believe happened. In any case, I think this episode fulfilled it’s Frolaytia quota.

A Huge Surprise

After the huge opening battle that kicked off the series, I’ve been wanting to see some nice and heavy Object-on-Object warfare. Not some weenie object firing shots from a railgun hundreds of miles away or some half generation rust bucket, but two experienced pilots duking it out in a battle to the metaphorical death. And up to a certain point, I thought this week would have marked the beginning of an intense battle that would twirl politics and battle strategies into a delicious milkshake of Object goodness. I mean, we got to see Ohoho and Milinda get some serious shots on each other to the point where they were racing to see who could return to the battlefield first!

But in true Heavy Object fashion, I had a feeling things were about to take a strange turn the moment Qwenthur had the insane idea of leaping straight onto the enemy’s Object. I mean, it’s not new to see Qwenthur do something crazy to stop an Object dead in its tracks, but I never expected him to infiltrate the cockpit of an enemy Object. Like, even if he made it in safely (which I guess he did), how does he escape from the thing without getting blown up or riddled with bullet? Then again, this is the same Qwenthur who has an immense amount of luck and plot armor so I guess he’d somehow make it out alive. However, none of that really matters in the face of a FREAKING LOLI. Especially one that’s been masquerading as a busty woman! Because if I know anything about anime, it’s that this changes the situation entirely.

Looking Ahead

Overall, I thought this was a pretty darn good episode. While I still feel a tiny bit of sadness that we didn’t get the epic Object-on-Object battle I was hoping for, I was quite content with Ohoho turning out to be a loli who’s been tricking everyone into thinking she’s some busty lady. God, can you imagine the faces of all the guys who wanted to hit on her if they realized what she was really was? In any case, I’ll see you next week as we watch Qwenthur try to wiggle his way out of this one. Because if anything, I’m willing to bet it’ll be funny.

P.S. If you didn’t already catch the memo, I’ve officially picked up the show! Yay!




  1. At this point Qwenthur and Havia are literally getting bullied to go into the battlefield. Admittely this major bullying could be aimed at Qwenthur because “Why look at these porn mags when you could be looking at me.” but our engineer genius doesn’t catch on sadly. Thank you Havia for smacking the dense MC upside the head when two girls are just fighting over him with gigantic death machines.

    Ohoho being a loli was a suprising twist, destroying Qwenthur’s hopes and dreams those G cups. (But you have Frolaytia-san’s titan boobs so I wouldn’t worry)

      1. the problem here. He is in a Trap. He needs her still in Control, to move the Object out of there so he can escape being captured.. he is in a Object in the middle of an Enemy Base!!! 🙂

  2. Judging from how the guns on Objects tend to look, it’s impossible for them to shoot something stuck on themselves. Just hug the wall and you’ll be perfectly safe…though you might get your eardrums blown out by all the noise.

    Large Objects with guns mounted on multiple separate sectors (think the oil rig one from an earlier arc) might be able to do it though.

    1. i did not feel the “Kill” Vibes from this Fight. i got more the “Scary Cat” vibes. Both was trying to scare the shit out of her of the enemy. Not really going into this fight about kill the Enemy. and also the radio taunting of the Ohoho girl, made it clear. In the end it was more an Woman “Cat fight” about some special maintenance Boy

      and looks like Ohoho won the jackpot more then she likes

      1. Also, if they really where to for the Kill, then he should just trow an hand grenade into the Cockpit or C4 and problem is gone… But as you see, he just want to delay the repairs and “win the Pit stop” battle. Hope to solve this without spilling blood

    2. Yep missing from many a anime and movie military vehicle are the smoke dischargers which can also be loaded with small grenades that pop out a meter or two and detonate taking care of pesky human fly’s. First used this way in WWII. Tankers tend not to load them unless close in work is expected as smoke is normally more useful fighting other tanks and personal items are often stowed on the outside that you don’t want to put holes in unless necessary.

    1. I’m thinking less suit, more she just never lets anyone see her in person and has some awesome imaging software. You can see it always running on one of her screens. I wonder if she uses a progressive aging system or if she just assumes she’ll be that hott?

  3. Then again, this is the same Qwenthur who has an immense amount of luck and plot armor so I guess he’d somehow make it out alive.

    Don’t worry, Qwenthur has more plot armor than an Object, he risks nothing ^^

  4. In War World War 2 at least to Vietnam / Pin-Up Girls / Girlie Mags / Nose art on WW 2 aurcraft / USO girls were a trademark of forgetting about war. Now a lot of people compailn about this in the show but I get it! Maybe today posters etc in the military are more restricted.

    The author of this anime / light novels even got to use his powered suits theme ( from a Certain Magixal Index ) to move the big gun.

    I knew about Oh Ho Ho being young ( 10 years old ? ) . But the jealously from Milinda set off a cool dogfight knocking each other out for repairs thus setting up Qwenthur’s plan as Oh ho ho Object would be repaired first!

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Heavy%20Object/Heavy%20Object%20-%2015%20-%2011.jpg

    The way he looks so seriously like gets me every time. XD


    “Heavy Object,” huh? Gotcha. ;D


    Kawaii as f***, but I’m confused. If she actually a loli or is she just small? Leaning towards child prodigy with a size complex, methinks?

    Ryan Ashfyre
  6. Aww, why do they have to fight? Ohoho should totally be an ally. She’s just too cool to be an enemy, especially since enemies in this series almost always suffer terminal fates. 🙁

  7. In my defense, all the best stuff happens when Takaii is blogging Heavy Object, so it’s a good thing I handed it over. A decent pitched Object battle (for a while) + Frolaytia booty + surprise loli? The logic got shifty near the end (again), but I’ll take that trade. Rock on, takkun.

    1. Stilts, I’ve come to accept that “shifty logic” is just the fuel that the humor and fanservice runs on here. It’s bad math, but it gives the hope for another sweet payoff for every time you’re forced to groan at dumb decisions and poorly masked psuedo-science. Plus we get a few good explosions to smooth out a few of the bumps.

      Wait… That formula looks familiar… Michael Bay isn’t consulting on this show, right?! >.<

  8. Why do I get a feeling that Milinda-san might have her frown turned upside down for a few seconds if she ever finds out about Ohoho-san’s apperance (and is the Juliet-AI the reason? – from the OP) before she gets mad again about Qwenthur going after lolis.

  9. I’m pretty sure Frolaytia is seriously flirting with Qwenthur, and not just “teasing and trolling” like before. What doesn’t change though, is that Havia gets the short end of the stick. Whether Qwenthur actually kicked her or not remains to be seen, but I think he’d prefer groping her butt, or perhaps slapping it (at worst).

    Some would consider Milinda as a loli (especially when compared to Frolaytia), but as it turns out Ohoho is even lolier than her. 😛

    Magnus Tancred
      1. I’m not saying that Havia is not essential.

        “Short end of the stick” means getting the bad part of a situation– in this case, Havia gets kicked with no warning at all, and for no reason other than for Frolaytia to set up a situation where she can offer her derriere to Qwenthur (and see how he’d react). 😛 At least, that’s how I see it.

        Magnus Tancred

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